Leveling Up on Twitch: A Step-by-Step Guide to Affiliate Status

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When you are streaming on Twitch, one of the most important goals would be to monetize your account. In other words, it would be plausible to pursue becoming a Twitch affiliate member which is the desired position for most members!

Requirements on How to Get Affiliated on Twitch

* Reach 50 followers in total
* 3 or more viewers on average in the past 30 days
* 7 unique days to stream in the last 30 days
* 500 minutes or more streamed in the last month

However, once you become a Twitch affiliate, you need to work hard to maintain that title. It would be better to get this affiliate status soon enough to spend less time online without getting paid. 

These are the 3 most important steps:

1. Improve Streaming Quality
2. Learn from Other Affiliates
3. Participate in Twitch Affiliate Partnerships

In this short article, you will find genuine advice on how to become a Twitch affiliate and how to maintain that status. Let’s check how to get affiliated on Twitch easier and faster than ever before. 

You need to follow several distinct steps to become a Twitch affiliate. These have been presented by multiple streamers who have started to earn money on Twitch.

To become a Twitch affiliate, you need to be sincere with your audience. It takes a lot of effort to get on top of the list and even more to stay there. If you want some of the hottest tips to become a Twitch affiliate sooner than ever before, this is the best advice.

1. Try to Get More than 50 Followers

Twitch has set a strict requirement of 50 followers on your road to becoming a Twitch Affiliate. 

People who try to attract Twitch followers from the secondary market may find that this wouldn’t be a fruitful practice.

The magic number of 50 real followers can open the credit lines for you and let you become the Twitch affiliate you always wanted to be. 

However, you need to have followers from diverse communities. You don’t need to go fishing for followers in sites where they sell them in bulk. Twitch can say which streamer has a legit team of followers and grants him the affiliate status.

To become a Twitch affiliate, you need to have this primary core of 50 followers and keep them loyal. If your followers are satisfied with your streams, then there is a high possibility to attract new followers simply by posting something incredible on social media.

Followers bring other followers, and this movement can make you fulfill the requirements for Twitch affiliate easier and faster than ever before.

2. Stream More than 500 Minutes in Last 30 Days

Twitch has the right technology to check if you accumulate more than 500 minutes in live broadcasting. It would help if you did so within your channel, and then every possible entrance to the affiliate status could get granted to you.

The 500 minutes of live broadcasting has been one of the hardest Twitch affiliate requirements. People who have just started their Twitch channel claim it is hard to be online and live for 500 minutes, especially when your channel is new.

Twitch clock can gather all necessary information about your online presence. The 500 minutes requirement has been set this way to avoid scammers becoming affiliates.

On the other hand, these 500 minutes over a period of 30 days upon your initial registration in Twitch has another important meaning. Becoming a Twitch affiliate means that you will exclusively broadcast there.

When you fulfill the requirement for 500 minutes of live broadcasting in 30 days, it would be humanly impossible to share the stream or perform a new one on any other platform.

Although not imposed by Twitch, that kind of exclusivity has helped the social media designers focus on affiliates who are loyal and ready to work for Twitch domination.

In other words, if you want to become a Twitch affiliate, be prepared to devote yourself to this media for a long time!

3. Spend More than 2 Hours of Continuous Streaming

When you finally start the streaming sessions, it would be necessary to keep them functioning for at least 2 hours at a time. 

Every streamer who knows how to get affiliated on Twitch points out this prerequisite. It is pressing and severe for all new members.

Just imagine yourself to broadcast in front of your 50+ followers for the first time. It would be impossible to keep them engaged for more than one hour, except if you have prepared your script and know what to tell them or show them on your screen.

Some Twitch members that hurry up to become Twitch Affiliates start discussing things that will eventually lower the interest of people watching your stream.

You don’t need that for your Twitch channel. Try to be liberated and focused on your target, which is to naturally gather followers who like viewing you play a favorite game or sharing top music!

These themes could easily help you become a Twitch affiliate and start earning money from your daily presence there. After all, two-hour streams shows that you are confident enough for yourself and deserve to become an affiliate to make a living from Twitch streams

4. Create Unique Streams For Twitch

If you are looking for an answer to how to be Twitch affiliate, then creating unique streams for the platform would be the one for you!

Streamers and followers can say when streaming content is unique or not. It wouldn’t be a good practice to steal content concepts from other streamers or even other events happening in social media.

What Twitch expects from new members to grant them the affiliate status would be originality and authenticity in the expression of information and feelings while broadcasting.

To find authentic themes for a new Twitch streaming is not an easy task. Besides the daily time you invest in live-streaming on Twitch (which is a prerequisite, as you have already read), you have to spend time searching for your next content.

The best advice would be to see the daily trends and search online for unique content to show your followers during your live streams.

Giving your best shot when searching for new content, it will make you fulfill all Twitch affiliate requirements sooner than you would ever expect.

Twitch followers and administrators are very particular about the uniqueness, and as a new streamer, you should be aware of that and modify your live streaming content the right way!

5. Stream on 7 Different Days

Another great answer on how to get affiliated on Twitch would be to select different weekdays for your streams. Although that is not a strict obligation by the Twitch administration, it would help you to become an affiliate and start getting paid sooner than later.

If you always Twitch during the weekend (which is a popular practice among novice Twitch streamers), you will only get a small fraction of the total Twitch followers population.

However, to become a Twitch affiliate, you need to have a diverse followers population to push you higher in the daily trends ranking. That movement can automatically advertise your streams and make Twitch administrators send you the affiliate invitation!

If you try to broadcast yourself on Mondays and Wednesdays (Twitch less popular days my world metrics), you can find a new audience ready to accept your messages. They would view your online game streaming or even listen to your songs and discussions.

That would be an amazing way to add new followers to your channel and have the affiliate status offered to you before the first month of live streaming ends.

6. Have at Least 3 Average Viewers in the Last 30 Days

The last of the Twitch affiliate requirements may be the hardest one to catch. You need to attract at least three viewers on your Twitch Streams.

That means all of your Twitch streams. In other words, you should never (not even for one second) have your channel unattended from any follower.

If you gain some experience on Twitch broadcasting and streaming, you will eventually realize that fulfilling this requirement remains a challenging issue. That happens because you need to constantly find new ways to keep your audience engaged, at least for the first two hours of streaming.

New Twitch streamers that try to find answers on how to become an affiliate on Twitch agree that the 3-viewers requirement takes time and effort to complete.

If you start your streaming on certain weekdays, you can start by stating the daily news and commenting on them with other users. You will find it easy to attract three Twitch viewers from the older people group, and that can drive your affiliate path for at least an hour.

Then it would be plausible to try to do some game sharing and competitions that usually younger people are fond of playing. In this way, becoming a Twitch affiliate would be easier than ever before and show you the road to monetize your channel.

The Best Way to Fulfill Twitch Affiliate Requirements

Now that you already know how to become a Twitch affiliate, you have to know which are the best ways to fulfill these requirements.

Streamers that enroll in Twitch are always anxious for their channel’s monetization. It is natural for them to be impatient as they spend lots of hours online without getting paid initially.

Today we will analyze the path that will eventually get these people to the affiliate status. They only need to follow these directions faithfully without any third parties’ disruption. 

If you want to become successful on Twitch, you should acquire some self-discipline. The administrators need you to be vibrant and vivid every time you are online and streaming.

That will give followers the impression they have to do with an expert in streaming and stick to your channel for a long time. 

When you are on Twitch trying to find how to meet the requirements for Twitch affiliate, you should focus on doing the following things.

It is a challenging journey that can make you prosperous after several weeks and keep producing funds for you for many years to come!

1. Improve Streaming Quality

No one would like to participate in a channel where the streaming quality is poor. That may happen due to many reasons.

The most popular reasons for your bad-quality streams have to do with your web camera equipment. Twitch streamers rarely get a professional web camera before they manage to monetize their channel.

However, that is a wrong choice, especially for these users who try to become Twitch affiliates sooner than ever before.

Getting the right web camera can give you a clear and crisp image that would help followers admire your streaming and stay online.

Another crucial step would be to acquire the right lighting device. If you stream from a house room, it would be better to avoid natural sunlight and choose a circular LED light that can lighten your face without spreading shadows on it.

Finally, you will need to broadcast with the best sound ever for better streaming quality. To become a Twitch affiliate sooner than you expected, get professional sound recording equipment and a computer sound card that matches the requirements.

In this way, you will give your followers only top quality streams that will multiply equally and affect their number!

2. Learn from Other Affiliates

If you want to become a Twitch affiliate and meet all the administrators’ requirements, then you better do some interviews with other affiliates.

It would be interesting streaming for your initial followers to watch other affiliates participating. These affiliates can narrate their story about how they were granted their status and how long it took to reach them.

There are plenty of affiliates ready to help you achieve your goal. After all, becoming a Twitch affiliate will help them further broadcast themselves to a potentially new audience that they could never have access to before. And a follower can follow multiple channels simultaneously, giving more income to older and newer affiliates.

Twitch has also founded common streams with other affiliates who would love to share their experience before and after being granted the status.

Affiliates also form communities to support each other. To present some of these affiliates on your channel would make perfect sense for your audience.

Becoming a Twitch affiliate may not be the easiest thing in the world. But after you have achieved that goal, the affiliates’ community would help you stay with them.

It takes more time to reach the mountain top but less to fall. So be careful to respect Twitch streaming rules and enjoy your status for a long time!

3. Participate in Twitch Affiliate Partnerships

Many streamers decide to enter the Twitch Affiliate Partnerships. In these partnerships, new Twitch streamers can find plausible answers on how to become a Twitch affiliate easier than ever before.

These partnerships can be a win-win situation for older and newer streamers. Since they all have to do with the Twitch administrators, partnerships can help new streamers to fulfill their requirements and keep the older ones to the top rankings.

You need to understand that there is space for everyone on Twitch. The goal would be to enter partnerships to increase the followers’ base.

These followers will give more clicks, views, and bits to streamers that would eventually lead to their channel’s monetization. 

If you want to know how to apply for affiliate Twitch, then you need to comply with certain rules and regulations that only older users can share with you.

You will eventually come to the point when you teach new users to become affiliates and earn from their new follower base.

Twitch will invite you to become an affiliate easier if you belong to an established partnership. Follow the rules, and your channel would become profitable.

how to become twitch affiliate

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people share inquiries growing Twitch channel and Twitch affiliate status online. It would be useful to check the most frequently asked questions online drafted by the Google search engine.

Most of these inquiries are unique and apply only to the initial question of how to get affiliated on Twitch easier and faster. 

That is the single question most frequently asked about affiliation in Twitch. New streamers will find it useful to know more about the processes they need to follow to get the desired affiliate status.

Here are the questions you need to know the answers before others do.

1. Can You Lose Twitch Affiliate Status?

The affiliate status is not given forever. It is more probable that any current affiliate loses his status than a new one acquiring it.
The only way to lose Twitch affiliate status is to be inactive for a continuous period of 12 months. That can be questionable by the Twitch administration, in case something serious has happened in your life and other health issues you may face.

Streamers who lose their affiliate status can get reinstated if they follow the same requirement process again from scratch.

On the other hand, you may lose your affiliate status right away if you violate the terms and conditions imposed by Twitch. Many people know that you shouldn’t share the same content you stream on Twitch with other social media and live-streaming platforms.
Every person deliberately missing the regulations can be permanently excluded from the Twitch community and stop receiving any type of reimbursement.

2. Is Becoming a Twitch Affiliate Worth It?

It is a great honor to become a Twitch affiliate member. But besides the pride, you also have many financial incentives to do so. 
Streamers who finally proceed to the affiliate pool are more prosperous than others who share their stream with followers. Their profits come from the ads and sales directly related to their Twitch streaming channel.

A Twitch affiliated streamer can claim bits and coins from each follower. Every bit can be equal to $0.01 which may seem like a low remuneration. However, if you multiply it by many thousands of followers, you can estimate a serious amount of money coming towards you.

Not to mention that every Twitch affiliated streamer can advertise himself and divert a great amount of traffic to his website. In this way, streamers have a unique chance to get even more credits and profits both from Twitch and other external sources.

3. Do Twitch Affiliates Get Ad Revenue?

The Ad Revenue is a serious reason to keep on Twitch’s live streaming. The platform can automatically identify your channel’s character and divert the right ads to its content.

Followers to your channel are accustomed to viewing ads and clicking on them. The ads are presented to your audience according to their geolocation, special preferences, ethnicity and age group.

Many followers find different ads to click on while being on your Twitch streaming channel. The more ads they click on, the higher your profits could become.

Twitch streamers have the opportunity to win big when they present more ads on their channel. However, as a Twitch channel owner, you need to be careful about the number of ads you show to your followers.

Too many ads can give you less income than fewer ones. It is not about the number of ads, but about the timing and the right audience selection to provide you with the optimal amount of clicks that equals better income!

4. Is it Easy to Have an Average of 3 Viewers on Twitch?

Even though the 3-viewers requirement seems easy to fulfill, most new Twitch affiliates admit it has been the hardest one.
You need to understand that these three viewers are supposed to be online and connected to your stream for the whole time.
There is no chance you will get affiliate status without having loyal viewers in your streams. 

Try to be intuitive and have more viewers coming at any given time. When you try to deceive it, the system knows, so try to attract various audiences from many parts of the world.

The more you advance on Twitch, the easier it would be for you to maintain that requirement. Don’t be disappointed in the first streams that will not cover the 3-viewers requirement.
You will have multiple chances to improve and become eligible to receive the affiliate status!

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