Youtube Gaming Setup: 7 Steps To Build Your Ultimate Setup

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Starting a video game youtube channel is a dream many people have. Because of this, youtube gaming is a very saturated niche of the gaming industry.

It is not easy to break through and separate yourself from other YouTubers in the youtube gaming niche. In order to make yourself stand out, you need to do everything right.

You need to have the right youtube gaming setup gear, video, and audio equipment, and know-how to be able to stand out in the gaming community of which you will be a part.

  • Webcam or digital camera. A successful YouTube gaming channel features a live video feed that shows the host’s or player’s face. It is critical to establish a rapport with your audience, and this is made easier if they can see your facial expressions.
  • A microphone of the highest caliber. If the voice audio quality is good, viewers will keep coming back for more. If your audio is squeaky or hard to understand, your audience will become disengaged.
  • Screen capture software/capture card. The vast majority of your audience’s attention is focused on what you have on display. Using screen capture software, you can give them a view from the perspective of the player.
  • An editing suite. If you want to compete with other youtube channels that are out there, and have a perfect youtube gaming setup, you have to make sure that your gaming videos are edited well.
  • Green Screen. If you are not working in a professional studio, consider purchasing a green screen. A green screen allows for a high-quality video background to be shown without hassle.

1. Webcam For Video Recording

When using a facecam in your videos, it should be of excellent quality, but not a 4K recording. Consider a reliable webcam instead of a $1,000 DSLR for taking reaction photos. Before purchasing a webcam, consider how frequently you intend to use your facecam.

Gaming videos don’t always need one. For those who enjoy playing survival horror games for streaming, their reactions will be a big part of their videos, but if they don’t, a facecam won’t add much to the viewer’s experience.

If you plan to use a facecam on your YouTube channel, plan to spend at least $100 on a camera. An excellent option in this price range is the Logitech C920, which you can see in the image to the right. It has an excellent autofocus function and produces high-quality video recordings even in low light conditions.

The NexiGo N930AF, which retails for around $60, is a good option if you need a facecam on occasion. The video quality you get from this one is at 1080p, with 30 fps. The NexiGo is compatible with all types of operating systems as well as all popular platforms.

2. Microphones For Audio Recording

The audio component of any video is unquestionably the most important and crucial. The quality of the audio on your YouTube gaming channel can quickly turn viewers away from your channel.

You want to give yourself the best possible chance of success on YouTube, which can be difficult given the competitive nature of the platform, so you must carefully choose your youtube gaming setup.

With that said, you don’t need much more than a decent mic to start. A decent mic would make a significant difference to your YouTube channel. Anyone who is interested in getting started on YouTube should consider purchasing the Blue Yeti Mic.

YouTube gamers, particularly those who are just getting started, find the Zalman ZM-Mic1 to be a popular choice among microphones. The Zalman may pick up unwelcome background noises, such as mouse clicks, during the recording process.

In contrast to recording directly from your computer, the audio quality will be far superior, and at less than $10, it is not a purchase you will be disappointed with. It is an excellent first microphone if you plan on using the free audio editing software Audacity to smooth out any flaws in your recording.

3. Screen Capture Software

You will record your gameplay using either software or hardware. In order to capture your computer or television screen, you must use a camera that is specifically designed for this purpose.

Your gaming needs will dictate the type of game capture equipment that is required.

It’s possible that all you need is a program to record your computer screen while you play games, and there are a number of excellent free options available. A popular alternative among YouTube gamers is OBS, or “Open Broadcaster Software.”

Obs can be downloaded for free. It’s perfect for gamers because they can use it to stream live to YouTube or other live streaming websites like Twitch.

You can also use Nvidia shadowplay if you own an Nvidia graphics card. Shadowplay gives you game options for game recording and in most cases, it is even better than OBS because it is better suited for beginners and people who just want to start recording with a single click of a button.

Screen Capture For Console Gaming

You may need a Capture card if you want to make movies about console games. Above is a picture of the Elgato Game Capture HD60, a top-notch example of its kind.

Unlike many other top video capture devices, this one works with both Macs and PCs. At 60 fps, it can record in 1080p at 60 fps and even live stream There are no known issues with the Elgato HD60 on any of the popular consoles that are out today.

4. Editing Software

By far the most important thing for creating, not just gaming content, but video content in general, on the internet is the software you use for video editing.

It doesn’t matter how good your gaming video quality is, how good your digital camera is, how well your game recording looks, or how much charismatic personality you have if you don’t edit your video content well.

Your youtube gaming channel won’t have many viewers if you don’t take video editing into account.

If you want to make your gaming videos look and feel as professional as possible, you should use Adobe Premiere Pro. The problem with Premiere is that it has a steep learning curve and it is expensive.

If you would like to make it easier on yourself, you can edit using free editing software like Shotcut. This editing suite is not as robust as Premiere but it is beginner-friendly and free.

If you simply can’t imagine yourself video editing, you can consider hiring a video editor. This way you do not have to burden yourself with video editing software. you can just focus on making quality content for your youtube gaming channel.

5. Gaming Gear For Your Youtube Gaming Setup

IF you are a PC gamer predominantly, a good gaming PC and peripherals like a mouse & keyboard are a must. It has been proven that the better your peripherals are the better you will perform in a given game.

What is the point of trying to be a youtube gamer, if you let your gear limit how well you can play? This is especially the case if your youtube gaming channel is going to be geared towards competitive games.

Playing video games for a living is something that you have to take seriously, because, as we’ve said before, there are many youtube gaming channels and you need to have an edge in order to stand out, so your youtube gaming setup is pretty important.

6. Green Screen For The Background Of Your YouTube Gaming Videos

A green screen will allow you much more flexibility in making your background look more unique, without having to rearrange your whole room or office.

Green screens are excellent for branding purposes. In addition, green screen interviews are a great way to incorporate your channel as a brand into your background.

Adding textures, colors, and other branding elements to the video’s background can help it stand out. When a channel logo or branding changes, you can simply use the green screen to update the background. It means you won’t have to get rid of any of the good stuff.

You don’t have to do anything more than changing the background to match the new brand.

It is also good to have a green screen for live streaming. And, since Youtube has its own streaming service, and since you are a youtube gamer, you may wish to start live streaming at some point. A green screen will help you be more creative.

7. Good Lighting For Your YouTube Gaming Videos

If you don’t want to make your youtube channel only about playing video games, and instead you want to showcase yourself a bit more, then good lighting is a must.

You do not have to spend a lot of money and get expensive lighting. If you are looking only to dabble in filming yourself, while keeping the focus of your youtube videos on the games that your play, then you could just invest in a simple ring light.

Ring lights are small and designed not to take up too much space. You can just put one on your table, where your webcam or digital camera is and you are done.

You can also look at other youtube gaming channels to see how they light their videos and which youtube gaming setup they use.


There was a time when starting a youtube gaming channel was a surefire way of having a successful youtube channel. That time has passed a long time ago.

No need to worry though, if you get everything we discussed here, you will be on a fast track to making your youtube channel known in the gaming industry.

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