Trending Games on Youtube – 5 Most Popular Games (2024)

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Youtube is a massively popular platform that is home to many different kinds of channels. You can watch a video about cooking and cleaning, sports, beauty, and music, there is a video to watch for everyone.

Youtube is simply able to make the content you’re currently viewing content tailored to your interests.

However, in recent years, the most popular content on the platform has been gaming content. Whether we are talking about gaming news, let’s plays or walkthroughs, the popularity of gaming channels cannot be disputed.

The gaming community is large, and Youtube gaming is where most people like to get their content fixed. Today we will cover some of the trending games on youtube.

Trending Games on Youtube

1. Minecraft

Minecraft on youtube

One of the most, if not the most, popular games on the planet right now, with more than 230 million copies sold. Minecraft’s popularity hasn’t stopped rising since the first-day people started uploading youtube videos talking about the games beta.

It is no wonder that the game was so popular. Minecraft’s features offer a creative playground that allowed creators to make any kind of content they like. This led it to become one of the top games on the platform.

Because of this, creators like Seannanners, Pewdipie, the Yogscast, and CaptainSparkles were able to launch their gaming careers and show the world that gaming videos can be an art form.

Minecraft reached the point of being one of the most-watched video games on YouTube, outpacing the popularity of all other video games. The game has amassed over Fifty billion views on YouTube, something that no other game on the site was ever able to accomplish. If you’re are creative, want to make creative content, and love Minecraft, now is a great time to turn your pastime into a business.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite on youtube

As a peculiar video game zeitgeist on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of spectators, Fortnite is similar to Minecraft in terms of how big and popular it is. It was the video game that received the most attention on YouTube in 2019.

There was something about the cartoony graphics, the tight and intuitive gameplay, that made Fortnite so much fun to watch and play. Many gaming channels rose with the popularity of Fortnite. This includes one of the biggest names in youtube gaming: Ninja.

Even today, many years since its gaming inception, Fortnite still has a large following of people who watch it on YouTube, as well as on other platforms. It is one of the most-watched games in the world even after being dethroned a few times by other popular Battle Royals, such as Apex Legends or Brawl Stars.

Thus, if you are a Fortnite player who wishes to create gaming content centered on battle royales, you are free to set up a YouTube gaming channel without fear of being blacklisted. One of the most significant aspects of choosing Fortnite is that it is also a game whose popularity extends outside of youtube to places such as Twitch, which is a significant plus for gamers.

3. Roblox

Roblox on youtube

Roblox is a game platform that has been out for far longer than most people believe. Roblox was released back in 2006 but gained its popularity 10 years after its release.

Users of the Roblox gaming platform can create and share their video games with their friends and other Roblox users.

As a result, live streaming on Roblox was a breeze. No, this isn’t to say the book wasn’t well-received. Even on YouTube, the platform has a large following due to its unique gaming options.

Every day there are more and more people making Roblox youtube videos. Those videos are all different and unique. The most popular kind of Roblox video is critiquing other players’ designs or streaming their own Playthrough of the game. Using Roblox will allow you to create unique content for your channel because the platform is like no other.

4. PUBG and PUBG Mobile

PUBG and PUBG Mobile

Despite the fact that the game is playable on a computer, its mobile version has gained in popularity in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world have praised this fantastic Battle Royale game, which features some distinctive characteristics.

While playing this game, you will have the opportunity to create a variety of PUBG-related materials, such as instructional videos and short hacks.

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround is the name of PUBG made for the Steam platform on the PC. The PC version of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGround, while not as popular as its mobile counterpart, may be useful for creating original video content for YouTube.

Like the vast majority of BattleRoyale games, in PUBG players have to fight against thirty players on a large map while avoiding being taken out by the other players.

Therefore, you can live stream this game or record all the memorable parts of your game to compile a collection of your favorite moments from the game as a result of this development.

5. GTA V

GTA V on youtube

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular games in history. Ever since the game was released in 2013, it has maintained the allure that keeps players coming back for more. Many different kinds of videos made within GTA V have amassed hundreds of millions of views on YouTube and are available. People are watching those videos every day.

The element that is keeping GTA V so popular is its Online components. Like Roblox, and even in a way Minecraft, Gta online allows you to create your challenges and gameplay scenarios that you can share with other gamers.

This allows for the creation of content tailored to your interests, and the creation of youtube video content that will only be limited by your imagination and creativity. It is no wonder then that the came offers so much entertainment and that it will continue to do so on youtube in the coming years.

GTA V stands out from other video games because of its wide range of options. GTA V, in contrast to other gaming trends, allows you to create a variety of videos. Some players enjoy generating fantastic content for their teams. Others, on the other hand, make films that include characters from literature.


These are just a few of the most popular games currently trending on YouTube. There are a plethora of other options available. Think about the content you’re currently viewing and whether or not that is the content you should be creating videos about. If you’re looking to start your channel, ask yourself what kind of content you’d like to create.

Starting a channel will have its growing pains, just like starting anything else in your life. Consequently, the sooner you begin operating your channel, the sooner you will begin to see an improvement in the quality of the content you are producing.

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