Cheap Lighting for Streaming – 6 Best Streaming Lights in 2024

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It’s a common misconception that you need expensive equipment to start streaming when in reality, you need a phone and a few accessories, and one accessory that is a must is a light.

Ring light with a tripod doesn’t have to break the bank, and the best cheap lighting for streaming is RIEOMN Selfie Ring Light – the most versatile and powerful light on the market.

I have tried out several other lights and created a list of the best budget lights so you know your options. Let’s not waste any more time and jump straight in!

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Cheap Lighting

  • 3 light modes
  • Rotatable phone/camera holder
612BOqKUY2L. AC SL1500
Glorious Lite
  • 32 small LED bulbs
  • Twistable gooseneck
81PWPgo6qjL. AC SL1500
  • 3200 K - 5600 K lumen
  • 160 small LED bulbs

These are the 6 best streaming lights that won’t make you eat ramen noodles for a month, as they are pretty much for anyone’s budget. So let’s see what we have on the menu today!

1. RIEOMN Selfie Ring Light

Best overall

RIEOMN Selfie Ring Light

Stefan’s Take:

The ring light that blew all my expectations is RIEOMN Selfie Ring Light. I used it as lighting for streaming and a standard desk lamp because it has adjustable brightness levels.

Also, I liked that I didn’t have to charge it and that it brightens up my face even from 30 ft away – it has THAT powerful light! Overall, the best choice for streamers, vloggers, make-up artists, or students that need a good desk lamp.

Light Intensity10
Power Options9
For Streaming10

Why do I think RIEOMN Selfie Ring Light is the best among these? Because it offers nice features for the price and is also a quality product.

So let’s see what this ring light has to offer.

Who is it best for?

The RIEOMN Selfie Ring Light is a tabletop light which means that it’s mostly suitable for streamers who need lighting directed at them while talking to their audience.

For example, streamers such as makeup artists, vloggers, entertainers, and so on.

So because it’s not an expensive device, I would recommend this to those that are thinking about starting their streaming career in any of these fields.

Key Features

What made it stand out from the rest was 3 light modes you can adjust – warm, cold, and natural, and it has 10 brightness levels.

It came quite in handy when I needed to set the light to a minimum or light up my entire setup.

The ring itself is 10” and sits on a mini tripod which can be rotated 360° and gets you that perfect angle you’re looking for.

The camera/phone stand sits behind the ring light and can also be rotated in any direction.

You can plug it in by using a USB cable which you can plug in any device such as a PC, laptop, or power bank.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Powerful
  • It can fit most phones
  • Remote lets you take pictures 30 ft away
  • The tripod can be a bit flimsy if not adjusted correctly

2. GLORIOUS-LITE Clip-On Light

Best for small spaces


Stefan’s Take:

What I liked about this light was just how little space it takes up. Once I clipped it on and set it up behind my webcam, I still had plenty of desk space for my other streaming gadgets.

Also, I didn’t expect so much power from such small light. However, I would like it more if it had more brightness levels. With just two options, it was hard to get the perfect lighting for recording and streaming.

Light Intensity10
Power Options9
For Streaming9

This product won’t replace your streaming light by any means, but it’s still a great tool clipped on your desk.

Let’s see what this small light can do.

Who is it best for?

As this is a small LED lamp that you clamp on your desk, it won’t be the brightest streaming light you can buy, and also, it will mostly be used to light up your setup, not so much your face or space behind you.

Most streamers who do DIYs and need good lighting on their table are going to be appealed by this light.

So if you like to do a lot of DIYs or need lighting on your desk, you should definitely consider buying this light.

Key Features

The brim of the ring is just 3” but has 32 small LED bulbs that can generate up to 6000 K lumen when adjusted to full brightness.

Speaking of brightness, the lamp has 2 brightness modes – dim and maximum, and 3 light modes – warm, cold, and natural.

The great thing about this small LED ring light is that it has a twistable gooseneck that can be twisted in any direction and angle, so you always have the light beam wherever you need it.

Lastly, the light is powered by a USB cable which is quite long (59″) and can be plugged into any device or power bank.

  • It takes up zero space
  • Great desktop accessory
  • Powerful
  • Can be clamped to most desks
  • Quite small and can’t replace your normal light


Best light intensity


Stefan’s Take:

With this light, I could’ve easily recorded in the dark, and nobody would’ve complained about the poor lighting. Those 160 LED lights are truly powerful, and the absence of overheating was a nice surprise.

But, mounting it to a tripod was a hassle, and batteries did run out quickly. If you plan on using this light constantly, you’ll go through quite a few packs quickly. 

Light Intensity10
Power Options9
For Streaming9

Up next is the NEEWER 160 LED, which is one of the most powerful streaming lighting on a budget you can find.

It has a high-quality build that makes it living proof that you can get valuable streaming lights and not make a dent in your bank account.

This streaming light has many features, so let’s see what they are.

Who is it best for?

This is quite a professional streaming light, even though it’s under 25$, and that’s why it will work wonders for all kinds of streamers, such as gamers, entertainers, podcasters, and so on.

Because you can mount it on your camera or tripod, it will usually be used as a table-top streaming light which is always great if you’re talking directly to the camera.

So if you want a studio-quality streaming light for cheap, then this is the right one for you.

Key Features

This LED streaming light has 160 small LED bulbs, which can produce from 3200 K to 5600 K lumen, which is adjustable by a wheel on the side of the light.

Knowing this, you can already tell that it’s a bright light (like using point lighting), and because you can mount it on a tripod, it can be used as a background light or a setup light if you mount it on a table-top tripod.

What’s great about this light is that it runs on 6 AA batteries which means you don’t have to charge it or plug it in to be able to use it, and it has a heat dissipation system that doesn’t let it overheat with prolonged use.

Lastly, I have to mention that this light also has a ¼” hot shoe camera mount which is quite handy if you’re used to streaming through your camera.

  • Powerful
  • It doesn’t need to be charged or plugged in
  • Compact and portable
  • Won’t overheat
  • Batteries run out quickly

4. UBeesize LED Ring Light

The easiest to operate

UBeesize LED Ring Light

Stefan’s Take:

My favorite feature was a small remote controller for adjusting the intensity. It came in handy during the live stream when the outside light was changing too, and I had to adjust the brightness level of the ring light.

The tripod can easily hold any phone, and I also tested it with my webcam. However, it didn’t seem sturdy enough to hold anything heavier than a phone. 

Light Intensity9
Power Options9
For Streaming9

Next in line is the UBeesize LED ring light, and I have to say that it’s one of the easiest streaming lights to operate on this list and is a great tool if you’re just starting to enter the streaming world.

It’s more of a phone-based than a camera-based stream light, so if you’re someone who streams via phone, you’re definitely going to like it.

Who is it best for?

As I already said, if you are comfortable or used to streaming your phone, then this streaming light is for you.

It’s quite easy to use and operate, and the features let you have full control of the brightness levels and lighting options.

Key Features

First things first, the size of the brim is 10”, which is big enough to emit lots of light and still small enough to carry in your backpack if you need it on the go.

You can also plug it into any device or power bank using a USB cable, which is also pretty neat.

It has an adjustable ball joint where the ring sits so you can rotate it to any angle you want, and also, the phone stand is fully rotatable and can fit most mobile phones.

You can also control both the brightness levels and the colors by using a remote which is attached to the cable.

  • Compact and portable
  • It can be plugged into any device using a USB
  • Easy controls
  • Lots of power
  • It can’t mount a camera

5. JIOZER Selfie Ring Light

Best budget option

JIOZER Selfie Ring Light

Stefan’s Take:

The feature that stood out the most was the price. I didn’t expect to find a light and tripod for less than $20. And for the price, it performed well.

I tested it for live streaming and received no complaints about the lighting. The setup was also simple, but I had issues with the tripod’s stability – at certain angles, it was too wobbly.

Light Intensity9
Power Options9
For Streaming9

The cheapest option on the list is JIOZER Selfie Ring Light which costs just above $15.

It has lots of features I want to cover, so let’s get to it!

Who is it best for?

This streaming light will appeal to you if you need a tabletop light that can light up your entire room.

It is quite a solid pick, even for professional streamers and amateurs, considering the low price.

Key Features

The first feature I will discuss is the bulbs that produce up to 5700 K lumen, which is enough to light up the entire space with just one button.

Second, all the controls, such as brightness level and color modes, can be changed by using a controller attached to the cord.

Since I’ve mentioned color modes, there are 3 colors you can choose on this light – white, warm yellow, and warm white.

Moreover, you can easily mount it on top of your laptop or PC desktop, place it on a tripod, and use it on any surface.

Lastly, the light is powered by a USB cable when plugged into a laptop, PC, or power bank.

  • Portable
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to adjust height and angle
  • It can even be a selfie stick
  • The tripod can be unstable

6. QIAYA Selfie Ring Light

Best for streaming from any device

QIAYA Selfie Ring Light

Stefan’s Take:

In my opinion, this is the most versatile ring light. I tried it first on my smartphone and then on my webcam and camera. No setup is required, and I liked that it doesn’t take any desk or room space.

Also, I was happy to see that it had different brightness levels from other lights on this list. However, the highest brightness level is not so intense, so this is a short-term solution until you save up more money for a bigger ring light.

Light Intensity9
Power Options8
For Streaming8

Last but not least, I have the QIAYA selfie ring light, which is quite a unique product, to say the least.

This ring light actually has a groove where you can slide it on top of your phone, laptop, monitor, camera, and so on.

But don’t be concerned, because even though it’s small, it’s still quite powerful.

Who is it best for?

Even though this light won’t replace your standard streaming light, it’s still quite a powerful LED light you can always carry around.

It can fit in your pocket and can be easily recharged using a USB cable.

So if you’re always on the go and hate to carry around your streaming lights, this is a great tool to have at any moment.

Key Features

One of the best features of this light is actually the simplest one – it has a groove on the side that you can use to mount it on any device.

This is quite cool because it can go over the camera, so you have direct light when you’re recording.

Also, even though the 950 K lumen doesn’t sound that impressive, it’s still quite a bright light, so you won’t have any problems if you’re used to recording your face while talking and you need some extra lighting.

Lastly, 3 brightness options – dim, medium, and maximum- are adjustable by using buttons on the side.

  • Pocketable
  • It can be fitted on almost any device
  • No batteries needed
  • Solid brightness
  • Quite cheap
  • Won’t replace a standard streaming light

Things to Consider When Buying a Cheap Lighting for Streaming

Even though you can stumble upon very cheap lights for streaming while searching on the Internet, you still should take your time and do a bit of research before buying one.

Don’t just buy the cheapest light because of the price, but rather focus on the light that is exactly what you need, and there are quite a few lights out there that will fit your needs even on a budget.

So let’s see what you should consider before buying cheap lighting for streaming.

1. You Get What You Pay For

Streaming lights can range from 10$ to even 300$, heck, you can even find lights for 5$ if you search long enough, but don’t blame me when the light starts to malfunction after 2 or 3 months.

That’s why you should always invest the most amount of money you can into a streaming light.

If you like a particular light, but it’s too expensive for you, save up some money and buy it, because, in the long run, it will last you more than cheaper lights.

Of course, if you just want a basic light and you’re not willing to invest some money because you’re just starting out, that’s fine as well, as you can always upgrade to a better one later.

2. Price Doesn’t Always Mean Quality

It is possible to get quality stream lighting even when you’re on a budget. There are plenty of under 20$ streaming lights which are actually pretty good and can last you for years.

Remember, sales are your best friend and you should regularly check for them when buying streaming lights because you can sometimes get a studio-quality light for half the price.

On the other hand, don’t be tempted to buy streaming lights just because they’re expensive because price doesn’t always mean quality.

If you can get some lights that cost a lot less than the expensive ones but do the exact same thing, then you’ve definitely struck gold.

3. Power over features

If you’re just starting out with streaming and looking for cheap lighting, then you should look for streaming lights that shine the brightest over the ones with cool features.

It’s because you can do without the fancy features in the beginning, but you need a good light source with lots of brightness.

If you can find cheap stream lighting with both, you’ll definitely get the best of both worlds.

However, if you need to choose between a powerful light and one that has Bluetooth remote controls, 5 light modes, and 2 adjustable tripods but can’t emit enough light to light up your room, then you should definitely settle for the powerful one.


As you can see, good streaming light doesn’t have to cost much. If you’re still unsure which to get, here are my top three recommendations:

  1. RIEOMN Selfie Ring Light as the best overall,
  2. Glorious-Lite Clip-On Light as the best for small spaces,
  3. NEEWER 160 LED with the best light intensity.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of best lights for streaming and hope that you’ll find just the right streaming light which fits your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get cheap lighting for streaming?

Yes, you can. If you search a bit more on the Internet and know exactly what you need, you can find great streaming lighting for under 25$.

Are cheap streaming lights any good?

Well, you get what you pay for, and you can’t really expect quality on streaming lights when you’re on a budget, but you still can get good streaming lights for cheap.

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