Top Gaming YouTubers: 100+ Best Channels For Gamers

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There are a lot of YouTube gaming influencers, and it can be tough to determine who is worth your time.

That’s why we put together this list of the top gaming YouTubers!

These channels will keep you entertained for hours on end, and they will also teach you a thing or two about the latest games.

Top 108 Gaming YouTube Channels To Follow

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1. PewDiePie

Subscribers: 111 million

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known under the name PewDiePie, is a popular YouTube gamer and video game commentator.

He started making gaming videos in 2010 and has become the most subscribed YouTube gaming channel and YouTube channel of all time.

He plays various games, but he is especially known for his Let’s Plays of horror games, such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Slender: The Eight Pages.

PewDiePie is also filming walkthrough videos for some of the most popular games, comedy videos, and vlogs.

2. JuegaGerman

Subscribers: 45.4 million

JuegaGerman is a popular Spanish YouTube gamer.

He started his channel in 2011, which has become one of the most popular YouTube gaming channels.

He is known for his funny commentary and Let’s Plays of popular games, such as Minecraft, GTA V, and Call of Duty.

If you like his content, you should also check out his main channel called HolaSoyGerman, where he uploads video game commentaries for Walking Dead, as well as personal vlogs.

3. elrubiusOMG

Subscribers: 40.4 million

elrubiusOMG is a Spanish YouTuber who focuses on video games and Let’s Plays.

He started his YouTube career in 2006, and he has since become one of the most popular YouTuber gaming influencers in Spain.

He is known for playing various games, but he especially enjoys Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

4. MrBeast

Subscribers: 93.7 million

MrBeast is an American YouTuber who started his channel in 2012.

He is known for his gaming videos, as well as his “stupid experiments” and challenges.

For example, he is often uploading videos where he is donating money or reading nonsense.

He is not just a top YouTube gamer but an entertainer as well.

Some of his most popular videos include “I Tried To Break Every World Record In A Game,” ” Minecraft ‘EXPLODING’ with TNT,” and “Trying To Break World Record For Longest Time Playing A Video Game.”

MrBeast6000 is also the founder of the YouTube gaming group called “Team Tree House.”

5. Fernanfloo

Subscribers: 44.6 million

Fernando Flores, better known as Fernanfloo, is a popular YouTuber from El Salvador.

He started his YouTube account in 2010 and is known for playing Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto.

Fernanfloo has the sixth most subscribed channel on YouTube, and now he is doing more than just reaction videos to popular video games.

This YouTube star has also partnered with TNG to launch a gaming app and has worked on the remake of Resident Evil 2.


Subscribers: 32.9 million

YouTube personality Sameul De Luque started his popular channel VEGETTA777 in 2008 and is one of the OG YouTube gaming influencers.

He mainly streams Minecraft and Battlefield, and video game enthusiasts mostly love him because of the creative backstories behind his gameplay videos.

During his live streams, the games are coming to life in his room, so the audience has a feeling they are watching more than just a guy playing games, which sets him apart from other top YouTube gaming influencers.

7. rezendeevil

Subscribers: 29.6 million

Pedro Afonso Rezende joined the gaming industry after his football career ended.

Now, he has one of the most subscribed channels in Brazil, called rezendeevil dedicated to gaming videos and video gaming reviews.

As you can probably conclude from his name, his favorite game is Resident Evil, but he rose to fame by streaming other gameplay videos, mostly Minecraft.

Besides gaming content, Pedro also likes to share prank videos on his YouTube channel.

8. Markiplier

Subscribers: 32.4 million

After quitting bioengineer studies, Mark Edward Fischbach needed to look for an alternate career, and that was when he created a YouTube channel and started uploading gaming videos.

Since joining the YouTube gaming industry, he has gathered 32.4 million subscribers.

He is a fan of indie and horror games to stream, such as Five Nights at Freddie’s and Inscryption.

Markiplier has become one of the most popular YouTube gaming influencers thanks to his funny and uncensored commentary.

He has also shown support to the LGBTQ community and has participated in many campaigns regarding gun violence.

9. VanossGaming

Subscribers: 25.6 million

If you follow PewDiePie, check out VanossGaming, as the resemblance between these two YouTube gaming influencers is astonishing.

Evan Fong is behind a popular Canadian gaming YouTube channel called VanossGaming.

He is well-known for his YouTube commentary clips in which he is playing games solo and with other gaming YouTubers.

If you have played the game Dead Realm, you should know that Evan Fong is one of its creative directions, and besides a gaming YouTube channel, he also has a music channel.

10. jacksepticeye

Subscribers: 28.1 million

If you like Shadow of the Colossus, then check out the gaming videos of Sean William McLoughlin or Jacksepticeye.

This guy is the creator of Let’s Play gaming videos, for which he got a shoutout from PewDiePie. Now, these favorite YouTube Gamers are often collaborating and creating fun gaming videos and content.

He has one of the oldest gaming channels, and when he is not making gameplay videos, he is doing funny sketches.

Sean is not only entertaining but incredibly smart.

While building his YouTube gaming channel, he was also studying to become a hotel manager.

11. Ninja

Subscribers: 23.9 million

Richard Tyler Belvins, or Ninja, followed his father’s footsteps and became a gamer.

He is famous for his Fortnite gameplay videos, as well as for his esports gaming content.

Richard started his gaming career on Twitch. However, he quickly discovered how big the YouTube gaming community is and decided to ditch streaming and switch to uploading videos.

Now he is the Fortnite gaming guru on YouTube, and his gaming channel has attracted millions of viewers.

12. DanTDM

Subscribers: 26 million

Dan’s love for Minecraft led him to a few Kids choice awards and setting new world records in Minecraft.

Also, Minecraft videos helped his YouTube gaming channel to become the most subscribed channel in the United Kingdom.

When he launched his channel in 2012, he was determined to upload one video every day.

Now Dan is mainly known for his Minecraft videos, Mod reviews, and other commentary videos.

13. CarryMinati

Subscribers: 35.1 million

CarryMinati‘s favorite game is Counter-Strike, and his gameplay videos are one of the most-watched ones on YouTube.

So, how did he build such a successful channel?

Carry uploads videos in which he usually imitates famous actors, so his viewers have a good laugh while watching his gaming videos.

He also has a second YouTube channel called Carryislive, which he uses for live streams of PUBG.

14. SSSniperWolf

Subscribers: 31.2 million

Alia Marie Shelsh is behind the most successful YouTube channels dedicated to gameplay videos of Call of Duty.

She is also one of the most famous female YouTube gamers.

SSSniperWolf was created in 2011 to merge her other two YouTube channels.

She was also popular on Twitch but decided to focus on live streams on her YouTube channel.

Since 2017 Alia has been uploading fewer gaming videos and focusing on reaction videos to popular online trends.

15. A4

Subscribers: 38.9 million

A4 is one of the top YouTube gaming influencers in Belarus and one of the most popular YouTube gaming channels in Europe.

He has been making videos since 2014 with the goal of bringing smiles to people’s faces.

While he started as a YouTube gamer, you can now find plenty of personal vlogs and reaction videos on his YouTube channel.

16. AuthenticGames

Subscribers: 20.2 million

Marco Tulio is behind one of the most successful kid-friendly YouTube gaming channels, dedicated to Minecraft videos and Roblox.

He uploaded his first YouTube video in 2011, and the goal of this YouTube gamer was to create a safe space for people of all ages without using inappropriate language and slang.

His game play videos are funny, entertaining, and quite informative, and something that the YouTube gaming community lacked.

17. Jelly

Subscribers: 22.7 million

Jelle Van Vucht became a gaming YouTuber in 2014 and since then has gathered millions of subscribers and billions of views.

He uploads videos of some of the most popular video games like Grand Theft Auto V, Golf it, and Scrap Mechanic.

Also, Jelly is a part of the Robust, a community of popular YouTube gamers, and has collaborated and uploaded videos with some of the top YouTube gaming influencers, including PewDiePie, and Kwebbelkop.

18. TheWillyrex

Subscribers: 18.6 million

After ditching his business administration studies, Guillermo Diaz Ibanez decided to turn his YouTube channel into a full-time job and has become the most popular gaming YouTuber in Spain.

TheWillyrex often makes funny commentary videos with other YouTube gaming influencers and uploads plenty of Clash Royale and Minecraft videos.

His most popular game play videos are of the less popular video games, so make sure to check out this series.

19. Ali-A

Subscribers: 17.5 million

Ali-A is one of the top gaming YouTubers globally, with over 17 million subscribers.

He is most famous for his Call of Duty and Minecraft game play videos and has a large following for his Fortnite, Battlefield, and Clash Royale videos.

Ali-A is known for his high-quality content, entertaining gameplay, and funny commentary.

20. PopularMMOs

Subscribers: 17.3 million

PopularMMOs is a top YouTube gaming channel dedicated to Minecraft game play videos. The channel was created in 2010 by Jesse Cox and his wife, Stacy.

Jesse is most popular for his informative and entertaining Minecraft gaming videos, while Stacy often collaborates with other top YouTuber gamers.

His most-watched gameplay videos belong to the series “The Challenger Games,” and you should also check out another one called “The Epic Proportion.”

21. EeOneGuy

Subscribers: 17.4 million

The controversy surrounding this Ukrainian YouTube gamer has resulted in him turning most of his gameplay videos private.

EeOneGuy mainly uploaded videos with funny commentary. However, he has been accused of lack of originality.

Now, his gaming channel is mostly focused on his music content and music videos.

22. TheDonato

Subscribers: 26.4 million

TheDonato is from Argentina, mostly known for his reaction videos and humorous commentary.

He is also one of the top YouTube gaming influencers that streams Garena Free Fire.

23. Mikecrack

Subscribers: 30.9 million

Another big fan of Minecraft and Free Fire is Mikecrack – a Spanish YouTube gamer with over 30 million followers.

He started with gaming tutorials but quickly switched to gameplay videos, which helped him become one of the popular gaming YouTubers in Spain.

Mikecrack has numerous Minecraft and Fortnite series that will crack you up.

24. Jess No Limit

Subscribers: 24.3 million

Jess No Limit is the YouTube gamer to follow if you enjoy Mobile legends.

He is a world champion of season 6 and has even become a member of the esports team called Evos esports.

Also, his YouTube channel is dedicated to the disabled, and he uses his video game content to help this community.

25. FaZe Rug

Subscribers: 20.8 million

FaZe Rug is a top gaming YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers.

He was a part of the YouTube gaming community for a while, and once his YouTube channel grew, he created a FaZe Clan group for his followers.

Now, he is doing other content besides YouTube gaming.

His prank video called “Cocaine Prank” helped him gain an even bigger following.

26. Clash of Clans

Subscribers: 18.4 million

This is the official YouTube channel of one of the most popular video games created in 2012 by Supercell.

Clash of Clans’ YouTube account mostly does promotional content or clips from their world championships.

27. FGTeeV

Subscribers: 20.4 million

FGTeeV is only one of the top YouTube gaming channels and one of the top channels for entertainment and family content.

If you are looking for various content, give FGTeeV a chance, as you will see plenty of gaming, music, and educational videos.

28. Guava Juice

Subscribers: 16.8 million

Roi Fabito is behind one of the oldest gaming channels on YouTube.

When he started, Roi uploaded videos of fun challenges and experiments.

Then, he decided to launch The Wassabi Production, which grew into one of the most popular gaming YouTube channels.

When Roi left The Wassabi Production, he came back to his first channel – Guava Juice.

This YouTube channel was used to share gaming content, as well as crazy challenges and DIY projects. Now, he is even doing a series called Guava Juice show with YouTube Originals.

29. Willyrex

Subscribers: 17.1 million

Guillermo Diaz Ibanez has a channel dedicated to Fortnite.

Guillermo uploads videos every day, and it is not surprising that this channel has gained just as much popularity as his second one.

Also, with other YouTube gamers, he has launched a mobile game called Kaumraum, which has over 2 million downloads.

30. W2S

Subscribers: 16.2 million

Harry Christopher George Lewis is behind one of the most successful FIFA YouTube gaming channels, W2S.

This YouTube personality mostly makes gameplay videos of FIFA, with clever commentary, with the goal to give his viewers the most realistic experience possible.

Harry is not afraid to show rage while filming in case his strategy doesn’t work out.

Besides FIFA commentary and challenge videos, he sometimes plays Grand Theft Auto V.

31. LazarBeam

Subscribers: 19.8 million

The guy that started making Fortnite memes and later turned his video game content into one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in Australia is Lannan Eacott.

This top YouTube gamer doesn’t hesitate to make fun of the gaming industry and popular video games, which is why it is even more entertaining to watch his videos.

Besides video game content, he also shares plenty of his private life with his subscribers on his gaming channel.

Lannan is also a part of the YouTube group in Australia and does crazy challenges with other members.


Subscribers: 16.8 million

SQUEEZIE is the biggest YouTube star in France.

He created his YouTube channel in 2011, when he was only 15, and mostly does reaction videos.

33. SSundee

Subscribers: 20.3 million

Ian Markus Stapleton was a part of the TeamCrafted before he started a solo YouTube career.

Because of how fast his YouTube channel, Sundee, grew, he had to leave the military and commit to YouTube full-time.

Now, he is one of the biggest gaming influencers, popular mainly for his Call of Duty and League of Legends content.

34. TheGrefg

Subscribers: 17.5 million

The funniest gaming YouTuber in Spain is TheGrefg.

His favorite video game is Fortnite, and he is known for uploading hour-long videos with funny commentary and the craziest reactions.

TheGrefg also collaborates with other top YouTube gaming influencers on different challenges.

35. Minecraft-topic

Subscribers: 18.5 million

One of the most popular auto-generated YouTube channels is Minecraft-topic, with user-generated content.

36. IGN

Subscribers: 16.5 million

To get the latest news from the video game universe, follow IGN.

This YouTube channel features plenty of gaming news and reviews.

37. CookieSwirlC

Subscribers: 17.5 million

CookieSwirlC created the YouTube channel in 2013 and has gained over 17 million followers.

This content creator loves to create stories around her videos, and her favorite video game is Roblox.

38. AM3NIC

Subscribers: 13.9 million

The YouTube channel that will “save humans” from monotony and boredom is AM3NIC.

This Brazilian YouTuber started uploading videos in 2012, mainly of Minecraft, but he switched to prank videos and vlogs since then.

39. Lachlan

Subscribers: 14.8 million

The biggest fan of the Pokemon Go game is Lachlan.

Before making his Pokemon Go vlogs, he created one of the largest Pixelmon servers.

Because Pokemon Go went stale, he had to switch to another game, and now Lachlan mostly plays Minecraft and Fortnite.

40. Marmok

Subscribers: 17.2 million

Marmok is the biggest Russian YouTube channel dedicated to gaming.

Its creator had a passion for graphic design and worked as a freelancer before he decided to switch to gaming full-time.

Since 2014, he has been uploading videos regularly, and the audience loves him because of his clever and funny commentary.

41. PDK Films

Subscribers: 17.7 million

Paul Kousky is behind a channel called PDK Films.

This gamer has shown incredible dedication to his YouTube channel and his audience.

His main channel is dedicated to Nerf videos, and it is the biggest Nerf channel. He uploads Nerf Call of Duty and Nerf Minecraft content on the second channel.

42. Kwebbelkop

Subscribers: 14.9 million

Kwebbelkop is just one of the YouTube gaming influencers who collaborated with Jelly.

This Dutch YouTuber created his account in 2009 but posted his first video two years later.

When he began, he mainly played Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Then he decided to ditch the Call of Duty franchise and join the Minecraft YouTube gaming family.

Now, he is also posting personal vlogs.

43. Makiman131

Subscribers: 14.8 million

The guy that knows how to bring video games to the real world is Makiman131.

He started with Minecraft gameplay content, but since then, he broadened his YouTube content to reaction, prank, and comedy videos.

44. Enes Batur

Subscribers: 15.9 million

Enes Batur is behind the NDNG YouTube gaming channel, which he deleted once he decided to ditch the gaming world.

When he started, he preferred to play video games like Minecraft and Fortnite and then moved on to review videos of gaming equipment.

Now, he is rebranding his channel again, with vlogs and more personal content.

Enes has received a Social Media Phenomenon Award for the brand he has established in the online world.

45. The Game Theorists

Subscribers: 15.6 million

Matthew Patrick or MatPat is behind the Game Theorists channel.

The idea behind the Game Theorists channel is to uncover all of the stories and secrets behind the popular games’ narratives.

Videos on the Game Theorists channel are interesting and educational, and Matthew Patrick is showing his audience how one video game universe is related to another.

The Game Theorists has been praised by many for his view on video games and has collaborated with top YouTube gaming influencers.

46. Antrax

Subscribers: 16 million

The gaming YouTuber that is not afraid to experiment with his content is Antrax.

While his videos are maybe not so professional-looking, they are quite entertaining since this Mexican guy is hilarious.

On his YouTube channel, you can find Minecraft, Fortnite, esports videos, personal vlogs, challenges, pranks, and a few clips of his pet pig.

47. League of Legends

Subscribers: 14.7 million

The official YouTube channel of LoL was created for only promotional content.

48. H2ODelirious

Subscribers: 13.3 million

The completely anonymous H2ODelirious creator is famous for his “delirious” laughter in his Let’s play gaming videos.

This creator has been around since 2007 and has not revealed his face till today.

Even though his Let’s play gaming videos are faceless, they are just as entertaining because of his loud reactions and funny comments.

49. AzzyLand

Subscribers: 13.4 million

After a minor controversy in 2015, Azra had to decide between her YouTube gaming and medical career, and that is when her YouTube channel took off.

This gaming YouTuber and cos-player offers a variety of content to her audience – from reaction content to challenges and tests of life hacks.

You can also enjoy the soothing ASMR videos on her channel.

50. ITownGamePlay

Subscribers: 14.3 million

For fans of terror and horror stories, we recommend the Spanish gaming YouTuber Alvaro Herreros Martinez or iTownGamePlay.

This top YouTube gamer started by making gameplay videos of some of the scariest games, but since then, he has introduced a bit lighter content to his channel, like Minecraft and Happy Wheels.

Alvaro is also a musician, so when he is not uploading gaming videos to his main channel, he is producing music for his second musical channel.

51. Frost Diamond

One of the top YouTube gaming influencers in Indonesia is Frost Diamond.

He has been around since 2014 and has gathered over 21 million subscribers.

Frost Diamond is well known for his Minecraft gameplay content, as well as funny prank videos.

Subscribers: 21.2 million

52. Tfue

Tfue is an American gaming YouTuber with over 1 billion views.

While this influencer is mainly known for his awesome Fortnite content, he recently started uploading more personal videos too, and you can follow his life and behind-the-scenes through his vlogs.

Subscribers: 11.9 million

53. TazerCraft

Behind TazerCraft are two video game enthusiasts, Pac and Mike.

These two friends started the TazerCraft YouTube channel in 2011, related to mostly reaction and commentary videos to Minecraft.

Now, they are reviewing odd games they stumble upon online, as well as running their merchandise store, where their subscribers can purchase plush toys, T-shirts, and other themed products.

Subscribers: 13.2 million

54. Robin Hood Gamer

Another popular Brazilian content creator is Robin Hood Gamer.

This gaming YouTuber decided to share his love for Minecraft with others in 2014 and since has gathered over 8 billion views.

Subscribers: 18.4 million

55. theRadBrad

The king of the YouTube walkthroughs, according to the FVM, is Bradley Colburn or theRadBrad.

If you feel stuck in Call of Duty, Resident Evil, Battlefield, or Walking Dead, this channel has all of the tips and tricks.

He has several series on his gaming channel, and the most viewed is the Grand Theft Auto 5, with over 15 million views.

Subscribers: 13 million

56. Alan Becker

You maybe heard of Alan Becker back in 2006 when his series Animator vs. Animation went viral.

Alan describes himself as a guy who simply loves to play games and animations, so he often combines the two in his YouTube series.

Also, he is running a Minecraft server and teaches an online course on animation.

Subscribers: 18.5 million

57. RobleisIUTU

One of the most popular Argentinian gaming YouTuber is Tomás Arbillaga, or RobleisIUTU.

Since joining YouTube in 2013, he has been consistently uploading a variety of reactions, gameplay, and personal videos, so it is no wonder that his channel has over 4 billion views.

This Argentinian YouTuber also has two other channels: Robleis Music and RobleisJAJA.

Subscribers: 16.8 million

58. PlayHard

The creator of the PlayHard channel likes to keep his life quite private, and it is impossible to find much about his personal life.

Even without sharing too much about himself, he managed to build one of Argentina’s biggest gaming YouTube channels.

You can find plenty of walkthroughs, commentary, and gameplay content of some of the most popular desktop and mobile games.

Subscribers: 13.4 million

59. Zbing Z

Zbing Z created a YouTube channel in 2014 and quickly grew it thanks to her Roblox videos.

Now, she streams other games, as well as shares videos of her cute kittens.

Her content is entertaining, positive and will definitely bring a smile to your face.

Subscribers: 15.9 million

60. Morgz

Morgz is a top British gaming YouTuber with over 5 million subscribers.

He is most well-known for his hilarious Call of Duty gameplay videos and his popular challenge series.

Morgz also has a vlog channel where he posts videos of his daily life, which is often filled with pranks.

Because he used click-bates in his video titles, he started losing subscribers in 2017, but Fortnite content helped him bounce back and get on the right track.

Subscribers: 11.6 million

61. PlayStation

PlayStation’s YouTube channel focuses on promoting new games and gadgets, as well as posting highlights sent by fans.

Subscribers: 14 million

62. Luzugames

One of the top Spanish YouTube gaming influencers is Luzu.

He created his channel in 2013 and streams and uploads videos of Grand Theft Auto V, PUBG, and Fortnite.

Subscribers: 11.2 million

63. CaptainSparklez

Jordan Maron is a well-known game commentator who rose to fame thanks to witty comments in his Minecraft parodies.

He started Captain Sparklez alone, but quickly his friend Nick from NFENvids joined him.

Today, their most viewed videos are dedicated to Minecraft, and this duo is recognizable by their funny catchphrases.

Subscribers: 11.3 million

64. MiawAug

This YouTube star is from Indonesia and has founded his channel in 2014.

MiawAug is a big fan of horror games, and his audience shares this passion. Thus one of his streams has gained over 16 million views in the first year of uploading.

Besides horror games, MiawAug also likes to play mobile games.

Subscribers: 17.3 million

65. Arab Games Network

Arab Games Network is a top gaming channel in the Arab world.

It was founded in 2013 by Syed, a passionate gamer who wanted to share his love for gaming with others in Saudi Arabia.

In the beginning, Syed streamed Call of Duty, PUBG, and different scary games, but now he is mostly focused on the Pro Evolution Soccer series.

He also likes to film little sketches, reactions, and pranks, so there is never a dull moment on his gaming channel.

Subscribers: 16.4 million

66. DaniRep

The biggest fan of the popular game Grand Theft Auto is Daniel Hidalgo, better known as DaniRep.

This YouTuber comes from Spain, and he quit his studies when he was 16 to pursue a career on YouTube.

He doesn’t only stream Grand Theft Auto V but uses his channel to share any news related to this popular game.

Subscribers: 11.8 million

67. BCC Trolling

Charlie Ley created his gaming channel in 2011 to troll some of the most-played video games.

In the beginning, he was uploading mainly really short and funny compilations of Call of Duty and FIFA.

Once Fortnite was released, he ditched other games and decided to focus only on this game.

Because of the high popularity of this gaming channel, Charlie has stepped down from the managing role, and now he has a team that runs it.

Subscribers: 10.5 million

68. Coisa de Nerd

When they started Coisa de Nerd in 2009, Leon and Nilce didn’t think they would gain so much popularity in the gaming community.

Coisa de Nerd is a channel full of scientific and educational content.

This dynamic duo loves to review gadgets, and after one of their reviews, their channel became viral among gamers, and they decided to continue with these types of videos.

Besides gaming content, they have a series called The Coffee Time, in which they share their thoughts on life and the universe with their audience.

Subscribers: 11 million

69. BuzzFeed Multiplayer

BuzzFeed Multiplayer is all about gaming.

This channel is a great source of gaming news and funny, educational, and entertaining gaming content, from cosplay to challenges.

Subscribers: 9.83 million

70. Jazzghost

Jazzghost is a kid-friendly YouTube gaming channel run by Juliano Barros.

This gamer rose to fame thanks to his clever and funny commentary.

He mostly plays Minecraft with different mods and sometimes uploads entertaining sketches.

Subscribers: 12.2 million

71. TheSyndicateProject

Tom Cassell, better known by his online alias TheSyndicateProject or simply Syndicate, is a British YouTuber and vlogger.

He started making YouTube videos in 2010 and has since amassed a large following.

Tom was initially reviewing Modern Warfare and Halo, but now he is most popular for his Call of Duty commentaries and videos.

Also, Tom has just as big a following on Twitch and is behind one clothing line.

Subscribers: 9.75 million

72. Piuzinho

Another popular Brazilian gamer is Piuzinho.

This YouTuber is popular outside of YouTube too, and when he is not uploading on YouTube, he is streaming on NiMO TV.

Subscribers: 12.3 million

73. Stampylonghead

Another big fan of Minecraft is Joseph Garrett or Stampylonghead.

Joseph created his YouTube gaming channel because he loved video games and entertaining others.

All of his building videos are quite kid-friendly and suitable for all generations, and you can enjoy more personal content on his second channel, where he posts daily vlogs.

Subscribers: 10.5 million

74. ElTrollino

One of the top gaming YouTubers in Spain is undoubtedly ElTrollino.

He created this YouTube gaming channel in 2013 and now counts over 5 billion views.

ElTrollino videos are dedicated to Minecraft, Fortnite, and Golf IT.

Subscribers: 17.4 million

75. Typical Gamer

Typical Gamer is a big fan of Grand Theft Auto, so you will find plenty of GTA V content on his gaming channel.

Besides GTA V, he sometimes streams with his girlfriend the popular game Minecraft.

Subscribers: 12.6 million

76. UnspeakableGaming

Nathan kick-started another Minecraft channel in 2011.

UnspeakableGaming has all of the tips and tricks for Minecraft and shows maps.

This top YouTuber gamer loves to stream alone as well as with his friends and create fun challenges such as “Do Not Laugh.”

Subscribers: 11.2 million

77. KSIOlajidebtHD

Olajide William Olatunji is behind one of the biggest gaming YouTube channels in the UK.

He joined YouTube in 2011 and has been active ever since.

Olajide doesn’t like to stick to just one game but plays whatever suits him the best at the moment.

You can find Call of Duty videos on his channel and some less popular games.

In 2017 he decided to rebrand his channel, and now he is mainly doing reaction videos.

Subscribers: 14.9 million

78. LipaoGamer

This Brazilian guy is one of GTA V’s top YouTube gaming influencers.

Felipe Victor joined YouTube in 2011 and has amazed everybody with his gameplay content of GTA V.

Now, he is also recording videos of other games, mainly Minecraft.

Felipe films vlogs, pranks, and challenges as well, which helped him reach a wider audience.

Subscribers: 11.3 million

79. Muselk

We had to include one of the top YouTube gaming influencers from Australia.

Elliot Watkins rose to fame thanks to his Team Fortress 2 clips.

He also plays Star Wars, Overwatch, and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

On his channel, you can watch more than 1500 entertaining videos.

Subscribers: 9.4 million

80. RocketJump

RocketJump is a channel that was created by the team behind the popular web series Video Game High School.

This web series even got a few nominations and one Streamy Award.

The channel features a variety of content but is most well-known for its shorts and documentaries about video games and film.

Subscribers: 9.08 million

81. Raditya Dika

Raditya Dika is a top YouTuber from Indonesia.

This guy started his YouTube gaming channel in 2016 and uploads videos about games such as PUBG, Battlefield 1, and GTA V.

Besides gaming, Raditya is also known for his stand-up comedy.

Subscribers: 9.71 million

82. Frost

Another famous Russian YouTube channel is Frost.

This influencer is passionate about many games, and besides gameplay, he uploads challenges and pranks.

Subscribers: 1.13 million

83. Kuplinov Play

One of the biggest Russian YouTube gamers is Dmitry Kuplinov.

The YouTube video that kick-started his YouTube career was the gameplay of Postal 2.

While he enjoys playing horror video games the most, Dmitry doesn’t stick to just one genre and offers a variety of content to his subscribers.

Even though he only posts videos in Russian, he still gathered a huge online following.

Subscribers: 13.2 million

84. Cris Devil Gamer

Cris Phan is one of Vietnam’s top YouTube gamers.

He joined YouTube in 2014 and became popular thanks to the great walkthrough videos for Pokemon Go.

Besides Pokemon Go, Cris also enjoys playing Minecraft, so you can find plenty of educational Minecraft content on his channel.

Subscribers: 10.3 million

85. Miniminter

Simon Minter, or Miniminter, joined YouTube in 2011.

He is known for his popular FIFA videos.

You can watch over a hundred FIFA challenges, tricks, and Q&A clips on his channel.

Two of his best series are the Ultimate Team, in which viewers get to choose the players of each football team, and the UK vs. the USA, in which he hosts another top YouTube gamer, Fangs.

Cris also enjoys playing multiplayer games like Uno, Garry’s Mod, and Draw My Thing.

What distinguishes Miniminter from the other top YouTubers is that he also produces vlogs and challenges.

Subscribers: 9.94 million

86. JP Plays

JP Plays is run by one of the top Brazilian YouTube gamers.

The channel gained popularity once its creator decided to start the Let’s play series for Minecraft.

Now, he is recording other games as well, such as Call of Duty, for example.

Subscribers: 10.8 million

87. Denis

Denis Kopotoun started one of the biggest, kid-friendly YouTube channels dedicated to Roblox.

Denis also loves to live stream Granny, different challenges, and tutorials.

He also has a second channel, called The Pals, on which he streams with other top YouTube gaming influencers.

Subscribers: 9.22 million


Поззи is one of the top YouTube gaming influencers from Russia that likes to play and record popular mobile games, as well as Roblox, Minecraft, and Clash Royale.

He also does pranks, challenges, and reaction videos.

Subscribers: 12.6 million

89. aLexBY11

After he deleted the XFireX channel, Alejandro decided to give YouTube one last chance and created the aLexBY11, which quickly went viral.

His most popular video is Read the Lips Challenge which counts over ten million views, and besides challenges, Alejandro enjoys streaming Call of Duty, FIFA, and PlayerUnknownsBattleGrounds.

Unfortunately, his videos are in Spanish, so they are primarily for his Spanish audience.

Subscribers: 8.87 million


The guy who brought the Macinima network to Brazil and has become one of the top YouTube gaming influencers in Brazil is Eduardo Benvenuti or BRKsEDU.

When he became active on the platform, he mainly uploaded Call of Duty content.

Quickly, he decided to try out streaming from different consoles and different genres, so now, BRKsEDU plays God of War, Resident Evil, Outlast, and Mario.

Even though he moved to Canada, he still films his content mainly in his mother tongue.

Subscribers: 9.16 million

91. Hueva

Fernando joined YouTube in 2012 with the intent to stream GTA V.

However, he quickly decided to switch to another game that could potentially help him reach more viewers easier and faster.

Well, his plan definitely worked, and his Gears of War 3 quickly gathered millions of views, and he became one of the top Spanish YouTube gamers.

Subscribers: 10.7 million

92. VyacheslavOO

One of the best Minecraft gaming Youtubers is VyacheslavOO.

This guy definitely earned his spot on this list of the top YouTube gaming influencers since his channel counts almost 4 billion views.

VyacheslavOO is not a fan of cheats, so he likes to delete the maps and fully rely on his gaming skills in his streams.

His videos are entertaining to watch, as well as slightly chaotic.

Subscribers: 9 million

93. Nobru

For the fans of mobile games, we recommend one of Brazil’s top gaming YouTubers called Nobru.

Since joining YouTube in 2016, he has gathered almost 1 billion views.

Subscribers: 13.3 million

94. TheBrainDit

One of Ukraine’s top YouTube gaming influencers is TheBrainDit.

The series that sets him apart from other gaming YouTubers is the one dedicated to GTA V, which consists of 300 videos.

Once he decided he was done with GTA, he moved on to game reviews and commentaries of Angry Birds and Assasin’s Creed.

From time to time, he also likes to film Let’s play videos.

Subscribers: 8.36 million

95. Slogo

Check out the Slogo channel if you want to have a good laugh while watching a Minecraft series.

Josh became active on YouTube in 2013, and now his channel has more than 7 billion views.

His most-watched videos are the ones in which he installed every possible Minecraft mode and prank videos he does with his friends and fellow gaming YouTubers.

He most often collabs with Jelly out of all top YouTube gaming influencers.

Subscribers: 10.6 million

96. Total Gaming

A relatively new channel on YouTube is Total Gaming.

Even though the creator joined just recently, in 2018, he quickly became one of the top YouTube gaming influencers.

Total Gaming is dedicated to mobile games, Call of Duty, and PUBG.

Subscribers: 31.8 million

97. Panda

One of the top Swedish gaming YouTubers is Panda.

He is a mobile gamer known for his PUBG gameplay.

Panda joined Swedish YouTube gaming influencers in 2018 and quickly rose to their level.

Besides gaming videos and live streams, he also loves to film pranks and challenge videos, and share his music content.

Subscribers: 11.6 million

98. Sky Does Everything

When he became active on YouTube in 2011, Adam Dahlberg didn’t quite see himself as a gamer.

He often said that animation is what drew him to video games. Once he quit that, he decided to join top gaming YouTubers.

Up until 2017, the name of the channel was “Sky does Minecraft” because he was playing only Minecraft (or recording funny Minecraft parodies).

However, then he decided to make all Minecraft clips private so that he could rebrand his channel.

In 2018, all Minecraft videos were public again, but he informed his subscribers that he wanted to play other games too and changed the channel’s name to Sky Does Everything.

Subscribers: 11.2 million

99. Afreim

One of the Brazilian’s top gaming YouTubers that currently lives in Orlando is Afreim or Andre Victor.

Minecraft and GTA V content helped this guy become one of the top YouTube gaming influencers globally and a Facebook Gamer Partner.

Now, he is stepping slightly outside of his comfort zone, and besides gaming content, he uploads vlogs and challenges.

Subscribers: 8 million

100. Games EduUu

If you want to see the funny side of being a gamer, then definitely follow Games EduUu.

Games EduUu is not only one of the top gaming YouTubers, he is also one of the fastest-growing channels.

You can easily recognize his videos by crazy, over-the-top titles and thumbnails.

Occasionally, you may stumble upon a few game reviews that are not so funny but quite educational.

Subscribers: 10.7 million

101. JoshDub

The guy considered one of Australia’s top YouTube gaming influencers is JoshDub.

He brands his channel as a place for “weird VR memes,” so you can expect plenty of VR games reviews.

JoshDub has a great series for Blade and Sorcery and plenty of hilarious series he did with fellow gaming YouTube gamers.

Subscribers: 9.41 million

102. TommyInnit

Thomas Simons is the guy behind one of the most-watched Twitch and YouTube channels.

This YouTube gamer is known for his entertaining Minecraft content with millions of views.

He also likes to collaborate with other gaming influencers, so you never know who will make an appearance on his channel.

Subscribers: 11.6 million

103. Vikkstar 123

Vikkstar 123 has been on YouTube since 2010, and his channel has over 2 billion views.

This British YouTuber loves to play Call of Duty and has separate channels for Minecraft and Let’s play content.

If you are not a big fan of Call of Duty or Minecraft, you can also watch him play Among us, GTA, or Battlefield on his main channel or play one of his entertaining vlogs in which he shares big moments from his private life.

Subscribers: 7.51 million

104. Fresh

Fresh is another Australian YouTube gamer.

He has been active on YouTube since 2016, and the well-played Fortnite oceanic competitive scene helped him find his spot among other top YouTube gaming influencers.

Now, he is live streaming with other top gaming YouTubers, including Lazarbeam.

Fresh has over 2 billion views and all tips and tricks for Fortnite.

Subscribers: 7.81 million

105. Two Side Gamers

Two Side Gamers is run by two top gaming YouTubers – Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka.

Initially, these two gaming influencers were recording gaming marathons, but now they are considered the most popular Free Fire channel on YouTube.

Two brothers still love filming together, and their commentary is hilarious.

Subscribers: 10.1 million

106. ItsFunneh

As the name of her channel says, ItsFunneh loves to film and share funny gaming content.

This content creator doesn’t like to stick to just one genre, so she plays both desktop and mobile games, as well as different challenges and mini-games.

Kat also likes filming with her siblings, and often her brothers and sisters are present on her streams.

Subscribers: 8.87 million

107. KjraGaming

KjraGaming is a big fan of GTA, so he mostly played GTA with different mods when he started his channel.

However, he quickly realized that too many gaming influencers were already streaming this game, and he switched to superhero battles.

Now, this series counts millions of views, and KjraGaming is considered one of Australia’s top YouTube gaming influencers.

Subscribers: 8.24 million

108. GeorgeNotFound

Before he created the GeorgeNotFound YouTube channel, this creator was running one of the most successful gaming websites with the same name.

GeorgeNotFound is a big fan of Minecraft and has a YouTube group for all fans of this hit game.

Subscribers: 10.1 million


As the gaming industry evolves, so does the way in which gamers enjoy their favorite pastime.

The 108 top gaming YouTubers on our list play a variety of games and have amassed millions of subscribers between them.

While some may prefer first-person shooters or puzzle games, there is something for everyone on this list.

So whether you are a seasoned gamer looking for new challengers to take on or if you are just starting out and want to see what all the fuss is about, be sure to check out these top YouTube gamers and learn from the best.


Who Is The #1 Gaming YouTuber?

According to the latest data, Fernanfloo is the top gaming YouTuber, with over 44 million subscribers.

Right behind him are VEGETTA777 and Markiplier.

How Many Gaming YouTubers Are There?

YouTube Gaming Live counts over 547 thousand YouTube gamers.

It is hard to give the exact number since it changes daily.

How Do You Become A Gaming Vlogger?

There is no one answer to this question, as each gaming YouTuber has their own way of becoming successful.

However, some key things to keep in mind include creating interesting and relevant content for your audience, building a community around your channel, and being consistent with your uploads.

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