How to See a Private Instagram Account: 9 Helpful Services

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I bet all of you have wanted to check out someone’s private Instagram account without clicking the Follow button, but it wasn’t possible.

People are more curious than ever, and they are interested in finding out what is behind private Instagram accounts, whether it is just out of curiosity or for safety reasons.

How to See a Private Instagram Account?

  • Type their Instagram username in Google Search. You’ll be able to see a few photos but not the entire account.
  • Create a fake account and send a follow request. Once they accept the request, start browsing.
  • Use a third-party app to see their posts and stories. My recommendation is Glassagram because it’s the most reliable one.

If you, too, want to see other people’s Instagram accounts without having to send follow requests, then I have some hacks for you.

How To See A Private Instagram Account?

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but sometimes you can’t resist and want to know what is hidden behind that private Instagram account.

The reasons for this may be different, and while some people are too curious and want to know what their ex is posting, others may be parents who want to see what their kids are posting on their accounts.

Why you may be looking to do this differs from one person to another, and I don’t care what are your reasons because I have gathered a list of all the ways you can see private accounts without leaving a trace.

1. Use Google search

Even when people only have private Instagram accounts and have never unlocked them, they leave some information about themselves on the internet, and there will be some photos.

If you want to view private Instagram profiles but don’t want to try out sketchy third-party services, you can always type in the username of the person into the Google search and “Instagram account,” and some photos will pop up.

Although you won’t be able to view private Instagram accounts fully, you will still see some of the photos and posts on their profiles and maybe the tagged photos, which can help you find what you were looking for.

This isn’t the best way to gain access to private Instagram profiles, and you definitely won’t get all the information you want, but it can help you see some things without using different apps and websites.

2. Create a fake Instagram account

If you are eager to view private Instagram profiles but are not getting the desired results through Google search and don’t want to download third-party services, then the best option is to create a fake Instagram account.

This is the easiest way to get in touch with someone’s profile without actually following them from your real account, and you will be able to see everything they are posting on this social media on your feed.

However, if someone has a private Instagram account, they probably won’t be accepting random fake profiles, but if you try a little bit and send requests, you may get lucky.

If you are looking for a way to keep an eye out for your kid or partner, this may not be the best way to do it, but if you are lurking on your ex, it isn’t a bad option.

9 Sites to View Private Instagram profiles

Another way to spy on people you know and don’t know is through third-party apps and websites. I have tested a few and created this list of the best ones.

1. Glassagram

Top choice

glassagram Logo

Amila’s Take:

I liked this app the most because I didn’t have to share too much of my personal data to use it, and it seemed like the most reliable tool.

The app did just what I wanted it to – I browsed through several accounts, their posts and stories, and even got access to highlights.

Ease of Use10
Level of Access9

Glassagram is one of the most popular apps for gaining access to private Instagram accounts, and it has millions of users worldwide.

This platform allows you to view a private Instagram account and see their Instagram stories and highlights, gaining full access to the account.

The platform guarantees that you will stay anonymous and is considered very safe, so if you are looking for an excellent private Instagram viewer, this is probably the best option.


You can see any private account this way, but you can also use it to watch other people’s stories without them getting notified that you have seen their stories.

It also allows you to turn on notifications for someone’s Instagram profile that will notify you every time they are adding something to their account, which is a pretty good option if you want to keep someone within your sight.

They also claim to help you access people’s DM messages. Still, I wouldn’t rely too much on this promise because Instagram very protects the DMs, and you can’t expect to have an Instagram private profile viewer to help you see absolutely everything.

The platform is relatively safe and doesn’t require you to share too much personal information, so you can be sure you won’t experience any problems with it.

Overall, this app is the best option for this action. It is available for Android and Apple devices, so you can easily download it. However, Apple users may not be able to access all the app’s features.

2. Private Insta

Best for viewing posts

privateinsta Logo

Amila’s Take:

Private Insta was super straightforward. All I had to input was the exact username, and I got immediate access to all of their Instagram posts.

I would like it even more if I could’ve used the same app to check out stories as well, but this website doesn’t offer this.

Ease of Use10
Level of Access9

Private Insta is a very popular app for viewing private Instagram accounts, and it can be used through a website on your default browser or as an app on your Android and iOS devices.

You don’t need to sign up on the platform with your Instagram account to start viewing other people’s stories, and it is an easy way to see private Instagram photos and leave the platform.

All you will have to do is type in the username of the person whose profile you want to check out, and the website will provide you with all the posts.

Private Insta

However, this platform only allows you to see Instagram posts, not stories or highlights, so if you want to have a complete look at someone’s Instagram profile, you may want to choose another app.

This platform is safe and free, so you can browse Instagram users, see their posts, and leave the website as if you had never used it before.

The whole process is very simple, and you can check out as many private accounts as you want and see every private profile on the platform.

3. mSPY

Best for monitoring kids’ activity on Instagram

mspy Logo

Amila’s Take:

I didn’t expect access of this extent to someone’s profile: posts, likes, stories, interactions with other accounts, etc. Also, phone notifications kept me constantly in the loop of what was going on.

However, the phone number connected to the other Instagram account has to be given, so it won’t really work if you don’t know the person.

Ease of Use9
Level of Access10

mSPY is also an app that helps you track down personal Instagram profiles, their posts, stories, and overall activity on the platform, providing you with everything about someone’s journey on this social media app.

This app was mainly made for concerned parents who want to ensure their kids keep their Instagram account private but also don’t engage in harmful messages or talk with strangers.

It allows you to get an alert when your child has started messaging someone, and you will be able to see what Instagram profile they are messaging with. You can immediately block the other person or stop the conversation.


It also provides you with the ability to respond instead of your kid and to keep track of the account’s location and whole GPS settings, making it an amazing tool for parents who want to ensure their kids are always staying safe.

This platform was mainly made for parents who want to keep track of their kids’ Instagram profiles.

It needs to be paid for, so you will need to sign up and connect it with your phone through the website and then download the app that will send you all important notifications to your mobile phone.

You don’t need to be an expert to see how this app works; you will easily connect it to the accounts you want to monitor.

It is a famous app for monitoring different social media, and you can use it on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Still, you will need to know the phone number of the user you want to spy on.

While it can’t be tracked down, and you can view private Instagram profiles and messages, this isn’t something to be done to random people, and it is mainly made for parents who want to take care of their kids and make their experience on the internet safe.

The app will notify you of everything that is being done on the internet by that user, and their memberships are pretty affordable, so it is a good investment in the safety of your kids.

4. uMobix

Best for viewing Instagram stories

umobix Logo

Amila’s Take:

I used this app to check out a few Instagram stories of some people I know, and I managed to get away with it anonymously. Big plus!

There’s a paid version, which I didn’t look into, that gives more insight into other activities, so you could use it to see which posts someone is liking, who they are texting, etc.

Ease of Use9.5
Level of Access9

uMobix is also an app that has been around for a while and allows you to check out every Instagram profile without leaving a trace, even if it is entirely private.

With uMobix, you will be able to see private Instagram accounts and watch other people’s stories without getting notifications that you are watching them.

They have a demo and a paid version with plenty more features and ensure your privacy is protected, and no one can find out you are looking through their private profile.


The platform can also provide you with a list of people the users were contacting and a list of posts they like on this platform, so you will be able to get a lot of information by using it.

Depending on your membership type, you can get more or less access, but overall, it is a good app for viewing private Instagram profiles.

5. EyeZy

Best for monitoring activity on different apps

eyezy Logo

Amila’s Take:

If you want to check out what somebody is doing on other apps besides Instagram, EyeZy is the tool for you.

It was relatively easy to set up: I just picked a membership, logged in, and started digging. I didn’t want to snoop too much and used it only for Instagram, but there is an option to upgrade the membership and check out what is going on on Whatsapp, what person is browsing online, etc.

Ease of Use9
Level of Access10

EyeZy is one of the newest phone tracking apps that will help you keep track of several accounts and phones simultaneously and allow you to see every private Instagram profile.

The platform is affordable and has different options, so you can choose which social media you want to use and what features you need.

It will allow you to view a private Instagram fully, so you can see their posts, stories, highlights, and even posts they like on the platform.


This app also allows you to track everything done on a particular phone, but this is a part of a costly membership, and you can’t rely too much on it to provide you with real information.

It is an excellent app if you want to view private Instagram profiles and track people’s activity.

Still, I wouldn’t recommend using it for something else because you can never be too sure of results and whether it can get tracked and recognized by people using other devices.

Overall, if you are just looking to open a private Instagram account and see what they are posting, this app will do you a great job at a very low price.

6. Insta DPS

Best for downloading someone’s content

insta dps Logo

Amila’s Take:

What I liked about Insta DPS is that it even works offline. I just entered the username and got all posts in one folder, so I can go through them whenever I want.

As far as I know, the other side won’t be notified that somebody has downloaded their reel or post. Plus, it’s free!

Ease of Use9.5
Level of Access9

Insta DPS is also a platform that allows you to view private Instagram profiles, but it operates slightly differently, which doesn’t mean you won’t get all the information you need.

With Insta DPS, you will need to type in the username of the private account into the search box, and the platform will provide you with a large file of everything that appears on their profile that you can download.

This means that you won’t be able to follow a private account from your app and see new posts every day, but you will be able to get all the photos and information related to your account in one huge folder.

It can be an excellent way to find the information you need.

Insta DPS

You can be sure that a person with a private Instagram profile won’t get any notification that you are stalking through their profile or downloading their photos.

You can also keep all the information saved so that you will still have access to it even when it is deleted.

The platform is entirely free, and you can save information from any private Instagram account.

7. Watch Insta

The easiest-to-use service

watch insta logo

Amila’s Take:

Watch Insta is quite similar to Insta DPS – all I had to do was type in the username. I selected to view only photos, and they were delivered in a zip file.

You can also browse online, but I do have to say that the website does seem a bit sketchy, so don’t overuse it.

Ease of Use10
Level of Access9

Watch Insta is a simple, popular, and fast website that allows you to type in the name of the private account you want to see and will help you see everything from their profile.

It doesn’t require you to sign up or log in through your Instagram account, so no one will get information that you were sneaking on their private Instagram.

Watch Insta

You can also choose whether you will see only Instagram posts or stories and highlights, so you can always choose the content you want to see today.

The platform is very easy and fast, and you can check things out within a minute on your browser.

You don’t need to download it on your devices, so it is pretty safe to use.

8. Insta Downloader

Best for downloading videos

instadownloader Logo

Amila’s Take:

I only used this app to download interesting videos I found on Instagram.

Since the last update, I saw that there is also an option to download stories and posts to get an almost complete insight into someone’s activity.

Ease of Use9
Level of Access9

Insta downloader works in a similar way as Insta DPS, and it allows you to view a private Instagram account by downloading all the data published on them.

It is easy to use and can only be opened through the browser, so you don’t worry about viruses.

Insta Downloader

Every Instagram account can be seen this way, and you can choose whether you will download all data or just Instagram posts, and the platform is entirely free.

9. xMobi

The cheapest option

xmobi Logo

Amila’s Take:

This is another mobile monitoring app – you can use it for Instagram and other apps.

One big advantage of this app is the price – considering that such services can be pricy, this is one of the cheaper options. I liked that I didn’t have to give too much of my data to use it – only an email to create an account is required.

Ease of Use8
Level of Access9

xMobi is also a popular Instagram private account viewer that allows you to see everything you want on a private Instagram profile.

It is a mobile app that can be downloaded to all Android and iOS devices and provides notifications when the private profile you are following starts posting stories and photos.

Once you type in the username of the Instagram private account, you will get notified of everything they are doing. The notifications can even be sent to your laptop’s browser if you don’t want to install the app on your mobile phone.


It is very safe and won’t share any of your information because you don’t need to sign up through your Instagram account to start using it.

You can also choose to download the information you come across, whether it is Instagram posts or Instagram stories, and save them to your device for as long as you want.

It is quick and easy, and there are no useless ads, so you can see private Instagram accounts easily.

Are There Any Other Ways To See Private Instagram Profiles?

I have mentioned some of the most popular platforms and apps that are used to see Instagram private account posts and stories that are proven to work.

If you are not a fan of third-party services and sharing information with sketchy websites and apps, then there aren’t many options for you to see private accounts because there is no regular way to do it through Instagram.

While you may get some bits of information through Google search and by lurking on the profiles of people who know them, you won’t be able to get what you want as long as you are not following this person.

Therefore, if you are not ready to send a follow request and become their follower and don’t like using third-party services, there are not too many options for you except creating a fake Instagram account.

If this also seems to be a complicated and useless process to you, then you should make peace with the fact that there is no other way to see these people’s profiles.

Instagram is protecting its users as much as it can, so if someone has decided to go private, there is nothing you can do to gain access to their account.

Some platforms claim they can hack into other people’s accounts, but this is something you should be using no matter what, and that can make you get caught quickly.

If you don’t want to give up and need that content, click the follow button and become a loyal follower.


To conclude, there are some ways to view private Instagram accounts. If a quick Google search doesn’t do the trick or the person doesn’t accept your follow request from a fake profile, you can turn to third-party sites.

I recommend Glassagram as the most reliable one. However, remember that you’re using it at your own risk.


How to make your Instagram private to one person?

You can not make your Instagram private to one person.

You can only switch from a public to a private Instagram account, and only your followers will have access to your content. You can do this by going to Settings, opening the Privacy and Security tab, and checking the box “Private Account.”

What does it mean to have a private Instagram profile?

Only your followers can view your posts, like them, and comment if you have a private Instagram profile. Also, if somebody who doesn’t follow you sends you a message, you’ll have to accept a message request and then reply.

How can I see private Instagram stories without them knowing?

There are third-party apps for viewing private Instagram stories. However, they aren’t risk-free, and most are complete scams. A few reliable ones are mentioned in this blog, so I suggest using only those.

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