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When you want to make your social media career happen, it can be a bit overwhelming to start from scratch and try to build your account to have as big a community as you can and a good engagement rate. To save time, it can be a good option to buy an Instagram account that already exists.

The best accounts are the ones that have real followers and engagement, so a great service will be the one that provides you with exactly that when they sell Instagram accounts. Our first pick is Surgegram which has the best supply of old Instagram accounts.

Besides that service, on this list, I have gathered several more different services of this kind that have proven to be the best ones on the market.

There are many different services that sell Instagram accounts. In the early days, when Instagram wasn’t yet seen for the legitimate career option that it is, this was way rarer, but nowadays, it’s more common.

That also means that there are more services that have dodgy payment options and many unsatisfied clients.

So, let’s find you some Instagram accounts with real followers and trustworthy pasts so that before you even make a transaction, you will be sure that you get a secure purchase and a successful career.

1. Surgegram

The most reliable service

surgegram logo

Amila’s Take:

Surgegram is a service that is very easy to use. It offers a bunch of high-quality Instagram accounts and advice on how to monetize them. You can also offer them to buy your account for a fair price.

Their delivery time is amazing, just like their customer support that helps you in a record time.

Number of Available IG Accounts10
Easy To Use9
Delivery Time10

Going by the words of the brand, Surgegram’s main goal is to have its clients make a wider audience and an engaged network for themselves, and these are the values around which they operate.

So, besides buying and selling Instagram accounts, they also have the options to help you increase the engagement of the account that you bought.

They absolutely have the needed experience to do so, as they have allegedly sold around 1 million worth of highly successful accounts.


The delivery time is also great with this service, as they deliver everything to their clients the moment the buyer makes the transaction.

To be more specific, getting an account from this service took only 10 minutes, which is something that you don’t see often.

Also, every conversation you have with their customer service can be as long as you need it to be until you figure out what you want to get.

This is a big plus as it means that the chances of getting something that doesn’t work for you are minimal, especially because the staff really does know what they are doing.

  • Devoted to engagement as well as big accounts
  • Buyers receive the accounts immediately
  • Service with a lot of experience behind it
  • They only work with Instagram

2. Playerup

Best Instagram account buying service for starters


Amila’s Take:

If you have a specific niche in mind that you want to be a part of once your career with the account you bought starts, you can tell Playerup what your visions are, and they’ll be able to help you find what you need.

That is great if you want to kick-start your career, but don’t forget that Playerup charges for this kind of consultation.

Number of Available IG Accounts10
Easy To Use9
Delivery Time9

Whatever it is that you need with your social media accounts, whether the time has come to get to sell Instagram account options that you have had for a long time, or you want to buy something and launch your career as a content creator, they do it.

The accounts they sell are mainly verified ones, so if you buy Instagram accounts and this aspect of the account is something that’s important to you, this is where you’ll be able to find it.


One type of account that they are especially good for is gaming accounts and many reviews confirm that.

There are many other niche ones that you can buy, too, and be quite successful with that, but something that you probably won’t find in other places is the variety of accounts that are related to gaming.

However, these additional consultations are something that is going to be charged additionally, so don’t forget to first scroll everything you can by yourself, and only then go on with the questions.

  • Good for niche interests
  • Variety of verified accounts
  • Good for both buying and selling Instagram accounts
  • It can be too expensive for the services they provide

3. Toofame

The best service for creating a brand


Amila’s Take:

One of the main features of Toofame service is that they have working live chat support that you can contact whenever you need.

The great thing about this service is that they offer a lot of verified accounts, saving you a lot of time setting them up after you purchase an Instagram account.

Number of Available IG Accounts9.5
Easy To Use9
Delivery Time9

If you are interested in social media accounts that are not only aged with good parameters but also verified, this is another option that you could look into and find what you need.

Also, if there is an Instagram account that you would like to sell, you can do it here, too.

They mainly focus on building a brand for their clients, so if you are only at the start and don’t have branding and marketing truly figured out, they really can be a lot of help.


So, in case you need someone to help you with your brand image as well as the Instagram account for a said brand, then this could be good.

Of course, you can get a business account anywhere, but if you need some more help, you will find it here.

When it comes to the account delivery and when you will have the transaction that you paid for, it’s usually within the next 24 hours, so while it’s not instant, it definitely is quite fast.

  • In business for more than 5 years
  • Good for both selling and buying
  • Great service support in form of a live chat
  • On the more expensive side

4. Insta Sale

The best cheap service

insta sale logo

Amila’s Take:

What’s great about Insta Sale is that there are not any additional fees that you have to pay in order to have your listings on their platform.

Another important thing to mention is their privacy system, which keeps all your data safe and secure.

Number of Available IG Accounts9.5
Easy To Use9.5
Delivery Time8.5

This service is great for multiple things, but they mainly take the place of being among the more inexpensive services.

Trading Instagram accounts is their main deal, so whatever you need to do with an Instagram account, whether it’s selling or buying, you can do both here.

You can view all of their listings, and what they have to offer quite easily; you just go and click on the section that says View Listings, and everything will be in front of you.

insta sale

Everything you can upload, you upload completely for free.

One thing that stood out with this service, for both sellers and buyers, is the fact that the staff is very considerate and communicative.

They always do a check-up after the transfer is done and they take into account if everything has worked well after the completion.

  • Very easy to use and navigate
  • Very good about keeping your information private
  • Completely free to trade accounts on this website
  • There isn’t a live chat customer support team

5. Social Tradia

Best service for entrepreneurs

social tradia logo

Amila’s Take:

Social Tradia is an Instagram account buying service specialized for selling IG accounts to small and big companies. They are a bit expensive for only a community building.

If you want to try what they offer, Social Tradia gives you a 24-hour trial period, which provides you with enough time to see if this service is for you.

Number of Available IG Accounts9
Easy To Use8,5
Delivery Time9,5

If you are a small business or any kind of a small-time entrepreneur, and you need a username that has already been verified, then this service is here to provide it for you.

Not only that, but the profiles that this service trades with are very high in their popularity, so you will be able to get quite a lot of traction with the account you buy.

It’s also amazing that they give you 24 hours to test everything out, and only after these 24 hours have passed and you have decided that the experience will be worth it are you going to fully commit to this service.

social tradia

But, after seeing the prices and what kind of accounts this company sells, it’s clear that they mainly cater towards people who are on the more business side of things, so in case you just want to build a community focused on a specific thing, then this might not be the choice for you.

Not all providers cater to people who have ambitions towards really big accounts, but if that’s specifically what you want, then you should opt for this service.

  • Great for businesses
  • Good free trial period
  • Many options for big accounts
  • On the more expensive side

6. Fameswap

Best platform to sell your Instagram account

fameswap logo

Amila’s Take:

Fameswap has been around for some time, so they have quite a reputation on the market.

The payment options on this platform are done completely on reputable sources, so you’re sure that whatever you end up doing, it will be safe for your data, and all of your information will be kept safe.

Number of Available IG Accounts9.5
Easy To Use8.5
Delivery Time8.5

Fameswap is among the services that are very well-known for what they do in this business, so in case that’s important for you, they could be the ones that you decide to go for.

It has been proven time and time again that they are very thorough with following all of the policies that they have while providing you with great profiles.


Something that’s very interesting about Fameswap is the fact that they work with over 50 countries worldwide, which is something that is not that common.

So, more people all over the world have access to something like this, meaning that if you’re not based in the USA and have had issues in the past with providers because of that, then don’t look any other way.

  • Very reputable source
  • Pretty popular in the industry
  • Overall highly safe when it comes to transactions
  • They don’t have a phone-operated support

Things To Consider When Buying Instagram Accounts

In general, the most important thing when it comes to buying and selling Instagram accounts is that you get something that has real followers and truly provides you with engagement.

But besides that, there are some additional things that you should be looking into.

Account History

The Instagram accounts for sale are usually aged Instagram accounts that someone has put on sale because they have no use for them anymore, or simply because they want to earn some money.

This means that while you absolutely get the perks of verified Instagram accounts and real followers, you also could get some downsides because of the history that this Instagram page might have.

Make sure that your aged Instagram account that you’ve bought has had an okay history and that there were no incidents surrounding it.

While social media accounts that are over a decade old or something along those lines can absolutely be fine, it’s not bad to do a thorough check-up just to be sure, before you buy aged Instagram accounts and start an account transfer.

This is also important because you want the followers that you get to be as close to your target audience as possible since if they are not, they will just start unfollowing once the account transfer happens and you start posting your content.

Authentic Followers

Authentic Instagram accounts are the ones that have followers that are real accounts and not simply bot accounts made to be dusty in your list of followers and do nothing.

The main reason why you have to make sure that this is the case is that Instagram has the habit of going through such inactive accounts and deleting them.

Secondly, if you have followers that don’t really interact with your content and only follow you as ghost followers, that can be bad for your Instagram account and overall career on it.

Instagram as a company is aware of the existence of Instagram bots that are inauthentic, and if it registers that that’s what you have, it will suppress your content instead of enhancing it, and you definitely do not want to do that after paying money for having good Instagram networks for your social media channels.

Your Instagram Account Goals

Depending on what your goals are with your Instagram account, you should choose what kind of account you’re going to buy.

If you want to have social media accounts for a business that mainly just sells things, you will probably want to have something that mainly has many followers.

However, you might want to make a community around a niche topic, so in that case, it might be better to go for an account that might not have too many followers but is rather just an initial push that will help you come to your target audience.


The services that provide account delivery will probably have different options depending on what it is that you want, and they will probably be able to make your social media presence exactly what you want if you state your goals clearly.

To help you choose the right one, here are our top 3 picks:

  1. Surgegram – the fastest platform that delivers Instagram accounts in no time;
  2. Playerup – the best platform for beginners with a lot of useful advice;
  3. Toofame – for creating a new brand.

Overall, if you want to buy Instagram account, these services I tested for you are great choices.


Can I buy Instagram account?

Just as you can buy followers, you can buy Instagram account or more of them.

They are usually aged Instagram accounts for sale that you can buy at various price points, depending on how many followers and what level of social influence you want to have.

Where do people buy Instagram accounts?

There are many different services where you can buy Instagram account options before you start your career.

Some of the best ones that real users have majorly deemed as trustworthy over the years after having bought accounts from them are UseViral, Surgegram, and Playerup.

Is it worth it to buy an Instagram account?

If you find an aged Instagram account whose former owner did a good job of keeping everything under control, then buying an Instagram account can really be worthy of your time and money.

This also goes for choosing a generally good service that has been around long enough to truly get the high-quality accounts you want to buy.

How do I safely buy Instagram?

The way to safely buy social media accounts, including an Instagram account that’s aged, is to go for a service with many positive reviews and has been around for a long time. Also, do a background check yourself.

Some services might be cheaper than others, but there might be a reason why.

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