App for Fake Instagram Followers – Top 5 for Instant Growth

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The number of Instagram followers on your account will significantly impact your experience and determine whether you will become eligible to earn from Instagram or not.

Creating a massive audience on Instagram is quite challenging, but an app for fake Instagram followers can help you speed up the process and grow your platform. And BuyRealMedia is the best one to grow your account fast.

Several other apps can help you out with that too, so let’s see what each has to offer.

If you are eager to get more Instagram followers but don’t know how to do it, then the best option for you would be to use an app for fake Instagram followers.

Although hundreds of apps claim to provide millions of fake followers, not all of them are reliable, and you need to pay attention to choose the safest one.

To make things a bit easier, we have gathered all the best apps for Instagram followers to provide thousands of followers and a great experience on this social media platform.

1. Buy Real Media

Great Pricing

buyrealmedia Logo

Amila’s Take:

As someone who has used BuyRealMedia to buy Instagram followers, I can say that it’s a great website that delivers on its promises.

Number of Followers9
Delivery Time9

In today’s world, having a strong Instagram following is crucial for establishing credibility and making a name for yourself or your brand. And if you’re struggling to get noticed, buying Instagram followers can give you a much-needed boost.

What sets BuyRealMedia apart from other websites that offer similar services is the quality of its followers. The website guarantees that all the followers you buy are 100% real and legit, which is essential for ensuring that your account doesn’t get flagged or banned by Instagram. The followers look and act like organic followers, which means that they’re more likely to engage with your content and boost your overall reach.

Another advantage of buying Instagram followers from BuyRealMedia is that the process is straightforward and hassle-free. You simply choose the package that best suits your needs and place your order online. The website’s customer support team is also available to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process.

Of course, like with any service that involves social media, there are some downsides to buying Instagram followers. One potential risk is that Instagram may detect fake or spammy followers and penalize your account. However, this is not a concern with BuyRealMedia, as they only provide authentic and high-quality followers.

  • Affordable pricing for a range of packages
  • Safe and discreet service
  • Quick and easy process
  • Risk of Instagram detecting fake or spammy followers
  • Buying followers doesn’t guarantee engagement


The best service for beginners

Likes Logo

Amila’s Take:

In my opinion, the best service for beginners is In just a few clicks, you can grow your account and brand.

If you need likes, views, or comments, you can also get them through this service.

Number of Followers9
Delivery Time9

Likes is a platform made specifically for Instagram users, which allows them to get a higher number of likes, views, and followers on Instagram.

It was launched a few years ago and can be used on iOS and Android devices through different membership packages.

They are pretty helpful and have made the whole process much easier for me because all I had to do was buy Instagram followers through their membership, and they would handle the rest.

Likes buy Instagram followers page

You will be able to choose your niche and get fake followers that follow other travel, beauty, or psychology accounts that post content similar to yours.

This platform is also pricier, but you can’t expect to get free followers and avoid problems with Instagram terms and conditions for free.

I have had great experiences with them, and this is probably one of the most simple Instagram followers apps that will help you finish everything you need with just a few clicks.

Who Is It Best For?

Likes are the best option for beginners looking to grow their Instagram because it is easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about the details of the process.

Although those with an extensive Instagram profile can also benefit from it, this is probably the best choice for those with little to no Instagram followers that want to grow their account from scratch.

  • Only for Instagram
  • Easy to use
  • Quick results
  • Expensive

3. Social Follow

The best service for steady growth

Social Follow Logo 1

Amila’s Take:

Social Follow gives you two options: either buy real followers or get free, fake followers, so you don’t have to spend money to grow your account if you don’t want to.

I really liked their free trial and 2-week refund policy, and that they provide slow and steady growth, instead of an instant one that Instagram might find suspicious.

Number of Followers9
Delivery Time9

Social Follow is one of the Instagram followers websites that has been around for some time and allows you to grow your Instagram account quickly without the fear of getting suspended because of bots and fake followers.

Social Follow works by registering on the website, setting your goals, how many followers you want to gain daily, and for how long you want to keep the process going.

They will be able to provide you with as many followers as you want, but the growth will be steady, and you won’t really be able to gain hundreds of new followers overnight.

Social Follow get Instagram followers page

In my experience, this is one of the safest Instagram followers apps out there, and they will even allow you to ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the results after 2 weeks.

Their offers are a bit more expensive, but they also offer free trials, allowing you to gain followers and decide whether you will purchase their subscription or move on to another platform.

I have had their months-long programs that have allowed me to make my Instagram profile grow step by step rather than getting all the boosts and followers at once.

Your growth will look natural, and you don’t have to worry about getting banned from Instagram or your followers disappearing overnight.

Who Is It Best For?

Social Follow is a good option for people with a large social media presence but also for those who are just starting and don’t have too many Instagram followers.

It is an excellent way to grow your account, so if you are starting over and are worried that you won’t be able to attract enough followers over time, this is the platform for you.

Those with a lot of followers can get instant results with Social Follow, which won’t seem suspicious, but those who are just building things and need to make sure everything will look realistic should consider their monthly packages.

  • Steady growth
  • Free trial
  • Different memberships
  • Expensive

4. Social Viral

The best cheap app

Social Viral Logo

Amila’s Take:

For those that are just starting out, and on a strict budget, I recommend using Social Viral.

This service gives your account a quick and instant boost. Just bear in mind that the quality of the followers is not the best.

Number of Followers9
Delivery Time8

Social Viral is a platform that helps you grow on any social media, providing you with more Instagram followers, likes, and engagement.

Although it has been around for a while, it has been focused on other social media platforms, too, so it is not the first place for getting fake Instagram followers you would hear about.

Social Viral seems to work great, and I have tried their followers feature several times to get a quick boost and become eligible for different partnerships.

Social Viral buy instagram followers page

Their services are cheap and instant, and they are the Instagram follower app that will help you get desired results within minutes.

I have found it to be the best option when looking for a simple Instagram followers app that will help me reach my goal as soon as possible.

This is the best choice for me when I am just looking for a bit more Instagram followers and don’t need anything else.

Who Is It Best For?

Social Viral is the best option for those who don’t care too much about real Instagram followers and need that boost in the numbers as soon as possible.

This means that Social Viral will bring you ghost followers and spam accounts too, but if you need to hit that 1 million subscriber count tonight and don’t care if the number falls, later on, you can rely on it.

It will help you gain followers, but not all of them will be permanent, so I would recommend it only to those who have a lot of existing followers and just need a quick boost.

  • Cheap
  • Easy to use
  • A lot of ghost followers and bots

5. Mr. Insta

The best service for free followers

Mr Insta Logo

Amila’s Take

I liked that this app focuses only on Instagram, so you can use it to boost your follower count, views, likes, and comments.

The app is great for beginners, super easy to use, and you’ll get what you paid for. But, in my opinion, there are far better apps for getting new followers.

Number of Followers9
Delivery Time9

Mr. Insta is also one of the apps made specifically to help you get more followers on Instagram, allowing people to buy followers quickly.

Since it is focused only on Instagram, it provides you with all the ways you can attract new followers, whether through Instagram hashtags, Instagram insights, or stories.

This is one of the apps where you will need to add your login details to buy followers, and although I was a bit skeptical at first, I didn’t have any problems, and I was able to gain followers without any problems.

Mr Insta Buy instagram followers page

Mr. Insta is very easy to use, and it is one of the follower apps that allows you to grow overnight.

Although there will be some bots and ghost followers, the results will be good; at least, that was my experience.

I have tried out their 2-day free trial, too, which has allowed me to get some Instagram followers free of charge, and they didn’t disappear after that, so you can say this is a good strategy for getting some boost.

It isn’t the best Instagram followers app out there, but it serves its purpose, and it will provide you with new followers quickly, so if you don’t want to splurge too much money, Mr. Insta is the right option for you.

Who Is It Best For?

Mr. Insta is very easy to use, and it has a free trial that doesn’t appear on other Instagram followers apps frequently, so it is an excellent option for beginners and those who don’t have too many funds but still want to grow their number of followers.

It is one of the rare Instagram followers apps that provides people with free Instagram followers, so whether you are a beginner who doesn’t have too much money or just someone that doesn’t want to splurge on things like this, Mr. Insta is for you.

  • Free Instagram followers
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Short free trial
  • There are some ghost followers

Things To Consider When Choosing An App For Fake Instagram Followers

You need to pay attention to some details when choosing a platform to buy fake Instagram followers if you want a safe and successful experience.

This is what you should know about every platform before you decide to buy followers through it.

1. Reliability

Just because an app claims to provide you with thousands of free Instagram followers, it doesn’t mean that it’s true or that you will get real followers.

Most of the good platforms for Instagram followers are those you need to pay for, so you still need to check them out and see whether they are reliable or not.

Those with the most reviews and that have been recommended by different users should be your first choice.

You don’t want to get into problems with Instagram or get flagged because of fake followers, so make sure you are always using an app that has been tried and tested several times.

2. Memberships

All of these Instagram followers apps have different memberships, so you should always strive to get the one that has the best offer for its users because you don’t want to spend thousands on it.

Look for the app with the best offer, and make sure you choose the one that guarantees the followers will stay on your profile even after the membership expires and you meet your goals.

3. Price

There is a large number of apps that will help you get fake Instagram followers, but all of them differ in their services and price.

You will be able to find an app for fake followers for every budget, so you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars trying to grow your Instagram account.

There are cheaper and more expensive options, depending on the number of followers you want to get, so you can always find an app that fits your budget.


The number of Instagram followers can significantly impact your experience and performance on Instagram, so if you are looking to build a brand out of yourself and start earning money through Instagram, you need to have a large number of followers.

There are so many tools and apps that can help you grow your Instagram followers count. Here are my top choices:

  1. BuyRealMedia, because of great pricing,
  2. Likes as the best for beginners,
  3. Social Follow as the best for steady growth.

If you want to become a recognizable persona on Instagram, hurry up and make use of the apps mentioned above.


How do you get fake followers on the Instagram app?

There are several ways you can get fake Instagram followers, but that is usually done through some of the Instagram followers apps that connect you with different accounts and help you grow your follower count.

Where can I get fake Instagram followers?

You can get fake Instagram followers on social media services like Use Viral, Mr. Insta, Likes, and many more that work as an Instagram followers app and connect people with other accounts to help them grow their follower count.

Can you fake follow on Instagram?

You can do a fake follow on Instagram, but that needs to be done through some of the Instagram followers apps, and after you do it once, the platform will start doing that for you automatically, so think twice about whether you want to do it or not.

How can I get fake Instagram followers for free?

You can get fake Instagram followers on different platforms, but that usually isn’t the best way because you will get many fake profiles and spam accounts that will eventually get you flagged.
For that reason, choose some of the paid and reliable platforms to get new Instagram followers.

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