Instagram Usernames – How to Come Up With Name Ideas

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Instagram has evolved from a regular social media platform to a place where you can build your business and sell pretty much anything.

Building your Instagram profile and persona is not easy, and a good username is one of the key components of a successful Instagram account.

Instagram Usernames

  1. You should always choose something that represents you and your niche/ business well
  2. Keep in mind your target audience
  3. Check the availability of the name across other social media as well
  4. Pay attention to grammar
  5. Preferably keep it short and clean

If you are struggling to come up with unique username ideas and you have no clue how to brand yourself on this platform, then this article is for you.

What Is A Good Instagram Username?

Building your brand and business online is crucial for success, and there is no better way to do it than through a good-looking Instagram account and a catchy username.

Majority of people are trying to come up with cool Instagram usernames so they can differentiate from other brands and accounts, but coming up with a username idea like this can be pretty challenging.

If you want to stand out on Instagram, you can’t expect a username generator like this one, or any other to give you the perfect solution, and you will need to identify the goal of your business and your target audience to start getting quality ideas.

instagram usernames generator

Sure, you can get some ideas, a generator can get you started, but you can’t expect it to do the work for you.

instagram usernames

Good Instagram usernames resonate with your business, with the main goal of your product, and with your target audience, so you need to research all of these before you start brainstorming potential name ideas for your account.

Online usernames are more important than you think, and you always need to make sure you are choosing something available across other social media platforms too because you can’t use different usernames on Instagram and Facebook.

In case you already have a brand, the best username is the exact name of your brand, and if that isn’t available on Instagram or any other platform, you will need to experiment a little bit before you find a phrase and username that resemble it closely and show that they are, without a mistake, the same brand.

If you don’t know where to start and what rules you should follow to come up with unique usernames, then our short guide is something you must read.

How To Create A Good Instagram Name?

Creating a cool Instagram username is a time-consuming process, mainly because there are so many different variations of important words that you may get lost in the process.

You should follow these tips and tricks if you want to learn how to generate username ideas quickly and come up with your ideal username.

There are no upper and lower case letters

Instagram usernames always look the same, so adding an uppercase letter will not help you differentiate from others or create another username that sounds the same.

The username won’t be available if someone already has an account under that name, so no matter how many variations of upper and lowercase letters you may create, you will only be able to use the username that doesn’t exist on the platform.

This will save you a lot of time, so if you see someone has already taken your brand’s name, there is no point in even trying to create something that combines different letters.

Check if the username is available on other social media platforms

Before you decide on a specific Instagram username, check if it is available on other social platforms too, because you can’t use one username on Instagram and another on Facebook; it hurts the brand.

You should use the same spaces, and the same spelling on all of your social media handles so that your followers can find you everywhere quickly.

When someone Googles you, all of your social media profiles will come up immediately because they will be connected to the exact same username, so even if this seems like something not at all that important, it actually is and I warmly advise you to try and keep your handles on all social platforms as similar to one another as possible.

A great Instagram username can take you a long way, and it sounds a lot more professional to stay uniform, especially if you are building a personal brand, so make sure you have only one business name used everywhere.

Avoid too many characters

Your Instagram username should be as simple as possible, so avoid any extra characters because they don’t bring anything to your performance on social media.

The best username is the most simple one, so it should have one to three words written one after another, without any dots, or numbers, unless they are related to your brand name or identity.

Special characters don’t bring anything to your Instagram username, and they won’t make you look more interesting or recognizable on the platform, or make the algorithm love you more.

Most simple usernames are already in use, true, so it will be pretty hard to find a unique username with the exact words option or order you might be aiming for, so you will need to dedicate some time to the brainstorming process to get the desired result.

In case there is no solution except to use some special character or a dot to generate a username, make sure to add only one or two of them; otherwise, the word combinations may look a bit off.

Your Instagram username doesn’t necessarily have to include your real name, so try to be as creative as possible and explore all the related keywords that could make your account look more attractive to the audience.

Create A Memorable Username

If you want to stand out on Instagram, or any other social media, you need memorable Instagram username ideas that will attract attention.

You have probably realized by now that people with the most success have a perfect Instagram username you simply want to click on to find out what is hiding behind it.

Your Instagram username is what attracts the audience, and it’s the first thing they will see, so even if you are posting cat memes, you need a good username to stand out.

Instagram username generators can’t help you too much when creating a username, so it is best to do it yourself and think about everything the audience loves and that you stand for.

Since you, too, are an Instagram user, you probably have an idea of what you want to click on and what you want to avoid.

You need to think about all the things that are setting you apart from the competition and see how you can take that to your advantage and turn it into a memorable username. Random usernames are just not something that works and that’s a fact!

So your name should be eye-catching, fun, and very easy to remember, so if you are starting a brand and promoting it this way, the best thing you can do is take the brand name as your username.

You can explore different options and generate usernames of all sorts until you find the one that seems to be most interesting and that feels like something you would click on, but you would have to play around a lot to get to the one you like.

Never Spell It Wrong

The worst thing you can do is come up with a misspelled username, especially if you are doing it on purpose because your desired one is not available.

A misspelled username will not only confuse users but also look unprofessional and cause a lot of controversies, so never do it purposely, because not all marketing is good marketing.

Also, before you set on any username on Instagram, check for spelling mistakes because you don’t want to think you got your desired username when it’s a spelling mistake that made it available.

These are some of the tips and tricks that should help you generate usernames quickly, and always make sure to follow them if you want the best results possible.

Creating a unique username is a challenging process, and it takes a lot of time, so make sure you go through all the steps several times to avoid any mistakes.

Is A Good Username Really Important?

Most people are creating Instagram profiles for their businesses without thinking too much about their usernames, thinking an excellent feed and creative posts are what keeps it going.

Your Instagram username is one of the most important parts of your whole social media experience, so it is extremely important.

If you want to market yourself on Instagram, you need something simple, short, and catchy that will make people simply tap on the name and find out what’s hiding behind.

Your Instagram username can make you or break you, so you always need something that will help you get added automatically and make people interested in you.

People are spending a lot of time on Instagram these days, and if you want to reach out to potential customers through it, you need to pay attention to your usernames, posts, and interaction with followers and friends.

As long as you have a unique Instagram username, you will be able to leave a great first impression and attract people to your profile, but also stand out in the business world and become more popular than your competition.

Uniqueness and creativity are keys to a successful Instagram profile, and a username affects your Instagram performance the most, so you will need to dedicate quite some time to it before you find the best option.

Never underestimate the power of a good username, and always brainstorm before you set on the final name because so many different ideas can come up once you are focused on the process and start exploring all the possible solutions.

There are so many creative Instagram username ideas, and depending on your business idea, you can always come up with something 100% unique and outstanding that will help you blow up.

I always recommend investing time in creating the best username possible because it is a part of the profile most people don’t pay enough attention to, and it can position you a lot better than your competition if you do it right.

How To Change Instagram Name?

If you already have an account but want to change your Instagram username to something more exciting or want to fix a spelling mistake, you can make the change quickly.

This is how you can change your Instagram username within a minute:

  • Open your Profile page on Instagram
instagram usernames edit stream mentor
  • Choose Edit Profile
instagram usernames change stream mentor
  • Open the Username tab
instagram username edit stream mentor
  • Type in the new username
  • Click Done or Checkmark
change username stream mentor

In case you already have a large following on Instagram, you will not be able to change your Instagram username immediately because the platform will need to review the process.

This is done to protect you from hackers because things like that always happen to large profiles.

However, if you have just created an account, you can finish everything within a minute without any obstacles.


Can I get back my old username?

You can change your Instagram username whenever you want, but whether you will be able to get back your old username or not is something that varies.
In case no one else has taken your old username and created an Instagram account with it, you will be able to get it back, but if they have, it won’t be available to you.

Why can’t I change my Instagram username?

If you have tried changing your Instagram username, but the platform doesn’t allow you to do it, then you have probably changed your username within the last 30 days.
Instagram allows you to change your username once in 30 days, so if you have already done it within this time window, you won’t be able to do it again until the 30th day.

What’s a unique username?

A unique Instagram username resonates with your personal brand and can subtly present your message to the target audience through just a few words.
It is usually the same name of your brand or your personal name or nickname you go by on this platform, something that makes you different from others.

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