How To Stream Switch On Twitch: Ultimate Guide & Tips (2023)

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Nintendo Switch is one of the most famous gaming consoles ever created and thus can bring you a lot of wanted attention and views on a popular live streaming platform like Twitch.

And though PC is still a reigning number one gaming system when it comes to streaming on Twitch, the Switch console can hold its own with titles like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Animal Crossing series, etc.

So, below I’ll explain all you need to know about how to stream switch on Twitch. We’ll go through everything you need to arrange your hardware setup, guide you through the entire operation, and answer some of the most common inquiries you may have about this affair.

It is unfortunate that, unlike other popular gaming consoles, the Nintendo Switch does not support internal streaming.

In other words, you’ll have to do most of the work manually and get a clue on everything else you need for this operation. That encompasses a list of required equipment, tools, and programs you will have to implement to enable streaming from your dearest gaming console.

I’ll start by listing the hardware and software you’ll need for this endeavor before moving on to a step-by-step guide on how to start streaming your favorite video games.

Hardware And Software Requirements

The console itself doesn’t make your job easier, so you’ll have to fulfill certain conditions to stream your gameplay on Twitch, starting with procuring some necessary equipment and programs for the job.

Basic Hardware And A Video Capture Device

Other than the Nintendo Switch console, the first thing you’ll require for this endeavor is an external capture card, a device necessary to facilitate streaming from this gaming console.

An HD60 S Elgato game capture card might be a decent choice here. Though it might be a bit pricey for amateurs, the HD60 S is well worth the money and will serve you everything you need for Twitch streaming.

A decent computer or a laptop is also a must, Mac or a Windows PC, with no less than 8 gigs of RAM and a capable processor. The graphics card isn’t as important here, but as with mostly everything PC-related – the more advanced, the better.

The computer solely needs to be potent and capable enough that it doesn’t freeze on you during a stream. So an average modern machine will likely serve you just fine.

Needed Software

Bearing in mind that you already set up a Twitch account, the only remaining thing is to get streaming software to broadcast content from your computer to Twitch.

You can use their dedicated Elgato software for recording if you’ve decided on some of the many Elgato capture cards. Still, an even sounder solution would be to go with an excellent OBS studio. It is considered to be the best capture card for OBS!

obs for low end pc

This application is an entirely free solution that will give you even more control over your complete streaming experience.

Optional Equipment

If you choose to go all out and upgrade your configuration to a professional level, you could consider adding a couple of more valuable things like:

  • headset or a standalone microphone for audio commentary
  • webcam to show your face to viewers
  • green screen for all manner of background shenanigans

That way, you’ll be seen and heard correctly during a recording, and you could efficiently juggle the effects of all those components in the OBS studio, as mentioned earlier.

A Guide To Streaming

So you’ve set up your Twitch channel and got all the needful equipment and apps. All you ought to do now is follow a few uncomplicated steps to start live recording your Switch gameplay on Twitch.

1. Connect A Streaming Setup

To get everything to work, you need to connect all the components of your streaming configuration mutually.

First up, make sure that the Switch console is placed inside its base or a dock, and connect it to a capture card of your choice via the HDMI cable.
Secondly, use the additional HDMI cable to connect the output of the capture card to the input port of a TV or a monitor.

Lastly, you need to connect a game capture device to your PC via the USB cable, thus completing the physical part of your setup.

2. Connect Twitch To Streaming Software

Next, you’ll need to have your Twitch account connected to a streaming software, or more accurately, in this case, an OBS studio.

Firstly, you’ll need to grab the stream key from Twitch. Sign in to the Twitch account, click on the avatar in the upper right corner, and access settings. 
Once in account settings, choose the Channel and Videos tab, click on the Stream option under Settings from the Creator Dashboard, and copy your primary stream key for further use.

Connect Twitch To Streaming Software

Now open the OBS app that you have previously downloaded and installed from their official web page, and choose Settings from the Control menu in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on the Stream tab. 
On the newly opened window box, pick Twitch from the drop-down Service menu, and afterward, click the button Use Stream Key. Paste the stream key in the corresponding area, click on the Connect Account button, enter your Twitch credentials when prompted, and click Ok. That’s it!

Once that’s done, you’ll need to add your capture card to the OBS studio. Right-click wherever in the OBS studio window, click on Add, choose a Video Capture Device from the drop-down menu and pick your Elgato game capture card or any other device you have at your disposal.

3. A Final Tune-Up

Your Switch should now be visible on TV and OBS and ready to roll as a media source, but before pressing the Start streaming button, you can execute a few more adjustments if that’s what you prefer or need.

You can enter stream information, add webcam overlays, organize chat, resize the recording window, add all manner of effects, connect the microphone for an audio commentary, etc. After that, you’re ready to stream Nintendo Switch games to your heart’s content.

Final Thoughts

That’s pretty much it, the simplest explanation on how to stream Switch on Twitch. Not as simple as with the other consoles or a computer, but relatively easily doable nevertheless.

Hopefully, this column has enlightened you on the entire process so that you can now create a live stream of your favorite game without much fuss and trouble. So now go out there and sate the appetite of the ever-growing flock of content-hungry Twitch viewers who will undoubtedly be grateful for your arduous effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Stream On Switch Without A Video Capture Card?

Yes! Streaming a Switch game without a capture card is possible via the free Streamlabs application for iOS and Android, though the results aren’t perfect. The process is simple enough:

– Install the Streamlabs application.
– Enable mic and camera.
– Select and align widgets.
– Add text and effects.
– Set resolution and other Streamlabs settings.
– Mount the phone on a tripod and start broadcasting.

How To Watch Twitch Streams On Nintendo Switch?

Twitch app, a program available for free download from the Nintendo eShop, is the way to go. After getting it, you can do everything you might expect from a Twitch application.

You can browse categories and enjoy the content from thousands of creators or even join the chat by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.

Is It Possible To Stream From Nintendo Switch Lit

Technically, yes. You can’t connect the Lite version to a Switch dock station or a TV. The only way to broadcast gameplay video from this handheld console is to get a webcam.

Position both devices so that the camera records the screen of your Nintendo Switch Lite while you’re playing your favorite games.

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