Streaming on Twitch is continually becoming more demanding in terms of hardware as keeping up with the latest trends requires top-notch hardware.

As a fundamental piece of any streamer’s production kit, having the best graphics card for streaming guarantees a lag-free, HD streaming experience that can handle any trendy taxing programs and games.

This article is based on the latest market research. It showcases the options you can get for your money that excel in gaming and other highly-tasking activities.

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    Best GPU for Streaming


    Based on the latest market research, these are some of the best graphics cards for streaming. Investing in one of these options is guaranteed to provide a lag-free, HD streaming experience.

    QUICK OVERVIEW: Best GPU for Streaming

    61d3mKBiZgL. AC SL1024
    GeForce RTX 2080
    • 1845MHz core clock speed
    • 8GB GDDR6
    71i2Kqc1t2L. AC SL1500
    AMD RX 5700 XT
    • 8GB GDDR6
    • PCIe 4.0
    51PQWIhNU5L. AC SL1024
    GeForce RTX 2070
    • 1620 MHz/1410 MHz core clocks
    • TORX 2.0 fans

    1. MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2080

    MSI Gaming GeForce RTX 2080

    As a trusted and reliable manufacturer with international coverage, MSI makes big promises and manages to deliver results well above those promises. This brand’s reputation guarantees consistent quality in all products that are favored by hobbyists and professionals alike.

    Customers who bought this product through Amazon have left marvelously high scores (4.5/5 stars). The demand for these powerhouses has not seen any decline since its introduction to the market, which solidifies the promise of quality.


    • 1845MHz core clock speed (with included boost)
    • 3072 CUDA Cores
    • 8GB GDDR6 of video memory
    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super chipset

    Who is it Best for?

    The sheer power this card brings gathers the most attention from hardcore gamers and veteran streamers alike. While it is geared towards the gaming market, the value this card holds goes far beyond this kind of use.

    It performs admirably in a plethora of different activities that include, but are not limited to, video editing, cryptocurrency mining, and lightning-fast loading times. As a dedicated streaming video card, this product brings immense power and value to every user who wants top-notch performance.

    While the price itself might be steep, it brings with it

    Key features

    This innovative card is a product of countless resources spent researching and improving the RTX series. It is 25% faster than the previous RTX 20 Series graphic cards and about 6 times faster than the last generation 10 Series GPUs.

    It comes with MSI’s widely vaunted overlocking software named “Afterburner” as well as NVIDIA Turing Architecture.

    With this product, overheating is a thing of the past, as it comes with ZERO FROZR technology and strong fans. The GPU temperature is constantly monitored and, to ensure power preservation, the fans aren’t active unless the temperature passes the heat threshold.


    • Excellent performance
    • Fantastic heat dissipation
    • It has beautiful RGB


    • Pricey

    2. Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

    Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 570

    PowerColor is a highly-praised Taiwanese brand specializing in producing graphic cards with an unparalleled value to price ratio. Famed for the sheer variety and value of their AMD card series, this is a brand that earned its place on the market in record time.

    The Radeon RX 5700 XT has seen massive success on the market. On Amazon alone, it has been reviewed over 2,000 times and has seen enormous success and customer satisfaction since its release.


    • Clocking speed up to 1905 MHz
    • RDNA architecture
    • 8GB GDDR6
    • PCIe 4.0

    Who is it Best for?

    This card is the epitome of perfection when it comes to playing demanding games in 4k resolution without going under 60 fps at the moment!

    It is highly praised by a large number due to presenting videos at the highest possible resolution, being praised for not stuttering at any moment during use.

    The card is no slouch when it comes to aesthetics. It is styled entirely in elegant black color and has beautiful RGB light effects that give it a modern feel.

    All in all, it is easy to be hard-pressed when confronted with numerous choices that bring with them their shares of pros and cons, yet few display such prominent pros such as this product.

    If you need a true champion in the world of GPUs, this is the best streaming graphics card you can find on the market within a reasonable price tag.

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    Key features

    You will notice the famed RDNA architecture, one HDMI, and three display ports. It encompasses fantastic connectivity throughout its design.

    The 1905 MHz game clock speed is ideally suited for prolonged heavy-duty use. Radeon image sharpening ensures your images and crystal clear and detailed in 4k resolution.

    The triple-fan design offers superb cooling capabilities that aren’t too loud during the operational time. Whenever the card is under 60°, the fans will automatically conserve power and remain inactive.

    The components are well organized and structured, with DrMOS High Polymer Capacitors giving it a sturdy build. The RGB produces a soft light, which gives adds to its elegant overall aesthetic.

    Alongside 5 copper heat pipes and an extended cooler heatsink, it is superior in terms of heat dissipation in almost every way compared to the average graphics card.


    • Best card for heat management and dissipation
    • Fantastic overall performance
    • Almost entirely silent


    • It is quite large

    3. MSI GAMING GeForce RTX 2070

    MSI GAMING GeForce RTX 2070

    MSI is well-known among the community due to the quality of its products, but what’s special about this offer is that it comes from Amazon’s unique program that aims to sell pre-owned products that meet the highest quality standards.

    The RTX 2070 VENTUS is an excellent GPU for streaming if you want consistent quality for a more modest price. It is a reliable choice for anyone who wants to run the latest games and software with optimal efficiency.


    • TORX 2.0 fans
    • 2304 cores
    • 1620 MHz/1410 MHz core clocks
    • 8GB GDDR6 of video memory

    Who is it Best for

    As anyone who has been on the market will tell you – GPUs are expensive, and many options that are available on the market might not suit your needs.  If that is the case, Amazon has you covered!

    This amazing product works perfectly well as a streaming video card due to its power, including Multi-View Rendering, Variable Rate Shading, and even VR support.

    The best part? Despite the fact that you are getting a real bargain when comparing the product’s value to the selling price, you also receive Amazon’s guarantee that the product is in excellent working order.

    If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can get a replacement or a refund within 90 days with no questions asked!

    Key features

    Backed up by the highly praised Turing architecture, this beast of a card is as relevant as any other market competitor in no small part due to the inclusion of all the features that you can find in the latest graphics cards while also including one HDMI 2.0 and three DisplayPort 1.4 output.

    With the dual TORX 2.0 fans, you won’t have to worry about your graphics card overheating, even if you are running demanding programs. The fans can effectively direct airflow to the heat sink without issue.

    Whenever your fans are working to disperse heat during everyday use, the MSI ZeroFrozr technology will minimize the noise they produce, effectively allowing them to function in nearly complete silence.

    The best part of this deal; you get a high-quality product at a lower price and an option to return it within 3 months if you aren’t satisfied, or it stops working- it’s an offer that’s hard to refuse!


    • Excellent, high-grade specs
    • Less expensive than most graphics cards in its class
    • It can be returned within 90 days if you don’t like it


    • Pre-owned

    4. MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1660

    MSI Gaming GeForce GTX 1660

    MSI keeps improving its selection more and more as time goes on. This product is yet another example of engineering excellence.

    If you need one of the best graphics cards for streaming HD video in your arsenal, this high-grade card puts high-quality output and support for

    It comes with next-generation specs designed to handle the growing demands of an ever-expanding user base- all for a fantastic price that allows you to get your hands on a truly remarkable product.


    • 6GB GDDR6 12 GPS of video memory
    • 12 GHz of memory speed
    • 6 GB of graphics card RAM
    • GTX 1060 graphics coprocessor

    Who is it Best for?

    This powerhouse is specially optimized for highly-demanding games and programs. The sheer quality of this component allows it to meet the demands of almost any kind of user.

    Despite being a vaunted universal piece of equipment, it is correctly marketed as a component created to meet gamers’ demands first and foremost. It supports plenty of features, including VR support.

    It works exceptionally well under intense use, making it well suited for long hours of service that would otherwise damage or, at the very least, heat up a graphics card to the point that continued use might result in damage.

    It will also satisfy people who want to customize their product to create the best streaming graphics card, as the included software allows for thousands of different customizable settings to choose from!

    Overall, this product aims to please and offers its potent configuration at a modest price.

    Key features

    The GTX 1660 ti chipset is a unique model that can go toe-to-toe with many recent models, such as the GTX 1070, due to the quality design and power implemented into this configuration.

    Users will be immensely pleased to know that features such as adaptive shading, unified memory architecture, and the MSI FROZR thermal design are all integrated within this graphics card.

    The brand new TORX fans 3.0 are a marvel of computer engineering, combining small size and efficiency that allows the card to operate for prolonged periods with no trouble.

    All of the aforesaid components are wired by multilayered electric highways located underneath the printed circuit board.  This Pascal-powered product promises high-end performance for almost any kind of use for a relatively low price.


    • The thermal design and fans ensure low all-around temperatures
    • It can be customized in many different ways easily
    • Offers fantastic overall value for a modest price


    • The card lacks support for DLSS and RTX

    5. Sapphire Radeon RX 580

    Sapphire Radeon RX 580

    As an international manufacturer of some of the best graphics cards you can find on the market, Sapphire Technology is an established brand that has supplied the market with quality products for a long time. This product cements their dedication to their core principles of quality.

    If you are looking for a good graphics card for streaming, this option is very close to an ideal choice. It is affordable, powerful, and very durable, possessing all the good graphics card hallmarks.


    •  1750 MHz memory speed
    • Dual fan cooling technology
    • 256-bit memory bus
    •  8GB of RAM

    Who is it Best for?

    This particular card has had over 2.5k very high ratings on Amazon alone, placing it at the very top within the graphics card market within a short amount of time.

    The high-polymer construction practically guarantees superb durability and reliability compared to most other graphics cards. The capacitors are made out of high-quality aluminum, ensuring the product’s long service life.

    This card was often used to upgrade Mac computers or older machines and transform them into formidable machines for entertainment and work-related purposes.

    All of this comes within a very affordable package compared to other options for increasing your computer’s power.

     As this graphics card has seen success worldwide as a powerful budget card, you are guaranteed a tried and tested product, be it as an upgrade or for building a new custom configuration.

    If you are in the market for an upgrade that won’t break the bank but is within the high-end class, this easy-to-connect card is fantastic as a dedicated GPU for streaming and many other activities.

    Key features

    This 8GB RAM card runs at 1750 MHz, which gives it an admirable position right from the start. Sapphire collaborates with AMD to bring you the RX 580 graphics coprocessor, a high-grade component worthy of any modern machine.

     While it may get heated due to prolonged use, the advanced dual-fan technology ensures that such moments are rare and never a hindrance for you. If you ever get annoyed- they can also be turned off.

    The video output interfaces allow for different options for establishing a connection which includes two HDMI, DVI, and two display ports.  The tremendous amount of variety this card pack is supplemented by relatively low power consumption.


    • Fantastic value for the money
    • Very durable and reliable
    • Extremely silent fans


    • While it may run almost all modern games, the most demanding ones may cause some issues

    6. EVGA GeForce GTX 1070

    EVGA GeForce GTX 1070

    Straight from the production lines of one of America’s best graphics card manufacturers based on Nvidia comes this fantastic product that is ideal for gamers who want a soundless graphics card.

    One of the great things about this reputable brand is that it places an extra amount of attention on the quality of its products and thus gives a 3-year warranty and 24/7 technical support.

    This card comes with an impressive set of features and specs that set it apart from the rest, making it a viable option as a dedicated streaming video card.


    • 8008 MHz memory speed
    • 8 GB graphics card RAM
    • 1683 MHz boost clock
    • RGB LED and DEX12 OSD support

    Who is it Best for?

    Anyone who wants to up their game and be able to stream a wide range of modern games in the highest resolution will be overjoyed to get their hands on this card.

    It is elegantly built and easy to install while bringing a lot of value to the table. Alongside many features that can drastically enhance your experience, the company backs its customers up if anything goes wrong.

    The EVGA Precision XOC software applies automatic overclocking based on your current needs, saving you time and effort by doing everything with the click of a button!

    All in all, this product is highly recommended and has scored full 5 stars by reviewers on Amazon by almost 800 reviews. If you want a powerful and customizable card at your side, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

    Key features

    This card packs the standard 8GB of RAM and silent fan operation technology that is often attributed to high-end graphics cards. Yet, there is far more to this card than meets the eye.

    The input lag and screen tearing have been all but eliminated due to NVIDIA G-SYNC. The SLI HB bridge doubles the transfer rate compared to NVIDIA’s previous Maxwell architecture.

    With NVIDIA Surround, the display accuracy is upped exponentially. Simultaneously, the next-gen VR features allow for an unparalleled experience, bringing you life-like graphics within VR simulations.

    Alongside the dynamic overlocking optimization systems, you can utilize your card’s full potential, making it one of the best GPU for streaming in terms of power and versatility.


    • Can run most AAA games on high settings without issues
    • Features automatic overclocking
    • Advanced VR performance


    • High power consumption

    7. XFX Radeon RX 570 RS

    XFX Radeon RX 570 RS

    If you are in the crypto mining business or into gaming, you likely have heard of XFX. This company has been producing computer hardware of stellar quality for a modest price, marking them as a reputable, well-known brand within record time.

    Within the graphics card market on Amazon, this is perhaps one of the most tried and tested models to grace the consumer base, as it has been review almost 4,000 times and has always kept the scores high.


    • 8GB GDDR5 memory
    • Dual bios
    • XFX double heat dissipation design
    • 7000 MHz memory speed

    Who is it Best for?

    With the capabilities this card brings, it is easy to see why it has positioned itself as a mainstay within the gaming and crypto mining community. It brings a lot to the table for such a low price.

    The dual bios configuration allows you to set your card’s settings into action based on planned usage. Most modern games, including triple AAA titles, can be played on maximum settings with no issue.

    It is immensely popular as a graphics card for streaming. Radeon has shifted its focus on providing superb software to suit the needs of consumers who need the best graphics card for streaming.

    It is almost entirely silent as the fan does not activate unless the card reaches a specific temperature, so you won’t even notice it operating unless you use graphics-heavy programs.

    It also allows for tweaking to customize your card to work the way you need it to, truly placing complete control over to the consumer.

    Key features

    As XFX prioritizes using AMD chipsets, it often costs less to produce both mid-end and high-end graphics cards, which explains the more approachable price compared to more expensive NVIDIA chipsets.

    It comes with XFX True Clock software that will optimize your hardware to run at its maximum efficiency. After you test the factory-set overclock speeds on your hardware, you can proceed to additionally customize the overclock settings to get the most out of your card.

    The upgraded VRM cooling technology allows for temperature reduction up to 30’C and noise reduction by 5%.

    The massive investments made into constructing this pristine graphics card speaks volumes of the value the company places upon it while still keeping the interests of the customers in mind, making this an ideal graphics card for streaming if you are on a budget.


    • Multipurpose, customizable graphics card
    • Extremely fast and powerful
    • Great value for the money


    • It can get overheated

    Things to Consider When Buying GPU for Streaming

    Many factors can come into play when picking out the best streaming video card for your needs, but it will always come down to what you exactly plan to do with it.

    GPUs often tend to be one of the most expensive parts of a configuration; your expenses will almost always depend on the use, but here are a few things to always consider when deciding what to get for yourself;

    1. Memory and Bandwidth

    Whether we are talking about integrated or dedicated GPUs, the RAM is one of the critical figures crucial to determining overall performance.

    Most graphics cards are produced with memory spaning from 2GB to 12GB. While the larger memory size is intuitively better, it is often more expensive and should match the GPU’s speed.

     Bandwidth goes hand in hand with memory, as it determines how fast the RAM can be accessed. If you plan to use high-intensity applications such as triple AAA games, both factors should be high.

    Clock Speed

    Most consumers often scroll down the list containing a graphics card’s specs and often overlook this number. Yet, it is one of the core attributes of a good GPU.

    The clock speed determines how quickly a GPU processes information and enables 3D engines to work, often creating marvelous and life-like images if the graphics card is powerful enough.

    It is also essential to look at the number of cores a particular graphics card has, as both dictate the operational efficiency and congruence with the RAM of a GPU.


    As you might already know- demanding programs can overheat an ill-prepared GPU and even cause damage! For this reason, picking a product that has suitable cooling measures is a must-have.

    A card with many fans might do the trick. Yet, you might have to compensate for the effects of multiple fans with additional housing space and power, so it’s a situational trade-off in some cases.

    If you plan on picking up a good graphics card for streaming that is gaming-oriented, heat-resistant materials and high-quality heat sinks alongside a set of fans might be an excellent option to consider

    Integrated and Dedicated Graphics Cards

    Integrated graphics tend to get a bad rep because they are almost always weaker than dedicated graphics cards, yet this is not as black and white as it might seem.

    As a high-quality graphics card for a serious gaming PC might cost as much as 40% of your total allocated budget for building a computer from scratch, integrated graphics are more affordable and allow for the implementation of both a CPU and GPU inside a single chip.

    They are ideal for those streamers that might plan on streaming games that are light on the GPU or something else that might not need much GPU power. In these cases, an integrated card is fine.

    However, for anything above the above mentioned, a dedicated GPU is indeed a better choice. Not only will you be able to experience fantastic graphics and play most modern games in 4k resolution, but you can also split the workload between your GPUs and double your power!


    This is probably the most nerve-wracking category, yet pretty much all decisions are based regarding computer hardware are based on the available allocated budget. In this case, long-term thinking is vital.

    It is a good idea if you are worried about preparing enough money for a high-end PC to save up and then invest in a high-quality streaming video card that will serve you for a long time.


    All in all, choosing the best GPU for streaming can be a tough decision, especially with so many options on the market that often specialize cards in one specific aspect that gives it a situational edge.

    However, as high-end GPUs with universal utilization go, we would recommend that you take a good look at the GeForce RTX 2080, as it is a tried and tested candidate for the best graphics card for streaming.

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