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Logitech c920 is a very popular Logitech webcam that has been widely regarded as the best webcam on the market by a variety of online video sites. It is often used to post true HD video, make video calls, and record video in general, even in low light conditions.

Due to its quality and reliability, finding a good Logitech c920 alternative is not an easy task. In my opinion, the best alternative is Logitech c922x Pro because it matches C920’s video quality and versatility.

I have tested multiple other alternatives and written a guide to help you choose the best Logitech c920 alternative for yourself.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Logitech C920 Alternative

Logitech c922x Pro
Logitech c922x Pro
  • Weight: 5.8 ounces
  • Resolution: 190p30, 720p60
Razer Kiyo Pro
Razer Kiyo Pro
  • Resolution: up to 1080p60HZ
  • Color: Black
Logitech Brio 4K
Logitech Brio 4k
  • Size: ‎1 x 1 x 4 inches
  • Resolution: Ultra HD at 30Fps, Full HD1080p at 90fps

There are a number of factors that you should consider when looking for the best webcam for yourself. 

First of all, do you need it just for video conferencing, or are you looking for a better-quality webcam that can handle high-definition video quality? 

If you are looking for an upgrade to your Logitech c920, then you are most likely looking to buy a camera that is a few levels above those average, cheap webcams that you can find in corner shops.

 You will want a high resolution, high frame rate quality camera that features at least some zoom and works well in low light situations. 

Fortunately, many brands offer cameras that can easily meet most of these requirements, so finding a suitable replacement for your Logitech HD camera should be simple. 

When choosing webcams to test and put on this list, I was looking for devices that belong in the similar price range as the Logitech c920, have the same or better resolution, video, and audio quality, and are designed by trusted manufacturers. 

These factors should be the basis of any webcam purchase.

1. Logitech c922x Pro

Best C920 alternative

Logitech c922x Pro

Stefan’s Take:

In my opinion, the webcam that can easily replace C920 is C922x Pro. This webcam will satisfy the needs of gamers, streamers, vloggers, and those working from home that need a quality webcam for daily Zoom calls.

The features that stood out the most are fast autofocus, recording at 60 FPS, light correction, quality built-in microphone, and wide field of view.

Also, it was just as easy to mount and set up as C920.

Light sensor10
Field of view10

The first solution on our list of alternatives comes from Logitech itself. Why do I think C922x Pro is the best among these?

The c922x is an incredibly high-quality Logitech HD pro camera that can easily handle just about anything you would want of a streaming webcam, including high-definition video, both natural lighting and flattering lighting, and is very suitable for HD video calls and video conferencing.

First of all, the camera has an autofocus and auto light correction, which is great for playing games and twitch streaming and can easily be paired up with a capture card for OBS in case you need one.

It comes with a dual stereo built-in microphone and a wider field of view than the Logitech c920.

The 78 degrees field of view is certain to be more than enough to handle most streaming tasks, not to mention making calls in home offices.

In short, this is one of the best webcams available on the market in the same price range as the original Logitech c920, featuring excellent video quality no matter what you are doing.

A full HD video (1080p 30)and 60 frames at a resolution of 720p is more than enough for the majority of streaming tasks, and soon after buying it, you will realize that the Logitech c922x is the only webcam you will ever need.

I am using one for my video calls and content creation tasks and have yet to find a reason to complain other than the lack of a privacy cover. But then again, the Logitech c920 doesn’t have one either.

  • Full HD video quality
  • Affordable
  • Works in any lighting situation
  • No privacy error

2. Razer Kiyo Pro

Best webcam for recording in low-light conditions

Razer Kiyo Pro

Stefan’s Take:

Razer Kiyo Pro’s light sensor beats C920’s easily! I was impressed by just how quickly the lens adapts to dimmer light and adjusts the image quality accordingly. I didn’t have problems with dull or washed-up colors. Also, the adjustable field of view was a nice feature.

Moreover, the camera records HD videos, and while I do prefer recording at 60 FPS because of the high video quality, I didn’t mind the lower FPS.

Light sensor10
Field of view10

When discussing any kind of alternative for a Logitech c920, especially one that is supposed to serve as a streaming camera in addition to being an office webcam, I simply must mention Razer Kiyo Pro.

This incredible piece of hardware is capable of full HD 1080p resolution at 60HZ and works incredibly well under any and all light sources due to its very adaptive light sensor.

Another great feature of this camera is that it comes with HDR enabled, an option that you will find very useful in any content-related tasks.

The quality of the video provided by this camera is also much better than what most webcams in the same price range can offer, not only because it works at 60Hz even at its max full HD resolution, but also because of the picture quality remains clear under any circumstances.

Unfortunately, HDR works only with a 30fps refresh rate, but it is enough most of the time, especially for streaming and content creation, which are the most likely uses for HDR anyways.

On the other hand, the microphones on this webcam are simply top-notch in their class, even if they do tend to pick up some of the background noise.

Finally, the addition of a ring light is a great thing, as is the webcam’s ability to switch between three separate fields of view options, something that any streamer will be delighted by.

In the end, my personal opinion on this webcam as a replacement for the Logitech c920 is excellent.

It is an upgrade in every aspect of the performance, as well as an excellent performing camera in its own right.

  • Has HDR
  • Full HD with 60 Hz resolution
  • Affordable
  • Picks up background noise

3. Logitech Brio 4k

Best 4k webcam

Logitech Brio 4k

Stefan’s Take:

In my opinion, 4K recording is a must for streaming, and I was so happy to find a webcam with this feature.

Logitech Brio 4k features truly powerful lenses that ensure quality recordings regardless of the conditions. The video is sharp with vibrant colors.

I also liked the small features that make this webcam stand out, such as a privacy shutter, a built-in microphone with noise cancelation, and the ability to record at 90 FPS.

Light sensor9
Field of view9

If you are looking for a Logitech c920 alternative with keeping quality as the main focus of your prospective purchase, then there is no better solution than Logitech Brio, the supreme Ultra HD webcam on the market. 

When this webcam was first released, it was breaking news in the sector due to its sheer, overwhelming power, as this Logitech camera is more than capable of recording Ultra HD videos with ease, as well as completely compatible with YouTube, Microsoft teams, and all other relevant software.

It comes with Logitech’s software called RightLight3, which allows the best possible use of HDR to keep your image quality high even in the worst of lighting.

Furthermore, the three separate fields of view options that range from 65 to 90 degrees are incredibly useful streaming tools. 

No other camera in this price range can boast such impressive video quality.

Another useful feature of this webcam that makes it well deserving of its spot on our list is its privacy cover. 

It can easily be flipped up and down during calls or streaming sessions, meaning that you can shut down your video in a mere second if you need to.

Likewise, the dual omnidirectional microphones that come with this webcam make it great for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch alike, as they feature the very best background noise cancellation available in a webcam and ensure that your voice is always heard clearly no matter what is going on around you.

Last but not least, the autofocus and auto light correction on this camera are state of the art and allow it to perform admirably even in low-light situations.

I cannot begin to express how impressed I am by this piece of hardware. It boasts impressive resolution, 90 fps at Full HD, has a privacy shutter, and incredible noise cancellation—all in all, a wondrously well-designed webcam from Logitech.

  • Ultra HD capable
  • Great privacy shutter
  • Logitech’s RightLight3 software
  • Not compatible with tripods

4. Logitech StreamCam Premium

A great choice for streamers

Logitech StreamCam Premium

Stefan’s Take:

What I liked the most about this camera was the autofocus. I was moving around quite a lot during testing to see whether it was as precise as Logitech claimed, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Besides autofocus, this webcam is packed with other great features: it’s compatible with OBS, the built-in microphone is great at filtering unwanted noise, and great performance in low-light conditions.

Light sensor9
Field of View9

If you are looking for a Logitech C920 alternative that will help you get into the world of streaming with the best webcam available, a great solution is the Logitech StreamCam.

Logitech StreamCam works with full HD videos at 60HZ, which is the gold standard of today’s streams, and in general, provides excellent image quality in any and all conditions.

Furthermore, this camera comes with excellent autofocus that captures true-to-life images and keeps your face, or whatever you are doing, in the center of the video even if you move around.

This makes it great for all those YouTube streamers playing action games and jumping in their seats while they do so.

Additionally, this camera is fully compatible with OBS, which is great for streaming on platforms such as Twitch and Facebook that make plenty of use of this free online service.

The next great thing about this camera that is deserving of mention is its ability to perform video conferencing with ease.

While not its main focus, the plethora of mounting options available to this webcam and its ability to serve in both portrait and landscape mode allow for more control over your video than in any other Logitech camera.

This is something you will find greatly useful for your video conferencing, especially in not-so-good lighting.

Finally, the background removal of the microphones is great, ensuring that your sound quality remains top-notch whenever you use it.

Another great thing is the built-in Logitech capture webcam software, a technology that allows for the use of a plethora of features that might not be available in cheaper webcams.

In my personal opinion, all the things listed here make the Logitech stream cam one of the best webcams on the market right now, especially if you are more interested in reliability than ultra HD resolution.

Because of this, it is a perfectly reasonable Logitech C920 alternative.

  • Built-in companion software
  • OBS compatible
  • Excellent microphone
  • It has only USB-C

5. Logitech C615

Best budget option

Logitech C615

Stefan’s Take:

I wasn’t expecting much from C615 because I knew that it was not as powerful as other webcams. But it did just fine for Zoom calls. The autofocus works quite well, and I didn’t receive any complaints about being out of focus during video conferences.

Also, setting up was not a hassle – you can mount it on your laptop, monitor, or tripod.

Light sensor9
Field of view9

On the opposite side of the spectrum from the powerful but expensive solutions such as Logitech brio, I have a Logitech HD laptop c615 webcam, a high-quality budget webcam that is oriented more towards video conferencing and calls than streaming or YouTube but still manages to do reasonably well when it comes to the latter.

The maximum resolution of this webcam is 1080p at 30fps, which isn’t as high resolution as some of its competitors have, but it still manages to fulfill the needs of the average consumer that is looking for a Logitech c920 alternative.

The image quality of this camera isn’t as great as that of the streaming cam, for example, but the picture remains pretty clear, at least in good lighting conditions, which is something you are likely to have in your office space.

Seeing that this camera is mostly tailored for video calling, it comes with full support for Skype, Microsoft teams, and even mac face time apps, which is wonderful, especially for people who use both PC and Mac in their everyday life.

Additionally, the camera has a great 360-degree rotation angle and is compatible with tripod mounts, an option anyone with sufficient space on their working table is likely to prefer over a standard laptop screen mount.

The camera features decent auto light correction and focus, meaning you are going to stay in the center of the broadcast even if you make some movements while talking, and the microphone does a great job of filtering background noise

What hurts this camera the most, however, is the lack of a ring light, though even some much more expensive solutions don’t have one, so I don’t consider it a big drawback.

In the end, I believe this Logitech webcam to be a suitable alternative for a c920, though you might want to look somewhere else if you want to make a significant upgrade in the quality of your videos.  Otherwise, this one will suit you just fine.

  • Very affordable
  • Great background noise
  • Works with most video software
  • It isn’t really an upgrade over your Logitech c920

What to Consider When Buying a Logitech c920 Alternative?

When looking for an alternative to your old Logitech c920 webcam, you are likely to want a camera that is at least just as good as your previous one, that works with all the video software you are commonly using, and is going to last you a long time, unlikely to be horribly outmatched by other future brands that might come to the market in the near future. 

To meet these demands, you need to consider a number of features you want your webcam to have. 

Luckily for you, I have foreseen this need for information and wrote a guide that will help you choose the right webcam for your home and office use.

1. Resolution

First of all, you will need to take a look at your camera’s resolution. At least 1080p 30 fps is recommended these days, with anything over that being considered good. 

Luckily, unless you are planning to get some serious streaming done, you are unlikely to need a higher resolution in the near future. 

All the cameras on our list are proper HD cameras made of quality components that are likely to serve you for at least as long as your old Logitech c920 did.

2. Compatibility

You won’t be able to use your webcam unless it is compatible with your software and hardware. Simple as that. 

Because of this uncommon but deal-breaking issue, you will have to make sure you check the compatibility between your camera and laptop or PC. 

All the cameras on our list have wide compatibility charts, and all of them have been tested in-house to see how they perform with the listed devices. 

You are very unlikely to run into a problem using one of these.

3. Price

Unless your camera is the centerpiece of your future office, you will want to ensure you don’t spend too much money on it.

Because of this, I have selected quality cameras whose price range isn’t that different from what Logitech c920 used to cost, allowing you to have a good idea of the expense you will suffer when purchasing one.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a clear idea of what the webcam market has to offer.

Here is a quick summary of my top Logitech C920 alternatives:

  1. Logitech C922x Pro as the best one,
  2. Razer Kiyo Pro as the best webcam for low-light conditions,
  3. Logitech Brio 4k as the best 4K webcam.

There is something for everyone’s budget on my list, and I hope you have found the right Logitech C920 alternative.


What webcam is similar to Logitech c920?

There is a number of webcams on the market, made both by Logitech itself and other competing manufacturers, that are of similar quality as the widely acclaimed Logitech c920.

Because of this, it can be difficult to find the best replacement for your old webcam. Thankfully, I have foreseen this issue and written up a guide for you to look through that will help you choose the very best device based on your personal needs.

What replaced the Logitech c920?

Logitech c920 used to be considered one of the best all-purpose webcams on the market for a very long time.

That being said, the camera has been rendered somewhat obsolete by the onset of new technologies, making many of its users look for a replacement.

There are many cameras that can be considered its worthy successors, the best of which you will find listen in this guide.

Simply reading through it will give you a good idea of what to replace your Logitech c920 with.

Is Logitech c920 still the best?

Unfortunately, no. While your Logitech c920 webcam might still be performing just as well as it did when you first bought it, video technologies advance faster and faster as time goes on, and there are now many cameras that outperform the Logitech c920, making a lot of consumers look for an alternative.

That being said, some of these new cameras are of a much higher quality than others, making purchasing the correct one a slightly daunting task.

Being aware of this, I have compiled a guide containing my personal experiences with some of the best Logitech c920 alternatives for you to look at.

All of these cameras can be considered worthy successors to the original; it is usually the details that make one better than the other, as well as the personal preference of each individual consumer.

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