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When streaming using any broadcast software or platform such as OBS Studio, Streamlabs, or even Facebook live, streamers usually have a need to remove the background from their overall presentation.

With the number of different backgrounds and, therefore, the variation in real-time adjustments that need to be made, many different webcam filters for streaming have been made.

Removing the background through the filters improves the quality of the live video and makes it more compatible with the broadcasting software the streamer is using.

Top Webcam Filters For Streaming

1. Chroma key
2. Color Correction
3. Snap camera
4. OBS studio blend filters

Knowing this, I have written up a guide that will explain to you which filter is the best for which type of background, as well as how to adjust your webcam for the best live stream experience.

How Was the Comparison Made?

When making this guide, I was considering the most important factors in which the best webcam filters influence the quality of a stream, such as the number of features they possess, the software they work with, as well as how well are they suited to different backgrounds, all with the end goal of helping you choose the best webcam filter for your own streaming needs.

Best Webcam Filters for Streaming

Webcam Filters for Streaming

1. Chroma key

Chroma key, also known as a green screen, is a webcam filter and one of the most basic yet most commonly used filters out there on the market.

It is one of the best filters for YouTube as well, especially if you need to remove a specific color from the background without using Photoshop or wasting extra time adjusting the video with additional software. 

This particular filter is very popular among streamers in their early gaming careers, as it will allow them to make their makeshift studio look more professional on stream by making the background have less detail to it.

2. Color Correction

The single most commonly used webcam filter not just for live streams but also for other uses of video broadcasting, color correction makes the image captured by your webcam look more natural.

This filter comprises many different factors, but there are four main ones that you are most likely going to have to deal with onstream, all of which can usually be found in settings. 

  • “Brightness” decides how bright your videos will be,
  • “Gamma” deals with making a difference between darker colors and lighter ones,
  • “Saturation” controls the intensity of various colors on your live stream,
  • “Contrast” can easily make your screen look black and white if toned down too much. 

Because of this, all the aspects of this particular webcam filter should be carefully managed to ensure that you keep control of images, content, and ads on your stream.

3. Snap camera

Snap camera contains a number of excellent webcam filters that make both streaming and video calling much, much more fun and enjoyable no matter which camera you are using.

This free app can be downloaded to your computer and comes from the same developer as the immensely popular Snapchat mobile app

What this means is that many of the trendy Snapchat filters can also be found here, as well as a great number of other features. 

While not a filter by itself, a snap camera allows you easier access to a plethora of filters without having to download each and every one of them separately.

Furthermore, it makes getting the hang of the basics of software and video editing by using filters much much easier than some other platforms do, making it perhaps the best free live stream filter software available, next to OBS studio.

4. OBS studio blend filters

It is impossible to discuss webcam filters for streaming without at least mentioning OBS studio.

One of the most popular streaming software platforms over the last several years, the OBS studio app grants you the ability to enhance your streams by using a number of incredibly well-made filters, graphics modifications, and pictures that all help your camera’s footage look better when broadcasted on the web.

This potent piece of broadcasting software comes with an image masks/blend feature, for example. 

This is a handy filter that allows you to change the borders of the footage created by your camera, increasing the amount of detail it shows and removing the areas it is not focused on.

Simply put, the blending filter helps you overcome the limitations of your video capture device or webcam by making the video shows only what the lens is focused on.

Another great advantage of this filter and OBS studio, in general, is that the software in question is completely free to download and works with just about any device.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Webcam Filters for Streaming?

how to choose the best webcam filter


If you intend to use a stream filter to make your video look better during a live stream, you will want to make sure that said filter works without failure. 

This usually isn’t a problem with filters provided by popular streaming platforms, but in the case of free download software, there are some filters that can be pretty buggy.

There are filters that can be pretty buggy in the case of free download software. Because of this, I recommend using only filters that come from a reliable source.


Above all, the stream filter is supposed to be useful to you. This means that you are looking to use a filter (or filters) that has just the right features you need to improve the quality of your stream.

Usually, this will mean that your filters of choice will need to be compatible with both the webcam and the room from which you are streaming. Different levels of lighting, as well as different backgrounds, will all require different filters to achieve the desired result.


Most filters you will find are free and open-source and can easily be downloaded or used as a part of an already established streaming platform. On the other hand, it is easy to get lost in the abundance of possibilities, some of which are a lot better than others.

Because of this, you should make sure that your filters were made by a recognized and trusted publisher. Not to mention that some obscure publishers can hide viruses and other malicious software in them.


What filter is the best for live streams?

There is no singular answer to this question. Your choice of filter should depend on the situation, the background, as well as what you want to achieve with your filter.

Luckily for you, I have written up a guide containing some of the more common webcam filters and places where you can find them.

Is snap camera better than OBS?

Snap camera is an app tailored for video calling more than streams, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be a pretty effective streaming platform with tons of filters to use.

On the other hand, OBS filters are stream dedicated, which does give them an edge in most situations despite them being less numerous. In the end, it largely boils down to personal preference.

How do you use filters for streaming?

A webcam filter is a software tool meant to enhance the image provided by your webcam. Some, like Logitech capture tools, come with your camera.

Others, like OBS or Snapchat filters, are a part of a standalone app that regulates your broadcasting. Either way, you will need to get familiar with the settings before using any webcam filter out there.

Thankfully, our guide will help you understand some of the most popular filters and apps that contain them better, making it easy for you to get started.

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