Best Boom Arm for Blue Yeti – Top 8 Great Mic Stands (2023)

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Blue Yeti Mic is an extremely popular choice among streamers and content creators. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a stand or boom arm, so customers have to invest in a microphone boom arm.

The best boom arm for Blue Yeti and the one I use is Blue Compass Premium Tube Style since it’s made for this mic, sturdy, and flexible, so I can position it as I want.

I understand that choosing the correct microphone stand can be a daunting task, so I have extensively tested several Blue Yeti mic stands, and I will share my experience with you. Let’s dive in!

QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Boom Arm for Blue Yeti

Blue Compass
Blue Compass Premium
  • Weight: 2.98 pounds
  • Rotation angle: 360 degrees
  • Material: aluminum
  • Rotation angle: 360 degrees
InnoGear Microphone Arm Stand
InnoGear Arm Stand
  • Weight 4.09 pounds
  • Material: Steel construction

When making this list of best boom arms for Blue Yeti microphone, I have taken into consideration a number of factors, such as price, physical characteristics, compatibility, carrying capacity, and others. 

Thus, I can say with a great degree of certainty that the items on the list are, indeed, the best boom arms for Blue Yeti available for purchase. 

1. Blue Compass Premium Tube Style

Best overall

Blue Compass Premium Tube Style

Stefan’s Take:

The best feature of this boom arm is mobility – you can move it around and adjust the mic’s position without worrying about it falling off. Also, it was super easy to put together and saved quite a lot of desk space, which was important to me since my desk was already crowded with other streaming equipment.

Load Capacity 10
Maximum Height 10
Size 9
Value 10

I am starting out a list with a blue microphone compass a Blue Yeti boom arm released by the same company with the specific intention of serving as a podcast or studio arm mic stand.

This boom arm works great with a Blue Yeti microphone and is made of high-quality aluminum.

What makes Blue compass premium tube the best is integrated cable management, a set of internal springs, and one excellent table mounting clamp. 

The desktop clamp is especially nice, as it makes usual Blue Yeti mic uses such as streaming and podcasts much easier, allowing you to keep your mic securely attached but also very mobile.

Choosing the best mic position is extremely easy due to the boom arm having a massive 82cm reach and full 360 degrees rotation angle.

And the best thing about this adjustable arm: compass premium tube-style fits on just about any desktop stand due to the quality of its table clamp, allowing you to use it instantly after purchase.

Furthermore, mounting blue compass premium tube is very simple, making it the best boom arm for Blue Yeti.

  • Certified Blue Yeti mic stand
  • Large size
  • Features internal springs
  • Relatively expensive


Best professional-grade boom arm


Stefan’s Take:

I have tested RODE PSA 1 with various microphones, and thanks to its sturdy construction, it can support even heavier ones. For Blue Yeti, it worked just fine, even with a lot of moving around and repositioning – a few squeaks here and there, but still solid.

Load Capacity 10
Maximum Height 9.5
Size 9
Value 10

The next entry is RODE psa1 swivel mount studio, a large and quite resilient boom arm stand released by RODE electronics. 

This boom arm stand features a 33-inch reach, both horizontal and vertical, as well as a 360-degree rotation, as is the standard for a studio microphone boom arm.

In addition, the velcro cable wraps allow for more options when mounting this boom arm when compared to those featuring only a table mounting clamp (which is still included, by the way), allowing you more freedom when choosing the general location of your Blue Yeti microphone stand.

In addition, this boom arm is compatible with various shock mounts of the same manufacturer, allowing you to get a better sound quality even if working in an environment where a shock mount might be necessary.

Finally, the my testing has shown this studio scissor arm stand to be a great choice for a Blue Yeti microphone, making positioning a lot easier and providing a significant increase in sound quality.

  • Excellent reach
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Velcro cable wraps included
  • No shock mount

3. InnoGear Arm Stand

Best load capacity

InnoGear Arm Stand

Stefan’s Take:

At first, I had some problems with the stiffness of this arm stand. However, it became easier to fold and reposition it without getting too loose with use. What I liked the most was its load capacity – since it can hold over 4 pounds, you can switch to an even heavier mic than Blue Yeti without worrying about investing in another boom arm.

Load Capacity 10
Maximum Height 10
Size 9
Value 9

Innogear might not be as popular a manufacturer as the world-renowned blue microphones, but that does not mean they aren’t capable of making a high-quality boom arm stand.

Innogear sturdy microphone stand is nearly perfect for your Blue Yeti, as it provides great mobility and adjustability and can carry more than enough weight to support a Blue Yeti with ease. 

The maximum load of 4.4 pounds is more than double the weight of the Blue Yeti mic, further reinforcing the status of this Innogear boom stand, a studio microphone boom arm.

Another excellent feature of this boom arm, especially with Blue Yeti microphones, is its foldable arm. 

This technology allows you to use your into gear microphone stand even when pressed for space, making it much more accessible to people who don’t have a large studio.

Furthermore, this boom arm is made of sturdy heavy-duty steel, making it extremely durable and thus suitable for prolonged use.

Finally, the internal spring system provides your Blue Yeti mic with even more flexibility. But I would like it more if it had a shock mount.

  • Foldable arm
  • Very durable
  • Cable management
  • No shock mount included

4. DISINO Boom Arm Stand

Mic stand with the best mounting clamp

DISINO Boom Arm Stand

Stefan’s Take:

DISINO is quite similar to the InnoGear, just a bit smaller. It cannot hold as much, and after a few months of regular use, it does slump down. But it has an amazing mounting clamp that goes up to almost 4 inches, so it’s great for tables made of thicker wood.

The maximum reach is also amazing – so good I tried streaming from the couch, even though it’s on the smaller side compared to others.

Load Capacity 9
Maximum Height 9
Size 10
Value 9.5
Check It Out

Immediately upon seeing this microphone stand for the first time, I realized how well-made it is. 

This adjustable scissor arm stands from Disino comes with built-in springs, elegantly solved cable management, and an excellent 2.5 kg maximum load, which is more than enough for a Blue Yeti microphone stand.

Looking into more details, the high-grade steel frame was made with electrostatic powder spraying technology, making it both sleek looking and completely antirust.

The mounting is both simple and precise: this boom arm comes with one table mounting clamp included, as well as soft rubber adjustment knobs (a pad to protect your desktop from the clip). 

Because of this, using this boom arm with a desktop stand is really simple; you will be able to set up your Blue Yeti microphone in just a few minutes and get into streaming right away.

With a maximum reach of 70cm, Disino microphone boom arms are surprisingly adjustable, and it was super easy to find the best possible position for the blue mic. 

It even comes with a specialized Blue Yeti mount hole, the first boom arm on the list to have one.

Excellently made and reasonably priced, this boom arm has shown to be a great match for a Blue Yeti mic.

  • Durability
  • Good cable management
  • Price
  • Smaller than some other boom arms

5. Eastshining Upgraded Boom Arm

Best maximum height

Eastshining Upgraded Boom Arm

Stefan’s Take:

I wanted to try this model because of all the accessories that come with it. And they certainly come in handy. I didn’t have to look for adapters, and it saved me plenty of money and time since the setup is much faster when you already have everything you need.

The only thing they didn’t throw in there is a pop filter, which I think is a must for streaming.

Load Capacity 9
Maximum Height 9
Size 6
Value 9

Coming from Eastshining, a less known but very respectable audio equipment manufacturer, I have this all-in-one mic stand that works with a plethora of Blue Yeti mics, such as Blue Yeti, blue compass, and even blue snowball.

A first great feature of this microphone stand is that it comes with its own shock mount, meaning you won’t have to look for one elsewhere. 

This is a great thing, as making sure that your boom arm and your mount are compatible with each other can be quite a hassle sometimes.

Next, the dual suspension springs make this boom arm incredibly quiet to use, meaning you can move it around without having to worry about background noise of any kind. 

In truth, this mount studio microphone boom is perfect for table mounting as it comes with a rubber washer as well, ensuring you won’t have to worry about your furniture getting damaged.

The microphone clip is very stable and carries a maximum load of 4.4 pounds (2.2 kgs) which is enough for both Blue Yeti and other blue microphones.

The maximum reach of this thing is 70cm, which is less than in some of its competition, yet the fact that it contains a lot of backup options makes this solution from Eastshining a great Blue Yeti microphone stand.

In the end, if you are looking for a studio scissor arm stand that will throw other boom arms out of the water with the number of addons that come included with it, there are no better choices than this swivel mount studio microphone.

  • Very cheap
  • Shock mount included
  • Simple to use
  • No pop filter

6. Gator Frameworks Short Weighted

Best single-section mic stand

Gator Frameworks Short Weighted

Stefan’s Take:

I am not a big fan of single-section mic stands, but I decided to try this one, and it was a pleasant surprise. The mic was super easy to set up since there was no mounting – I just placed it on my desk, and the rubber base kept it in place. It can extend up to 27.5 inches and has an excellent load capacity.

But the mobility is poor, so it’s not as easy to position it as you wish.

Load Capacity 9
Maximum Height 9
Size 10
Value 8.5

Gator Frameworks is a company well-known for finding unique solutions to most problems posed in audio accessories manufacturing, and this microphone stand is no exception to that rule.

Sturdy and easily adjustable, it comes with its own weighted base instead of featuring a table mount, allowing you to use it with your yeti mic even on surfaces that would be impossible to use a desk clamp on, at a small cost of needing extra space to be mounted as the foot at the base is rather large.

Still, this quality boom arm compensates for that with superior stability and the ability to carry even the heaviest of microphones with ease.

I could even picture it sitting next to drums or bass guitar in a music studio, as it has only a rubber base to keep it in place.

There is, however, a downside to this Blue Yeti mic stands as well as its size.

Unfortunately, this particular mic stand is quite a bit smaller than its competitors, causing it to be unsuitable for large studios or anything else but desk mounting. 

Still, as it is indeed designed to sit on a desktop stand, its smaller size is but a minor downside.

The other significant problem with this boom arm is its single section nature, as it greatly limits the maneuverability of your microphone.

In the end, this Gator Frameworks mic stand is a decent choice for a Blue Yeti mic or any other USB microphone that will be exclusively table-mounted and in a fixed position. 

Otherwise, I would suggest looking at a different solution.

  • Simple to use
  • Low price
  • Very stable
  • Single section boom arm

7. Heil Sound PL-2T

Best noise elimination

Heil Sound PL 2T

Stefan’s Take:

What I liked the most about this boom arm was the noise elimination. The internal springs do a great job of creating a quiet environment, even when repositioning the arm during streaming or recording.

Also, I liked the cable management system. It helped with keeping my desk tidy. However, the clamp won’t work for everyone.

Load Capacity 9
Maximum Height 9
Size 9
Value 9

Heil Sound is not a company that many know of, especially if they aren’t involved with the audio gear business, but their products are pretty good regardless of that.

A good example of the company’s quality production is the PL-2T Overhead Broadcast boom, a mic stand featuring a number of very convenient characteristics that make it an excellent choice for any Blue Yeti mic user.

First of all, the hidden cable management is solved extremely elegantly.

The built-in cable system keeps it out of the way of your recording, removing any concerns about the cable taking space on the table or being hard to manage in any other way.

Internal springs are present as well, giving the boom arm a great deal of elasticity and flexibility in use. 

Additionally, it reduces the likelihood that you will need a shock mount with your device.

The standard C-clamp desk mount is included with the boom arm, allowing an incredibly simple mounting process that shouldn’t last more than 10 minutes after first unpacking the mic stand.

In the end, my opinion on this Blue Yeti mic stand is mostly positive. 

It is large and flexible enough to be usable in a variety of positions while also being quite easy to set up, and the internal springs are a very nice touch. 

While you might still want a shock mount if you are working in a particularly dynamic environment, most users will have no need for one. 

Finally, the cable management is superb.

  • Internal springs
  • Great cable management
  • Simple setup
  • Kind of clunky

8. Puroma Microphone Stand

Best budget boom arm

Puroma Microphone Stand

Stefan’s Take:

I recommend this boom arm to beginners that don’t have a big budget. It’s sturdy, flexible, and made for Blue Yeti, so you won’t have to worry about getting additional adapters to make it work. I noticed that it became a bit shaky as I moved it around me, but overall, it’s a steal!

Load Capacity 9
Maximum Height 9
Size 8.5
Value 9

The final entry is a great boom arm from Puroma, designed to provide the best user experience possible while remaining relatively inexpensive. 

Specifically designed to be used with both Blue Yeti and Blue Yeti nano, this mic stand possesses a number of features that one wouldn’t really expect in such an affordable product.

Firstly, the built-in springs allow for a great deal of precision in the boom arm’s movements, meaning you will be able to put your microphone in the exact spot you need it, without it changing position on its own.

The 360-degree rotation and the large size of the boom arm are extremely useful, making this mic stand a great choice for anyone working in a large studio or just needing a greater reach than a standard arm can provide.

I was greatly impressed by the quality of this piece of gear. It is completely stable, performs admirably in all kinds of studios, and doesn’t really require any additional equipment.

The only issue I had was with stability of the mic stand over time. It seemed like it was getting too wobbly too quickly.

Still, considering the price, I think this is a great choice.

  • Internal springs
  • Cable ties
  • Certified for Blue Yeti
  • Gets wobbly too quick

What to Consider When Buying a Boom Arm for Blue Yeti?


The most important aspect of every boom arm or mic stand is its size. By using boom arms too small for your needs, you will usually be unable to achieve optimal results. 

Furthermore, larger boom arms often come with additional features not present in smaller and more budget solutions. Thus, you should look for an arm that fits your studio or recording station the best.


Just like with any other studio gear, the brand is a very important mark of a boom arm’s quality. 

Respected, well-known brands usually boast much more reliable pieces of hardware than more obscure ones do. 

As a rule of thumb, unless you are already familiar with some brand or receive a good recommendation from someone who is, you should only buy boom arms from trusted brands.


While getting a quality mic stand is important, you need to be careful not to pay an arm and a leg for one. 

Simply put, some manufacturers will attempt to charge way too much for their products when compared to others. 

You should always take a look at a price comparison article prior to making a purchase.


Here is a quick overview of the three best boom arms:

  1. Blue Compass Premium Tube Style as the best overall,
  2. RODE PSA 1 as the best professional mic stand,
  3. InnoGear Arm Stand with the highest load capacity.

Whichever one you choose, you won’t make a mistake. In the end, it all comes down to your needs. I hope my reviews have helped you make the right decision.


What boom arm is best for Blue Yeti?

There is no singular response to this question. With the number of manufacturers on the market offering their boom arms and claiming their compatibility with the incredibly popular Blue Yeti microphone, choosing the best one is by no means easy.

Thankfully, we have written up a guide containing some of the more relevant, reliable, and high-quality boom stands that are sure to work with your Blue Yeti.

Each of these has been tested in-house by our writing team as well as by its manufacturers and was proven to be a good choice, depending on your needs.

Can I put a Blue Yeti on a boom arm?

Blue Yeti microphones are indeed compatible with most boom arms, provided that the arm has sufficient carrying capacity. The more important question is that of choosing the correct boom arm to use, and for that, you have our list.

There you will find all the information you need about a number of great solutions for your Blue Yeti microphone, complete with specifications and personal opinions of our testers.

What type of mic stand is good for Blue Yeti?

Blue Yeti microphone is a popular choice amongst both streamers and other content creators, meaning that it is usually paired with desktop mounted mic stands.

However, there are some users who will enjoy having their Blue Yeti available to them in a studio as well.

Regardless of what you prefer, our list is sure to contain a good Blue Yeti boom arm for you to choose and purchase, internally tested by our writing team.

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