QUICK OVERVIEW: Best Stream Deck Alternatives

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Elgato Stream Deck Mini
  • Fully customizable
  • 6 LCD buttons
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Loupedeck Live
  • Audio mixer controls
  • Multiple software support
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XK 60
  • 60 customizable buttons
  • Red and blue backlighting

The stream deck is an excellent addition to any streamer’s setup. For example Elgato Stream Deck. It is excellent for streamers.

You can bring up animations and images, send messages or simply launch media. Moreover, one can interact equally effective with his/her audience without losing the focus on the game.

However, we know that it is not suitable for everyone. Its bulkier size, high price and lack of versatility outside of streaming might make many streamers look for other options.

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    Best Stream Deck Alternative


    Our team has made a list of stream deck alternatives. Like we mentioned in the introduction, we know what products like stream deck need to have.

    Hopefully, this list will help you to make the best choice, whether you are a beginner or just looking for a cheap stream deck alternative.

    1. Elgato Stream Deck Mini

    Elgato Stream Deck Mini

    Let us say that this is the smaller and more affordable package of Elgato Stream Deck.

    • Instead of fifteen programmable buttons, there are six of them. The six programmable LCD buttons allow you to switch scenes, adjust audio or simply launch media. You can launch multiple actions simultaneously with just one tap. Elgato Stream Deck Mini is fully customizable. That means that you can use animated GIFs or custom icons to customize the keys. 
    • Although you will get the stream deck with six keys, you will pay less, and If you ever decide to pair this stream deck mini with Elgato Stream Deck, you can pair these two together and get 21 keys (customizable, LCD) at your service.
    • However, although this is really a nice stream deck to start with, you might find frustrating the fact that there are only six LCD buttons at your disposal with mini stream deck. For some, six is just not enough.

    2. Loupedeck Live

    Loupedeck Live

    This seems like one of the best Elgato stream deck alternate options.

    It has programmable dials and multiple buttons.

    However, we think this product is not for everyone. You will see why.

    • You can make the LCD screen display the customizations you want for whatsoever software you have to use. Multiple programmes are available, so you can set up them to automatically change as you manoeuvre from one software to another.
    • The audio mixer controls are available as well. Therefore, you can control your sound and adjust the volume from it.
    • Now, the cons of this Elgato stream deck alternative. Firstly, we think that the software is kinda buggy and does not follow the endless customization options that this deck can provide. With this software, it is extremely hard and frustrating to navigate it. Secondly, if you want access to other software programmes you must pay extra to the company to unlock those features.
    • To conclude, it is silly to pay a high price for a product which does not work well in the first place and to pay more money for the additional features. Therefore, we suggest you look further.

    3. XK 60

    XK 60

    The XK 60 comes with internal memory and 60 customizable buttons.

    The internal memory means that you do not have to worry about losing your preferable settings if you transfer from one PC to another. 

    • The keys will provide you with multiple-action functionality on your streaming programs. With this, you will surely upgrade your channel.
    • Red and blue backlighting is available, so you can choose between those two.
    • X-keys store has 24, 80, and 128 keys as well.

    4. Contour Design ShuttlePro V.2  

    Contour Design ShuttlePro V.2

    This design is just… Wow. The Shuttle Pro comes with 15 buttons. Nine buttons have a removable cover so you can label them easily.

    If you are looking for easy and quick control over video or audio editing or even picture editing you will be satisfied with this stream desk.

    We can say that it simply allows you to create better content, without any fuss and in less time.

    • The inner ring of Shuttle Pro V.2 can rotate through 360 degrees and it provides frame by frame control.
    • The outer ring is made of rubber and it is mostly used for well-known functions such as rewind and fast forward.
    • It comes in an already configured form. It is compatible with some of the most popular audio and video editing programs. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows and Mac.

    Overall, we can recommend this one to you if you are looking for customizable controls for editing audio, video material or pictures.

    5. Max Keyboard Falcon

    Max Keyboard Falcon

    The Max Falcon is a programmable micro pad that contains 20 keys.

    • It has a “layer switch”. It is a button that allows you to switch between sets of programmed commands. Generally, you can have five up to 5 programming layers, and it involves a dual micro USB port and onboard memory. It allows you to take it with you wherever you go.
    • Falcon’s programming app can be used even without any prior knowledge about coding.
    • RGB keys will help you to know the roles of the keys.

    6. DIY formula (KEYPADS)

    The vanilla stream deck is essentially only a customizable keypad. If you remove the LED switches you will see that.

    To assemble a cheap stream deck you only need a free key remapping software and the num pad. Therefore, you can assembly it for under 20$. 

    If you are willing to get a paid version we recommend software with intuitive navigation. However, if you do not want to pay feel free to use other free key remapping software.

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    • In order to avoid interfering with your essential keyboard functions, we advise you to assign “F13“ and “F14“ on the external number pad. For example, you can assign F13 for sending out the animations or launching the chat.
    • To avoid memorizing the keys and their roles, you can replace the original keys with custom keys. Keycaps will cost you around 7 or 8$. Moreover, you can be imaginative and create your stickers. You can simply put them on top of existing keys. In that way, you can save a few bucks.
    • Generally, this method allows you to make many Elgato stream deck alternatives. You can save a few bucks, be imaginative and innovative. But, if you are a beginner it will take some time to configure the buttons and assign them. Furthermore, if you like the aesthetical aspect of an external num pad, you might be disappointed with the DIY stream deck. It just cannot compare with the LCD screens. 

    7. Stream Deck Mobile Apps

    Stream Deck Mobile

    Here is one of the best Elgato stream deck alternate choices. Namely, if you are not willing to invest in hardware you can buy Elgato software. You can turn your mobile into so-called “stream deck mobile“.

    • You get a completely customizable fifteen key set-up. Generally, this option has the best customizability in the market. You get 30 days free trial but after you will need to pay for the use of it. For now, there is no lifetime license.
    • The app works wirelessly, and the phone is connected with the app via the local network.
    • From our experience, it works great with both Android and iOS devices. However, a few problems might occur when it comes to Android devices, because the connection with the PC can be lost when the phone goes into sleep mode. It is pretty annoying because you will have to reconfigure the whole system later, due to the disappearance of buttons.

    8. Streamlabs Deck

    Streamlabs Deck

    Streamlabs deck is excellent streaming and broadcasting app for your mobile phone.

    If you are using Streamlabs OBS stream deck on PC, then you can use the Streamlabs deck app as a remote controller. The app is good, but it has limited usability.

    • The so-called remote app allows you to start and stop streaming or recording, play or pause audio, and switch between the scenes. However, if you are not using Streamlabs, this app will be useless for you.
    • A few words about the cons of it. You cannot use it to launch animations, do any custom functions or send alerts. Moreover, the app is not too customizable, as well.

    9. Stream Puppy

    Stream Puppy

    Stream Puppy is mostly built for Twitch streamers. The client app is available for Apple and Android users, as well. However, the server app is only available for Windows users.

    • Why do Twitch streamers love it? Well, because it has almost everything they need. Voice-Activated triggers, Chat-activated button triggers, Stream triggers, Stream clip button, and much more. Moreover, you do not need to set it up again if you are changing PCs.
    • It is easy to customize the app.
    • The free version has pretty much everything you need, but it is limited to 6 buttons only. However, if you are willing to pay, you get 45 configurable buttons. 

    Mobile Apps

    Nowadays, it is normal to use your mobile phone as your own stream deck alternative.

    It is up to you to find a stream deck app that will help you to convert your mobile into, let us say kind of “stream deck mobile app“ that will turn into a control panel.

    Here are our mobile alternatives:

    10. Deck Board

    Deck Board

    The free version of the app gives you access to 12 buttons. On the other hand, if you pay 30 buttons will be available for you. Generally, Deck Board can be used as a streaming assist tool, controller of flight simulation or just to make tasks fast and easy.

    • You can access your PC macros through your phone with USB or WiFi. You only need to scan the QR code or enter the IP address.
    • OBS Studio and stream deck Streamlabs obs integration allow you to control objects and scenes which enable a better broadcasting experience. You can moderate your Twitch chat room, as well. Spotify premium users will be happy to hear that this app allows you to control and play your favorite playlists and albums.
    • Deck Board is unavailable on Apple devices. 

    11. Touch Portal

    Touch Portal

    Touch portal free version has almost everything you need. On the other hand, if you purchase a paid version you will get 110 keys, which can be too much on an android.

    This alternative is available on Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS devices.

    • It has native support for SoundPad and OBS. Therefore, you can play or record songs and generally interact with SoundPad. On the other hand, thanks to the support for OBS you can switch scenes, control audio, unhide or hide the scenes, start or stop the recordings and streams, or simply change profiles or filters.
    • You can use the touch portal to control Twitch streams, your Twitter account and much more…
    • If you are willing to use plug-ins you can control Spotify, Windows Essentials, Lifx Lights and more than meets the eye.
    • Generally, we can recommend this one as it is a great Elgato stream deck alternative. It is perfect for streamers.

    12. Macro Deck

    Macro Deck

    Macro Deck can convert the phone into a deck. However, it has limited customizability. Therefore, some might say that it is easy to set up the app. We can agree.

    • In order to set up the app, you have to connect your Android via WiFi to the PC. It is a fully customizable app and you can organize your macro keys in every way you want.
    • Because it is free and it has an easy setup, we recommend it to beginners. However, if you are more experienced better look elsewhere.

    13. Matric App

    Matric App

     It is available on Android devices and it has native support for OBS studio. Matric App converts your phone into a media deck.

    • As we said, it has native support for OBS studio, so you can build the stream deck according to your own needs. You can, for example, switch scenes or you can make an advanced studio console. It is up to you. Generally, you can create numerous decks for a variety of situations.
    •  You can use Matric App as a multi-touch touchpad for PC, virtual joystick or you can simply play audio files on PC. Many more options are available.
    • Generally, the app is okay. It is attractive because of native support for OBS studio. However, if you are planning serious streaming there are better options in the market.

    14. Up Deck

    Up Deck

    Up Deck is available on Android and iOS devices. Moreover, you do not need to install any server app on the PC. It is compatible with OBS alone.

    Of course, OBS is one of the most popular programs for PC users who want to become streamers. Especially if the PC users are not prepared to pay an arm and a leg for a specific streaming gear.

    • Up Deck is free and it has tons of customization options. Namely, the buttons can be used for different actions and put together with various icons. One can switch scenes, save game replays from your streaming tablet or phone, control the volume, play songs or applications, draw on your screen, queue multiple animations etc…
    • However, you should always bear in mind that Up Deck is only the Elgato stream deck alternative and that products like stream deck app do not possess all the features that you can find in the original. Nevertheless, Up Deck is free and we recommend it because it simply has enough features for a stream deck app.

    15. Lioran Board

    Lioran Board

    Lioran Board is of course-free. It is only available for Windows and Android. Hopefully, they will expand to Apple devices and other platforms soon. It is fully customizable.

    • Generally, Lioran Board was made with predominately streaming in mind. However, it is the 21st century and people are looking for multifunctional products. So, the community has made a lot of extensions (JavaScript extensions) to pair Lioran Board with other software, hardware or websites. It is possible to connect this stream deck app to Discord, Spotify, LIFX lights…
    • With an OBS connection, you can start and stop streaming, modify, move, mute or unmute sources, or simply switch scenes.
    • It is great for Twitch streamers because you can read, send messages or get alerts. Numerous Twitch accounts can be connected to the same board.


    To conclude, we have shown you a list of 15 stream deck alternatives. Hopefully, it will be helpful.

    There are options if you need a stepping stone for streaming or if you are looking for a more serious Elgato stream deck alternative.

    Our team agrees that Elgato Stream Deck Mini is the best option when it comes to price and quality.

    They are absolutely in line.

    Moreover, if you want to upgrade your stream deck at some point, you can join it with the Elgato Stream Deck and get 21 customizable, LCD buttons at your service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you use your phone as a stream deck?

    Yes. Nowadays, you can turn your phone into a perfect stream deck. However, in most cases, it will not have as many buttons as the “ordinary“ stream deck. In the text above, you can find the best apps, that will help you to turn your phone into a stream deck.

    Is stream deck mobile free?

    The Stream deck on mobile is free to download, but you will have to pay for its full use. You basically buy software only. As we said, you get 30 days free trial and after that period you need to pay a monthly subscription for it. For now, as we mentioned, there is no lifetime license.

    Can I use my iPad as a stream deck?

    We will quote Elgato on this “The stream deck mobile works for both iPad and tablet devices“. When it comes to different types of stream deck alternatives, you can check their compatibility with the iPad and tablet system in the text above. Generally, we hope that all these alternatives will soon become available for iPad users if they are not already.

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