Unique Chat Mode Twitch: 5+ Tips To Prevent Spam On Your Channel

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When you start earning the trust of a follower or two, and they occupy your chat room, there is quite a chance you will understand how challenging it can get to manage Twitch chatters. But what should you do when giving your chat up is not the option?

There is a solution, and it’s called chat commands – simply add command in Twitch chat, and enjoy your view!

Let’s explore the unique chat mode Twitch offers!

What Is The Unique Chat Mode On Twitch?

Spamming is an everyday issue on Twitch. Numerous viewers, deliberately or not, like sending one message over and over and over again. It may be amusing; however, most streamers find it annoying.

This command prevents viewers from repeatedly posting the same messages. If you enable this Twitch mod, it will prevent the spammers from sending copy-paste messages. Unique Chat Command can only be enabled by a channel owner or a channel moderator.

So what is considered a spam message, and will this mode remove messages such as those with one-the-same emoji repeatedly? Well, it won’t. Twitch help says that the Unique Chat command will only moderate messages with 9 or more characters, thus messages with at least two or three words.

If a viewer tries to send a message more than one time, this mode will automatically delete all the same messages in the Twitch chat.

unique chat mode twitch

Do Many Streamers Use This Command?

The answer is yes! Numerous streamers use this Twitch chat command in order to control the eventual spam in the chat room. However, there is a vast amount of streamers who don’t want to use this mode. Wonder why?

Well, this is because this command isn’t that accurate and could actually lead to channel weaknesses. Even one of the most famous Twitch streamers, xQcOW, doesn’t use this command.

Is this command helpful?

There are many viewers who like to send repeated messages, but only because they find them so funny – spam has nothing to do with that. This Twitch chat mod command is annoying for these viewers, who could think about leaving the stream.

Nevertheless, as with all the commands on Twitch, this can too, be a very helpful one.

Suppose you are a streamer with 2k followers and encounter a spamming problem in your chat room. Of course, you will want to use the Unique Chat command. With so many followers, there is no need to worry if a couple of them wouldn’t have the patience to deal with spam messages.

However, if you are a new streamer and don’t have as many followers as you would like, this command could lour some of them away, so this mode isn’t a solution. Instead, try sending your spammer a private message and explain why he should stop posting non-unique messages (not only on yours but any of the Twitch channels).

unique chat mode

How To Turn On Unique Chat Mode?

If you have the owner’s or moderator’s permission, turning on this command is a piece of cake! All you should do is type ‘/uniquechat’ into the chatbox, and the filter is ready to work its magic.

There are two ways for enabling a unique chat feature:

  1. If your stream is on, simply type ‘/uniquechat’ in the chat box.
  2. If you don’t want to open a stream, you should click on your profile image, Menu, and then Channel Page; From the menu bar, choose The Chat Menu; Lastly, type in ‘/uniquechat’ and click ‘send’. In both cases, you will see a notification saying: ‘Your Channel has enabled Unique-Chat mode’.

If you’re a person who doesn’t trust just about everyone, you can put this to the test! Open the incognito tab on your browser (or use a different browser) and then open your stream. Then try to repeatedly send messages; you should see the repeated messages disappearing.

On the other hand, if you belong to the ‘annoyed viewers’ group, try politely asking the channel editors to disable this feature. They will probably meet your suggestion if they don’t receive many spam messages.

How To Turn Off Unique Chat Mode?

You turn this feature off following the same steps as when you turned it on, with one simple change: this time, you should type in the ‘/uniquechatoff’ command.

Turning off this Twitch chat command is probably a good option if you don’t receive many spam messages on your streams. Moreover, it could be helpful in games such as Borderlands 2, which is full of great jokes. It can get quite amusing for viewers to have fun with NPC’s phrases.

Should You Use A Unique Chat Mode?

You should consider using this chat feature in case of combat with haters who like spamming and trolling. However, it might be best that you turn the feature off after the storm has settled.

If you are a known stream maker, use this command to keep spam messages away from your channel.

Regardless, you probably won’t have to use this Twitch moderator command. You should keep this command turned off if your viewers make many meta jokes or memes.

Other Useful Twitch Chat Commands

Whether you are a viewer or a streamer, there are some rudimentary Twitch commands on Twitch chat everyone should know. Remember to always type ‘/’ before all the Twitch commands.

Basic Commands for Channel Moderators and Streamers

twitch commands

/ban [username]

Maybe the most popular of all the Twitch moderator commands will ban any user you choose from your Channel chatroom. (Use unban command to tun it off);


If you feel like you don’t want to look at your chat messages, this command will delete all the messages for you;


This command will allow all the channel moderators to ease off a little bit because only 100% emote chat messages will be posted. (emoteonlyoff – use this command to turn it off);

/followers [duration]

Limit chatting to followers only mode; you can optionally set duration. E.g., 20 minutes or 2 weeks. (if you want to turn followers only modeoff, use this command followersoff);

/monitor [user]

Among all the Twitch commands, this isn’t used as much, but if you feel like someone is your cup of tea, you can monitor the particular user’s messages. It can also be useful in detecting that chat bot that goes on your nerves by sending the same message over and over again. (use unmonitor to turn this command off)…

Twitch Commands for Channel Editors and Streamers

editor and streamer commands


This command is great for many of you who own a channel on Twitch, as you can make another channel your partner or affiliate; This is the most useful Twitch mod command for owners and editors, as it can bring you many viewers.


Use the embedded video player to host someone else’s channel on yours. (Use unhoast to turn it off);


Twitch mod commands can be fun, and so is this one. Raid command will send viewers to different Twitch channels, which is great if you have partners or affiliates…

Broadcaster Commands

Broadcaster Commands

/mod [user]

With this Twitch command, you can make channel moderators. However, if you don’t want someone to be a moderator on your Twitch channel anymore, use this command unmod [user];

/vip [user]

If you own a channel on Twitch, this command will help you grant someone a VIP status. Only users with VIP status won’t be affected by channel and chat moderation settings.

However, if you have a VIP status on someone else’s channel, you should know that all the channel moderators can still set channel rules for you only.

This Twitch command will be disabled by using unvip.


You would think that this one is, considering other commands, less important. Nevertheless, if the channel rules exist, this command will show them to the broadcaster and he will be able to make some changes if needed.

Twitch Commands Everyone Can Use

Twitch Commands Everyone Can Use


One of the most frequently used Twitch commands among the users, is precisely this one. This command will show the who are the chat moderators on the channel you are visiting.


All the channel VIPs will be shown if you type in this command.

/color [color name]

This will help normal users change the Twitch account username color.

/color [hex value]

While normal users don’t have this opportunity, turbo users can, indeed, even choose different color shades by typing in the color’s hex value instead of its name;

/w [username] [message]

If you like a specific channel, but don’t want to publicly share your opinion, this command will send a private message to the user of your choosing…

It doesn’t matter if you are a broadcaster, moderator, or viewer, there is a Twitch command for everyone. Twitch mods are there to help you make your chat server pleasing to your eye (if you are a moderator or a broadcaster), or find out relevant information about a specific channel.

Nevertheless, Twitch rules for chat are there to make everyone more comfortable, so if you ever get banned, think about what you might have done to cause this unfortunate turn of events.


How do I make my Twitch stream unique?

Some streamers have co-hosts or guests in Teamspeak. Some set up third-party websites, while others play video games with the community. The only thing important here is to be who you are and do what you like.

Viewers like honesty, and this is maybe the only thing that will make you stand out without much effort.

How do I customize my Twitch chat?

You can make a custom Twitch chat overlay using all the commands we have mentioned in this article. But keep in mind that we didn’t mention just about every of the Twitch commands and that there could always be a couple of new Twitch commands that we just didn’t have the opportunity to talk about.

How do you get different color chats on Twitch?

There are two steps you need to complete to have colored chat on Twitch.

First, go to “Chat Identity”, which is located on the left of the message box, and select the color you want. It will change your username to another color when using the chat.

Next, type “/me” in front of your message, and the text will be shown in the same color as your username.

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