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When you make your career on YouTube, one of the ways that you can make money from it is to get paid per view by YouTube.

This system is called Pay per View and it can be quite handy.

So, if you’ve been thinking about YouTube and how you would be paid, you’ve come to the right place, as I will talk about all of the details regarding Pay per View, as well as some other options to consider.

How Does YouTube Pay Per View Work?

While YouTube doesn’t literally pay you per view that a YouTube video gets, it pays you per one ad view.

Depending on different factors, what your AdSense account gets can vary.

Usually, the payment goes between $0.01 and $0.03 for each ad view, which approximately gives you $18 per 1000 ad views.

So, basically, with YouTube Pay per View, you make money on YouTube depending on how many people have watched your ads.

How Much Can You Earn Through Pay Per View?

Youtube Pay Per View

Depending on different factors like your region and whether your channel is family-friendly, you can earn between $0.10 and $0.30, as different advertisers will have different rates.

However, the average rate is $0.18.

So, when you calculate it, you will get around $18 per 1000 ad views.

But, since not everyone will watch every ad during the whole video length, this ends up being around $3 to $5 per 1000 video views.

How much money can you make from 1000 views?

From 1000 views on your YouTube videos, you get between $3 and $5.

This usually depends on what type of content you’re making, where you’re from, etc.

For example, there are some successful niches that are really advertiser-friendly and earn more, like personal finance channels, so their AdSense revenue is much higher than a lot of people who even have more subscribers.

Google takes a chunk from your Ad revenue, so you’re not getting 100% of your earnings, but rather you’re getting 68%.

How much money can you make from subscribers?

Subscribers are actually not what YouTube pays you for, but they do indirectly have an impact on how much money you earn in the end.

The more subscribers you have, the more views your videos will usually get, so either way, it’s useful to have as many as possible.

Another thing that’s important for consideration is the fact that more dedicated subscribers are more likely to stay on your mid-roll ads, as they are also more likely to like and comment for engagement, bringing even more traction to your content.

How much money can you make from a video?

Since we now know that you can earn between $3 and $5 per 1000 views on YouTube, the amount of money that you make from a video is directly dependent on how many people watch it.

If you get 10000 views on a video, and your average Pay per View amount is $3, you will earn around $30 from that video.

A good thing is that you’re able to earn money even from old videos, and depending on the type of your content, people could be very likely to go back and watch some things again.

You will still be paid for this.

How Much do YouTubers Earn Per Month?

This depends on so many factors since when you do YouTube, the money can come from a wide variety of sources.

There can always be estimates, but whenever a big YouTuber has addressed this, they very firmly say that these estimates have got it wrong.

However, since the Pay per View system is not as lucrative as all possible options for earning money on YouTube, most people don’t rely on it that much.

That’s why it’s so hard to predict this, and why we will probably never really know what the details are.

Other Ways to Earn Money on YouTube

Not a lot of creators rely on the pay-per-view option as their main source of income.

Actually, most of them just see it as just a small part of their overall income.

Of course, this is what happens to your average Youtuber, only the ones with the highest number of subscribers can actually see this as their legit payment.

Even if you have a good YouTube viewbot, it still might not be enough.

Down below is a list of all other options that Youtubers have as payment possibilities, and that you should definitely consider if you were planning on pursuing YouTube as a big part of your career.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is actually a very easy option to work with, and you could start doing it pretty early on.

Essentially, affiliate marketing is done when you share links on your social media, and every time your viewers click on that link, and make a purchase from the website, you make a small commission off of that.

So, these links are mostly links for online stores like Amazon, or any other website that sells things.

The commission you get is usually only a small percentage, but over time, as more people keep clicking it, it can grow and become an important part of your YouTube income.

This type of marketing works really well especially if your content revolves around product reviews.


Sponsorships are more or less the main source of income when it comes to YouTube money.

When you do a sponsorship, you work with a company to basically promote their product or service on your social media and in your content.

Depending on things like your follower count, view count, and overall engagement, the brand will propose a fee to you, which you can work on if you don’t think it’s right.

There are various different companies that offer sponsorship opportunities to creators, and some brands like working with smaller creators, some like to only go for the big guns, and some don’t choose too much.

But you could absolutely find great YouTube sponsorships for small channels.

Just like that, there are brands that are specific to a certain content category, and then there are brands that simply work with everyone, and these are usually brands of things that all of us use in some form or another.

Once you film the part that you decided to do with the brand, you will then send them your video for approval, and once they do approve it, usually after some minor changes, you will be able to post your content.

Depending on how things go, it might be likely that that brand will reach you again and want to work on some new projects.


Once Youtubers gain some traction and have a successful YouTube channel, a lot of them will decide to do merch.

Usually, because the viewers demanded it, but also because it can be a good promotional step and an additional stream of income.

Depending on which company and merchandise sites you choose to work with and who does the designs for the merch, you will make a certain percentage of the sales.

While selling merchandise can be highly lucrative for bigger Youtubers, other people can use it as a good, but not the main part of their overall income.

But if nothing else, it’s a very fun part of being a Youtuber, seeing your designs on people who love watching you.

Patreon Memberships

Artists use it for posting their artwork and making it more available but actually earning something for it.

Content creators that don’t have that many creative endeavors use Patreon to post some additional content.

Maybe an additional video once a month, or a podcast episode.

Patreon memberships can have tiers where your subscribers will get more content for a higher fee.

As a creator, you will have the ability to publicly post something after some amount of time, so people won’t feel like an outsider.

This is usually a substantial addition to YouTube earnings‚, so if you want to make more quality videos and video content

YouTube Shorts Fund

YouTube Shorts are a form of short-form content that was introduced to YouTube close to when Instagram introduced reels, inspired by the huge success of TikTok.

While YouTube Shorts are nowhere near as popular as TikTok is, people seem to like looking at them, as YouTube has formed its own Shorts fund.

The 5 Highest Paid YouTubers

Among many YouTube creators, the following 5 are currently known as the most paid YouTube channels.

These YouTubers make quite a lot of money on YouTube, and while they could mainly have YouTube earnings from people watching their YouTube videos, as YouTube pays a lot from their Google ads, most of them will still do most of the additional ways for making money.

So, let’s see who are the highest-paid YouTubers, how much Youtubers make when they are that successful video channels, and what type of content they post.



MrBeast has been one of the highest-paid people for quite some time now, with estimated earnings of around $54 million a year.

Even though his videos are apparently very expensive to produce, with one costing him around $10000, he also manages to earn quite a lot.

His videos are pretty outrageous, with challenges like “Would you swim with sharks for $100000”, and that’s why it’s so easy for him to get a lot of views.

Besides YouTube videos, he earns money through his other big business, MrBeast Burger which is actually a ghost kitchen, as well as his plant-based chocolate bars.



Markiplier has been one of the highest-paid YouTubers for over a decade now, and even though he might not seem as popular or as flashy as MrBeast, he still earns an estimate of $38 million yearly.

He usually just plays games, usually trending YouTube games, and follows it up with humorous commentary, but his personality is something that people keep being drawn to.

He is also known for giving a big amount of his earnings to charity, as he feels that it isn’t really fair that he earns as much as he does.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is known on YouTube for a lot of things, and it mostly involves drama.

However, in more recent times, his main income has come from viral boxing matches, and it’s estimated that he earned around $45 million last year.

This is a great achievement, having in mind that after the events of 2017 that included his brother, it seemed impossible that they could ever get back on this kind of track.

Rhett and Link

Rhett and Link

This duo started off with a show called Good Mythical Morning, but as their popularity grew more and more, they ended up having a lot of spinoffs and brand extensions.

This ended up earning them $30 million yearly.

They have a very successful channel called Mythical Kitchens, and that one brings in a lot of money.

They are also known for their Mythical Accelerator fund, made for investing in other YouTubers.

Finally, their most recent huge success occurs when, after years of being strictly family-friendly, they had one fully R-rated episode.



Minecraft has always been a big part of not only the gaming community, but YouTube in general, so it’s no surprise that one of the most famous gaming YouTubers has found his way on this list.

Besides playing Minecraft, Unspeakable does a lot of interesting and adrenaline-inducing things for content, like filling a room with alligators.

During the last year, he earned approximately $28.5 million, so it really is worth it to monetize gaming videos.


While you certainly can earn money from YouTube’s Pay per View system, when you’re starting your career, it shouldn’t be your only way of earning money.

The amount of money you get from this will increase as your watch time and subscriber numbers rise, but as I’ve said, only the most famous gaming Youtubers can rely only on this as a mainstream of income – and even they don’t do that.


How much is the pay for 1 million views on YouTube?

Since you earn between $3 and $5 per 1000 views on YouTube, getting one million views could bring you anywhere between $3000 and $5000 for a video with 1 million views.

Does YouTube pay monthly?

Yes, YouTube content creators have a check paid out monthly, and once you become a partner, you will be paid out monthly no matter what the amount is.

Does YouTube pay for likes?

YouTube doesn’t pay for likes, however, video engagement is a big factor when it comes to how much advertisers pay and how much money on YouTube will you be able to make.

Do YouTubers get paid for old videos?

Yes, if there are still mid-roll ads running on these YouTube videos, the AdSense account will earn money and the YouTube account will get paid for that.

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