Twitch Challenges: Top 9 Ideas You Can Do In A Live Stream

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Twitch challenges are seen as the premier way to connect a certain streamer or influencer with their community, increasing their reach and, therefore, the revenue they gain from the streaming platform by collecting channel points.

Creating a Twitch challenge is the best way to interact with the community, entertain them, and involve them in your activities. It can be both fun and profitable stream.

The Best Ideas For Twitch Community Challenges

1. Dance-off Challenges
2. Charity Challenge
3. Physical Challenges
4. The Surprise Me Challenge
5. The Trolling Twitch Challenges
6. The Twitch Quiz Challenge
7. Giveaway Challenge
8. The Eating Challenge
9. The Funny Video Twitch Challenges

That being said, starting a Twitch community challenge isn’t easy, especially if you have to think of your own.

Because of this, I have decided to write a guide including some of the good ideas for community challenges, complete with suggestions on how many Twitch channel points you should aim for.

Before starting a Twitch community challenge, however, there are several key things that you should plan for. First of all, you need to decide how many points the challenge will require. This step is usually based on the size of your fanbase.

Afterward, you need to make sure to have fun rewards for your viewers. This, too, is influenced by the fanbase, though this time, it will depend on the social group your most loyal viewers belong to.

Finally, you need to make sure that the challenge objective is fun and inclusive, as it will encourage your audience to watch you and therefore increase your reach.

1. Dance-off Challenges

One of the easier challenges to perform is a so-called dance-off challenge. What you need to do for this challenge is to set a moderate Twitch channel points goal for your viewers, let’s say anywhere between 10 and 20 thousand, depending on the size of your channel.

Then, once the goal is reached, you pick a random dance suggested by your viewers (best to use a random number generator for this one, as well as any other Twitch challenges you do on your channel) and perform it on stream.

dance challenge twitch

This little goofy challenge is extremely simple and interactive, although it requires you to have a good sense of humor as some of the dances suggested by the viewers can be quite goofy.

Alternatively, you can have your viewers send you videos of them dancing, then do your best to emulate such dances on stream once the point goal is reached.

2. Charity Challenge

This one is pretty simple as well and will grant you tons of goodwill with your community, not to mention you can rack up quite a few channel points. Unfortunately, if not planned correctly, it can net you a moderate financial loss, though the money will be directed to a good cause.

These types of Twitch challenges have been surging in popularity recently, but that can be a double-edged sword.

While your community might be inclined to watch you more in order to obtain that channel point reward, it might also cause you to become too similar to their other favorite streamers, therefore losing the uniqueness that made them watch you in the first place.

As a result, this challenge should not be done in a short amount of time and can serve as a good long-term way to encourage viewer participation instead. So set a long-term goal to reach, and dip it into your pocket for a suitable reward.

3. Physical Challenges

Are you a streamer that spends all his or her day playing video games and talking with your viewers? Would you like to have more time to do some physical exercise, but you have no time for that?

A physical community challenge can help you solve these problems while also getting you closer to your viewers.

First, you need to make sure to choose a challenge you can actually complete, then set a channel points milestone at which you will perform it. Of course, the milestone will be appropriate for the difficulty of your challenge.

physical challenges twitch

The best physical exercises to do are the ones easily tracked on streams, such as pushups or stirrups, and you can even let the viewers choose the exercise for you to do.

Truly a great way to keep yourself active while also gaining support from your fanbase and new subscribers.

4. The Surprise Me Challenge

This is quite an unusual and out there a type of challenge that can be surprisingly rewarding both in the channel points section and for your viewers. It is also great fun if executed correctly, though it can be very embarrassing.

Basically, what you are going to do, is set a certain channel point goal, preferably one that is attainable during the same session you are streaming. Then, you will agree to let the viewers choose your next action once said the goal is reached.

This can be done either via an RNG sequence or by simply going with the most prevalent suggestion in chat. Either way, you are going to have quite a bit of fun if you decide to play with this challenge.

5. The Trolling Twitch Challenges

The goal of this challenge is obvious, you set a channel point goal, and when it’s met, you go and do something completely mind-blowing and, above all, pointless.

The possibilities with this challenge are as numerous as they are hilarious. You can do anything from trying to balance an egg on the top of your head to playing your favorite game blindfolded (just don’t do it in competitive mode).

Additionally, you can combine this challenge with the previous one in order to make the game even more fun to play for your viewers; just make sure to be ready for some truly outrageous requests.

6. The Twitch Quiz Challenge

This challenge allows you to take a break from your usual streamer routine, all the while pushing your community closer together and letting them have a better idea about you as a person.

Basically, what you need to do is set a goal for the channel to reach and then continue streaming games as normal. Once the goal is reached, you will interrupt your stream and schedule a Twitch quiz event to take place at a certain time.

During this time, any people that are watching the stream can ask you questions in chat, whether about your own life or as a true quiz, which you then answer live on stream.

This is one of those community Twitch challenges better suited for smaller to medium-sized channels, as getting an insight into the streamer’s life can make the channel hugely more popular.

7. Giveaway Challenge

This is the most basic challenge on this list but also the easiest one to accomplish, as it encourages viewers to participate for their own benefit.

You can even make dual giveaways, one for everyone who watches the channel and another in sub-only mode with increased and more exclusive rewards.

giveaway gift challenge twitch

Make sure that the rewards are similar to the content you are featuring on your stream, but also, don’t copy other streamers too much! Being unique can get you very far in terms of viewer count, as word of mouth is often one of the premier ways a Twitch channel grows.

A good example of a low-cost yet very effective giveaway would be skin bundles for your most-streamed game. It is simple and to the point, keeps your community active, and encourages growth in viewer count – one of the more efficient challenges overall.

8. The Eating Challenge

This challenge, while not for everyone, can be quite a nice change of pace. Basically, what you need to do is set a moderate goal of points to reach, and then, once it is achieved, push yourself to eat on stream while being watched for a certain amount of time.

I recommend eating something you are not used to as well, or even asking tour chat to pick your food for you, as they are certainly going to have a number of interesting suggestions.

While not the best challenge to try if you are conscientious of your weight, it can create something new for you to do on the channel, is very low cost, and often nets quite a few Twitch channel points with ease.

9. The Funny Video Twitch Challenges

The final challenge on this list is probably the goofiest of them all and not to be undertaken unless you have a good sense of humor and aren’t easily embarrassed.

It is basically a game between you and your viewer base, where you set a point goal that they have to reach, and in return, you make a fun live video for their entertainment.

You might end up doing a variety of silly things as a part of this challenge, including pointless dances and a whole host of other things.

funny video twitch challenge

One good thing about this challenge is that it almost always increases your viewer count as people love watching other people do silly things as a part of a game.

It was also one of the most common Twitch challenges in the early days of Twitch and is also a very easy game to get into as a new character on the scene.

What To Look For When Choosing A Twitch Challenge?

Number Of Subscribers

Depending on the sub count on your channel, some streams and challenges might be better than others. This means that you should tailor the Twitch challenges in such a way that the point goal is achievable without much effort.

After all, uncompleted Twitch challenges just make your streams less interesting to the audience.

Enticing Channel Point Rewards

You should know your community enough to be able to create a challenge that will be interesting to them. While going with Twitch challenges that are trending at any given point in time is an option, you are risking making yourself lost in a sea of streamers.

Therefore, creating enticing rewards for your audience makes it more likely that you will have a greater reach and attract new nonsubs to your channel.

Overall Fun Factor

Finally, your Twitch challenge should be as fun for you as it is for your viewers. For example, if you are a person that loves pets, try incorporating a pet into your challenge.

Additionally, you might ask people around you for some ideas on how to get the channel point goal or even your audience.

As Twitch is primarily a platform where people go to have fun, whether as content creators or as consumers, you should never let that factor out of your sight.

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Good Community Challenges For Twitch?

Answering a question like this requires a great deal of research, as it will most often depend on the size and age of your channel, as well as the target audience. In this guide, you can find some fun and unusual Twitch challenges to try out that are sure to boost the fun factor of your channel.

How Do I Entertain My Twitch Viewers?

This will heavily depend on the type of audience you have. For example, if your audience is mostly children and younger teenagers, you will have to adapt to do things they find fun.

On the other hand, if you have older and more sensible viewers, you might want to base on quizzes, Q&A sessions, and other ways of communication.

In the end, if you are running low on ideas in this particular category, this guide might help you a lot.

What Activities Can You Do On Twitch?

There are quite a few things you can do on this incredibly versatile streaming platform. From just chatting (which is actually a category on Twitch) to performing an instrument or playing video games, the possibilities are endless.

That being said, finding a niche on Twitch can be difficult. As a result, streamers often refer to lists such as this one in order to boost their channel.

The difference between a successful channel and one that falls into obscurity is often nothing more than being able to implement new ideas and create ways to keep your community active.

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