TheGrefg Net Worth – How Much Does TheGrefg Earn? (2024)

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Full name: David Cánovas MartínezEducation: Unknown
Date of birth: April 24, 1997Height: 6′ 0″ / 183cm
Place of birth: Alhama de Murcia, SpainWeight: 159lb / 72 kg
Current residence: AndorraEstimated net worth: $9.8 million

Before I tackle the question “how much TheGrefg net worth” let’s learn more about this famous streamer.

TheGrefg is a popular YouTube star from Spain, and he is also the eighth most followed Twitch channel, with over 9.4 million followers on this platform.

TheGrefg YouTube channel is the most subscribed Spanish YouTube channel, meaning that he is probably Spain’s most popular YouTube star.

TheGrefg Net Worth

It’s estimated that TheGrefg’s net worth is somewhere around $9.8 million, but of course, it has to be noted that this is something that can be known for sure.

It’s also possible that he is Spain’s richest YouTube star, but he moved to Andorra because of the tax benefits in that country, which benefited TheGrefg’s net worth even more.

As someone who has very popular videos in the YouTube gaming sphere and who also holds the Guinness World Record for the most concurrent viewers on a Twitch stream, it’s possible that his ad revenue is quite high.

When it comes to how much does TheGrefg earn monthly, it’s probably somewhere around $163000, only from his ads, but he does more things to generate income besides relying on his most popular videos.

TheGrefg Sources Of Income

When it comes to how much does TheGrefg earn overall, it’s important to know that, just like other YouTube stars, he has multiple streams of income.

TheGrefg YouTube

thegrefg youtube

TheGrefg is a pro-Fortnite player, and having in mind how popular Fortnite is, that automatically raises the chances of him earning a lot from it.

There are a lot of TheGrefg fans on YouTube, as he has 17.5 million subscribers and overall 5,893,413,305 views, making him the most popular Fortnite player in Spain.

That means that only the ad revenue from YouTube channels, about $50000 monthly, towards the TheGrefg net worth number.

While he never disclosed a sponsorship in a video, it’s known that he is one of the Red Bull Athletes’ partners.

TheGrefg Twitch

thegrefg twitch

Twitch is now probably the primary source of his popularity, and it will likely continue to be through the near future.

On there, he has 9.6 million followers and over 10000 subscribers, so it’s safe to assume that he earns more than $30000 each month from Twitch alone.

Besides the subscribers, he probably has a significant ad revenue from Twitch ads and bits.

Finally, let’s not forget the different Twitch tournaments and the prizes he won, and all of these prizes have some prize money included.


Since he was on YouTube during the era when all famous creators had their own books, it isn’t surprising to find out that his YouTube channel led to him writing 3 different books.

The first one that got out in 2017 was called “Rescate en White Angel (The G-Squad).”

The year after that came the next book, and this one was called “Los Secretos de YouTube.”

Finally, in 2019 came the third of his books. That one was titled “Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre esports,” and it was a collab between him and two other creators, Goorgo and MethodzSick, and it basically talked about how to succeed in the E-sports realm.

When Dod TheGrefg Start Streaming?

TheGrefg’s first video came when he was only 14 years old, and it came from his love of video games, just like many other popular streamers.

That was back in 2012, and his career has grown a lot over the years.

When it comes to Twitch, he is still best known for having the record for the most viewed stream on Twitch.

thegrefg career

His most popular videos are the ones from his Geometry Dash series.

Besides that, his most notable career moment was when there was a charity soccer match organized by Real Madrid, Adidas, and YouTube gaming.

TheGrefg’s Private Life

When it comes to details about TheGrefg’s private life, there are not a lot of spectacular facts that are known.

He is not widely known in the USA, so that might be the reason why not much is known.

However, some notable details include the fact that he is born in the town Alhama de Murcia and that his real name is David Cánovas.

He now lives in Andorra, where he moved to pay fewer taxes, as the laws regarding taxing are different than they are in Spain, which is a smart business move that many rich and popular people make.

When it comes to his relationship status, nothing is really known as of now.

The only thing that is known to the public is the fact about TheGrefg dating Gemma Gallardo, and it was a pretty long relationship, too.

But, according to his most recent Instagram posts, it’s likely that they have broken up.


Where is TheGrefG from?

TheGrefg is from Spain, and to be even more specific, he is from a town called Alhama de Murcia.

Is Grefg Spanish?

Yes, TheGrefg is Spanish, and he comes from a town in Spain called Alhama de Murcia.

How old is TheGrefg?

TheGrefg was born in 1997.

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