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Full name: Kris LambersonEducation: Arizona Lutheran Academy
Date of birth: May 14, 1996Height: 5′ 10″ / 178cm
Place of birth: Phoenix, Arizona, USAWeight: 154lb / 70 kg
Current residence: Phoenix, Arizona, USAEstimated net worth: $2.3 million

Faze Swagg is a very popular gamer and Youtuber who is best known for his fantastic Call of Duty performances.

His original videos helped him go viral and amass a loyal following, so if you want to know more about Swagg, his career, followers, and Swagg net worth, you are in the right place.

What Is Faze Swagg Net Worth?

Kris Lamberson, better known as Swagg or Faze Swagg is a dedicated Twitch streamer and Youtube creator who has been in this industry for a decade.

He has tried out everything the gaming industry and social media offer, and by now, his Faze Swaggs net worth is estimated to be around 2,3 million dollars.

This is what he does for a living and how much he earns from all of his sources of income.

Swagg Twitch channel

With around 20 000 followers on Twitch, Swagg has a huge following and is able to earn plenty of money through this streaming platform.

It is estimated that his Twitch subs can bring him around 40 000 dollars per month, and since he splits the money 70/30 with Twitch, he can rely on this amount of money every month.

Swagg is also estimated to earn around 12 000 dollars from Ad revenue on Twitch, although he doesn’t stream daily.

Just like all other popular Twitch streamers, he also gets bits and donations, and depending on how many people are watching and how interesting he is, he can gain up to 5000 dollars per month this way.

As you can see, Swagg net worth is grown mainly by Twitch, and this platform is one of his main sources of income at the moment.

Swagg Youtube channel

swagg youtube

Although everyone is moving to Twitch these days, Swagg is still loyal to his channel, which has more than 2.5 million subscribers on Youtube.

The channel has around 10 million views, and although Faze Swagg doesn’t upload that frequently, he can still earn a lot of money this way.

It is estimated that Youtube Adsense revenue brings him around 17 000 dollars per month, but this amount is higher if you consider the fact that he also gets paid to advertise different things on the stream and earns extra money this way.

Brand deals

Like any other Twitch streamer, Swagg makes deals and Twitch sponsorships with different brands, and at the moment, he is working with several different brands.

G Fuel energy drink, Doritos, Corona seltzer, and Scuff sponsors Swagg currently, but he also gets other short-term sponsorships through his involvement with Faze clan.

However, he can make at least 5000 dollars per month this way so Swagg net worth accumulates to a pretty good number.


Even though most Twitch streamers decide to release their merch collections, that is not the case with Swagg, who has released only a few pop-up collections on the Faze clan store.

His last merch collection was released years ago, and it sold out almost immediately, and he currently doesn’t have any other products on his offer, so he is not earning money from anything with his sign or face.

However, the gaming group Faze clan has sold some pieces with his name, so he may have gotten money form this sort of merch.

When Did Faze Swagg Start Streaming?

Kris Lamberson, better known as Swagg, got into the world of video games when he was a teenager and decided to replace his love for basketball with this.

Once he tried out Call of duty modern warfare 3 and started playing it with his friends, he reačized this is the thing he truly loves.

However, he decided to proceed with dedicating time to basketball, and eventually, he got a basketball scholarship that helped him to get into college.

Unfortunately, after a short time, he got injured, and his basketball career needed to wait; since he wasn’t able to do much, he decided to give it a try to Youtube and open his channel.

He created his Youtube channel in 2012, and to this day, he was able to gather around 2.5 million followers.

Kris became known for his Call of duty videos, and his gaming videos brought him a million subscribers quickly.

Shortly after his channel started blowing up, he started collaborating with Kontrol Freek, so Swagg income was shared between him and his agency.

swagg popularity

He gained worldwide recognition when his ‘World Record 129-0 Gameplay in Black Ops 4’ video went viral, and it was his big break on the Youtube algorithm.

However, he also gained a lot of views by playing Apex legends; although he didn’t have much success in the game, he at least made people laugh.

Kris also had a huge Instagram account that he used to post motivational pictures and life motto quotes and inspire people to reach their highest potential.

Combined with his attractive Youtube presence, he was able to grow a fantastic audience and start earning money through social media.

Although he spent time trying out some different games and giving a try to Ghosts, Scuff gaming, and Apex legends, he stayed loyal to Call of Duty Warzone and became one of the most popular players of this game.

He also became a Faze Clan member and started competing in Esports for them, which has provided him with access to some amazing championships and competitions in Call of duty.

Swagg streamed all of his competitions and games during the past few years, and he was exceptionally active during quarantine when he used to spend over 14 hours on a Twitch stream every day.

Once Swagg joined Faze clan, he also started filming a lot more Youtube videos and doing collabs with different gamers and influencers, which has resulted in some very interesting videos.

What Is Faze Swagg Like In Private Life?

Although he doesn’t share too many details from his private life, Swagg started playing and creating Youtube videos a long time ago, so his loyal followers know much more about him than his net worth.

We know he has a close bond with his father, and he was one of the first people to hype him up to create Youtube channels and videos.

Although he was forced to stop playing basketball, he is still a huge fan of it and follows all NBA championships; his favorite basketball player is Michael Jordan.

Swagg started streaming when he was still in college, so you could also see how he was struggling through college education and how interested he was in it.

His decision to become a content creator was not easy, but since he has a large following and support from people worldwide, he realized his first video on Youtube was the first step to his new life.

He stayed very humble to this day, and although he is a popular Twitch streamer, you won’t see him bragging about expensive watches or clothes, and he is pretty realistic.

Kris posts vlogs of his everyday life, and that’s when you see he is a cool guy who seems to be a popular streamer and a professional esports player.

Faze Swagg streamed gameplay of Apex Legends that wasn’t very successful, and it made him go viral on TikTok and make millions of people worldwide laugh because he had no idea what he was doing.

In the end, Swagg decided he should probably stick to Call of duty he has played a hundred times by now because these new things don’t seem to go well.

Recently, he made his childhood dream come true and bought the Mercedes AMG GTS Brabus, his dream car for a long time.

He is currently in a committed relationship with a girl named Maria he met before he was even a Twitch star.

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