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Full name: Matthew RinaudoEducation: Michigan High School
Date of birth: February 16, 1995Height: 5′ 8″ / 173cm
Place of birth: Montclair, New Jersey, USAWeight: 165lb / 75 kg
Current residence: New Jersey, USAEstimated net worth: $1 million

Mizkif is a popular Twitch streamer and gamer who became famous for his Super Mario streams.

This American Youtuber caters to a pretty specific audience, but he was still able to amass more than a million followers on Twitch.

If you want to find out more about Mizzkif net worth and career, this is the place for you.

What Is Mizkif Net Worth?

Mizkif started streaming in 2016, and although he hasn’t been in the industry for a decade like most other Twitch streamers, he still gained popularity worldwide.

Mizkif’s net worth is estimated to be around 1 million dollars, and the money Mizkif makes comes through his Twitch channel, Youtube, and merch.

These are his primary sources of income and how much he earns from them.

Mizkif Twitch channel

Mizkif Twitch channel

This Twitch streamer has 1.3 million followers on the platform, which shows he has a loyal audience that enjoys watching him play games.

With this many followers, he can make around 90 000 dollars from Twitch subscribers only.

He also has millions of views on his Twitch channel every month which allows him to make thousands of dollars from ads only, so it is estimated his Twitch ads bring him around 10 000 dollars every month.

Just like all other top streamers, he has a donation and bits option that allows followers to donate money through Stream elements.

It is estimated that he earns around 5000 dollars from donations only, and it can be even higher if he has someone else on a stream.

As you can see, his Twitch stream career can provide him with more than enough on a monthly basis.

Mizkif Youtube channel

mizkif youtube

Mizkif also has a Youtube channel with around 1 million followers, and he has gathered about 14 million views on it.

His Youtube revenue is estimated to be around 45 000 dollars per month, which is a lot of money, especially because he is no longer dedicated to this social media, and he is more of a Twitch star.

Mizkif merch

Mizkif makes money from his merch sales, and he has created a collection in collaboration with the official OTK store, but you can also purchase it directly through his streaming channel.

He sells cool hoodies, shirts, caps, and some gaming features and setup, and since they are reasonably priced, they do tend to send well.

It is estimated that Twitch streamer Mizkif earns around 3000 dollars per month this way, although the sales may vary from one month to another.

Brand deals

Although Mizkif is not known for brand deals with famous companies, he does collaborate with NFT and crypto companies that have offered him huge sponsorship deals.

He also made headlines when he was offered a 10 million dollar deal by a gambling company earlier this year, but he said he didn’t feel like that was the right thing to do and promote to his viewers, so he turned it down.

He is collaborating with Artesian Builds and Game Fuel, so he is able to earn around 15 000 dollars per month from sponsorship deals.

When Did Mizkif Start Streaming?

Mizkif started streaming in 2016 when he created a Youtube channel he used to show his Super Mario gameplays.

In 2017, he decided to move his Mizkif stream to Twitch, and although his community wasn’t that big, in 2018, his channels blew up, and he started attracting hundreds of thousands of users.

Since he was working as a cameraman for Paul Denino, he gained a lot of fans this way.

His follower count started increasing on all platforms, and nowadays, he has more than 1 million loyal followers on Twitch.

Although he took a break in 2019 to focus on his mental health and wellbeing, it seems like Mizkif came back even stronger in 2020 when he came back to Twitch and started Just streaming chats and sleep streams.

He also started playing video games that were viral at the moment, like Among us, and he started collaborating with other popular streamers like Pokimane and Sykkuno.

Mizkif also streamed during presidential elections, and he was the third most watched Twitch channel that way.

Along with Esfand, Tips Out, Rich Campbell, and Asmongold, he created a gaming organization called One True King.

They also held the One True King reality show, which was similar to Are you smarter than a 5th grader, that gained a lot of popularity on the internet.

However, some of the contestants were caught cheating, so the show didn’t end in a good way.

During this time, his Twitch channel was growing significantly, and he had many IRL streams that helped people get to know him better.

mizkif streams

Before, he had a pretty small community that grew almost overnight in 2020, especially when he started posting lifestyle content and talking about his anxiety struggles too.

He also created another Youtube channel called MizkifToo that he mainly uses for casual content.

Streamer Mizkif takes his job seriously and makes sure that his content is not only interesting for a gaming lover but also has something meaningful to say.

Who Is Mizkif In Private Life?

Matthew Rinaudo, better known as Mizkif, is an American streamer who grew up in New Jersey.

Even though he didn’t have too much success at the beginning of his streaming career, this content creator was able to expand the community and create several income sources.

He became very popular for his sleep stream, which was a way to show how draining this industry can be, and when he revealed he was able to earn almost 6000 dollars during this stream, everyone was shocked.

Matthew is well known for his charity work, and in 2019 he donated over 20 000 dollars to the Make a wish foundation, which he gathered during his Twitch stream along with his followers.

Since then, he has organized several streams of this sort, and he has had many other streamers collaborating with him for charity causes.

He also held a charity stream for David’s children’s hospital in St Austin, where he gathered money for the toys for all of the sick kids.

In 2019, Mizkif went viral because he was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with viral myocarditis which has led to him not only having plenty of health issues but also multiple panic attacks.

Once he was admitted to the hospital, he was also diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder which was probably the main cause of his anxiety and panic attacks.

He s very open about his mental health struggles, and he has gained a lot of Twitch subscribers because of his honesty.

Matthew has also closely collaborated with the Make a wish foundation on many other occasions, and he accepts donations for charity through his streams too.

He used to be dating a Twitch streamer, Maya Higa unit last year.

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