Gaules Net Worth – How Much Does Gaules Earn? (2024)

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Full name: Alexandre Borba ChiquetaEducation: Marketing Degree
Date of birth: December 2nd, 1983Height: 5′ 8″ / 173cm
Place of birth: Sao Paulo, BrazilMarital Status: Unmarried
Ethnicity: BrazilianEstimated net worth: $4 million

Who is Gaules?

About, History, and Net Worth

Alexandre Borba Chiqueta, better known under his online alias Gaules, is a Brazilian Twitch star, a professional gamer, and a streamer.

But just how much money does Gaules have? Let’s find out what is Gaules net worth!

He is consistent in his presence in the top charts on Twitch in terms of both followers and subscribers, and as such is collecting a great deal of revenue from his online vocation.

Gaules Net Worth

Gaules estimated net worth is around $4 million. The majority of this income originates from his Twitch channel through payouts and his viewer’s donations, but he also earned quite a bit of money through his esports career and other projects.

Gaules Esports career

Gaules is a former professional Counter-Strike player, one of the most successful professional gamers in brazil, as well as one of the first people to become a coach to a Counter-Strike team.

He first ventured into the world of esports back in 2006, collaborating with MIBR to win one of the biggest Counter-Strike competitions of the time: Dreamhack winter.

Furthermore, he was one of the main drivers behind the establishment of the Brazilian gaming league, an organization that brought popularity to the Counter-Strike competitive scene in his country.

He became an important part of the esports scene in Brazil, working with the X5 store to create an esports-oriented marketing agency: Agenciax5.

The successes continued up until 2017, the beginning of a dark phase in this twitch streamer’s life. He decided to withdraw from his previous projects and reinvest the money he got by selling his shares. The investments fell flat, however, and Gaules was left bankrupt.

Gaules Twitch career

In contrast to his earlier business schemes, the majority of Gaules’ income nowadays comes from his Twitch channel. With an impressive number of 1.9 million followers, he is an influential social media personality and caters primarily to the Brazilian audience.

He originally started streaming with the help of his friends after a very dark phase in his life during which he even attempted suicide.

Soon, however, the gaming community remembered the well-loved and charismatic Gaules, joining his stream in droves and making him the most watched streamer for several months, with a peak viewer count of over 390.000 people on stream. He still remains the second most watched streamer in terms of concurrent viewers.

Gaules mostly uses his Twitch account to stream Counter strike global offensive, but he occasionally tries out other games such as Valorant and Sea of Thieves.

Overall, we can say that Gaules’ Twitch career is a very successful one, with high income from viewer donations, Twitch payouts, and more.

Furthermore, this professional twitch star has begun to return to his Esports roots, this time more as a commentator as befits his new streaming career instead of being a player, but he still attracts a lot of viewers every time he turns on his stream or shows up at an event.

Gaules Youtube career

Gaules Youtube

Beyond what he earns on Twitch, Gaules also has a sizeable Youtube revenue, with his channel numbering around 720 thousand followers.

While this number is much lesser than what some other streamers boast, it is undeniable that Youtube Adsense is quickly becoming a great source of income for Gaules, though it is unlikely that his revenue from it will reach what he earns through Twitch subscriptions any time soon.

Gaules Personal Life

In contrast with the dark times that had led him to attempt suicide, Gaules is now a fairly happy man, with a girlfriend named Lett Pereira.

She is a Twitch streamer as well, and they have been seen regularly over the past few years, both streaming and in public.

With that being said, it is unsure whether this South American streamer with Brazilian nationality is ready to tie the knot or not.


From riches to rags and back to riches, the story of Gaules is an interesting one. He has made a name for himself not only through his professional gaming career but also as one of the most popular Twitch streamers ever to come out of Brazil, with a net worth that currently exceeds 4 million USD.


Who is the richest streamer?

With over 100 million subscribers on Youtube, it is undeniable that PewDiePie is the streamer with the highest earnings from his streams. In terms of total net worth, however, Ninja holds the number one spot.

How much does Gaules make?

It is uncertain just how much Gaules makes from all his sources of revenue, but we can safely say that the amount exceeds 500.000 USD a year.

Is Gaules single?

While still unmarried, Gaules is dating a fellow twitch streamer by the name of Letticia Pereira and has been dating her for quite some time now.

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