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Full name: Michael GrzesiekEducation: Port Credit Secondary School
Date of birth: June 2, 1994Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168cm)
Place of birth: Toronto, CanadaWeight: 126lb (57kg)
Current residence: Hidden Hills, CaliforniaEstimated net worth: $12-18 million

Shroud is a famous streamer and YouTuber, but he is also very famous for his professional gaming career. Today, I will say something about Shroud net worth, career, and private life.

He used to be a professional Counter Strike Global Offensive player ever since high school, and he was renowned for being a professional eSports player.

Soon after that, he professionally retired from competitive gaming and began streaming.

His streaming platform grew and made him one of the most popular streamers, so that’s how he was able to be a full-time streamer.

As a popular Twitch streamer, he mostly streamed first-person shooters games and battle royale games.

This includes Counter Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PUBG.

Shroud Net Worth

Shroud’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $12 million and $18 million.

In October 2021, there was a Twitch leak that revealed the exact numbers of how much a lot of Twitch streamers make.

With this data breach, everyone was able to see how much money their favorite popular streamer earned.

Shroud wasn’t as affected as some streamers; however, with the data that was available about other people and the few details about his Twitch payouts, it wasn’t that hard to estimate what Shroud’s net worth is

Every month, Shroud makes money that’s over $300k, and yearly it’s probably somewhere around $2 million.

Shroud Streams Of Income

Of course, Shroud’s net worth is made through multiple income streams, as ad revenue is not usually enough for streamers, even when they are streaming full-time.

In order to have extra income, Shroud expanded his streaming career to a lot of things.

Twitch Channel

shroud twitch

As a very popular Canadian streamer, Shroud has more than 10 million followers on Twitch and also 3600 subscribers.

From these subscription fees, Shroud earns between $30k and $36k each month, and while it depends on how much Shroud will earn from the advertisements that roll between the streams, it’s most likely more than $4000 monthly.

In the Twitch leak that I already mentioned, the streaming platform revealed that he was among the top paid streamers.

Precisely, he was the 25th most paid streamer at the time, so he is a top-tier Twitch partner.

His first stream was on Twitch, then later, Shroud started to stream exclusively for another platform, Mixer, but not long after that, the platform was closed, so Shroud moved back to Twitch, where he still streams now.

YouTube Channel

shroud youtube

Like most streamers, Shroud has a YouTube channel where he posts highlights of his streams or just general gaming videos.

His videos average 200k views, but the full number of his YouTube views is 950,936,657.

With that kind of viewership, it’s most likely that his revenue from YouTube is around $120k.

Sponsorship Deals

Shroud was a trending gamer over the years, and as a professional CS player, it’s not surprising that Shroud accepted a lot of sponsorships in his career.

The most recent ones that are known are Amazon Gaming Studios and Adobe.

He has also partnered with Logitech in the past and designed a pro ergonomic mouse on his own, and that must’ve had a great impact on the Shroud net worth.

Deal With Mixer

While Shroud mostly streamed omđn Twitch throughout his career, for a period of 10 months, he had an exclusive deal with Microsoft’s streaming platform, Mixer.

Another popular streamer that took this step the same time Shroud did was Ninja Bravos, so Shroud followed Ninja’s footsteps.

When Shroud announced the move, people were quite surprised, and I think it’s safe to say that the surprise was justified since the original Mixer contracts fell through after only 10 months, so he came back to Twitch.

Not enough audience, too big of a competition, and not enough community building forced Mixer to shut down, and when Microsoft announced that, it made sense to most people.

It’s interesting to add the fact that both Shroud and Ninja were offered deals with Facebook gaming, but they both refused to sign, so instead of moving onto Facebook gaming, they stayed on Twitch.

There are some estimates that in those 10 months, the Shroud net worth grew to $10 million, so even though the deal was short-lived, it certainly made Shroud a lot of money.

Merch Sales

Besides the gaming mouse he designed with Logitech, Shroud has an exclusive collection of clothes with his own clothing brand called J!nx.

While there’s no way of knowing how much money this makes, it’s safe to assume that the number is probably high, having in mind just how many people follow and are fans of Shroud.

When Did Shroud Start Streaming?

When it comes to his streaming career, after being a pro Counter Strike Global Offensive player for compLexity Gaming and Cloud9, Shroud started it in 2017, and he streamed for Cloud9.

This happened after he helped Cloud9 end up in a first-place finish in ESL Pro League Season in 2016.

In 2018, he left Cloud9 and started streaming on Twitch, gaining a lot of followers very fast, and becoming the most followed streamer at that time.

Then, his transition to Mixer happened, followed by his return to Twitch.

The comeback stream he had on Twitch reached more than 516k views.

shroud career

It’s great to see Shroud’s career working out like this since he was one of those kids that turned their lives towards gaming while still in high school, and it’s actually the main reason why he never ended up going to college.

During his professional gaming career and Counter-Strike days, he won quite a few awards with his teams.

In his streaming career, he plays a wide variety of games, some being battle royale games and some first-person shooter ones, which makes sense having in mind his Counter-Strike games.

He usually plays something out of the following games:

  • CS: GO
  • PUBG
  • Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Apex L
  • Escape from Tarkov
  • WoW
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

When it comes to Apex Legends, he was actually one of the people who promoted it when it first came out, and he actually earned quite a large sum of money to do so.

Shroud Personal Life

When it comes to his early life, it’s known that Shroud is of Polish descent and that he was born in Toronto.

He graduated high school, and after that, he was completely devoted to his gaming career.

He is from Canada, but in order to work on his career, he moved to Orange County, California, and sure enough, it did boost his career.

Not a lot is known about his private life, as he mostly focuses on the games he plays in his content.


Why is Shroud famous?

Shroud was primarily a very successful professional Counter Strike Global Offensive player with multiple different teams, but nowadays, he is mostly known for being a very popular Twitch streamer.

What does Shroud stand for?

The first name he went for was actually Eclipse; however, that name was later taken, and he had to change it. He decided to go for the first synonym of Eclipse that he could find, and therefore he ended up with the name Shroud.

Which game is Shroud Playing?

When Shroud was a pro gamer, he played CS: GO, but nowadays, as a streamer, he plays a variety of games, including Fortnite, different Call of Duty games, Apex Legends, WoW, Escape from Tarkov, and PUBG.

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