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If you have ever been wondering how much money on the Twitch streaming platform can be earned by playing video games online, this info is now public and revealed on the internet worldwide.

Leaked data shows that streamers can make much money on a monthly and annually bases, and some Twitch users consider it a fast and unrealistic sum of money that a Twitch streamer can earn.

If you are one of our many curious readers who wants to find out more about this leaked data, continue reading this text, and try not to be shocked by a big number streamers can accomplish in no time.

Let’s take a look at Twitch streamers leaked earnings!

How Confidential Twitch Data Was Released on Social Media?

In 2019, 125 GB of data was released that had been uploaded to 4chan by an anonymous hacker.

The leaked Twitch payouts were posted on Twitter first.

This Twitch leak caused a big bang among all Twitch users.

Many of them started to ask themselves what the best and fastest way is to get a large amount of money in this huge online video streaming space.

Some of them, however, described the Twitch platform as a disgusting toxic cesspool.

Twitch Streamers Leaked Earnings

The most important list of the 100 highest paid Twitch streamers was in the spotlight.

The list of the Twitch payouts includes payment amounts that Twitch streamers have earned from their bit donations, ad revenue, and subscriptions.

The figures don’t include streamers’ total earnings such as YouTube revenue, direct donations, or any other personal sponsorships.

leaked earnings twitch

As you can see, there are more men than women on the list who have dominated for more than two years among the best-paid streamers on Twitch.

However, there are also some female users with gross payouts among top-earning streamers.

If you have ever thought that this leak only includes the payment of top-earning streamers, then, you are wrong.

What Else Was Revealed?

Besides the list of the top Twitch streamers who earned a lot of money from 2019 to 2021, the entire Twitch history had been exposed, all the Twitch internal security tools, Twitch source code, and all unreleased data from the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

As soon as critical information leaked on social media, Twitch immediately confirmed that the data breach was real and that data was confirmed as an error during the Twitch server configuration change.

This data leak on the streaming platform Twitch was described as a malicious attempt caused by Twitch competitors.

They even confirmed the figures that the entire source code was revealed years back.

What Leaked Data Was Confirmed As Exact One?

Although Twitch confirmed more disruption of confidential Twitch data, it also guaranteed that passwords and credit card details weren’t exposed because nothing can be authorized without a copyright holder’s permission.

Still, they posted some helpful links to keep each user’s privacy and suggested setting up two-factor authentication.

twitch leaked data

Some of the top streamers admitted that the payment rumors were precise, while others denied the false payment information posted on social media.

They justified it with the fact that a payment amount for a streamer shouldn’t include advertisement revenue or a contract signed to stream exclusively on the site.

How Much Do Twitch Streamers Earn Leak?

You have to admit that not many people are aware of all the benefits that this app brings to all its users.

For more than ten years Twitch has been counting millions of users.

Almost all these users are considered excellent streamers and gamers.

Logically, they can earn some money for doing a great job.

The question is how much money top streamers have earned till now and how.

According to the data released, the best five streamers got more than 5 million dollars per month.

Other streamers from the list, count earnings of more than 1 million dollars till the end of 2019.

This is how the Twitch payouts work.

If a user has, for example, 50 subscribers, he usually gets 5 dollars per month.

It means that the user can earn 125 dollars per month just from the subscriptions. 

But, you don’t have to forget that a user also gets some extra money from ads, Bit donations, and partners.

On the top of this leaked list is Critical Role with its 9,6 million dollars earned in the last two years.

This team is made of voice actors who stream Dungeons and Dragons sessions.

A real gold mine team, isn’t it?

Other streamers, who are below the Critical Role team, earned less, but also a significant amount of money. 

How Much Does 1 Twitch Streamer Make Per Sub?

Many users on this online gaming platform are wondering what an average salary can be when you have a good streaming channel.

It is good to know that partners and subscribers donate at least 50% to a streaming channel. 

The other 50% of the fee is completely covered by the platform itself. 

As a premium user, your costs are less than a hundred dollars a year, or 25 dollars a month.

How much money a streamer can make is an individual thing.

An excellent streamer can make more than 3,000 dollars a month, thanks to the subscriptions, while the others can have a larger percentage. 

These earnings don’t count ad revenue that can be IP to 250 dollars for every 100 subscribers. 

How Much Does a 1000 Viewer Twitch Streamer Make?

As we have already mentioned in the previous section, an excellent streamer can make some serious money on Twitch per month.

The average sum goes between 3,000 dollars and 5,000 dollars a month. 

It means that the user plays games for 40 hours a week.

An average streamer earns 250 dollars per 100 subscribers or 3, 50 dollars per 1,000 viewers.

popular streamer

If you want to consider earning some money on Twitch, you should have at least 500 regular viewers.

We will show you an example using the streamer named Ezekiel III

This guy has got 1,200 viewers per streaming, and he counts more than 1,300 subscribers.

According to the Twitch tracker, he earns about 3,250 dollars per month just thanks to his subscribers.

If you add to this amount of money all donations and ads he has, he may earn more than 5,000 dollars a month. 

We haven’t mentioned yet that streamers can make a lot of money through their YouTube channels, too. 


Thanks to this data that has been leaked a few years ago, people became aware of the fact that the online streaming business is very important and useful. 

Those gamers who recently started to use Twitch found out that some users can make serious money, and now they can get an idea of how the platform actually works. 

But, the most important thing is that people understood that Twitch isn’t just a gaming platform.

It is also one of the most famous online platforms where you can start making money for a living.

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