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Full name: Thomas Jefferson Chance MorrisEducation: High school
Date of birth: February 14, 1994Height: 5′ 8″ / 173cm
Place of birth: Austin, Texas, USAWeight: 154lb / 70kg
Current residence: Austin, Texas, USAEstimated net worth: $10 million

Sodapoppin Morris is one of the most popular American streamers known for his World of Warcraft skills.

Although he has been in the gaming industry for years, he continues to amaze his audience, and he is a Twitch streamer who keeps on giving.

If you want to find out more about Sodapoppin, his net worth, and his private life, this is the place for you.

What Is Sodapoppin Net Worth?

Sodapoppin net worth is estimated to be around 10 million dollars, and he has a variety of income sources flowing into his bank account.

However, these are his primary income sources and how much he makes through them.

Sodapoppin Twitch channel

sodapoppin twitch

Sodapoppin currently has 8.8 million followers on Twitch, which only seems to grow, so his income from this platform is constantly increasing.

He earns money through his follower count, subscribers, tips, donations, bits, and the cheering feature, which allows viewers to send him money.

Sodapoppin also has over 15 000 subscribers on his channel, which means they are paying additional money to access exclusive content on the Twitch platform.

All of his live streams have at least 20 000 viewers, which makes him a Twitch streamer with some of the most popular streams on the platform.

He earns at least 60 000 dollars through Twitch ad revenue and around 25 000 dollars more through Twitch subs.

You will also see many subtle ads and mentions of different brands and companies on his IRL streams, and you can be sure they are sponsored and burning him extra money.

He makes money for every second he spends on this platform, even when he is not streaming games, and he is one of the top Twitch creators.

Sodapoppin Youtube channel

sodapoppin youtube

This popular Twitch streamer also posts most of his gameplay as Youtube videos, so even if you couldn’t catch up with the latest stream, you will easily find it on his official channel.

He has around 1.1 million followers, and his content on Twitch and Youtube is quite similar, but those who are not big fans of sitting for hours on a stream and seeing what happens will probably prefer his Youtube channel.

Sodapoppin has gathered more than 500 000 000 views on his Youtube channel, although he doesn’t have too many followers, which shows this content creator is extremely popular, and everything he puts out on social media platforms gains fantastic success.

It is estimated he earns at least 30 000 dollars per month in Youtube ad revenue, and all the best Sodapoppin streams and moments can be found on his Youtube channel.

However, he has two more Youtube channels – Nmplol and Sodapoppin clips- bringing him around 20 000 dollars more to his bank account.

He doesn’t update them frequently, but they still have a lot of views, and people enjoy watching them.

There is also the fact that he always includes some affiliate links or subtle ads in his Youtube videos, which means his ad engagement and earnings are much higher than estimated.


Every famous internet personality has its merch collection, and so does this American Twitch streamer.

His merch line can be purchased on his official Sodapoppin shop and Stream elements websites for fan merch.

He also created special collections with Tee Springs and Amazon collections that you can find on these platforms.

It is estimated that Sodapoppin makes around 6000 to 9000 dollars this way.

Sponsorship deals

All popular creators in the Twitch community have a large number of sponsors, and since Sodapoppin is also one of the popular Youtube content creators, he has a large number of brands collaborating with him.

The G Fuel energy drink is one of his oldest sponsors, and you can see it in all of his Twitch streaming videos.

Mountain Dew is also a huge contributor to his streaming experience, and you have probably seen Apex Legends and Displate sponsor him.

Sodapoppin earns around 14 000 dollars per month through these brand deals, and the amount can be even higher when he creates target ads and does short-term collaborations.

When Did Sodapoppin Start Streaming?

Sodapoppin started his gaming career as a World of Warcraft player, and he was one of the first Twitch partners.

He started off his streaming career in the late 2000s by streaming on Xfire, which was one of the first online spaces for live streaming.

In 2010, he joined Twitch, and in 2011 he was offered the status of Twitch partner, which made him one of the first Twitch streamers with this status.

The platform was still building its name, and Soda already had some experience and streamed games for a while, so he was a great addition to the Twitch streaming experience.

His World of warcraft streams was extremely popular, and he had his own server, one of the most popular places on Twitch then.

He was posting videos every day, and his streams could last for 10 hours, but this is what helped him achieve the status of one of the most popular streamers on the internet.

sodapoppin career

Sodapoppin also streams all sorts of games on his channel, so you could see him even playing Blackjack tournaments which is probably the reason why people enjoy opening his stream every day.

However, since he didn’t want to limit himself when it comes to business, he has participated in some pretty suspicious promos and games like online gambling tournaments and ads, which has led to plenty of people being suspicious of his achievements.

Unlike most Twitch streamers who were only posting gaming content to Twitch, Sodapoppin added IRL streams, shared moments from his private life, and made his Twitch channel the place where you can find out anything about him.

You could also see him trying out other games with his friends and roommates and hosting a different internet personality every week.

In 2017, he founded Northern gaming, which was a company made for organizing different gaming tournaments and collaborating with huge companies in this industry.

After just a year, the company was purchased by NRG Esports company.

After that, he joined the One True King organization with Mizkif and Asmongold, who also became his best friends.

During the past few years, he has been most active on his Twitch account, and he has tried out everything this platform has to offer, and you will see that Sodapoppin appears to be streaming almost every moment of his day.

What Is Sodapoppin Like In Private Life?

Thomas Jefferson chance morris is the full name of Twitch streamers called Sodapoppin, and this is one of the facts not even his most loyal viewers know.

He was born and raised in Austin, Texas, and he has been a big lover of video games since he was a child.

Chance was in the game-playing world since he was a kid, but once he realized that people money this way and that Twitch and Youtube are the best places for people who like gaming, he began streaming and creating his online community.

He became popular for his World of warcraft content, but people also knew him for promoting different casino websites, making him one of the rare Twitch streamers engaging in this ad.

Chance eventually launched his own business, Northern gaming, which was so successful that he could sell the company in less than a year and be proclaimed as one of the smartest guys in the industry.

How much money Sodapoppin makes can be discussed for hours, but he is known for his charity work and for his philanthropy.

He is also a big lover of animals, and his dogs Buddy and Kevin frequently appear in his videos, just like his cat Finn.

Since he has been on the internet for more than a decade now, and he has taken his audience on several IRL streams with himself, they know a lot about his private life.

The Twitch audience was familiar with his girlfriend Lea May Currier, but also with all the details of their breakup, which occurred in 2019.

Chance also proudly announced his relationship with Veibae last year, and he revealed that they plan on getting married in the following year.

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