Nightbot Song Request Command – 12 Easy Steps (2024)

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If you are a gamer who is interested in streaming on different platforms and is looking for the best commands that will help him out, then you have definitely heard about Nightbot and all commands it offers.

The song request command is something that is becoming very popular these days, and if you want to follow the trends and make sure your stream will stand out, then you should definitely learn how to handle it.

For that reason, I have prepared a short guide for you that will help you manage the Nightbot song request command and add this fantastic feature to your Twitch or Discord stream.

How Do You Request A Song On Nightbot?

Just like all other commands on Nightbot, requesting a song is also not that hard, and all you have to do is learn how to enter the simple command that will automatically play music from Youtube.

You can request songs easily by following these simple steps:

  • Install Nightbot on your device
  • Log into your Nightbot account
  • Open your channel or server
  • Open the Nightbot settings
  • Open the commands
  • Type !songrequest in the command space
  • Go to Youtube
  • Copy the link of the Youtube video you want to start playing
  • Paste it next to the command
  • Save it
  • Confirm it
  • Done!

After completing this process, the video you have shared from Youtube should start playing on your channel.

Nightbot Song Request Command

Playing Youtube videos?

Every streaming website allows you to play a Youtube video, but in some cases, if you are playing songs from certain artists, it may not be permitted because of the copyright policies.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t play any song requests and Youtube videos, but if you see that the website you are streaming through is not allowing you to start the song, then you should avoid it and probably avoid all the other songs by the same artist.

The moment you paste the Youtube video ID and save the command in the song request settings, it should start playing on your channel, and everyone who is watching should be able to hear it.

However, if you cannot find a requested song on Youtube, don’t play it from a music player like Spotify or Apple music because this can also cause you copyright problems.

A Youtube link is the only thing you should leave in the command box, and you can’t request songs from any other platform.

Who can use this command?

Some people also tend to make the whole songs request command available to everyone, so even people watching your stream will request songs they like through the command.

However, whenever someone tries to mess with your Nightbot commands, you will need to enable a song request before the song starts playing on your server.

The song’s command is a great way to interact with your viewers and followers, and it can also be a great way to add the background music to your stream without the fear of getting banned because of copyright.

Some streamers even have special days when they create streams where their followers can request songs and chat with them, which is a great way to build a loyal community and maintain a bond with them.

Changing the song

However, whenever you want to change the song, you will have to find a new Youtube URL of the other song you want to hear, and then you will have to do the whole copy-paste thing all over again, which can really take you a lot of time and is not that fun.

This is also the reason why so many people are allowing their followers to request songs by themselves, but also the reason why they are coming up with new commands and following commands that will keep the Youtube playlist going without you having to type all the time.

You can create a song list on Youtube or find a premade one and add a song that is on the playlist, so it can continue playing even when you don’t switch the link.

Some people are also coming up with new commands in the command center, but there is still not a command that would allow you to leave Youtube shuffling while you are playing the game.

I believe the best thing you can do is start the request a song command, share the command settings with your followers, and then let your Twitch viewers change and ask for new songs in the Twitch chat.

There are also several different settings that will allow you to show the name of the song and even allow the viewers to guess the name of it.

Make sure that songs request is enabled in your settings, and you will be able to start your song queue immediately!

All of these are entertaining features that can help you build the community and even attract more traffic to your stream because everyone wants to open a community that is active in the comment section and that is maintaining contact at all times.

What Is AutoDJ On NightBot?

AutoDJ On NightBot

There is another similar command on Nightbot that you can use that is called AutoDJ.

This command has its Nightbot dashboard and AutoDJ page that comes up with a new playlist and plays it during your stream.

You don’t really have a say in what kind of music will be played in the playlist, and you can only use it as a piece of background music in your channel, which means that you can’t maximize the volume.

This is also an excellent way to enrich your stream because from the moment you click the play button, it will keep on playing, and your audience will enjoy the music throughout the whole stream.

However, neither you nor they will have the ability to change the song or do anything like that, so in case the music that is playing on AutoDJ is not really something you want to have on your stream, you will have to find Youtube videos and start playing them through the command we have explained above.

What Is Nightbot Song Request Command on Twitch?

If you are using a Twitch channel to stream, then you don’t even need to have a Nightbot installed to make song requests.

Every Twitch user will basically be able to create a song queue in the Twitch chat where their followers will be able to add new songs all the time.

They will be able to start requesting songs the moment you activate the feature, and they can send a Youtube link by themselves.

If you are a premium Twitch user, then you will also have the songs skip feature, and you will be able to search Youtube directly from the Twitch app.

In case you want to grow your channel, but you have no idea how to do it without spending money on sponsorships, then you should add song requests and play upcoming songs or current song tricks because that will make the account pop up on other peoples homepages and make them open it.

The chat commands on Twitch are straightforward to use, and you will be able to ply the next song without any problems, and if you are lucky enough and have a loyal fanbase, you can even find a mod that will control your chat commands and the music player.

Plenty of people who have large Twitch channels do this, and it is really much easier if you have someone to control the default command and start finding song requests instead of you.

In general, this is a much better option than the traditional Nightbot songs request command, and if you have a Twitch channel, I would recommend you to stick with this one because the media controls on it are straightforward, and you won’t have to search through Youtube for ages to find the song you are looking for.

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