Moobot Commands – Most Useful Commands in 2024

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Moobot is one of the best Twitch bots for streaming that has plenty of useful features that can help you create a great community on Twitch and Discord.

Here we have gathered some of the best and most useful Moobot commands that can help you significantly improve your performance and create an interactive community.

Moobot Mod Commands

  • !AddCommand – This option allows you to add a new command, usually through chat
  • !EditCommand – Allows users to edit and take away the previous command from the chat. It makes life easier, especially when there are hundreds of people in chat.
  • !Title – Allows you to change the title of your chat or community
  • !Shoutout – Gives recognition to a certain person, whether that be a viewer or streamer on your Twitch channel
  • !Rules – This is a custom command on your Moobot dashboard that will show everyone the rules of the current stream

Moobot Chat Commands

  • !Discord – This is the easiest way to link it to your personal stream’s Discord channel. It also allows you to create custom commands for all other social media platforms you are using.
  • !Setup – This way you can link everything to your setup using a GPU or CPU.
  • !Game – This is one of the advanced options that is the way to return your original game title.
  • !Uptime – Uptime is a command that returns the current runtime of the stream
  • !Lastseen – Settings like this allow you to see the last time a viewer has watched a stream or has entered the chat on the stream.
  • !WatchTime – If you give them permissions for this, people will be able to see how much time they have spent watching your streams.
  • !8Ball – This is a fun feature that allows viewers to ask the Magic ball questions. It doesn’t bring too much to the game, but it is a funny addition.
  • !Roulette – Viewers can always try their luck with Moobot and those who don’t have too much luck will get banned from the platform.
  • !Seppuku – Provides viewers with a time-out during the chat.

Create Custom Moobot Commands

If you really want to experiment with this feature, you can always try to create custom Moobot commands that will be unique and available only on your server.

  • Open the !menu
  • Open Custom Command Settings
  • Type the name of your command
  • Click “Create” button
  • Click on the “Show Advanced Options”
  • Type the text you want to see in chat
  • Adjust permissions
  • Click the “Save” button

You can come up with some great Twitch commands only people from your community will have access to and it can really make the community grow closer.

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