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Everyone who wants to make sure they have great communication with their followers and are able to build a valuable and supporting community will eventually opt for Nightbot chatbot commands.

This is an amazing way for stepping up your game on Twitch and making the whole experience a lot more interactive and interesting for your viewers, which will eventually lead to your streaming performance becoming a lot better and your channel becoming crazy popular on Twitch.

For that reason, we have gathered some of the best Nightbot chatbot commands that will help you activate your Twitch community and make your viewer feel engaged in the process.

Nightbot Commands for Moderators

Moderators are the ones who are keeping the whole Twitch community in order and allowing all the viewers and streamers to have a great time.

They are in charge of controlling the chat during the live stream, banning people who behave accordingly, they change titles, post polls and check poll results and do much more than those who have access only to basic commands.

If you have ever felt like you are at home at some Twitch stream you were watching, then it was certainly because the Twitch bots were taking care of everything and making sure other streamers feel comfortable on here.

These are some of the Nightbot mod commands that are used the most frequently and that you will need to know how to handle if you want to take care of your stream.


You will use it to both post and change the title of the stream in your community. If you want to change the title you will have to click on  New Title, where you will change the stream title to whatever you want.


Markers are an easy way to come back to videos and clips throughout the stream, and you can create them for things you want to be remembered of after.


This is one of the default Nightbot commands that allow mods to get access to spam filters and remove anyone and anything that seems to be harming their streams.


The songs feature is one of the most useful and fun features that can make your stream the most interesting place to be at the moment. These are some of the song features you can use to enjoy your time while streaming.

!songs current

Shows the current song playing in chat.

!songs list

Provides you with a link for the playlist that is currently playing on the channel.

!song requests

This will allow everyone who is online in the stream to request songs easily.

!songs skip

This allows you to skip the current song.


This Nightbot command allows you to create a poll for your followers and viewers. For example: !poll new Best DBZ Villain.

Most Important Chat Commands

If you are someone who takes care of his whole Twitch community and needs to know all, not only certain commands, then you will find this very useful.

We have gathered some of the most important Nightbot chat commands that will help you both control the chat and enjoy watching the game.


It will show you all the commands that are active at the current time in your stream, which is great for people who tend to use a lot of them and often don’t know what’s on and what’s off.


It allows streamers to change and add tags during the course of the game.


If you have a regular viewer of your game and you want to award them a bit, you can give them a regular role on your Twitch channel.


Gives a link to my channel’s Discord server. This is a custom command (more on how to add those, below).


This simple Nightbot command will allow you to share the link of your Youtube channel with others in the community easily. If you have a lot of social media accounts, you should definitely put all of them because it will improve both your Youtube gaming experience and make you more popular among people from this community.


In case you are someone who likes to host tournaments and does it frequently, then you will be delighted to her gives viewers a link to the tournament’s bracket.


As we have already mentioned, this one allows you to create unique polls for your stream and spark some interaction among your viewers.


This is the best option for all people who have crowded browsers and are organizing some sort of contest.

These are some of the most important commands you will need to know how to use if you plan on growing your channel and welcoming more and more people to it.

Nightbot is very easy to use, even for complete beginners, so you will definitely be able to incorporate it into your Twitch experience and interact with your viewers while using it easily.

Most Important Channel Commands

If you are someone who wants to show his gameplay to the whole world and has plenty of different social media accounts where he also wants to get a bigger viewer count, then these are definitely variables you must learn how to handle.


With just one simple click, you can share the link to your Discord community and invite everyone from your activity stream to it.

If you want to fill your pockets with money and you have a large number of regular viewers, you can always use the donate command and link your Paypal or Venmo account.


In case you want your followers to join you on some other network or follow your other stream, you can always share the link through this command.


This option allows you to share all your socials at once through your Twitch chat, and it can be a very practical option for those who have several social media accounts.


This Nightbot command is used to load your Instagram account and share it with viewers.


Simple as that, this one is made for sharing your Twitter profile link.


If you want your followers to join you on TikTok, this is the Nightbot command you will use.


This is one of the custom commands that allows the moderator to come up with a unique welcome message that will greet everyone each time they open their Twitch chat.


If you want your viewers to know who they can reach out to in case they are having some problems with the stream, you should always keep the message with the support link in your Twitch chat. It is easily added through this command, and no one can change it except the moderator.


This is what you may want to have in your Twitch chat if you have a lot of regular viewers who are not subscribed to your channel. It will show them a gif or an example of people subbing, and they will eventually subscribe to your channel too.

In general, when you set up Nightbot, these are certainly some of the most important and most useful commands that will allow you to stream uptime without problems and make your Twitch channel a great place for all gaming lovers.

Can You Create Custom Commands on Nightbot?

Nightbot is a very interesting feature that will even allow you to create your own commands and use them only in your community or channel.

It is very easy to create a command for yourself even if you have never used a feature like this before. Just follow our customize guide:

  • Open the Nightbot dashboard.
  • Choose “Commands” from the dropdown menu
  • Select “Custom”
  • Look for the blue “+Add Command” button
  • You will see a new window that will require you to add some information about your new command – title, message, user level, cooldown, alias.
  • Click “Submit”
  • Try out the command in your Twitch chat

By now, you should have created a custom command that will be available only to users you choose to share it with.

If you don’t make it visible, no one will be able to find it even when they search through your channel, so this can really be something you keep for you and your friends.

The input you make once will stay there at all times, and none of the bots will be able to delete your command.

How Do I Add Commands to Nightbot?

If you want to add a new command to your Nightbot menu, you will only need to make a few simple steps and choose the commands that you will need.

This is the easiest way to add new commands to your Nightbot account:

  • Open your Twitch chat
  • Sign in to your Nightbot account through Twitch
  • Open “Command settings.”
  • Choose “Disable”
  • Then click “Options” to change user level and cooldown
  • Choose “Join a channel.”
  • Open your Twitch chat and type /mod nightbot. This should give it the necessary permissions, and your command should be added without problems


How do you use Nightbot commands?

Using Nightbot commands is quite easy, no matter if you are one of the moderators or just one of the users of the Twitch chat. You simply type in the word and the sign that will activate the command, and you make sure you reference the right command.

You can also find much information about different commands on websites, and there are answers on how to use each of them separately, so this definitely shouldn’t be a problem for you.

What are some common Nightbot commands?

The most common Nightbot commands are those used by moderators that are needed to eliminate spam messages or suspicious users and those that are used to set up rules, welcome messages, and similar things.

Popular streams also use commands for sharing their social media links pretty often because it makes connecting to their audience a lot easier and it brings them a larger community.

What are good Twitch commands?

What are the best and most useful Twitch commands usually depends on what you are looking to gain from this platform. If you are someone who wants to grow his following on all streaming platforms and social media, then definitely the most useful ones are their social commands that allow you to share as many links as you can.

On the other hand, if you are just looking for great fun on Twitch and building new friendships, then you will enjoy their funny commands like adding songs, gifs, organizing polls and contests, and similar activities.

Is Nightbot free for use?

Nightbot is a completely free feature that you can download and install to your Twitch account with just a few simple clicks. It works both for Youtube and Trovo so you will really get a lot of use out of it.

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