How to Tell if Someone Is Viewbotting on Twitch – Top 3 Signs

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Viewbotting is a pretty common thing nowadays.

Namely, Twitch streamers often want to increase their viewer count by using viewbotting services.

The most common users of viewbotting services are people who have just started streaming or those who want to generate income by falsely gaining popularity on Twitch.

Viewbotting means getting fake followers to boost your Twitch channel numbers. Here are the most obvious signs if you want to know how to tell if someone is viewbotting on Twitch.

Ways to Tell if Someone is Viewbotting on Twitch

1. The use of view bots (you can recognize them by generic name, generic profile pic, and by a low count of followers)
2. A lack of chat messages on the stream (chatbots have a hard time keeping a meaningful conversation)
3. New accounts with a large number of followers

Keep in mind that viewbotting is illegal on Twitch because it threatens its reputation and is against Twitch’s terms of service regarding advertising.

In order to help you recognize streamers who use view bots on streaming platforms, such as Twitch, we have dedicated this article to the taboo topic called viewbotting.

How to Tell if Someone Is Viewbotting on Twitch?

There are a few ways to check if someone is using view botting services on Twitch.

We will analyze a few main characteristics and sure signs that someone is using viewbotting to increase the popularity of his/her Twitch channel.

Viewbotting on Twitch

1. View Bots

The first and pretty obvious signs that someone is committing the fraudulent action of viewbotting are so-called view bots.

An average view bot has a random name and picture that makes him/her look legitimate.

However, the problem is that the view bot’s name is often nonsensical.

For example, bot viewers have names like fredjones01 or raspuchan202, so you might notice that they all follow the same pattern where their names do not make any logical sense.

Namely, they might have very familiar names that are phonetically correct, but at the same time, their names do not provoke imagery.

Moreover, their profile pictures are often simple or purchased images.

Finally, unlike real viewers who have followers or following, bots do not have any of them.

2. Low chat count

As we all know, sometimes it is hard to find engaging ways to generate conversation with your viewers, and a real channel chat can have only a few people talking or messaging.

However, if a Twitch streamer plays a game or talks to his viewers, and has 50 or more active viewers on his stream, you would expect that it would be easy to start chatting.

But, that is where you guys are wrong.

Namely, it is very hard to chat with a view bot because it often does not understand the basics of chatting.

Nonsensical chat bots might often type some questions or answers unrelated to the content they appear to watch.

Of course, even normal viewers (real humans) often ask or comment on something irrelevant or not related to the content they are watching, but they do it in a more natural way.

On the other hand, chatbots simply do not show epic skills in conversation.

Therefore, if you see that a Twitch channel has a large number of followers or a high viewer count but only a few chat messages, that is exactly what view botting looks like.

3. New accounts with a large number of followers

New streamers who want to become a part of the recommended list are often artificially inflating their channel or viewer list with fake followers and viewers.

So, if you see a streamer who gains a few thousand followers after only a few days, you can say that he or she is using view botting services.

Of course, there are streamers who become popular or celebrities who join Twitch, and who are able to gain hundreds and thousands of followers very quickly, but their following list is not full of fake accounts.

Moreover, bear in mind that the number of followers, on channels built on view botting, often has a steady ebb or eventually a sudden dip.

That happens because those accounts are not stable and if their admins do not attract real viewers shortly after purchasing view botting services they might give up.

In other words, the accounts collapse if they do not have a certain amount of viewers that will support them and donate money.

Therefore, a large number of view botted accounts go under because one might stop paying a subscription to view botting services or because Twitch recognizes a fraud with its sophisticated detection techniques.

Should You Be Against View Botting on Twitch?

Against View Botting on Twitch

Imagine that you were playing and streaming video games on Twitch diligently for a small number of people, while there is a guy who uses bot accounts to increase his number of viewers.

And after some time he gains material wealth thanks to viewbotting.

You would feel bad, would not you?

Therefore, we strongly disagree with the concept of viewbotting on Twitch, and we advise you guys not to use the services of bots.

Moreover, we recommend you to be completely free to report if someone is viewbotting because we all have our role in making Twitch a trustful network.

If we are all ignoring fakes, Twitch would change a lot in a negative way!

Bear in mind that streamers who are using viewbotting services want to make use of the fact that many advertisers pay per view, so they opt for the aforementioned illegal action.

Why is it illegal?

Let us take a look at the next paragraph.

Is Viewbotting on Twitch Illegal?

Is Viewbotting on Twitch Illegal

As you might have concluded, viewbotting is illegal on Twitch.

Moreover, Twitch is not the only platform where you should not bother viewbotting because we believe that every system largely works to eliminate any kind of fraudulent activities such as the aforementioned one.

Namely, many aspects of viewbotting seem completely harmless, but in fact, they are endangering Twitch’s reputation and they are against Twitch’s terms of service.

How is that?

Well, the first reason why viewbotting is detrimental is related to advertising revenue.

It could be said that commercial breaks on traditional TV will become extinct soon because advertising and business models that are in use on many platforms have proved to be bulls’ eyes.

One of the best platforms for this kind of advertising is Twitch.

Therefore, many advertisers pay Twitch to have a strict policy when it comes to view bot frauds.

Companies simply do not want to waste their money on advertising or to bother supporting streamers, if Twitch view bots will be the only ones who watch partnered accounts.

So, Twitch actively detects fake viewers/followers and insists on human viewers because they form concurrent viewership.

The more unique viewers there are on Twitch the more advertisers pay per view.

Secondly, streamers, at least legitimate ones, are the reasons why people watch and spend time on Twitch, so they need to be protected from the ones who do not obey Twitch rules.

If a streamer covers complicated subjects and does not have many viewers at the beginning, he will eventually find a way to reach them.

But he will put a lot of effort into it.

On the other hand, if someone is viewbotting, he does not have to be afraid if he is going to attract viewers because he will always be recommended due to the number of fake viewers.

Therefore, he/she can become famous overnight, and moreover, he/she can become one of the many partnered accounts and well-known streamers.

That is wrong and Twitch really makes a big deal of that because increasingly desperate ways for promotion, such as viewbotting, are harmful to its reputation.


To sum up, we recommend you always choose the legal ways to increase the number of viewers.

“Young eyes” on Twitch are always ready to support new streamers if they have something quality to offer.

Be patient, and after some time you will get more and more lurkers and people watching your videos regularly.

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