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Your Twitch channel growing is a great thing, however, having control over the chat might become a daunting task.

The main reason to get a chatbot in your Twitch chat is that they make life much easier because you can delegate many tasks to them.

Best Chat Bot For Twitch – My Choices:

  1. Streamlabs Chatbot
  2. OWN3D Pro
  3. Wizebot
  4. Nightbot
  5. Moobot
  6. Phantombot
  7. Deepbot
  8. Stream Elements
  9. Stay Hydrated Bot

That’s why in this article, I will show you some choices for the best chat bot for Twitch channel, and after reading, you’ll know which ones you need to implement in your streams.

Let’s get into it.

Why You Need A Twitch Chat Bot

While you’re focused on your gameplay, you might not be able to stimulate the conversation in the chat as much, so an AI bot doing it for you can make the experience a bit more fun for everyone involved.

Sending things like mass messages is a bit of a daunting task if you have a bigger community, so you can have a Twitch bot do it for you.

Many chatbots are able to have custom commands implemented in them, so for example, if there’s a question that tends to be asked over and over again in your chat, you can have a bot answer it instead, and give you the break you deserve and focus on more important things that are happening at that moment.

They can also help with general chat moderation, and organizing games, or polls when you need them.

However, one bot can’t do all of these things, they are programmed to do specific tasks and that’s what each will do.

That’s why going through an extensive list like the one below will be useful to you because you will see what are all the features and different possibilities that a bot can bring to your Twitch account.

Best Twitch Chat Bots

Best Chat Bot for Twitch

1. Streamlabs Chatbot

No. 1 Pick

The Streamlabs chatbot is a chatbot that can be used not only on a Twitch stream but also on YouTube and Mixer channels.

What this one gives you is options for both moderation and entertainment.


  • Several special commands for the viewers
  • Giving your followers the ability to save your quotes and easily add them to a quote list
  • Twitch streamers can make their own queue with special sound effects for your content, using dedicated hotkeys
  • Gives you the ability to use macros and special counters
  • Hosting polls and giving chart alerts in Twitch chats is also a thing that this bot is programmed to do
  • A feature available only on Twitch is the dashboard for moderating the chat
  • Timing messages however you wish
  • Mini-games that make the chat more fun
  • It takes song requests from your viewers and plays them during the stream

2. OWN3D Pro

Best Seller

The “Pro” part of this chatbot’s name mostly refers to the fact that this bot focuses on your Twitch account branding.

You get many possibilities with OWN3D Pro one, some basic, and some that really are dedicated specifically to your channel getting the best possible branding for Twitch users.

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  • Very pro-looking and helpful countdown widget
  • Overlays are extremely easy to install, and the library has over 380 available overlays that are related to a wide variety of themes
  • Great library of copyright-free music, great for song requests without fearing a copyright strike
  • Premium version has an embedded Twitch chat displayed on the screen
  • Great moderating abilities to make sure that chat rules are being followed, which is a great live chat system to have

3. Wizebot

Best for Command Customization

The main role of Wizebot is to help you with your channel growth.

It can engage viewers in a natural way, making the whole experience of watching your channel more and more enjoyable.

What Wizebot will do is scan your chat, display notifications, and manage things like subscribers and viewers, and of course, your chat.


  • Managing notifications and displaying them in your chat
  • Several different games for the chat, as well as a gambling system for keeping the atmosphere good
  • Displays whatever random announcements you want to share
  • You can make unlimited custom commands with Wizebot
  • Lists for followers, subscribers, as well as unfollowers
  • The ability to create clips automatically and display them as a screen overlay
  • Having this Twitch bot will make you have a custom site completely dedicated to your streaming channel and all the important info about you

4. Nightbot

Most Popular Among Streamers

Nightbot is, like most bots for Twitch, made to engage with viewers on streaming platforms and also do some simple tasks that moderate the chat.

Besides being a Twitch chat bot, this one also works with other platforms like YouTube and Facebook.


  • A dashboard that will tell you some more advanced analytics of your chat, for example, which chat commands are more popular and which are not really that noticed
  • Everything related to Nightbot is cloud-hosted so downloading things won’t be an issue
  • One of the highly customizable Twitch chatbots, so you can easily add features you want
  • It has great spam filters that pick up on the spam that you might not notice right away
  • Makes sure you have dynamic responses and works to minimize repetition in the chat while you’re Twitch streaming
  • Saves chat logs so you can be conscious of deleted messages and users that are banned

5. Moobot

Best for Twitch

This Twitch chatbot is one that is compatible specifically with Twitch only, so if you stream on some platforms besides Twitch, just know that.

One of the main things that Moobot has to offer is its high level of security, so it might also be a great choice if you’re a new streamer.

This is also a cloud-based bot, so you’re sure that it’s gonna be very user-friendly.


  • Moobot can simulate certain features of other bots
  • Useful chatbot features like posting easily automated messages
  • It’s also a spam moderator bot
  • It can run some tasks for you, like chat polls and giveaways
  • It can assign your moderators with tasks
  • Take and repeat music requests from your audience

6. Phantombot

Best Open-Source Bot

This is probably one of the most interesting Twitch bots out there and for several reasons.

Phantombot can create custom commands, but it goes very deep with that.

This bot is open-sourced, and what that means is that anyone who has had the slightest experience with coding will probably be able to contribute to its code.

When it comes to streaming platforms, this one is only compatible with Twitch, but besides that, it can also be integrated into Discord.

One thing that can be a downside for some is the fact that there isn’t a cloud-hosted version of this bot, so you will need to download it on your PC.

Finally, if you are a beginner and new to streaming and advanced commands make you overwhelmed, you should probably start with something else.


  • Phantombot can set permission levels
  • Variables for commands can be created with it
  • A wide variety of alerts can be made, depending on what your needs are
  • A very unique feature called the alias feature, gives you the ability to rename commands that you don’t like the name of
  • A gambling system that incorporates a loyalty system in it, because you need to set loyalty points to your viewers, in order for them to be able to participate
  • Besides gambling games, there is a survival game too, where viewers can pretend to virtually kill each other, in humorous ways

7. Deepbot

Hidden Gem

Here we have somewhat of a hidden gem, as this is one of the Twitch bots that aren’t the most popular Twitch bot but are definitely among the best Twitch bots.

Deepbot has an interface that’s very nicely built, however, these benefits come with a price as this is one of the paid Twitch chatbots.

This might be the reason why it’s not as popular as other ones that are also considered to be the best Twitch bots.

But, if your chat is important to you, and you have the means to invest, here’s what you get with this one.


  • There is a system for loyalty points that are given to your viewers if they hang out in the chat
  • Fun games like bank robbing, fighting in arenas and betting on drag races
  • Ability to customize your bot name, giving you an overall ability to build a better image for your brand
  • Has a very user-friendly dashboard
  • Makes it easy for people to quote what you’re saying
  • Offers a great link protection system

8. Stream Elements

Best for Animations

The StreamElements bot is a bot that comes with some great features that a lot of people look for, like being cloud-hosted and compatible with all popular streaming platforms.

It’s very well-known and most widely used for the possibilities it gives with animations and overlays.

However, it has many other cool features that you should definitely look out for!


  • Spam filters work very well, as you are able to pick some presets for spam moderation
  • There are tracking tools that make it extremely easy to use and apply
  • Various different kinds of filters can be applied to emotes, links, phrases, or basically anything else you wish to apply them to
  • In order to keep your viewers engaged, the StreamElements bot makes it available for you to have a completely customizable Steam store, as well as a leaderboard extension that is easy to use
  • You have access to more than 30 default commands, as well as the ability to make any custom chat commands you want

9. Stay Hydrated Bot

Best Meme Bot

The Stay Hydrated bot is a very fun bot and many will say that it is also very useful and important.

We’ve all been tagged in an Instagram post that says “Tag your friends to remind them to drink water”, probably several times at this point.

Well, all that this Twitch chatbot does is remind your chat users and yourself that it’s time to take a sip.

And let’s be honest, it’s probably gonna be the first one of the day for many of us.

At first, this might seem stupid and useless, however, it gets the chat going as it’s also fun, like I’ve said, drinking water has truly become a meme, and a big one at that.


  • Reminds you and your community members to drink water and stay hydrated during the stream, in regular time intervals
  • Allowing your viewers to manually remind you to drink water can actually be used in order for them to get Twitch channel rewards


What is the best chat bot for Twitch?

What will be the best Twitch bots for you, depends completely on what are your priorities during streams. As you can see from the list above, there are many different options that Twitch bots have for you.

So, you first must decide whether your main concern is having some more entertainment in the chat, or moderation tools.

If your community is not too huge, I say that you should go for a bot that will take care of simple tasks, and once you get into it, you can always add bots later.

One little fun bot that I find great, is the Stay Hydrated bot.

When it comes to ones made for moderating, StreamElements chatbot one is probably my first choice or the Moobot for beginners. If you are a pro at this, then the Phantombot is where it’s at.

Is Twitch bot illegal?

Most popular Twitch bots are the ones that stay within Twitch’s terms and regulations, so they are not illegal and can be used freely.

However, there are bots that use commands that are against the terms and violate them, and therefore it wouldn’t be good for you to use them.

All the best Twitch bots that I’ve mentioned above are the bots that are completely legal and safe to use.

Does Twitch put bots in your chat?

Depending on what you use your bots. If you are using the chatbot to regulate the chat while you’re streaming videos, then it will have bots that regulate that in the chat.

Also, if you’re using it for spam protection, a bot will appear in the chat in order to do the spam protection it should do. However, there are many feature-rich bots that won’t have only that.

But overall, yes, chatbots are made to be in your chat, so you will be getting bot messages in it.

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