Best Twitch Viewbot – 6 Great Viewbots for Twitch (+Reviews)

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Twitch View Bot or Twitch Viewer Bot is the software, created by just one person or a group of people, whose function is to increase the number of views on your channel and to generally help you grow your channel.

Therefore, Twitch viewer bot will make an impression that your channel is very interesting and popular and, thus, because of that impression, more people will watch your content and check out your channel.

What Are Viewbots?

Twitch view bots are small add-ons that automatically increase the view count of your Twitch channel, creating an impression that your channel is popular among viewers. That way, other people would also be intrigued to check it out. But because of this ruse, view bots are not allowed by Twitch policy.

Best View Bots For Twitch

If you decide to use the viewbots, here are my picks:

1. UseViral (reliable and safe)
2. ViewerGod (good price/quality ratio)
3. Media Mister (not too pricy and has good customer support)
4. Viewer Boss (efficient and cheap)
5. Stream Chaos Bot (very cheap)
6. Streambot (reliable)

Post Content

    Twitch Viewbot Issue

    It is essential for you to know certain things before you start using the best Twitch viewer bots.

    So, first and foremost, keep in mind that using Viewbots is against Twitch Terms of Service and generally against the rules.

    Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that your Twitch account can be suspended or banned if you use the Twitch viewer bot.

    However, if you still want to start using Twitch Viewbot regardless of the risks, I bring you the list of the best Twitch Viewbots.

    Best Twitch Viewbot


    1. UseViral

    This company has a very good reputation and its Twitch viewer bot is quite reliable. You can choose from several different options when it comes to getting Twitch viewers.

    I checked most of these options, so let’s start with Twitch channel views. You can get up to 100k channel views, with the price starting from $10 for 2,000 views up to $240 for a maximum of 100k channel views.

    use viral channel views

    There is also the option to buy live and monthly views, but what you are probably the most interested in is getting Twitch followers in order to reach the Affiliate status.

    You can choose to buy from 100 to 15,000 Twitch followers. Price ranges from $3-$60. It could be very useful to people who are just starting out on Twitch because reaching goals for Twitch Affiliate isn’t that easy.

    use viral followers

    In addition, if you opt for UseViral, your Twitch channel will be much safer from ban than with some other options.

    Finally, apart from Twitch, you can use UseViral for Twitter and YouTube as well which is a very good thing if you stream on more platforms at the same time.

    Best features

    • Reliable
    • Safe
    • Can be used on multiple platforms

    2. ViewerGod

    A company that can offer you safety and good final results when it comes to using a viewer bot. Many people suggested using this stable Twitch viewer bot so I decided to see if it is reliable.

    Let’s take a look at buying Twitch followers first. There are 8 different packages to choose from, and you can buy from 100 to 5,000 followers per package. Prices range from $3.95 for the smallest package, to 75.90 for the largest one.

    viewer god followers

    Now, I want to cover 3 different options you have when it comes to live viewers. Or rather, 12 different options if you count them individually. First of all, you can get daily live viewers, which come in 4 different packages.

    daily viewers

    You can get from 20 to 200 daily live viewers, with the prices ranging from $15-$85, depending on the package you choose.

    Next, you can choose to buy weekly viewers, which also come in 4 packages. The prices for those start with $90 for 20 live viewers per week, and go up to $450 for 200 weekly viewers.

    weekly viewers

    And the third option is, of course, the monthly option! Here is the breakdown. The cheapest monthly option is $360 for a total of 20 viewers. If you got some spare bucks, you can go full whale, and spend $1700 for 200 monthly live viewers.

    monthly viewers

    Last but not least, ViewerGod offers a gradual increase in views.

    Namely, viewers join your stream gradually (not all at once) over one day and then eventually disappear.

    Best features

    • Very safe
    • Trustworthy
    • Good price-quality ratio

    3. Media Mister

    Media Mister has been in the business for a long time, so it is obvious that their crucial characteristic is experience. This is one of the best Twitch viewer bots that have multiple channel support and their customer support is very helpful and kind.

    When it comes to the available options and how to get them, Media Mister is very simple to use. You choose “Buy Twitch views” from the homepage and you will be taken to the page.

    media mister twitch views

    From here, you can select the type of views (video views, live views, clip views, channel views), the package, and the quantity. There are 3 package options, which are One Time Purchase, Weekly, and Monthly.

    If you choose a One Time package, you can also choose the watch time, which ranges from 10 to 240 minutes.

    For the weekly package, you can choose from 10-75 views, with the price ranging from $45-90. The same goes for the monthly package, with prices being between $75 and $250.

    Lastly, another good thing about this company is that their prices are not fixed, meaning that you can choose the price point depending on your budget.

    Best features

    • Experienced
    • Tiered prices
    • Good customer support

    4. Viewer Boss

    Viewer Boss is another very good option for viewbotting for Twitch channel. They claim to have very fast servers and claim that their Twitch bot is very efficient.

    With Viewer Boss, you don’t just get views or followers, you get both views and followers. There are 8 available plans you can choose from.

    viewer boss cheap packages

    Small package gives you 25 viewers and 250 followers amongst other things. Starter package brings 50 viewers and 500 followers, while Medium package gives you 100 viewers and 1000 followers. The prices of each plan are respectively €25, €45, and €75.

    average plans viewer boss

    Next 3 packages brings you from 200 to 1000 viewers and 2000 to 10,000 followers, with the price range being €130-€500.

    viewer boss expensive

    Last, but not least, the two most expensive plans are Money and Dream packages, and they cost €850 and €1700. Money package offers 2000 viewers and 20,000 followers, while Dream package brings 5000 viewers and 50,000 followers.

    All these prices are for 30 days payments. You can also choose to pay for 3, 6, and 12 months.

    However, the most important thing about them is their price. It is one of the best Twitch viewer bots that are relatively cheap.

    Viewer Boss’s services are cheap, so if you don’t want to spend a lot on a viewer bot, you could take this company into consideration.

    Best features

    • Efficient
    • Cheap

    5. Stream Chaos Bot

    Stream Chaos offers viewer, chat, and follower bots to help you advance to Twitch Affiliate or Partner status. I found the website to be pretty intuitive to use. You simply scroll down, pick your package and you are good to go.

    stream chaos

    As for the packages, you can choose 4 monthly packages, each adding from 75 to 400 viewers, 50-300 chatters, and 1,000-4,000 followers. The price range is also pretty good and it ranges from $9.99 for the cheapest option up to $38.99 for the Platinum package.

    Logically, Stream Chaos Bot claims to be very safe, efficient, and reliable.

    Best features

    • Very cheap

    6. Streambot

    Streambot is another Twitch viewer bot that has a good price-quality relationship.

    What makes Streambot different is its very simple user interface. You can choose between live viewers, chatters and followers, and then simply drag the ruler to the amount you want to get and click “Update Viewers”.

    One interesting thing you can use is to adjust the time interval viewers will join your stream. That would make things less suspicious, and more natural, rather than having 200 people coming in and following at the same time.

    When it comes to the pricing, there are 3 main and one trial plan. Trial costs $10/week or $25/month, and offers just 10 realistic viewers, without rest of the functionality.


    The other 3 plans, starting with Basic unlock every available feature. I tried out the Basic plan, which gave me 25 live viewers and 25 chatters. The price per month is $45 and for one week it’s $15, which is fine if you want to try out all features.

    The most expensive plan gives you 100 live viewers and 50 chatters for the price of $30/week or $90/month.

    They also offer multiple Twitch channel support as well as flexible prices.

    Best features

    • Affordable
    • Reliable

    Free Twitch View Bot

    What is important to mention at the beginning is that free Twitch Viewer Bots are less safe than regular Viewots that you purchase.

    However, as mentioned before, ViewerLabs offer Twitch Viewer Bot a free trial.

    Namely, with this free trial option, you get 15 chatter or viewers for 30 minutes.

    But, once again I have to say that this option is much riskier and that it can’t be found so often.

    Now, for those of you who opt for using Viewbots, I will break down how Twitch can catch you when using Twitch bot to get more views on your Twitch channel.

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    How You Can Get Busted?

    In general, there are not many pieces of evidence that can completely prove that somebody uses Twitch view bots.

    Sometimes it happens that a streamer accidentally opens the viewbotting site during the stream or even admits that he has been using some of the best Twitch view bots.

    Apart from that, viewbotting can also be noticed by analyzing the number of concurrent viewers as well as the messages of the bots and their names.

    Finally, if something like this happens to you, your Twitch account will probably be banned.

    Beware of Scams

    As with almost all other online activities, with this one there is also the risk of scams.

    Namely, there are several companies with no reputation that will offer you viewbotting services and ask for your password and if you give them your password they will be able to cause you some harm or damage your computer in some other way.

    Therefore, always choose some reliable companies with a good reputation instead of some anonymous companies that will possibly offer you smaller prices.

    And never ever give your password to anyone.

    Is Using Viewbots Really That Good?

    Even though Twitch viewer bots can give you immediate results, from my point of view they can’t guarantee you permanent results.

    If you want to develop a strong and popular Twitch channel, you will have to create good and high-quality content and stream regularly in order to create your audience.

    If you use the top Twitch viewer bots and, at some point, get banned or suspended, or even if you are only suspected of using viewbots, it will be much harder for you to progress and grow your channel.

    In my opinion, it is always better to work hard, create interesting and amusing content and make your streams fun and entertaining, than to try to take shortcuts.

    So, for permanent results, try to build a community with people who like your content and invest in making your content and channel better and that will bring you both, Twitch viewers and Twitch followers as well as financial good.

    Therefore, from my perspective, hard work is the right path for every streamer but I am definitely not judging people who want to use the Twitch viewer bot, because everyone has their stance and point of view and there are people who are willing to take all the risks using a Twitch bot brings.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is viewbotting allowed on Twitch?

    As I mentioned in the text, viewbotting is not permitted on Twitch because it is considered a fake engagement, and Twitch is fighting against it by banning and suspending people who use them.

    However, if you don’t mind the risks you can start using them and hope not to be caught. And if you don’t want to get caught, stick to viewbot companies that I mentioned in the text, because they are the most reliable and the safest ones you can find.

    How can you tell if someone is viewbotting on Twitch?

    There is no way that can 100% guarantee that someone is viewbotting. If they don’t admit that or if there is no real evidence, it almost cannot be proved.

    However, if somebody’s channel is suspicious in terms of the number of views, comments, or followers, it is possible that they are viewbotting.

    For example, if someone has a sudden increase of viewers or if there are a lot of viewers and only a few messages in the chat, then that streamer might be viewbotting.

    Can Twitch tell if you are viewbotting?

    I partly answered this question in the previous one. Twitch cannot tell for sure that you are viewbotting but can always preventively ban you if you are suspicious.

    Additionally, some viewers who think that you might be viewbotting can also report your Twitch account and cause you trouble.

    Can you get banned for viewbotting on Twitch?

    Twitch can and will ban you if you are caught using a Twitch viewer bot or accused of viewbotting. Therefore, all your hard work will be in vain and lost, and with that hard work, all potential financial good will be lost as well.

    So, I always say that viewbotting can be beneficial, but also detrimental at the same time.


    In this text, we have shown you both the good and bad sides of using viewbots.

    Now it is up to you whether you are going to opt for using them or not.

    If you decide to start using them, there is a list of good and reliable ones and if not, good luck with your channel and always keep in mind that hard and honest work always pays off.

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