Viewbotting – What Is It? Should You Do It? 4 Best Services

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Twitch users often talk about viewbotting.

Moreover, there are rumors that some of the most popular streamers use view bots, and thanks to that they get more viewers on this streaming website.

But, the question is how much do we actually know about viewbotting?

Viewbotting means using software or computer program to increase the number of views of live streams. Those views are not organic but fake; therefore, viewbotting is not allowed by Twitch. So, before using viewbotting services, think about the consequences.

What are the Best Services for Viewbotting?

1. BuyRealMedia
2. Media Mister
3. GetAFollower
4. FollowersUp

Therefore, I have decided to dedicate this article to the phenomenon of viewbotting and help you get a deeper insight into it.

What is Viewbotting?

Let me first explain the term viewbotting, or as some people spell it- view botting.

In this article, I will use both versions of spelling because both are correct.

Namely, view botting is when streamers use software or computer program to boost the number of viewers on their live streams.

Streamers who choose to increase their viewer count in this way can run a so-called view bot script, or simply rent or buy the view botting service.

Of course, if you opt for viewbotting, you do not get the real viewers but well-known fake viewers (viewer bots).

Nowadays. there are a couple of popular viewbotting services that give you an opportunity to get hundreds or thousands of fake viewers in return for your money.

You only need to subscribe to their packages.

The prices are based on the number of views you want to get.

For example, if you opt for one of the services, in exchange for $25, you get 50 fake chatters, 500 fake followers, 500 fake account views, and 100 fake viewers.

From the perspective of a new streamer, who is still trying to find his place on this network, 100 viewers watching his every stream during the whole month is not a bad thing.

There are also other packages that grant you more views, followers, and chatters, but they are more expensive.

How does Viewbotting Work?

View botting or viewbotting consists of a code that accesses Twitch in separate browser windows.

So, you might get false impressions that you can easily perform this process on your own.

But getting fake views is not as simple as it looks.

Namely, because your computer has only one IP Address, you cannot increase your viewer count by simply opening multiple browsers on your computer.

The Twitch algorithm will count all those browsers as only one browser, or literally, as the same viewer.

Therefore, view botting helps you to get view bots with different proxies.

Every single view bot you “rent” will have a unique IP Address that is located somewhere in the world.

On the other hand, if you do not want to rent Twitch view bots you can run a viewbotting script on your own.

For running a viewbotting script you need to have access to the viewbotting script itself, various proxies, and an external PC or an external server at least.

Of course, if you do not have any previous programming knowledge, you will need some time to overcome difficulties that might appear.

Therefore, if you do not have too much time to deal with programming issues, I recommend you subscribe to a viewbotting service.

However, bear in mind that viewbotting is literally illegal, and I will explain why it is illegal later.

Why do People use Viewbotting on Twitch?

Why do people use viewbotting on Twitch?

Social networks have one simple rule – the more viewers you attract, the more influence you can get, and therefore, the more money you can earn.

Viewbotting on Twitch is simply a shortcut to the top of this platform.

Of course, there are Twitch partners and streamers who are extremely popular and who constantly have thousands of organic viewers.

Therefore, it is hard to compete with them at the beginning because they will always be at the very top of every list of recommendations.

On the other hand, less attractive streamers or users who have just started streaming are frequently stuck with a low viewer count.

Moreover, some streamers often stream for only one or two persons.

Although many new streamers create quality content, their channels are simply not recommended enough by the Twitch algorithm due to a low number of views on their live streams.

So, they fail to attract real viewers or target audiences.

In order to increase the number of views, they opt for various botting services.

The viewbotting services can provide a nice foundation for future success.

In other words, viewer bots will give you more views, so, the algorithm will notice that and move you closer to the top of the list of recommendations.

Then, you will get more real users who will become interested in your content and watch your live stream.

After some time, if you are satisfied with the number of real users that you have attracted to your live streams, you can cancel your subscriptions to view botting services.

However, I again want to emphasize that viewbotting is against Twitch ToS, so do not gamble too much with that.

Can you use Viewbotting for Free?

There are free or cheap viewbotting services that you can find on Google.

Unfortunately, I do not think that this option is profitable or productive.

A cheap or free Twitch viewbot can be found on Github.

Even for the cheapest DIY viewbotting options, you will need to spend around $100 per month.

That is because the cheapest proxy is priced at around $1, and of course, you will need at least 100 proxies to compete with other streamers.

In the past few years, many users have been trying to use free proxies but they all have ended up with their streams banned.

That is because Twitch scans its network every 2 minutes, and the free proxies are pretty easily noticed by the Twitch mechanism.

The only solution to this problem is to rent or buy quality proxies.

However, you will pay much more for the quality proxies, and with other things you also need to purchase or have, DIY viewbotting becomes completely unprofitable.

The Best Viewbotting Service

I have tested a few viewbotting services in order to pick the best one.

In my opinion, Media Mister definitely leaves other services in the shade.

However, there might be a few other services like BuyRealMedia or GetAFollower, that are worth your attention, as well.

Therefore, I would like to present you with a paragraph about the best viewbotting service for Twitch.

1. BuyRealMedia

BuyRealMedia is an online marketing website that offers Twitch users the opportunity to buy Twitch views to help their channels grow.

Buying Twitch views from BuyRealMedia can be a useful strategy to help users’ channels rank higher and appeal to their target audience. The service is less time-consuming and more effective than any other Twitch marketing strategy.

With a small investment, users can present their content to potential viewers and Twitch’s algorithm as premium quality.

One of the benefits of buying Twitch views is that they enhance social proof. A stable number of views communicates to users outside the network that the content is being watched. Views are one of the only means of validation on Twitch.

Once there is social proof, the channel will experience more growth. Additionally, buying Twitch views from BuyRealMedia can boost popularity, grow Twitch views, increase stream visibility, and gain more engagement.

BuyRealMedia offers a wide range of view types that users can pick from before making a purchase. Each type is outlined, including video views, live video views, and clip views.

BuyRealMedia’s Twitch video views start at $2 for 100 views, making it an affordable price to start buying Twitch views. The service comes with a money-back guarantee, and they provide a 60-day retention guarantee. If the number of views that users purchased drops, BuyRealMedia will compensate them.

2. Media Mister

Media Mister is one of the most popular viewbotting services.

As you have seen above, private viewbotting services such as this are there to provide you with fake viewers, chatters, and followers, of course, in return for your money.

One of the most important advantages of Media Mister is that it does not require any login details.

The only thing you need to do is to choose how many followers or live viewers you want, select watch time, type in the URL address of your account, and pay.

Of course, if you want live video viewers, you must choose between a One-time package and a Monthly package.

One Time package offers:

  • Available watch time: 10 min, 30 min, 60 min, 180 min, 240 min
  • The number of viewers: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000

The price of the One-time package depends on the number of viewers and watch time you choose.

Monthly package offers:

  • The number of viewers: 50-75, 75-100

If you opt for the monthly package you will get the agreed number of viewers per stream, and that will last for 30 days from the date of acquisition.

Media Mister is safe when it comes to delivering what has been agreed upon, but no one can guarantee that the Twitch algorithm will not notice if you use viewbotting services.

They provide services not only for Twitch but for any other social media, as well.

Therefore, they offer different packages depending on what social media you choose.

Overall, I believe that there is no better service than Media Mister.

3. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is one of the favorite services for online streaming platforms.

Namely, GetAFollower is not only giving you viewers or followers and boosting engagement, but it is also taking care that you get the type of audience you prefer.

Their prices are pretty competitive, and the system of buying is literally the same as it is in the Media Mister.

That means that you only have to choose package type (one-time, monthly), watch time, quantity (number of viewers), and type in the URL of your Twitch profile.

Thanks to platforms like GetAFollower, which takes care that your view bots appear as realistic as possible, you are closer and closer to your final goal-legitimate rise of the number of concurrent viewers.

4. FollowersUp

FollowersUp is a view botting service based in Estonia, that gives you an opportunity to get more followers and viewers.

You just have to enter their website and type in what you need in their search bar.

They offer various options for a plethora of social media such as Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter…

But let me get back to Twitch.

FollowersUp offers you fake video views, channel views, and followers.

When it comes to the number of video views you can purchase the following amounts:

  • 100 viewers for $4
  • 500 viewers for $7
  • 1000 viewers for $12
  • 2000 viewers for $23
  • 5000 viewers for $54
  • 10000 viewers for $99

All these fake viewers or bots are available for single use only.

When it comes to followers, you can purchase from 100 to 5000 followers.

I recommend FollowersUp for those who are looking for reliable and short-term solutions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Viewbots

If you have activated the aforementioned monthly models, you will be able to use them for each stream during the month.

Therefore, you will ensure the stability of your view count, and moreover, you will attract more and more concurrent viewers.

On the other hand, there is one huge disadvantage of all view botting platforms.

Namely, bots tend to ask questions that are often not related to the topic of your stream.

For example, if you are playing video games, they might ask you questions that are not at all related to gaming categories.

Certainly, even the real viewers sometimes ask something unrelated to the topic of the stream, but they do it in a different and more natural way.

On the flip side, when bots send automated messages it might look like a real online fraud.

Therefore, some of the platforms have invented an option where you can upload your own messages to chatbots, thanks to the virtual leaderboard.

The one that did make a serious improvement in this area was Viewerlabs, but unfortunately, the platform is temporarily unavailable.

Thanks to that option, you can devise questions and messages common for streaming platforms or a certain game category.

Hopefully, that will become an integral part of every platform today.

Is Viewbotting Illegal?

I do not have good news for those of you who would like to use viewbotting.

Twitch viewbots and viewbotting in general are not legal.

Therefore, any viewbotting action or ad fraud noticed by Twitch algorithms or officials can result in banning users who have used fraudulent techniques, illegitimate scripts, or software.

If you have never heard of ad fraud before, it is an action where the perpetrator gains material wealth or simply advertises revenue by fooling advertisers.

But let me get back to the topic of viewbotting legality.

You might ask, what is wrong with a few more views that this popular technique called view botting can create for us?

Well, first of all, Twitch does not mess with its own integrity, and moreover, it wants to have only a so-called concurrent viewership.

Due to the fact that Twitch is one of the most popular streaming networks in the world, they cannot allow any irregular activity to happen.

Therefore, their reputation is one of the key reasons for their advantage over many streaming websites.

The second reason why those who are caught viewbotting will be banned is revenue from advertising.

Namely, those who are artificially inflating their view counts are basically throwing away money from the real companies who are ready to sponsor and support streamers.

As we all know, various companies are looking for streamers who like their products and who are willing to promote and suggest their products to like-minded people.

However, when bots are the only ones who watch streams, marketing agencies and companies will only waste money on showing ads.

Finally, streamers involved in fraudulent actions devised in order to create a false impression of popularity will be banned, and possibly prevented to get a Twitch partnership status in the conceivable future.

Therefore, I recommend you increase your entertainment value by using legitimate and legal ways.


As you have seen, view botted videos can get a great number of views, but that is what is called a fake engagement.

Fake engagement and even one fake viewer can endanger Twitch’s reputation, and moreover, advertising companies might end up wasting millions of dollars.

Therefore, I recommend you use completely free devices to boost your popularity, such as your own imagination and ingenuity.

I am sure that the users will enjoy watching how you gradually get more and more views and fans.

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