How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post – 2 Simple Methods

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Some users are likely inclined to save Instagram posts they see on a business account that showcase certain products they feel drawn to. The save count can also be noticed within a personal account’s stats.

How to see who saved your Instagram post?

There isn’t a way to check who saved one of your posts, but here is what you can do:

Read on to learn how to check Instagram Insights and see what data is available to be seen and tracked.

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

Maybe I can preface this by telling you that, unfortunately, it is not possible to look at individual Instagram users who have tapped on the save button under your Instagram post by their username.

Suppose you have decided to wait for a hot minute and let Instagram notify you about someone who recently saved your Instagram post. In that case, that’s sadly not going to be a possible outcome in this situation. Saved posts are not included in the notification feature.

Sadly you will not acquire the desired insight into the exact Instagram accounts that save your content in particular or generally save someone’s post specifically, but some numbers might be available.

1. Ask Your Followers

Well, you could technically ask your followers directly. Whether you want to send a direct message to a specific Instagram account to ask whether they might be someone who has saved some of your posts on Instagram in the form of photos or videos.

If you find that somewhat awkward or cringeworthy, you can opt for an alternative option I will show you if you keep reading. So, in the following section, let me show you how to see the exact amount of people who saved your Instagram posts.

2. Use Instagram Insights

The effort you put into creating your very own digital identity can be on a large scale. You can do this via a professional account – either via a business account or a creator account, as both of these options will allow you to check your statistics and the general performance of your account.

At this point, Instagram accounts are authorized to save other people’s posts, but unfortunately, not an Instagram story.

Another element that Instagram allows you to have a look at is your stats. It is worth your while to check how many accounts have managed to save your post. Be mindful that if you own a private account, your followers are the only folks capable of saving your posts.

As I have previously described, when you check out the Instagram insights of a specific post of yours, you can tell how many folks have managed to save your Instagram post by now, not exactly who did it, so to do this, open the specifically selected post you would like to check and afterward tap view insights.

View Insights option on Instagram

Now, your specific post insights are visible and ready to be explored. Here you can see a bookmark icon. The displayed specific number underneath the bookmark icon will reveal the exact overall count of users that have managed to save your Instagram post.

number of people that has saved a post

Check All The Posts You Have Saved

If you own an Instagram account, whether it is a business account or maybe even a personal one, you have probably saved some posts here and there by now whilst scrolling through your feed.

Of course, it is easy to make a simple screenshot image of something you find interesting to you, but what about noticing and being curious about an entire post with some info you’d like to review later, maybe? Simply save it.

If you are someone who has saved Instagram posts, you can simply open your page via your profile Icon or, in other words – your profile picture, and from this point on, you can tap on the hamburger menu icon, which is located in the upper-right corner of the visible screen.

Open menu on your Instagram profile

From this place right here, you will be shown a new menu. Now tap here on the button that says Saved.

Saved tab in Instagram menu

Upon opening this, you will see your saved posts. You can keep here as many pictures and videos and save posts to see them later.


Instagram values users who live their lives openly and share every good photo or video within a certain post. It also keeps privacy at a high standard and does not allow users to access all info about what their friends and followers are potentially doing.

But, simply because you cannot view the specific names of people who saved your Instagram post, it doesn’t necessarily signify you can’t have a peek at how many users have saved certain things you have already posted.

To have some kind of insight into exactly how many people save your Instagram post is seriously vital data, especially for a business profile, and especially since this category of info is vital to view and keep track of how their posts are performing on Instagram.


How to see posts you have already liked on Instagram?

Do this by:

1. Tapping on your profile picture, which is located in the upper-right corner
2. In the new menu, and then select Your activity button
3. Next, you’re going to tap interactions, followed by tapping on likes
4. Now tap the post you wish to see!

Why can’t you see exactly who has saved your Instagram post?

Privacy is a significant element within the Instagram app. Imagine the mess it could create if everyone could access this kind of data.

Many websites and third-party applications ‘offer’ the opportunity for users to view who saved their Instagram posts and check who is stalking their Instagram profile, but there is no truth to this since there is no way to do this, and these apps are purely scamming unsuspecting users.

Can someone see if you save their Instagram post?

No, they can’t. They will not get any notification, nor will your name appear in any of their insights.

At best, you will be visible just as a number once they gain insight into how many people have saved their photos, but more information will not be available. Go ahead and save the post, and don’t worry about a thing.

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