Can You Buy Followers on Twitch – Does It Work? Is It Illegal?

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You stream on Twitch but your number of followers is unsatisfactory? And you are wondering can you buy followers on Twitch and if so, does it even work or if its illegal or not, but you simply can’t find the answer?

I’m here to tell you that yes – you can buy Twitch followers easily and it works, especially for those just starting their streaming career, and it is legal and safe if done right!

My favorite service to buy real twitch followers is BuyRealMedia, which I will be talking about more.

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Can You Buy Followers on Twitch

Yes, there is a way to buy channel followers on Twitch and drive some new viewership to your channel.

If you’re a new streamer just starting out, and you’re struggling to change that viewer count on your streams from 0 to… whatever, then buying Twitch followers can give you a special kind of boost.

Well, it depends on your personality, of course, but whenever I start doing something new, I need to see some progress immediately to keep my spirits up and motivation high.

You should know, however, that getting organic views is much better, but if you need that little boost of confidence, then why not!?

Does Buying Followers on Twitch Work?

is buying twitch followers illegal

Buying followers on Twitch works only if you buy real followers and from a reliable source, like BuyRealMedia.

Otherwise, buying fake Twitch followers from scammers and shady services could result in a permaban and all the progress you made on your Twitch channel would be lost.

As I already said and as I will say a million times more – it is always better to work towards getting new followers with organic methods, especially if you want to make some lasting place for yourself on Twitch, so take some time to figure out what you’re doing, what you want to do, and how to get those followers to come to you.

But if you need that little push, buying followers works as long as you pick a safe service that works with real people and not bots.

Is Buying Twitch Followers Illegal?

No, buying followers on Twitch is not illegal but Twitch doesn’t support it and you can easily get banned and lose your money if you buy Twitch followers from a scammer service.

Most of the services selling Twitch followers are actually selling fake followers who don’t interact with you or that are just old inactive fake accounts. These services you should avoid under all costs and under no circumstances should you buy any followers from such sources.

If you, however, do, chances are that you will get permabanned on Twitch as Twitch doesn’t support this kind of fraudulent activity.

On the other, there are services that sell real Twitch followers who are actually really interested in your content and interact with you, and these are the services you should stick with if you need to buy some booster followers.

What are Real and Fake Followers

Real followers are those people who genuinely enjoy your content, interact with you regularly and who are there organically, in most cases. Fake followers are fake profiles or bots created by scammer companies, old inactive accounts, or accounts that have no interest in your content and never interact with you.

As I mentioned several times, before, it is of extreme importance that you find a trusted service that works with real people who have real interests and who connect people with interests similar to yours with you and your Twitch account.

Those people will interact with you and they would act just like any other follower who came to your profile organically.

Fake followers will basically be just a number on your follower count.

However, there are some much bigger problems with fake followers:

  1. disappear after some time
  2. Twitch doesn’t look favorably on bots

First of all, fake followers will practically disappear after some time and you will get back to your lower number of followers.

Unfortunately, you would be a victim of a fraud.

The other problem with Twitch Bots is Twitch’s attitude towards them, which is highly unfavorable!

Namely, Twitch will eventually recognize that your followers aren’t genuine and your account will be at risk of being flagged or even permabanned!

Where to Buy Twitch Followers

For you who still think that buying Twitch followers is the way to go and who feel particularly adventurous, here are my 3 favorite services to buy real Twitch followers.

1. BuyRealMedia

BuyRealMedia twitch

BuyRealMedia offers a really good number of services, from common ones such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Youtube, to some less frequent options, such as Reddit, Telegram, IMDb, and more.

buyrealmedia twitch followers

Depending on the number of followers you want to buy, the delivery time can vary between 1 and 5 days, to avoid suspicion from Twitch.

2. Media Mister

Media Mister is one more service that offers boosting on a wide range of social platforms.

media mister buy twitch followers

Unlike some other providers who promise instant delivery, Media Mister will send new followers to your profile over several days, depending on the package you choose – 1 to 3 days for 100 new Twitch followers and 3 to 5 days for 10.000, for example.


The prices, however, are somewhat steep for the bigger packages, and right now, 10.000 followers package costs $493, whereas the same package costs $149 on SidesMedia and $50 on UseViral.

How to Recognize a Legit Follower-Selling Company?

If you want to buy real Twitch followers, but these three companies are not up your alley, here are some tips for how to recognize a legit service from a scam.

1. Check the company background

If you see a deal that sounds too good to be true, be sure to check the company’s background before giving any payment details to anyone.

Many times, offers of fast follower growth will pop up as ads on different websites and other social media, so don’t fall for them right away.

Try to find the website. No website – red flag!

Try to find testimonials from other customers. And remember, reviews on the site might be true, but check out other sources as well. Reddit and similar forums are the great source when you’re looking for just about any information!

If the company had a lot of negative feedbacks and negative reviews, that should also be a red flag for you and you should consider finding someone else to take your business to.

2. Check the price

If the pricing is too low, that could mean that followers you’re about to get are not real and that they will likely very soon disappear.

It’s in human nature to seek lower prices and favorable deals, I agree, but if you want to be save, sometimes higher prices are the way to go.

Compare the prices on the market, get some idea of what average costs should be, and if a deal is way too good to be true, and the company doesn’t seem legit, you might just be right!

3. Avoid viewer bots

Viewer bots will eventually vanish from your account, so the real followers are the ones that count.

Make sure that the company sells real high quality followers!

Again, ask around, do some research, and if things seem shady, don’t go there!

4. Customer support

A reliable and legit company or website should necessarily have customer support.

This will give you a sign that the company is there for you even after the transaction is made and that they are willing to help you out with any issue you might encounter.

Additionally, it’s a plus if you can contact customer support through several channels, like email, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.

5. Check payment options

Before making a transaction, it is essential that you check whether the website is secure over HTTPS.

Similarly, a good company would offer several payment options including Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency), Paypal, Payoneer, etc.

Of course, you can always pay for Twitch followers in an old-fashioned way with your credit card, but it is always good to know that you have an option not to share your credit card details.

What to Do After Buying Followers?

can you buy followers on twitch

After you bought the followers, your job isn’t done – it has only just begun.

You have to see follower purchasing as an initial boost that is there to help you lay the foundations for the growth.

If you think that after buying followers your job is finished and if you don’t dedicate your time and passion to your Twitch channel, your followers will soon recognize you as an unfit streamer and they will abandon you.

For those of you who are not sure what to do after buying Twitch followers, here’s a short list of tips that will help you keep up, and for those who want to see more, check out 19 best tips for how to grow on Twitch.

1. Produce regular high quality content

The first thing you should do for yourself, your channel and your viewers is to come up with a schedule of when you’re going to stream on Twitch.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you should stream just anything, but try to keep your streams and your content relevant and interesting to your viewership.

Moreover, streaming for just a few hours per week won’t work if you want to make you channel big. You need to spend, preferably, 1-2 hours per day streaming if you want to get noticed.

Also, try to improve the quality of your streams by investing in better equipment, using panels, alerts, stinger transitions and other things to make your stream more “alive” and engaging.

Remember that growing your channel and building your brand is a process and it will take time, so you need to continue producing high-quality content.

2. Keep your audience in mind and follow trends

Your content should be based on your target audience’s preferences and expectations, not only on what you want to do.

If you want to make streaming your career, that is.

When you are a small streamer, you want to stream the things people will want to see, not only those things you find interesting.

Only once you grow as a streamer, build a reputation, and develop your channel and have millions of viewers (okay, thousands maybe) can you start streaming whatever and whenever and be sure that someone will be there to watch you.

If you’re not sure where to start and what to stream, or if you think that the biggest games are the way to go, check out our list of 20 best games to stream. You will be surprised to learn some things.

3. Create a connection with your viewers

In order to grow on Twitch and to develop your channel, you will need to communicate with your current followers and build a rapport with them.

Having a lot of viewers but failing to communicate with them will eventually lead to you not having so many viewers anymore as their engagement will start getting lower and lower.

No one likes a person with a stick up their arse, and if your audience gets a sense that you see yourself as better then them, they will leave.

If they get a sense that you are boring and can’t keep a conversation, they will leave.

So work on your communication skills and work towards building communication with yoru audience and you’ll be all set.

4. Improve your social media presence

If you want to reach wider audience, you need to start utilizing other social media platforms too.

Twitch is awesome, but when you post regularly on Instagram, when you’re active on Reddit forums and so on, you will reach more people and get better results and reach success faster than you ever could with just one platform.

Moreover, through other social media you can meet more new people and Twitch streamers and potentially even start a collaboration. Again, leading to reaching wider audience and gaining more high quality followers.

5. Giveaways, challenges, contests

If you want to make people stick around, offer them something free!

Having contest and giveaways on your channel can kill two birds with one stone as you will both build some communication with your community and also offer them some gifts, new opportunities and so on.

You can organize challenges, set some requirements and, for example, the winner gets the opportunity to play with you, you can host a giveaway and the winner gets a gift card or a 1-on-1 coaching session with you.

Be creative, include your viewers and give something back to your loyal fans. In the end, this will lead to you having more Twitch followers!

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To summarize, if you were wondering can you buy followers on Twitch, the answer is yes, you can, and it is safe and legal as long as you but them from a reliable source offering real followers.

Of course, getting followers organically is always better, but if you need a little boost of confidence, a few Twitch followers you bought shouldn’t hurt!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to buy followers on Twitch?

On most follower-selling sites prices start at only $3. Precisely, for $3 you can get 50 followers, whereas 100 followers cost around $6. If you want 500 or 1000 followers, it will cost you approximately $15-25, while for $50 you can get between 2500 and 3000 followers.

Does Twitch pay for followers?

There are advertising revenues that are based on the number of followers. Namely, the advertising revenue is around $250 per 100 followers, which means that streamers with plenty of followers can earn a significant amount of money. Furthermore, Twitch pays for views. Accurately, between $2 and $10 per thousand views.

How many Twitch followers do you need to make a living?

It depends on your financial situation and how much money you actually need to make a living. According to different sources you would need at least 1000 followers to make a living only by streaming on Twitch. But again, some people would make a living with 500 followers, so it’s pretty much a subjective thing.

How many followers do you need to get verified?

In order to get verified on Twitch, you have to meet several criteria. Firstly, you need at least 50 followers. Secondly, you need at least 500 minutes of broadcast in the last 30 days. Finally, you need a minimum of 7 unique broadcasting days in the last 30 days.

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