How to Rewind Twitch – Top 3 Best Ways to Rewind Twitch Streams

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Many viewers are turning to YouTube streaming and gaming, as well as to other similar streaming platforms, because of the option to rewind the streams.

With a rewind, you can re-watch all of your favorite moments, see more details, and collect more tricks.

So, what about Twitch streaming? Can you rewind Twitch and if yes, how to rewind Twitch?

Well, Twitch didn’t add this feature just yet, but there are a few tricks for viewers that want to rewind the Twitch stream.

Rewinding Twitch Streams

Although Twitch doesn’t have an option to rewind its streams, you can use these methods to get the same results:

1. Make a Clip (when streaming, you will notice an icon for the movie that will show you the last 90 seconds of a stream).
2. Full Rewind Twitch (but be careful because Twitch chat is still on, and messages don’t follow the screen ongoing).
3. Starting from the First Minute (go to the Videos page and choose the stream you want to see, but remember, if you are not a subscriber, the ads will be included).

Can You Rewind on Twitch?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no.

Twitch doesn’t have a rewind feature. However, viewers have found a way to do a rewind on Twitch.

Can you rewind on Twitch

Wondering how they’ve done it?

Well, here are some tricks.

How to Re-watch Twitch Streams?

Before I share my tips and tricks with you, I have to state that these steps work only for re-watching a few previous minutes of the stream – it is not the complete Twitch rewind.

1. Making a Clip

If you were wondering how to rewind Twitch stream, here is one thing you can do – create a clip of the good scene that you would like to go back to when the stream is over.

When streaming, you will notice an icon for the movie – it should be located on the right, bottom corner of the screen.

Once you click on that button, a new page will open.

In this window, you can see the previous minute and a half of your stream. The Twitch is showing you the last 90s before you pressed that button.

Then you can select any minute of the stream you would like to save and later re-watch.

As said, this isn’t an entire Twitch rewind live broadcast, but it is better than nothing.

Sometimes, re-watching the stream in this way is a bit complicated, but at least you don’t have to leave the show to capture the favorite parts.

2. Full Rewind Twitch

There is a way to re-watch the entire Twitch stream, but it is a bit more complicated compared to re-watching only a few minutes of the stream.

With this option, you still have access to Twitch chat, however, the others might be a bit confused with the messages, since you will be writing about something that is not following the scenes displayed in real-time.

3. Starting from the First Minute

Streamers have “videos on-demand” and other clips stored on their channel.

So, one of the ways to watch the stream from the beginning is by visiting their Videos page.

You can find the button on top of the screen.

Typically, archived videos are displayed from newest to oldest, and the newest one is usually the stream that is currently live.

Click on the icon of the latest video to get access to the feed, then scroll through that page to find the moment you want to re-watch.

These videos are public, but for non-followers, they include ads.

So, either turn on the ad-blocker or subscribe if you want to skip the ads.


Hopefully, this short guide answered your question about how to rewind on Twitch, and that know you are enjoying re-watching the favorite moments of the stream.

While you are here, check out the FAQ as well!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch VODs?

VODs are located on the Videos page of that streamer’s channel. However, if the streamer has turned off this feature, you won’t have access to saved videos.

Which videos can I watch in VODs?

In VODs all of the live streams are stored, which means that you have access to any of the streams you have missed.

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