Best VTuber Software – Top 8 Software for VTubers (2024)

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If you are new in the online community, then you have definitely heard about the term vtuber and asked yourself what kind of online persona is that.

Vtubers are usually artificial intelligence avatars or so-called virtual YouTubers who decide to hide their identity and rather connect with the audience through unique models and avatars.

In case you would like to become an online figure, but don’t feel comfortable sharing your natural face and identity, you could become a Vtuber. Therefore, you should definitely give a try to this best Vtuber software and start creating your new community.

Best VTuber Software

These are some of the best Vtuber software programs that will help you create your virtual character easily.

1. Live3D


Live3D is a VTuber software suite that offers a wide range of tools and options to both new and experienced streamers.

With Live3D, you can make your own Vtuber avatar character, edit it, or simply choose some premade options from the gallery. You are offered over 30 different avatars and about 40 poses. There are also various scenes for you to pick.

With all these tools, you can customize your avatar however you want. And the best thing of all, you can add customized virtual effects to your Twitch stream by using the Live3D Twitch extension!

For example, you can add falling sparkles, hearts, and even change the shape of your avatar live. There are tons of effects to choose from.

Another very interesting feature I noticed is that you can have your favorite Pokemon, Digimon, or creatures from other shows as your pets by using the Shimeji App.

When it comes to the pricing of Live3D, I was surprised to see that Live3D is free to use! There are 3 paid plans, but the basic version is free, so you can try it anytime.

live3d pricing

Each of the paid plans adds something new to the previous one, so I’m certain there is something for every taste.

Apart from that, you can use VTuber Studio, an external store, to commission custom-made avatars, if you want something specific.

There are also Twitch badges, emotes, and overlays you can get for a quite affordable price.

2. Wakaru

wakaru app

Wakaru is one of the oldest programs that allows you to create virtual videos and cosplay as an avatar of your choice.

It is extremely popular in Asia, and it offers you several options, a brief video editor, and advanced features that allow you to create a virtual presentation of your choice.

When you are using Wakaru, you won’t need to install any other kit or VR device, and you will be able to share your animation software with viewers on your streaming platform with ease.

You will be able to create a whole virtual world so you can come up with a few different avatars and then rotate them through your streams.

Once you have created your account on this platform, you will easily be able to save everything and share your virtual avatars when you need them.

All you will need to do is download the Wakaru software to your PC or laptop, install the program and then open it.

You don’t need any additional features or software if you want to make it work, which will save you a lot of time.

Even though it has hundreds of options and it is completely free for everyone, Wakaru doesn’t have the best tracking software, so when you are moving around, it may not be able to replicate the movement the right way, and your virtual reality videos can seem a bit off from time to time.

It is a good option for all beginners and great free software that will allow you to understand how virtual reality videos work.

3. Facerig


If you don’t need a video editor that will help you edit your whole body, then Facerig will be a good choice for you.

In case you want to become a virtual YouTuber who will keep on showing only his face, you will be extremely satisfied with their intuitive interface.

The Facerig app allows you to create virtual YouTubers avatars, and it has features like instant digital cosplay, amazing render quality, real-time voice processing, and customizing tools.

This way, you will be able to create a virtual avatar that will resemble you perfectly, and no other software will provide you with all the options Facerig has to offer.

It supports several live stream technologies, so you will be able to connect it with any sort of streaming program or platform and even share your virtual reality with other software made for vtubers.

Your virtual avatar can even be adjusted throughout the game, and all you will have to do is choose the options you want in your upper right corner.

If you want to stimulate interaction with your audience, you can always ask them what the type of avatar they would like to see and choose facial expressions that will resemble your real-life expression and the way you feel when interacting with them is.

It is also free software, so it is a great way to kickstart your streaming process with this vtuber software.

4. Hyper


This is a vtuber software that is available both to Apple and Android users, and you can download it both to your PC or laptop and to your mobile phone.

When using this software, you don’t even need to be in front of the camera in order to create your virtual Youtuber, and you can just create a motion capture that you will be sharing with other viewers all the time.

Once you customize your unique avatar, you will even be able to engage in video calls through the camera by using it and become a part of Youtube streams and lives with this face.

People who invest a lot of time and energy into creating their avatar usually make it look and feel like a real person, and if they customize it well enough so it becomes recognizable and stands out, it will help you become a famous person in the online community.

Many people opt to create their Vtuber avatar through Hyper because it is an app that offers high-quality tracking, eye movements, and technology that will make your avatar look completely natural in videos.

It really is amazing and looks absolutely realistic, and since you don’t even need models or a real person for it, you can control the look of the avatar entirely and create an aura that you wish to exude.

You will need to pay if you want access to all the features, control boards, motion capture, but if you are looking for a professional career in the VR industry, it will be worth it.

5. VTube Studio

VTube Studio app

VTube studio is one of the oldest software for virtual avatars that has gathered millions of loyal users across the world.

It was launched years ago, but it still remains relevant, and it even allows you to connect your account to OBS software and simplify the whole interface without problems.

Vtube Studio has over 100 features that will help you control your presence on the webcam, enable you to control the motion, and even add new details to your avatar.

It is a great option if you want to show your whole body on the webcam because not all Vtuber software offers you an option of a full-body avatar.

However, it can’t really track the movements of your face briefly, so if you want to wink or laugh or show a specific expression, you will probably need to do it by yourself in the settings.

This software is reliable, and it provides you with access to plenty of great features and filters; in case you are not sure what kind of avatar you want and how you want to look on these streaming platforms, then this is the best option for you.

6. VRoid Studio

VRoid Studio

VRoid is a special tool made for creating 3D anime characters, and it is usually used by people who are into animes and their characters.

If you are a part of the anime community and you want to create motion avatars that will resemble your favorite anime hero, then this is the best Vtuber software for you.

It is a completely free app that allows you to do the tracking and even upload an example of your favorite character and then create an avatar that will resemble it.

The quality of the avatars on this app is not that amazing, but it is definitely a good choice if you are looking for an anime avatar that will look good on your webcam.

Most users on this platform are engaged in the anime community, and this app seems to be able to offer all the features and details that are needed for them, so if you are an anime enthusiast too, I believe you won’t be disappointed by it.

It is available both to Android and Apple users, and it is compatible with all the popular streaming platforms, so definitely give it a try.

7. Animaze

animaze app

The Facerig company creates the Animaze technology and software, but this app seems to have a bit more options and a better guide to all things virtual reality.

With Animaze, you will be able to create your new Vtuber personality and create scenes that will look identically to those you have seen in animated movies and then publish them on your stream.

Not only that they have hundreds of different filters and options that will allow you to create a Vtuber avatar of any kind, but you will also be able to create short movies with your avatar as the main character.

If you are looking for a way to step up your game and grow more extensive in the streaming community, then this is definitely the software that will help you with it.

I would recommend you to use it on a Windows computer because this is the way many Vtubers use it in order to create original content that will make people click on their streams all the time.

However, you will need to invest some money in order to gain access to everything this technology has to offer, so it is definitely for people who are a bit more experienced.

8. VR Chat

VR Chat app

VR Chat is also a pretty old software that has some of the best tracking and motion settings and provides you with so many different options and filters for your avatar.

It allows you to create full-body avatars and videos, and if you don’t want to, you don’t even need to turn the camera on because the algorithm will record your sound and then make your avatar act accordingly.

You can change the look of your character whenever you want, and you can also share everything you have created in the app to Youtube, Twitch, Discord, or any other platform without obstacles.

The best thing about VR Chat World is that you can also call your friends to join it and create original experiences with them that can then be live-streamed on your accounts.

It has a full range of different motions, transformations, and behavior that will make your character look like a real person, and you will never have to worry about the authenticity of your videos while using them.

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