Most Subbed Twitch Streamers: List Of 10 Streamers With Most Subscribers In 2024

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The list of people with the most subscribers on Twitch is constantly changing, as other streamers gain more subscribers, and others don’t get as many renewed subscribers.

And while you can be a very successful streamer on Twitch with way fewer subs than the people mentioned here, it’s always interesting to know these things.

Below, you’ll find a list of streamers with the most Twitch subscribers as of March 2022.

1. Ironmouse

171.690 subscribers

Ironmuse has been a streamer since 2017, and she is best known for her pink-haired character and a very high-pitched voice.

She is a VTuber, meaning that the character she uses to stream is a virtual and animated one, rather than streaming as herself. Since the character is designed as an anime character, that brought a lot of popularity to her, and it’s something that brings a lot of the audience to her.

Up until the 7th of March, she had a subathon going on, which is what made her be the streamer with most subscribers at the moment. This has also made her be the 3rd most subbed channel on Twitch ever.

She currently has 171.690 subscribers.

2. xQcOW

81.157 subscribers

Félix Lengyel, who streams under the name xQcOW, is a Canadian Twitch streamer best known for being a professional Overwatch player during 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Now, he is a variety streamer on Twitch.

In February of 2022, he was the streamer with the highest number of subscribers, but now he is in the second position. However, his viewership has remained high.

The exact number of subscriptions his channel has is 81.157.

He is probably best known for the controversies he continues to find himself in, mostly regarding violating terms of use. He is also in the 0.006% of the people who have a permanent ban from League Of Legends.

He also had several Twitch bans, mostly regarding streaming videos, including adult content, in streams that broadcast to viewers that can be of a younger age.

3. HasanAbi

60.217 subscribers

HasanAbi is an American Twitch streamer, but besides that, he is a left-wing political commentator.

On his Twitch channel, he streams a variety of different things, but he is best known for discussing politics from a socialist point of view.

He has millions of followers, but his sub count is currently at 60.217, making him the third on the list of streamers with the most subs.

He streamed a lot during the 2020 presidential election in the US, and these streams have probably gained him a high number of subscribers.

Currently, he is mainly covering the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. While streaming Elden Ring, he has raised over $200.000 for relief funds dedicated to the people of Ukraine.

4. Nickmercs

57.636 subscribers

NICKMERCS, which is the Twitch name of the streamer Nicholas Kolcheff, is the 4th on the list of most subbed Twitch streamers channels. He currently has 57.636 subs.

He is someone who has been active in the gaming community since the early 2000s as a professional Gears of War player.

At the beginning of his streaming career, he mostly played Call of Duty and Outlast.

He is most known for his playstyle, which is very aggressive, with a very dominating close-quarters combat.

He is als0 known as the leader of the MFAM gaming community, which is very close-knit. That can be seen through his numerous giveaways, events, and continuous support of smaller streamers.

Nowadays, he mostly plays Fortnite Battle Royale, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Apex Legends.

5. Rubius

52.626 subscribers

Rubius is a Spanish-Norwegian content creator who started his career in the early days of YouTube by creating videos around GTA IV and Skyrim.

Nowadays, he has more than one platform and is very successful at what he does. But, when it comes to Twitch, he is mostly streaming Fortnite.

He has a very fruitful career behind him, as he was at some point one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, with other business opportunities as a book deal.

He also did interviews with mainstream celebrities and had similar ventures.

He currently has 52.626 Twitch subs, making him the 5th most subbed streamer on the Twitch platform.

Last year, he was caught up in a controversy regarding his move from Spain to Andorra, as many people have seen that as an attempt to pay less tax, which is a contrast to his explanation that the move was made in order to be closer to friends and live a less stressful life.

6. Gaules

51.222 subscribers

Gaules is a Twitch streamer who has started his Internet career very early in the 2000s as a coach and observer for professional Counter-Strike tournaments.

He has made many a big achievement in his career, winning not only in tournaments but also in some A-level associations.

He is from Brazil, so you will not find a lot of news about him that are in English, and that’s why you might not have heard of him, even though he is the 6th person on this list, with a sub count of 51.222.

Besides doing streams and esports, he is also known for being open about his ongoing battle with depression, and he often donates a large portion of his money to different charities. He is known for being a humanitarian.

In 2020, his channel had the 2nd highest viewership on the platform, and he has also been named the esports Brazil best streamer of the year.

7. AdmiralBahroo

49.252 subscribers

Relatively new to Twitch, AdmiralBahroo has managed to be the 7th Twitch streamer with most subs, with currently 49.252 subs.

He is a Vtuber, meaning that he is one of the Twitch streamers that broadcast their content behind an animated character.

Since he started only in April 2021, you can definitely say that he has had a big break as a newbie Twitch streamer.

His character is a small panda with very large eyes that is carried by a woman.

His streams are mostly calm and chill, which mixes great with his chatty streams, as he is usually streaming himself just chatting and interacting with his audience.

However, before AdmiralBahroo got the idea for streaming as a Vtuber with said character, he actually was one of the streamers that record themselves without face cam. He had a channel with a record number of over 800.000 followers.

8. Shylily

45.644 subscribers

On 8th place stands the Twitch streamer Shylily, who is another Vtuber with an anime-looking character. Her subscriber count is currently at 45.644.

On her channel, she will usually stream Minecraft, WoW, Phasmophobia, and Genshin Impact. The most popular streams are ones where she reacts to memes from her subreddit r/shylily, as well as the ones where her viewers make her play Dark Souls 3.

Whether she has shown her face is a big topic amongst the community, as she has posted a photo showing how she looks while playing games. However, many suggest that this was not really her but a stock image.

She introduced a new character at the beginning of 2022, and since then, her career has run the same course as before, with a lot of popularity in all categories of games.

9. Casimito

44.587 subscribers

Casimito is an esports streamer, who will most often stream FIFA 21, but he will also record just chatting streams from time to time.

Casimito is from Brazil and is primarily a journalist.

He has a lot of viewers all around the world, but his followers and subs are mainly from his homeland.

He has a great ongoing career, with his current subscriber count being 44.587.

10. Ibai

44.064 subscribers

And with just enough subs to make it to this list is the Twitch streamer Ibai with 44.064 subs.

He is a Spanish streamer with more than 9 million followers who has won the Streamer of the Year by the Esports Awards, as well as been named as one of the most influential people of Spain.

His Twitch streams are nowadays mostly centered around talking with public figures from Spain, with the most famous stream being the one with Gerard Pique.

After that stream, the two of them actually went on to organize a balloon tournament named Balloon World Cup, which was organized in September of 2021.

Who Holds The Record?

The previous list has contained Twitch streamers that hold the most subscribers as of March 2022. However, none of them are the most subbed Twitch streamers channels of all time.

The most subbed streamer that broke the record on Twitch is actually Ludwig Ahgren.

Ludwig Ahgren broke the Twitch record for most subscribers in April of 2021 after a subathon that lasted for 30 days.

By exceeding the number of 270.000 Twitch subscribers, Ludwig beat Ninja, who previously held this record.

During the subathon that made him gain this title, he prolonged the stream for 10 seconds for each new subscriber he got. To celebrate the end of such an achievement, he decided to make a donation to either St. Jude Children’s Hospital or the Animal Humane Society, matching $5 for each sub he got that day.

As stats say, and as we go from month to month, he still holds this record.

Which Twitch Streamer Has The Most Subs?

As of March 2022, the channel with the most Twitch subscribers is Ironmouse, with over 170.000 subscribers.

However, the record for the highest number of Twitch subscribers of all time is still in the hands of Ludwig Ahgren, who set the record at 270.000 subs.

Before him, the person with the most subs was Ninja, with his sub count being around 269.000.

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