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In the right hands, the chatbots represent an excellent way for users to confidently and routinely manage the chat on their Twitch channel, and an online-only WizeBot is no exception to that rule.

As one of the most well-known Twitch chatbots available, the WizeBot provides many top-tier features to satisfy even the most demanding user and helps with tidying everything chat-related to mere perfection.

With this instructional text, together, we’ll go through the most prominent WizeBot commands and clarify some basic facts about WizeBot through the FAQ section.

Table of Contents

All WizeBot Commands

I’ll list all the WizeBot commands for your convenience below. The mandatory command codes will be represented in bold text, and I’ll write the optional in italic.

I’ll note the permission in brackets at the end of each command line.

WizeBot Commands

Global Commands

These commands generally require viewer permission to use, but some of them could need to be activated by streamers. Therefore they might not work accurately.

  • !fc viewer – Checks for the first and the last date of your follow status. [view.]
  • !uptime – This shows the current uptime of the active live session. [view.]
  • !viewers – Shows current viewers and chatters Twitch numbers. [view.]
  • !commands – Displaying this page’s and custom commands’ links. [view.]
  • !game – Shows the live session’s current game. [view.]
  • !host – A Click to HOST link is shown by using this command. [view.]
  • !lastvideo – Checks the most recent YouTube video. [view.]

Streamer Chat Commands

  • !op viewer – Adds a specific user to the operators’ list. [stream.]
  • !deop viewer – Removes a particular user from the operators’ list. [stream.]
  • !addvip viewer hours – This premium account-only line of code adds a temporary VIP status for a specified amount of hours. [stream.]
  • !unvip viewer – This line is a so-called unvip viewer removal, a premium account exclusive command that removes a temporary or permanent VIP status. [stream.]
  • !uptime_goal start hours – This command starts a time-number defined uptime goal. [stream.]
  • !uptime_goal stop – Stops the uptime’s goal. [stream.]
  • !disable_wizebot – This line of code deactivates WizeBot on your channel entirely, all while not returning messages when in the running state. [stream.]

If you’d like to re-activate WizeBot, you’d have to go through a dedicated WizeBot panel.

Mod Commands

  • !kick viewer minutes – With this command, a mod, you can kick the current viewer default for 3 minutes or some other specified time. [mod.]
  • !ban viewer 1 viewer 2 – Bans single or multiple viewers from the chat. [mod.]
  • !unban viewer 1 viewer 2 – This mod command unbans single or multiple viewers. [mod.]
  • !clean viewer – Cleans either user viewer message or chat. [mod.]
  • !settitle title – Changes the streaming title. [mod.]
  • !setgame/!setcateg game/category – Changes previously set streaming game and category. [mod.]
  • !subon – This command enables the subscriber-exclusive mode. [mod.]
  • !suboff – Disables the subscriber-exclusive mode. [mod.]
  • !follon time – Enables the followers-only mode in the chat. [mod.]
  • !folloff – Shutting off the followers-only mode in the chat. [mod.]
  • !emoteon – Initiates emote-only mode in your chat. [mod.]
  • !emoteoff – Deactivates emote-only mode in the chat. [mod.]
  • !no_game on/off – This command disables or enables every game on the channel. [mod.]
  • !strawpoll question @choice1 @choice2 @ – This command allows for the creation of the StrawPoll. [mod.]
  • !multitwitch Live1 Live2 – This command swiftly creates the MultiTwitch link. [mod.]

With this link, you can use character to momentarily recover the name of the chat’s current channel.

A viewer doesn’t need the arguments to write this command and display the latest created MultiTwitch. Also, mods can reset this with the !multitwitch reset code.

Overlay Management Commands

  • !wac next/clear/reload widget_id – Using an overlay to manage alert system. [stream.]
  • !nac next/clear/reload zone_id – Notification area management. [stream.]
  • !soc next/clear/reload – SCREEN overlay management. [stream.]

Warning System Commands

  • !warning/!w viewer reason – Hands viewer a warning. [mod.]
  • !warning_reset/!wr viewer – Reset warnings to particular users. [mod.]
  • !warning_nb/!w_nb viewer – Returns viewers’ total warning number. [mod.]

Permit System Commands

  • !permit viewer/next minutes/session/perma – A default 3 minutes ONE link. [view.] permit. The permit can last for any number of minutes if you choose. [mod.]
  • !unpermit viewer – Removes a permit of the particular viewer. [mod.]

Command System

  • !cmd add command name text – This code creates a simple text-only command. 
  • For example: !cmd add !command_name Some text. [mod.]
  • !cmd on command name/id – Enables a custom command. [mod.]
  • !cmd off command name/id – Disables a custom command. [mod.]
  • !cmd del command name/id – A custom command delete code. [mod.]

The command creation system is deactivated by default, and you can re-activate it via the WizeBot control panel.

Notification Area Commands

  • !zn_volume volume (0 to 100) Zone ID – A code you can use to set a volume level of the optional defined notification area. [mod.]
  • !zn_reset Zone ID – Passes every pending or current event in the optional defined area. [mod.]
  • !zn_next Zone ID – Passes the current event in the optional designated area. [mod.]

Quote System Commands

  • !quote – This code gets you a random quote. [view.]
  • !quote list – This command gets you a list link. [view.]
  • !quote add text – This code creates a unique quote. [view.]
  • !quote purge – Purges and delete every pending excerpt. [view.]
  • !quote val ID quote/viewer – Validate a viewers’ awaiting quote or awaiting quotes. [mod.]
  • !quote del ID quote – Deletes a particular excerpt. [mod.]
  • !quote ref ID quote/viewer – Denies viewer’s pending quotes. [mod.]

Virtual Currency System Commands

  • !account/!#currency_name# – Shows the amount of virtual currency you currently have. [view.]
  • !give viewer amount – Grants a certain amount of virtual money to a specific viewer. [view.]
  • !c add viewer amount – This command adds a certain amount of virtual currency to the particular viewer’s account. [stream.]
  • !c remove viewer amount – Pulling out a specified amount of virtual money from the viewer’s accounts. [stream.]
  • !c reset viewer – Resets viewer’s accounts. [stream.]
  • !currency_loot amount keyword duration (enrolled in seconds) – This premium account exclusive command creates a primary virtual currency loop. [stream.]
  • !currency_loot_stop – This premium account-specific command stops the primary virtual currency loop. [stream.]
  • !ticket/!gamble amount/all – Purchasing a virtual cash lottery ticket. [view.]

Ranks and Levels Commands

  • !rank – This shows your stream’s current position. [view.]
  • !level – Displays your stream’s current LEVEL. [view.]
  • !level_set name lvl (1 to 9999) – This premium account feature manually sets the LEVEL. A definitive marker set by this action lasts until reset. [stream.]
  • !level_boost Multiplier X(2 to 15) Minutes – Boosts the level of experience gained over a specific period. If there’s no value input, the command will return the current viewers-obtainable BOOST info. [stream.]
  • !top – Shows the TOP’s URL. [view.]
  • !myaccount – Check personal weekly, monthly, and global streaming uptime. [view.]
  • !topup week/month/global – Shows weekly TOP10 uptimes by default. [view.]

Song Request Commands

  • !sr name/YouTube URL or ID – Adds a specific song title in the chat playlist. [view.]
  • !promote name/YouTube URL or ID – You can raise a song title at the playlist’s top with this command. [view.]
  • !songlist – Adds a specific link to the song playlist. [view.]
  • !currentsong – This shows the current title in the playlist. [view.]
  • !getsong – Shows the recent titles’ URL via the private message. [view.]
  • !dellast name – Removes yours, or the viewer’s last song. [view.]
  • !delsong Song_ID – Removes either a current song or a tune using the specific ID. [mod.]
  • !skipsong – Passing over the currently active music piece. [mod.]
  • !setvolume 0 to 100 – Adjusts the songrequest’s volume level. [mod.]
  • !startsong – Kicking off a songrequest. [mod.]
  • !stopsong – Ending a songrequest. [mod.]

Subscribe Commands

  • !sc – You can use this code to check your own subscribe status by a subscribe date. [view.]
  • !subcount – This shows the active subscribe count. [view.]

Bingo Game Commands

  • !bingo nombre max – Begins the game of bingo. [mod.]
  • !bingo stop – Ending the game of bingo. [mod.]
  • !bingo last – Shows the latest winner. [mod.]

Alias System Commands

  • !alias – This code allows for the creation of a new moniker. [N/A]

Aliases allow you to create keywords you can use to speed up certain operations later.

You can create a new alias from the chat and the WizeBot panel incorporating numbers and letters in short combinations.

Draw System Commands

  • !draw – A command for creating drawing-based giveaways. [N/A]

The draw system manages virtual money and multi-ticket engagement.

Betting System Commands

  • !bet – A command for creating custom bets. [N/A]

This system allows viewers to bet on particular results to earn virtual cash.

Twitch Prediction Management Commands

  • !predic – Creates a new prediction. [N/A]
  • !predic_end – End and shows the result of an active prediction. [N/A]
  • !predic_lock – Suspends and locks prediction before the time runs out. [N/A]
  • !predic_cancel – Canceling the current forecast and refunding the viewers. [N/A]

This premium account-only system allows for the commands-based management of Twitch predictions and Twitch predictions template creation.

Twitch Poll Management Commands

  • !poll – This command creates a poll. [N/A]
  • !poll_stop – This code stops the survey and cancels the vote. [N/A]

This system enables commands-based Twitch poll management.

You can use WizeBot in the creation of pre-defined Twitch poll templates.

Automatic giveaway system

  • !agiveaway – This code enables an automatic giveaway system. [N/A]

This system allows for a periodical automatic giveaway launch draw, which means the draw takes place without your direct involvement.

Magic 8-Ball commands

  • !8ball question – PRovides you with an opportunity to question the mystical Magic 8-Ball. [view.]


  • !roulette – Launches the Roulette. [view.]
  • !drop – Launches the Drop. [view.]
  • !run – Launch the Run. [view.]
  • !duel name – Launch the Duel. [view.]
  • !fish – Launch the Fish. [view.]
  • !lovecheck name – Launches the Love check game. [view.]
  • !hatecheck name – Launches the Hate check game. [view.]
  • !plant – Launches the Bomb. [view.]


There it goes. This list contains all the best WizeBot commands to help you manage and supervise your chat in the most efficient way possible.

All left is for you to decide what you’ll use and in what way to customize your experience in a manner best suited to your style and needs.

The WizeBot is undoubtedly a service well worth trying, and with a list of commands at your fingertips, your work is halfway done.


What exactly is a WizeBot?

A WizeBot is an online tool or a service made with the sole purpose of helping you with chat management on your Twitch channel.

This chatbot will help analyze chat and display numerous notifications, and it offers many background systems to manage your online discussions, subscribers, followers, viewers, and more.

Why should you get WizeBot?

WizeBot is a dependable solution in a sea of shady Twitch bot clients, and its quality is backed by years of rigorous testing.

It doesn’t require installation, and it’s accommodated for easy use regardless of tech know-how, all while providing a wide array of valuable features making chat moderation a breeze even for highly-demanding streamers.

Is WizeBot service free?

While the installation is free of charge, the WizeBot offers streamers two account models: the premium lite and a standard premium account.

The former offers some excellent options for beginner streamers with 100 or fewer subscribers at a knockdown price, while the latter is more costly and richer with functions.

What features do you get with a WizeBot premium account?

WizeBot as a service has enough quality features you can implement in chat on a Twitch platform. Some of the most notable are:

-Games and giveaways
-Random announces
-Lists of subscribers, followers, and unfollowers
-Customizable level and rank systems
-Live Twitch extensions
-Donation feature and much more

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