Wirecast vs OBS – Best One to Choose in 2024 (Pros and Cons)

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Every streamer knows the importance of streaming software.

Since there are so many different ones available, it is often hard to choose.

The most popular choice is OBS, but could Wirecast be a better one?

I will compare the prices, as well as features, and talk about the advantages of both Wirecast vs OBS.

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Info, Installation, Features, Pros, and Cons

For starters, let’s talk about OBS – many streamers claim that this is the best streaming software they have ever tried.

Since it was launched the first, and numerous tech-geeks have helped improve it over the years, the user-experience is unmatchable.

So, is it really that good?

Let’s go into more details!


Both professionals and beginners love that they do not have to pay for OBS – the first love all of the amazing, advanced features that are $0, while others like that they can start their own brand without practically any investing.

The download link is available to everyone, and streamers even get a chance to change the code, adjust it to their liking, and help upgrade it.

Updates are usually added to OBS, then to other software, so you get to try out new features without spending a penny.

Installation and Setup

When it comes to installation, it is straightforward – get the download link and just follow the steps.

On the other hand, the setup process can be a bit more complicated.

Firstly, you have to know how powerful your computer is – OBS has some default settings, but you can change them to match the computer’s specs better and create quality videos.

So, when you launch OBS, choose the settings for streaming, and then open the Settings tab.

Link the streaming platform with the software, and set the appropriate ingest server.

Then start adjusting other settings – most likely you have to change the FPS, bitrate, as well as resolution.

Set up Hotkeys manually, and connect external devices.

Once this is done, you can start adding sources, scenes, play with different transitions, add alerts, etc.


OBS is software that gives you the most versatility.

Not many programs are supported by all operating systems.

OBS will work well on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers – just make sure that you are getting the right download link.

The only operating system it won’t work on is Windows XP.

When it comes to streaming services, you have multiple options as well – when you get bored of Twitch streaming, you can switch to another service.

You will have to change some of the settings when switching, but you do not have to set up the program from scratch.

Now, let’s talk about the game recording.

You can either start streaming or record the game and later upload it to a platform of your choice.

Game capture is the best for recording gameplay, but it won’t work for all games.

Luckily, you can switch to either Windows or Desktop capture.

Once you click on the “+” icon in Sources, you will see that Browser can be added as a Source as well.

This feature is suitable for adding alerts – these aren’t incorporated in OBS, so you have to create them via other programs and use URL to add them to OBS.

Image sources are used for adding overlays. Again, create the image in Photoshop, or another program, then add it.


1. Doesn’t use many resources

OBS doesn’t use as many resources as other streaming software.

If you use one of the most common types of capture – Game capture, the usage will be even lower and videos will have a great quality even though they are recorded with FPS under 60.

2. Twenty plugins

When using OBS, you have to rely on Plugins.

Luckily, there are twenty different ones available – you can add Twitch chat, notifications, different video files, etc.

3. Scene preview

If you go to Studio mode, you can check out the Scenes before going live.

This feature allows you to spot the mistakes, and fix them on time.

4. Simple interface

For many, the OBS default screen looks a bit intimidating at first.

Once you start exploring the software, you will see how simple it actually is.

Adding scenes, transitions, hotkeys, or adjusting the sound doesn’t require any prior knowledge.


1. Time-consuming setup

Configuring OBS is often difficult – there are so many settings and different options, and you won’t always be sure which will work the best or what to choose.

2. You cannot add music

In Sources, you don’t have an option to add an audio file, so adding music to streams is almost impossible with OBS.

There are some plugins such as DirectShow for different audio inputs, but mp3 files cannot be added.


Info, Installation, Features, Pros, and Cons

What is Wirecast?

Wirecast is another streaming software created by Telestream that is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Compared to OBS, it does give you more options, but is it suitable for everyone?


Unfortunately, this isn’t a free program.

There is a free trial, but if you plan on using the program, you will have to invest in it.

Two versions are available – you can get a license for either Studio or Pro.

The first license is a bit cheaper. It costs “only” $599, and the second is $799.

With the Wirecast Pro you are getting more features, but more on that later.

Installation and Setup

Let’s take a look at some of the general requirements before we start talking about installation.

As said, Wirecast works on Windows and Mac, but not all versions.

Windows users should have Windows 7 or one of the newer versions, and for Mac, macOS El Capitan or one of the latest.

Here are the rest of the requirements:

  • i7 CPU that can support 1080p streaming;
  • minimum 4 gigabits of RAM (8 gigabits RAM is ideal);
  • DirectX 10 and appropriate graphics card.

If you are struggling with the installation or setup process, it is best to visit the Wirecast website – they have guides for both operating systems.

Before you start the setup process, make sure that all external devices are plugged in. For cameras, a capture card is also a must.

Now, choose one of the versions: free, Studio, or Pro.

Wirecast default screen has four sections:

  1. Preview window
  2. Live window
  3. Layers
  4. Editing window.

Go to layers to add a capture device – if it is plugged in, the Wirecast will easily recognize it.

In the editing window, you will find the Chroma key needed to change the background.

Add the screen capture right next to the capture device.

For adding audio, go to capture devices and choose the microphone. Layer for audio can be placed at the bottom.

If you want to add images, you have to choose Media File which allows you to browse through your computer.

These are just some general steps for setting up Wirecast.


When it comes to features, Wirecast is unmatchable, even if you choose the cheaper version.

Firstly, let’s talk about video and audio editing tools.

You already know the importance of high-quality videos and a clear tone.

Well, Wirecast allows you to add multiple audio and video files, create loops, and choose starting and endpoints for both.

If you need any external video file, such as the one from Zoom or Skype, you can easily add it and incorporate it into the stream.

When it comes to Scenes, many are already made. Wirecast library has already over 200 scenes, so you can find the one that suits your stream the best. Also, each of these premade screens can be altered.

What makes Wirecast superior to OBS is restreaming. Currently, with OBS you can stream only on one platform at a time.

On the other hand, Wirecast will allow you to share your stream on multiple platforms, so you can build your community outside Twitch.


1. Plenty of advanced features

Advanced features are integrated into Wirecast, so you do not have to search for another program.

It has 3D sets, projectors, IP cams, slideshows, and many others.

2. Preview and live window

These are the two most important windows.

The preview window is a window only you can see. Once you click on Send, the scene will be added to the Live window that your audience sees.

3. Playlists

With playlists, you can create Highlights.

Shots needed for playlists can be collected even during the live stream


Too expensive

For most streamers, Wirecast is too expensive.

The Studio version is $599, and you don’t even get access to all of the features.

Wirecast vs OBS


OBS vs Wirecast – which is better?

With Wirecast, you will be creating professional-looking streams. Playlists, unlimited sources, and destinations, premade scenes are all great features.

Even though it has many built-in features, it still supports plugins, so you can get even more use out of it.

So, if you don’t mind the price, then choose Wirecast – you won’t regret it.

For others, OBS will work as well – its suits beginners, professionals, all operating systems and streaming platforms, and with plugins it can be upgraded.

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