Twitch TTS: How To Enable It And Use Its Potential To Grow?

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Throughout this article, we will explain to you the term “TTS” or Text-to-Speech.

Thanks to this article, you will be able to see if Twitch Text-to-speech will contribute to the quality of your Twitch account.

Moreover, we will help you enable the Text-to-Speech option on popular stream apps like StreamLabs or StreamElements.

So, let’s start and see what the Twitch TTS option brings to you and whether it is worth your attention.

Twitch TTS

Text-to-Speech Feature Explained

Okay, we all know that receiving donations is cool, but what if we tell you that you can give your donors/viewers something in return.

No, we are not talking about personal satisfaction or gifts here but the actual TTS reward.

Namely, thanks to the Twitch TTS, you are able to receive money and, in return, give your viewers an opportunity to have their message read out loud during a stream.

Moreover, the robot will also mention the donor’s name, so the other viewers will hear for them and maybe become more motivated to donate.

In any case, when you add TTS option to your Twitch channel, that is a clear sign that you want to thank your donors and foster more donations.

Of course, if you want to use Twitch TTS donations, you need to use the services of a streaming app.

Let us not waste any more time, and let us see what you have to do to add Text-to-Speech on your Twitch channel.

How To Enable Twitch Text-to-Speech

We know that many streamers use StreamLabs and StreamElements to edit their content and stream, so we will focus on the settings of those two apps.

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First of all, if you opt for the StreamLabs app, you will have to enable the Alert Box.

Alert Box can be enabled by choosing the widget called “Themes” in the “Widget Themes” part.

When you customize and choose the Alert Box theme, you can continue towards the world of Text-to-Speech donations.

Here are the steps you need to take to make Twitch TTS enabled:

  • 1. Open the StreamLabs app and sign in to your Twitch account.
  • 2. After you have signed in, you will see the menu in the sidebar on the right side of the screen (your left).
  • Click on the “Alert Box” option.
  • 3. When you enter the Alert Box, scroll to the part where you see the settings menu.
  • There, click on “Donations” and choose the option called “Open Text-to-Speech”.
  • 4. In order to enable Twitch tts donations, tap on the option “Enabled”.
  • 5. While you are there, you can customize other settings like volume/audio level, alert sound, a minimum amount of donation, Twitch chat voice language, spam filters etc.
  • 6. In an effort to obey the Twitch Terms of Service, you will have to make sure that bad words do not enter in the Twitch chat.
  • Therefore, scroll to the “General settings” when you finish with the process of customization.
  • 7. Enter the “Profanity Filter” option.
  • 8. Tap on the dropdown menu, and the options for replacing the bad words will appear, e.g., replace the swear words with happy words.
  • Choose the option you prefer.
  • 9. You can also add custom words that should not appear during your stream, so type the words in the Custom bad word menu and click on the blacklist.
  • The swear word will automatically be forbidden.
  • 10. When you are done with customization, click on the “Save Settings” to implement the changes to your channel.


  • 1. Open the StreamElements app and sign in.
  • 2. In the sidebar on your left, you will find the “Streaming Tools” option.
  • 3. Open the “My Overlays” option that will appear in the dropdown menu.
  • 4. When you find your favourite alert overlay, click on the option called “Edit”.
  • 5. Click on “Settings”.
  • 6. Scroll down and choose the “TTS Settings”.
  • 7. Enable/check the option “Enable Text-to-Speech”.
  • 8. While you are at this part of customization, you can adjust the volume, set the minimum amount of donation, choose among the voices and select the one you like the most to convey the message..
  • 9. Copy the overlay link and paste it as your browser source in the software you use to stream.
  • 10. There you go!

You have successfully enabled the Twitch TTS option, and it will be available to the viewers of your channel whenever you stream.

How To Make The Full Use Of Text-To-Speech Option

First of all, we recommend you state the minimal amount for emitting the messages of your viewers.

We think that $1 is more than solid to attract the viewers to donate to your channel.

Of course, if you create a Twitch channel that is popular among users, you can increase the price.

Secondly, remember that every term that might cause hate speech or is against the Twitch ToS should be on the blacklist.

Twitch ToS

Moreover, if you want to protect your privacy, add your real name, address or other information on the blacklist too.

Finally, you can also give channel points to your most loyal subscribers.

The channel points are a good way for every content creator to award their viewers.


Twitch is all about being free, as long as you respect its Terms of Service.

Therefore, the Text-to-Speech feature, option or tool (as some might call it) serves to create more opportunities for viewers to feel free to say something out loud.

However, as we stated before, streamers should be aware that curses, offensive and foul language will not be tolerated.

So, pay special attention that everything is in accordance with Twitch ToS and enjoy one of the best features on Twitch.

How Much Can One Earn From Text-to-Speech Donations?

The amount of money you can earn depends on the number of your followers and the minimal amount one must donate if they want to send their message.

The more followers, the better for you.

Moreover, if you become a famous streamer, you can increase the price of the Text-to-Speech option.

Does The Audience Like Text-to-Speech Donations?

We believe that the audience likes the ability to express its opinion or support for something or someone.

The Twitch TTS feature is beneficial for both streamers and viewers.

Namely, streamers can earn some additional money, while viewers can earn channel points and give their voices to something.

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