How To Refund Channel Points On Twitch: Full 5-Step Guide

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Channel points are one of the best tools on Twitch. It creates more engagement and helps streamers reward their community. When viewers watch a stream, they can earn channel points awarded by the streamers. In return, viewers can use these channel points to redeem rewards.

However, sometimes the viewer might redeem a reward that is no longer existent. In such cases, the streamer will have to refund the channel points. Read on to know how to refund channel points on Twitch used by the viewers.

What Are Channel Points?

Channel points on Twitch are the points viewers earn by watching a particular stream. Streamers, who are twitch affiliates and partners can create and set rewards. But the viewers can redeem the rewards only after earning a certain limit of channel points on twitch.

How To Refund Channel Points On Twitch

Channel points work as an incentive for the viewers to remain on the channel and watch the streams on that particular channel. Since the viewers are rewarded for this and the streamers have the opportunity to attract more viewers than usual, channel points are a win-win for both.

How Can You Get The Channel Points If You Are A Viewer?

Take a look through the small channel points guide. You can start earning points by merely watching the channel. When a non-subscriber is watching the channel, they receive 10 points for every 5 minutes of watching the live stream. When you start participating more, like actively watching the channel, maintaining a watch streak, getting 1st gifted subscription, etc, you will start to win more points on twitch.

When you follow a channel, you will be awarded 300 channel points. The preferred method is to have a watch streak. When you watch two consecutive streams, you get 300 channel points on twitch. When this streak increases, 50 points are added. You get 350 for watch streak 3 and 400 for 4, and 45 0 for 5.

As a viewer, you are probably wondering about the best way to earn more points. Well, the easiest way to earn higher points on twitch is by subscribing to the channel. Subscribers get more points than others. You can watch and participate in the channel as a subscriber. Subscribers fall under three-tier categories and Tier 3 is where your points for watching the channel multiply the most.

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Twitch Prediction And Refunds

In 2021, Twitch released channel points forecasts, which have been hailed as one of the best elements of the service. It creates more room for engagement and interactivity.

The predictions can be initiated and run by owners or moderators, and the viewers can use the channel points to cast their votes.

As a streamer, you can send the command “/prediction” in the chat to begin the prediction. You can click the “Start Prediction” button. Next, select the “name the prediction” box and enter the prediction. Later, add the two possible outcomes for the viewers to vote. Before you click on start prediction, use the submission period button to select the duration for submitting predictions. And there you go!

Also, it is necessary to remember that only Twitch affiliates and partners can use the prediction feature.

There are two techniques to repay channel points in the prediction approach. One, if the streamer deletes the prediction, the channel points spent on the prediction will be refunded. Else, the owners or mods can choose to refund the points.

How Can A Streamer/Owner Refund Channel Points?

Since owners have the power to accept and reject rewards, they can easily refund the channel points. In case you are a viewer and want a refund, it is best to reach out to the owner to refund the points.

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If you are a streamer and do not know how to refund the points, don’t worry. We have got you covered. Listed below are a few steps to refund the points.

  • Log into your Twitch account and click on your profile
  • Go to “Creator dashboard”
  • Click on the viewer rewards tab
  • Choose “Channel point”
  • You will see “Manage Rewards” – select that.
  • Choose Challenges and a pop-up will appear.
  • After which, select the “Review Requests Que”
  • All the viewer channel points will appear in the rewards queue.
  • In the list of rewards redeemed, you will see two options on the bottom right corner – Complete All or Reject All.
  • If you reject all, all the channel points used for the rewards will be refunded.

In case, you do not want to reject all. At the right corner of each redeemed reward, there will be an option of complete and reject. Click on the reject to refund the channel points. If you feel overwhelmed by the redemptions of channel points, you can pause redemptions anytime when you want.

Can A Mod Refund Channel Points?

Yes, a moderator often referred to as a mod in the platform can also refund the channel points. However, mods have a different method to do that.

After logging into the account, the mod has to follow these steps to refund the channel points.

  • On the bottom right corner of the streamer’s chat option, you will find the “Mod view icon”.
  • In that, on the bottom right corner, click on “Review Requests Queue”
  • A pop-up will appear similar to the one in the streamers, which shows all the viewer channel points that have been redeemed.
  • You can select the rewards redeemed queue and click on complete all or reject all. When you click on the reject all tab, all the channel points will be refunded.

If you do not want to reject all of it, you can do it manually. You can either complete or reject each viewer’s reward in the rewards queue. At the right corner of each redeemed reward, there will be an option to complete and reject. Click on the reject to refund the channel points.

When the streamers are busy live streaming, mods can help them in different ways. They can mark rewards as complete or rejected, provide refund points, report abusive rewards, pause redemptions and do a lot more. Mods will be required to work with the rewards queue to do the same.

There are three ways to open the queue in a new table. Click on the prize balloon in chat, or type or request it on desktop and browser, or under tasks in chat settings, you’d need to click on the rewards queue.


How to give rewards on Twitch?

Twitch affiliates can set up different rewards for the viewers. You can use the dashboard to set up the rewards and related items like cost, background color, etc. In addition, there is a feature called “smart costs”.

This feature lets the system to auto-decide the necessities like cost based on your audience size, redemption rate, and others.

How to give customized points on Twitch?

As streamers, you can create custom rewards. Default rewards are predefined ones. It allows the user to choose an emote of their choice and also highlight their message in the chat. You can edit the reward icon as per your choice.

But there is an option to custom reward which you will fulfill yourself. For instance, changing a emote is a default one available on Twitch. If you are customizing the reward, you can give a shoutout to the user or let them join your next game.

To customize the rewards, go to Channel points in the creator dashboard, and click on Manage rewards. You will see an option to add the new custom rewards there. You can also set the cap on the number of times you give the reward.

For instance, you could add custom rewards like shoutouts, and limit them to only 40 people. In addition, you can also limit the number of times a viewer can access the reward.

Can a viewer refund channel points on twitch?

No. Once the viewers have redeemed the channel point, they cannot refund it themselves. Only the streamers or mods can refund channel points. If you want to get back your channel points, you can request your streamer or mod to do the same.

Can twitch channel points be refunded using a mobile phone?

No, the feature of using it on a mobile phone is not available yet.

Are channel points useful for streamers?

Channel points are extremely useful for streamers. It is like a marketing tool for their channels. One can use it to encourage viewers to chat and watch the videos, and can thereby increase subscribers and support.

Unlike viewers, the owners get more indirect benefits. One can take advantage of this channel point system and make their channel more interactive and engaging.

Can a viewer transfer the channel points from one channel to another?

No, the channel points earned in one channel remain on that particular channel only.

Will I lose my channel points?

No, you will not lose your channel points, you can accumulate the reward points. However, if the streamer deletes the channel, your channel points will be lost.

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