StreamElements vs Streamlabs – Which One is Best in 2024

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Once you start exploring streaming software, you will see that options are numerous – almost all software nowadays supports streaming on Twitch, as well as on YouTube and Facebook.

Streamlabs, or SLOBS, is often recommended for amateur streamers.

It has been the most dominating streaming software on the market, but now many are switching to StreamElements.

So, which one should you pick? Which is better software – StreamElements vs Streamlabs?


Short Review

Streamlabs showed up on the market before StreamElements – it was launched in 2014 by a company named Logitech, and since then it has been the go-to streaming software for both amateurs and professionals.

It supports not only Twitch streaming but Facebook Gaming and Mixer as well.

So, what makes Streamlabs so appealing to both groups?

Well, amateurs love how easy it is to use Streamlabs. They do not have any previous knowledge or technical skills needed for streaming, but they can still create professional-looking streams.

Professional streamers love the variety of features.

Streamlabs has incorporated a lot of tools to make editing less difficult.

For example, there is selective recording – if there is any unwanted background noise in your streams, you can get rid of it.

Also, the software has introduced the Twitch bot.

Interaction with the audience is important to streamers, and with the chatbot, they can reward their viewers, prevent spam messages, and set timers.


  • Streamlabs has many themes and templates available that will make your streams both esthetically pleasing and entertaining.
  • It has more payment options for donations.
  • Speaking of donations, your viewers get an URL for donations. You can show appreciation via custom messages.
  • Viewers can earn loyalty points – if they are frequently watching the streams, they receive awards.
  • Chatbot is not there only to moderate the chat. Many interacted games are incorporated in the chat as well, so you can compete with the bot.


  • Unfortunately, not every computer can support SLOBS – the CPU usage is high, so streamers often have to use other platforms.


Short Review

StreamElements, or you as may know it as was launched only two years later, in 2016.

It is often called because it works as an OBS plugin.

So, what can you do with StreamElements?

This software has combined some of the most popular features and tools for streaming, so users have everything they need on one platform.

The interface is super simple, but between Streamlabs vs StreamElements, the latter is harder to use.

Why? Well, there aren’t as many users on StreamElements as there are on SLOBS, so when a problem occurs, you do not know who to turn to to ask for help. As a beginner, you will probably be left on your own to figure out the solution.

As said, StreamElements has some of the most important streaming features.

Firstly, I have to mention the Online dashboard. You can create the scenes in the overlay building, and add them to StreamElements as browser sources.

Also, all of the layouts are automatically saved on the cloud, which makes setting up StreamElements on another computer faster.

Chatbot allows you to view chat statistics, enables tipping, loyalty points, and song requests.


  • StreamElements supports many plugins and customizable layouts, so you can show your creativity through your streams.
  • All templates are free.
  • When it comes to donations, viewers can get a link – whenever they donate to your stream, they receive a personalized message.


  • There aren’t so many payment options for donations.

Streamlabs vs StreamElements


Let’s do a side-by-side comparison to resolve the dilemma of Streamelements or Streamlabs.

Number of Users

Which streamers find more reliable: Streamlabs or StreamElements?

Well, if we are considering only the number of users it is Streamlabs.

This software is far more popular – now it counts almost half a million users, while StreamElements has almost ten times less.

However, Streamlabs has been around for a longer period, which could be the reason for a large difference in the number of users.

This doesn’t make Streamlabs superior to StreamElements, so let’s take a look at features.


We have to begin with alerts – a feature that all streamers use.

When it comes to notifications, both software offers a bunch of them, as well as fun animations, GIFs, and sounds.

They are free for both Streamlabs and StreamElements, and implementing and customizing the ones you need is easy.

Also, you can share media along with the alert – a particular video or song can follow one type of alert.

Options for customization are countless, and if you need good alerts, you can pick either software.


You are probably hoping to gain a few bucks through the streams, so the software should enable you to receive payments.

There are some differences between SLOBS and StreamElements in the way they handle donations.

Firstly, SLOBS has more payment options – viewers can donate via PayPal or unitpay. Other forms of payments such as credit cards and skrill are enabled as well.

With StreamElements, you are limited to receiving payments only through PayPal and cards.

Some streamers prefer StreamElements because they think that these are the safer services, while others love the versatility they get with SLOBS.

When it comes to processing payments, you don’t have to worry about cuts – streamers receive the full amount.

Also, you can send personalized messages or images to viewers that donated.

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What about Chatbot?

Everyone knows the importance of the Chatbot.

Features of SLOBS and StreamElements Chabot are similar.

In both software, the primary role of a chatbot is to moderate the chat – you don’t have to worry about handling rude viewers, or spam messages. Also, the chatbot can answer some questions.

Furthermore, both offer some interactive features – you will be able to organize polls, or enable mini-games, and accept song requests.

With SLOBS, you can reward your regular viewers – this software has loyalty points to make viewers feel more appreciated.


Appstore is a feature available only on SLOBS.

These apps are often quite pricy, so many streamers do not find this feature particularly great or necessary.

However, they are great for further customizing the streams.

StreamElements vs Streamlabs – What about Console Streamers

Not everyone is streaming only via PC and streamers are often looking for software that is compatible with multiple devices.

If you need a chatbot that works when you are streaming from the console, choose StreamElements.

Its bots don’t need the PC, since they are hosted by servers.

So you can stream from the console, and still moderate the chat with Chatbots.


Which is the winner – StreamElements or Streamlabs?

As you can see, there are many similarities between the two software – you will get versatility, fun layouts, and a well-working chatbot with both.

However, SLOBS is slightly better.

This software will run smoothly on your PC, and viewers will appreciate different payment options as well as loyalty points.

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