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    Streaming is not only about picking the right game, turning OBS, and sharing the gameplay.

    If you want to attract viewers and start earning money by streaming, you will have to invest a lot of time into building your channel. Now you are probably wondering how to make your channel look more professional?

    Well, one of the ways is by incorporating Twitch panels.

    In this article, I would like to introduce you to these graphic images, mostly focusing on the Twitch panels size, since this is always the trickiest to set up. Let’s begin!

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      Twitch Panel – What Is It?

      Okay, so first thing first – let’s define a Twitch panel.

      In case you are a new Twitch streamer, you might not be sure what exactly Twitch panels are?

      Basically, this is a graphical image displayed on your channel. You can consider it as a small “About me” section, so new viewers have some general idea about your videos and you.

      Streamers display contact info, social media, as well as some information about the streams.

      So, the Twitch panel will help viewers to get to know you, and also redirect them to your other accounts, in case they want to learn more.

      Types of Twitch Panels

      The most popular streamers have found a way to incorporate Twitch panels the best – for them, these images don’t have an only introductory purpose. Each panel has a different purpose, so each image leads to a different action.

      If you want to make your channel look more professional, then you should get to know different types of panels:

      1. About Me

      I already spoke about this one when I was explaining what these panels are – this is the most common type of a Twitch panel and even if you don’t want to incorporate any other from the list, this one should be present.

      When somebody stumbles upon your channel, they will want to know how you are and what type of channel it is.

      That is why you should list all social media accounts on this panel, as well as write a few words about the games you are streaming.

      Then the viewer can decide whether your channel is a type of channel they want to follow or not.

      2. Streaming Schedule

      After an “About me” panel, the Schedule is the most important.

      As a potential professional streamer, you should stick to some schedule, so viewers know when to join the stream.

      By the use of panels, you can keep the viewers informed.

      3. Social Media

      As stated, social media can be displayed on the About me panel.

      It is also a good idea to create a second one for linking other accounts.

      Show the links for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube if you are streaming on that platform or using it just for uploading highlights or full streams.

      Followers on these social media are just as important as followers on Twitch – by sharing your content on other media, your Twitch channel will grow as well.

      4. Donations

      In the beginning, you will earn most of the money through donations.

      Pick a creative Twitch panel that will draw viewer’s attention and list websites on which they can show their support.

      5. Sponsorships

      After some time, you will slowly start to attract sponsors.

      If you don’t promote their products well, they could stop paying you.

      That is when Twitch panels step in – you can list affiliate links on panels. Only make sure to separate affiliate links from websites for donation.

      6. Discord

      Engaging with the audience is of utmost importance. Streamers are advised to incorporate Twitch chat, and Discord is also a good idea.

      If you want to get to know your viewers more (and let them get to know you better), create a discord channel and share the link via the panel.

      7. Merch

      It will probably take some time before you start making your merch, so this panel doesn’t have to be added straight away.

      Once you do start selling items with your logo, catchphrases, etc. do not forget to share the info with the viewers!

      The Guide for Twitch Panels Size

      Now, let’s talk about the most important thing – Twitch panel dimensions.

      As you can see, there are different types of panels, and not all of them will be the same size.

      So, answering “how big are Twitch panels” is tricky.

      Twitch panel resolution will depend on the type of panel you are adding, and in this part of the guide, you can find information about all sizes.

      What Size Should Twitch Panels Be?

      The universal Twitch panel image size is 320 x 160 pixels.

      However, this is not a rule!

      The width is set to 320 pixels, but the height isn’t, so there is room to change it and adjust it to your taste.

      When it comes to ratio, the ideal is 2:1 or 3:1 – depending on your design and of course, on what you like better.

      One thing you should always keep in mind when creating Twitch panels is that besides fixed width, Twitch has another requirement – the file cannot exceed 2.9 MB.

      In some ways this is good – you cannot add too many elements that are distracting instead of being informative.

      File formats that are accepted by Twitch are JPG and PNG.

      As said, the dimensions for twitch panels will depend on the purpose of the banner or its type.

      Don’t worry – you don’t have to guess which type should have what dimension. I have created a table that you can use as a reference whenever you are making Twitch banners.

      Twitch panel table

      Rules to Follow

      • Out of seven mention panels, six are mandatory – merch is one panel that doesn’t have to be added, since you probably don’t still have any merch. However, other panels should be featured on your channel, as they will help your channel to grow.
      • Panels are used for branding so the design/theme of all panels should be the same. Stick to one color scheme, font, and style. Also make sure that it is matching the other graphics on your channel, such as overlays.
      • Make sure that information is updated. If you decided to change your streaming schedule, update the panel. Also, if one of the affiliate links is no longer relevant, delete it.

      What You Should Avoid

      • When you are using templates, make sure to change them a bit. If not, you might end up with the same panel as someone else. This is not good for branding and it won’t attract viewers.
      • Don’t forget about description – when adding a panel, fill all of the fields. The visual impact is important!
      • When it comes to affiliate links, make sure that a number of these panels are in balance with other panels. Promote the brand, but also add panels that promote your content.

      How to Setup Twitch Panels

      Luckily, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to have a great panel.

      There are multiple websites out there that have a large Twitch panel template database, with an option to customize each template to your liking.

      Here I will briefly explain how you can use some of my favorite websites for Twitch panels.

      1. OWN3D

      My first go-to website for templates is OWN3D.

      Similar to Nerdordie (that I’ll cover next), it has not only templates for panels, but for other things, you may need (for example, overlays).

      What I like the most about these templates is that they are quite creative, without too many elements that could be distracting to a viewer.

      As you can see, they have templates for donation panels, social media panels, about me, and any other type you may want to add.


      Each can be customized, so you can adjust the color scheme or font to match your branding.

      2. Nerd or Die

      I have already talked about Nerd or Die in a few of my previous articles. This website has templates for everything: overlays, panels, chat boxes, etc. to help you create the professional-looking Twitch channel.

      When it comes to panels, here are some templates for the About me panel. On the website, you will find even more styles.

      nerd or  die panels

      Once you select the template, you can customize it.

      There are tools for changing the background color, the color of the border, as well as text tools such as alignment, size, font, and color.

      Also, you can select a different icon from the one in the template and even add padding.

      Once you are done with designing, just choose “Save panel image”, and the image will be downloaded to your computer.

      3. Canva

      When it comes to Canva, you can either create the panel from scratch on your own or select the template from the library and adjust it to your taste.

      Keep in mind that Canva is not used only for Twitch templates and that the database may not be as rich as OWN3D or Nerdordie libraries.

      If you are an amateur streamer, I would suggest choosing one of the available templates.

      For each template, you can replace one of the elements, modify it or add even new ones.

      Editing the templates is easy, and when you are done all you have to do is choose the file format and download the image.

      4. Photoshop

      Creating a panel in Photoshop will be the trickiest. I don’t suggest using Photoshop unless you have some general knowledge about the program already.

      If you want to try it out, here is what you need to do:

      • Start by choosing the image size. In this case, it should be 320 x 100 pixels.
      image size
      • Add two layers and name them “Background 1” and “Background 2”. One layer should be colored black entirely, while another should be white.
      adding layers
      • In a third layer, add the elements you need – for example, the shape of the banner, text, or icons.
      third layer
      • Save the image in PNG format.
      png format

      How to Add Panels to Twitch

      When you are done with creating and designing panels, it is time to add them to Twitch.

      To do that, follow these steps:

      • Go to Edit panels and enable the option.
      • Then enter the title of the banner, upload an image or add the link for the image, and write a description.
      adding panels on twitch
      • Click on the “Submit button”.

      Each panel has to be added separately, so to add another one, choose the “+” icon, and repeat the steps above.


      Twitch panels play a big role in the branding of your channel, which is why it is important to learn how to make them and use them to reach more viewers.

      Pick the style that suits your channel and you the most, and share important information with your viewers via great graphics.

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