Sub Points On Twitch – What Are They & How To Earn Them?

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Welcome to the article that will explain everything you have ever wanted to know about one of the less known aspects of Twitch – Sub Points.

Thanks to this article and my careful analysis, you will understand how the Sub Points on Twitch work, what you have to do to earn them, and what you can do with them.

How many Twitch sub points can you get?

Getting Twitch sub points is simple. Every new sub gives a certain amount of sub points. Keep in mind that this only counts new subs, not resubs.

* Tier 1 subs give 1 point
* Tier 2 subscriptions award 2 points
* Tier 3 subs will give you 6 sub points

Knowing all of the aforementioned things can determine whether you will become one of the best streamers or not.

We want you to succeed, so let us not waste any more time and get to the point.

At the moment, according to the trending articles, the Sub-points are extremely important for the reputation of a Twitch streamer.

Namely, the sub-points allow you to create your own custom emotes based on inside jokes or your favourite content.

So, we could say that sub-points are the currency for creating your own channel emotes.

Your own emotes or custom emotes, whatever you prefer to call them, will unlock the world of endless possibilities and enable you to create a more unique channel.

You earn the subscription points thanks to your subscribers.

There are three tiers of subscribers on Twitch.

And the amount of subscription points you will get depends on the tier from which your subscriber comes.

In other words, the higher is the tier of your subscriber, the more subscription points you get.

On the other hand, if your subscribers come from the lowest tier, you will need some time to earn enough subscriber points to do something with them.

What Are The Requirements For Earning The Sub-Points, and Can One Lose Them?

Requirements For Earning The Sub-Points

In order to earn sub-points and gain additional emote slots, one needs to become a Twitch partner or achieve affiliate status.

When you become one of the Twitch partners or affiliates, you will be able to use your subscriber points to submit your custom emotes for acceptance to Twitch administration.

Unfortunately, you can lose the sub-points if your sub count drops because people do not re-subscribe or cancel their subscriptions to your channel.

However, once the Twitch administrators approve emotes you have decided to upload, you cannot lose them, even if the numbers of your subscribers drop dramatically.

How Many Sub-Points Can One Earn?

And now, the real question is how many sub-points you get per one subscription and how many do you need them to gain access to more emotes.

When it comes to the tier 1 subscription, you get 1 point.

The tier 2 subscription brings you 2 points.

Finally, tier 3 subscriptions give you 6 sub-points per subscription.

However, bear in mind that once you get the points of a subscription, you do not gain any more points for the re-subscription of viewers.

How To Get More Emotes?

As a Twitch Affiliate, you have a right to five affiliate emote slots and four additional emote slots.

Of course, with the help of sub-points, you will be able to buy additional emote slots.

Here is how many sub-points an affiliate needs to spend to get more emotes:

  • 6th emote slot- 15 subscriber points
  • 7th emote slot- 25 subscriber points
  • 8th emote slot- 35 subscriber points
  • 9th emote slot- 50 subscriber points

On the other hand, the Twitch partnership program enables a streamer to have 10 emote slots at the beginning.

If a Twitch partner wants new emote slots, they can spend from 65 to 10.000 sub-points and get from 1 to 50 additional emote slots.

If you want to see how many points are each additional emote worth, you can check it on the Twitch website.

And if you are interested in some custom emotes, check out our shop! Also, if you are interested in getting even more emotes, use my guide on how to get more emotes to find out!

Can a Streamer Earn From Sub-Points?

Firstly, let us explain that on Twitch, there is a difference between a follower and a subscriber because a subscriber pays for his/her subscription.

Of course, there are differences in the amount of pay.

There are three tiers of subscription, and each tier has its worth.

In any case, a streamer earns around 50% of every subscription.

Therefore, we cannot say that a streamer earns directly from the sub-points, but from subscriptions. We have an interesting Twitch earnings calculator.

However, sub-points give you additional emote slots that help you promote your channel.

And the more you promote your channel, the more visible you are to giant companies that at one point might ask you to promote their brands.

Therefore, it seems that there are indirect ways to earn via sub-points after all.

To find out about more ways you can earn on twitch, check out our guide on earning money on twitch.

How Does Lifetime Subscription Affect Affect Sub-Points?

Each streamer can award a lifetime subscription three times in their career.

Therefore, as a streamer, you have to be careful to whom you give that honour.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to award tier 1, tier 2 or tier 3 lifetime subscriptions to your viewers.

You will get the sub-points in accordance with the tier you award.

However, you will not get any revenue for awarded lifetime subscriptions.

On the other hand, if viewers opt for lifetime subscriptions by their own choice, you will get both the revenue and the points.

Nevertheless, take into account that only once do you get the points and revenue of lifetime subscribers.


What Do You Do With Sub Points?

The detailed answer to this question is in the article above.

However, in a few words, the sub-points give you the ability to “buy” more emote slots.

Thanks to extra emote slots, you can create more custom Twitch emotes.

Your emotes will increase the popularity of your channel and posts, and in addition you may attract more sub points.

Finally, by unlocking additional slots for emotes, you increase your chances to join the company of the most popular streamers on Twitch at some point.

How Many Twitch Emotes Can I Buy With Sub-Points?

Everything depends on your status, and the number of Twitch emotes you want to buy.

As we said above, affiliates get 5 emote slots and opportunities to obtain 4 additional emote slots.

If you ask how many emotes partners can get, that is where we get to the fascinating number of up to 50 extra emote slots.

Of course, each additional emoticon has its own price.

How much Is A 100 Subs on Twitch?

Getting 100 new subs on Twitch is an excellent result.

However, the number of sub-points you get depends on the tiers from which they come.

100 tier 1 subscriptions are worth 100 subscriber points.

100 tier 2 subscriptions are worth 200 subscriber points, while 100 tier 3 subscriptions get you the most points- 600.

Of course, you might get combined subscriptions from all three tiers, so the number might differ.


Each sub-point you earn is a sign of the development of your channel.

And at the same time, it is great that you can purchase new slots for sub emotes by using the points you earn.

Your sub emotes will promote your channel all over Twitch.

Moreover, the available emotes might become a new trademark of your channel.

To conclude, appreciate all subscriptions you get and enjoy creating quality content that will attract more viewers.

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