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You may think that if you are not a pro gamer that live streaming on twitch is a difficult thing to get into. That may be true to some extent, but if you believe that you have an interesting personality you don’t really need anything else to live stream.

There is a whole niche dedicated to just chatting on twitch, and there are more viewers there than you may think. With just chatting, you don’t need to have a fancy streaming setup to create quality content.

All you need to succeed in this niche is the ability to hold a conversation, everything else is just a bonus. For this reason, we’ve decided to give you a few just chatting stream ideas so you can start your chatting twitch streams off the right way.

Talk about topics that you find interesting when you’re looking to “just chat” during your “simply talking stream.” In the event that you find yourself at a loss for words, consider one of the following ideas.

  • Discuss recent events in your life.
  • Share your thoughts on recent events or upcoming announcements that catch your attention.
  • Take a cue from your conversation and apply it to your work.

Check your recent life experiences to see if there is anything you should talk about. For example, if you attended a party or other enjoyable event, you can share your experiences with your followers. However, you should avoid anything that could be used to identify you.

If you’d prefer not to talk about yourself, you could watch the news instead. If you’re a fan of TV shows, for example, you could use your chat to discuss the latest episodes. Be careful, though, not to give away any of the plot points to those who missed it.

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to come up with a topic for conversation. Members of the chat room, on the other hand, are free to ask their own questions. Observe and take note of the person’s responses before engaging in conversation about it.

You can always check the chat to see what the participants are interested in discussing.

You Don’t Have to Only Talk

If you are however a gamer and you’d like to branch out a bit, show another side of yourself. Maybe you looking to branch out into other forms of art, such as music or painting or storytelling even? Here are a few ideas.

1. Make IRL Content

The most important thing to remember when starting a chat stream is to have a plan in place before you begin.

Don’t jump in without planning what you’re going to accomplish, as this will result in a boring format.

The first 5 hours of chatting with friends are fine but don’t do it for 5 hours in a row. That’s not the work of a chatty streamer, believe me!

In fact, you’ll often find that even the few streamers who do talk are usually engaged in something else while they’re talking (which you should do! ).

All of this is premeditated, so you can rest easy.

In many cases, they’ll begin by talking to their chat and telling them about their day, and then play a special game or start dancing before returning to talking, taking their stream outside, and so on.

2. Music

Are you good with an instrument? If that is the case, maybe you’d like to share what you know with the world. It’s not necessary to be a professional guitarist if all you want to do is live stream.

Perhaps you learned to play the flute in high school and would like to demonstrate your abilities with a few pieces. As a just chatting streamer, all you need is for your music to fill the space.

You can ask your chat to pick challenges for you. They can choose what song you should play for them on your stream.

3. Art

There are many streams on twitch that feature this kind of content. You can follow in their step. If you think you can draw or paint this can be a background activity while you are chatting with your viewers.

As for stream ideas, why not create some hilarious community pieces. Your audience can give your reference photos or ideas for what to paint or draw.

Art doesn’t need to be just painting or drawing. It can also be sewing and knitting. Many people enjoy learning about art while also having the opportunity to ask questions and engage in conversation with other people.

It’s possible to hone your skills while having fun and creating various kinds of art while also improving your abilities. If you run out of things to talk about, you can always go back to work.

just chatting live stream

4. Food and Cooking

If you like to cook, you can do so during your stream. Cooking on stream with your viewers can feel like cooking with real-life friends. There are many other streamers who do this and they find much success with it. This is one of the stream ideas that can require a bit more work on your part, but it will be a lot of fun.

Bring a new recipe each week to share with your viewers. See if you can explain the steps involved and give your viewers some culinary advice. Just Chatting streams can be used to learn even if you lack culinary experience.

5. Surfs the Web or Engages in Online Gaming

It’s no secret that streamers enjoy going online and exploring different websites. As an example, they might go to YouTube to watch movies or visit websites they enjoy.

For additional information, you can check out fan-requested websites. The majority of live streamers either disable screen sharing or use a separate monitor to view their feed. Check Twitch’s Terms of Service before uploading anything you don’t want to appear.

You can talk about what you’re seeing on the internet while you’re surfing. Consider whether anything you come across reminds you of any stories you’d like to share with your companions.

If you have a favorite game, a game that can get your audience engaged, something like online quiz games, that can be done as well. This is a great idea because if one game gets boring, you can easily find new games to play.

Other Things to Consider

Hottest Twitch streamers are already doing bizarre things like talking pranking phone marketers, or online scammers. Just chatting streaming is full of people playing online board games as well.

Additionally, if you’re a fan of movies, books, or records, you can fill in the void for your favorite genre by providing live reviews of your favorite works.

If you’re looking to grow your Twitch channel, it’s a good idea to have some pillar content outside of the streaming platform. Isn’t it time to record some of this material in a live setting?

Your Just Chatting Stream Ideas Should Have a Specific Theme

While chatting on Twitch may seem like something anyone can do, there is a lot more to it than simply logging on. As we’ve said Planning and preparation are required for these types of streams.

Consider your Just Chatting Stream to be a live podcast or maybe even a show that would air on cable, a Tv show that involves audience participation. In general, listeners tune into a talk show because of the talking points discussed on the show.

Your just chatting stream could be the basis for a full-fledged channel. This may require a bit more work behind the scenes, and you may find it a bit more difficult for the first few weeks. However, after that you will see how fast you can go from fewer viewers to being one of the most popular just chatting streams on twitch.

Your viewers will appreciate your stream’s professionalism and structure if you use structure. As a result, it will be easier for you to continue your stream of communication.

Even thought just chatting streams should be for the most part of a very improvised nature, you have a general streaming schedule to help people keep track of when you’ll be online. Your Twitch profile’s schedule tab is a great way to keep viewers informed about your upcoming broadcasts and what you’ll be talking about during them.

As we’ve mentioned there exist streamers that have dedicated their channels to exposing scammers. Most viewers of this form of content like the valuable tips that can come as a result of watching a stream like that.

Another great thing about having a theme for your stream is that it can help you create content that you can later monetize in the form of twitch clips.

When It Comes to the Just Chatting Category, How Do You Get Noticed?

Although Twitch has a plethora of categories, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of other streamers. Consequently, you’ll have to work hard to stand out and produce content that is unique.

First and foremost, you need to offer something new or distinct from the rest of the pack. If you want inspiration, do your homework and look into other fields that have had success. Make an effort to incorporate some of their ideas into your own personal style or personality. Keep in mind that you aren’t stealing from anyone, but do remember to give credit where credit is due. Don’t get discouraged if it takes a while for you to find your own unique style.

Your streams should have unique names and descriptions that accurately describe what they will be broadcasting. Visitors will be more likely to discover your content and become fans if it appeals to a particular aspect of their personality. It’s not necessary to use misleading names just to include a catchy phrase. Viewers will be annoyed if they click on your broadcast and discover that it’s not what they were expecting.

how to stream just chatting on twitch

Finally, build a community around your stream by bringing like minded people together. It’s a good idea to greet new viewers, answer their questions, and have a good time.

Spend time getting to know them, both in your stream and on other social media platforms, so you can help them. Your stream should have a distinct visual identity, and you should embrace inside jokes and other elements that will make your viewers feel like they’re part of the group.

Some of these things you don’t have control over, but over other you do. Some of the things you have control over are the following:

  • What’s the catchphrase for your feed? How well does it describe what you do and how much interest does it generate?
  • See if you can get your family and friends to give an honest opinion on your thumbnail image. Is it noticeable from the rest?
  • Whether it’s asking questions, telling jokes, educating others, describing a fantastic event from your day, or talking about something you actually enjoy, always keep talking.
  • The majority of your viewers will most likely just relax and lurk in the background while you converse or play games, so you should get used to them doing so. There is no need to coerce them into speaking or following you, because they are there to do so for a specific reason.

Finally, just because someone doesn’t visit your stream one night does not mean they will not do so the following night or the next week. The more you cultivate your awareness, the more it will help you grow as a streamer.

Addons to Help You During Your Just Chatting Stream

It may be difficult to manage Just Chatting streams on your own, so you may find some useful tools. You should use Streamlabs if you want to learn how to stream Just Chatting on Twitch.

The following are some of the resources available to you through Streamlabs as you work to improve your stream:

  • To make your broadcast stand out, use professional overlays on top of it.
  • Make your stream’s viewer tips visible to them.
  • There are 46 different applications available to enhance your viewing experience.

Any time you want to hide your camera, you can use the overlays to do so. Subscription goals, recent contributions, and other relevant information can be displayed in overlays.

You can use text-to-speech to play the tips while they’re displayed on your stream. This suggests that a computer program will read the advice to you, eliminating the need for you to read it yourself.

Just Chatting has a variety of applications you can use to enhance your experience. They all have something special that helps you focus on what you have to say while still allowing you to participate in interesting conversations.

The tools and capabilities available to streamers should be listed. Try them all and see which ones make it easier for you to stream on Just Chatting.

Keep Up With What’s Hot on Twitch

Twitch requires commitment if you want to grow your audience and earn money from your broadcasts. To do so, you’ll need to keep up with industry developments and trends. Set aside some time for this kind of research and preparation, because it’s every bit as important as the actual streaming you do.

The Just Chatting category of Twitch is a great place to stay up to date on the latest streams and hot topics. Keep an eye on their streams and make note of what you like so that you can try to apply it to yours.

Get the most up-to-date information about your broadcasts by checking your dashboard frequently. Make it a habit to look over your stream’s statistics and look for any interesting patterns that emerge. You may have noticed that some streams consistently get more views than others. Ask yourself why this is the case, and try to replicate what works while modifying what doesn’t.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your audience members. Prepare yourself for criticism and use it as an opportunity to grow. Remember that your audience is a priceless resource, and you should treat their input with respect.

What to Avoid While “Just Chatting”

Avoid Doxing Yourself

When you are comfortable, It is all too easy to say just a little bit too much, enough so that someone can use it to track you or find out personal information about you.

For this reason, you need to be extra careful when you talk on your stream. This doesn’t mean that you need to treat your audience like criminals, but you need to have boundaries.

If you don’t do this it can lead to being Doxed and Swatted, which is an extremely uncomfortable situation to be in.

Avoid Silence as Much as You Can

Since many viewers of Twitch broadcasts are looking for active conversation, even if there is only one other person in the chat, you should engage them. Especially if they’re a part of a newer author’s stream.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and start conversations if no one is using the chat. Always encourage your audience to speak on their own accord! Some visitors prefer to linger, which is perfectly fine and something you should welcome.

For those times when you’re having trouble reigniting the flame in your Twitch chat, you can invite a few friends to join the conversation.

Engaging your friends in the chat is a great way to get the conversation started because it shows your viewers how friendly you are and it encourages them to participate.

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