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If you’ve asked a random person on the street, even a teenager, what Discord was only 4-5 years ago, I doubt they would know the answer.

Nowadays, it seems like every other high schooler and game lover is trying to make it on this popular app. If you’d like to try your luck too, stay with us till the end of this article and we’ll show you can start streaming and making some money as well.

Let’s find out how to stream PS4 on Discord!

How to Stream PS4 on Discord

The first thing you need to do is to connect Discord to your ps4. Discord is considerably easier to use on other devices, such as PCs and cellphones, as well as on consoles such as the PlayStation 4.

In order for Discord to work successfully on PCs and mobile devices, a dedicated Discord program must be installed, however, PlayStation does not provide such an application.

It is possible to get Discord working on PS4 with a little forethought and effort, despite the fact that it is a little harder to do so.

Nothing more than a few pieces of hardware and the instructions provided in the next sections will be required.

How to Stream PS4 on Discord

Things you’ll need

You’ll need a few things to connect your PC/Mac to your PS4. You may already own some of these items, while others may need to be purchased.

  • You don’t have to pick a Mixamp if you don’t want to, but it’s recommended. As long as it allows you to switch audio between the PS4 and the PC, any similar device will do.
  • Next up: Cables. Specifically, there are three separate wires. Male-to-male splitter, 3.5mm Auxiliary splitter, and volume control splitter are all available.
  • We also recommend using a headset with an app or program so that you can fine-tune the settings later on.

This is not a hard and fast rule, but you should have the latest version of Discord installed on your PC. Not mandatory, but beneficial in the future.

Step by step process

  • Your workplace should have a Discord account set up. In the absence of Discord, a flexible version can serve as an adequate substitute.
  • Switch on your PS4 and launch the app.
  • Look for Discord in the PS4 application.
  • Using your password information, log into your regular account.

Now you’re logged in but no matter how hard you try, nothing works when you try to use any of the PS4’s assistance features. This is where things start to get a little confusing. No worries, here’s how you can fix that problem.

Accessing assistance features

  • To enable audio switching, connect the optical connection between the Mixamp and the PS4.
  • Select Sound and Screen, then Audio Output in the PS4 settings. Set the main output port to digital output in this situation.
  • Your base station and PC should now be connected via a USB cable.
  • You must ensure that the base station is in PC mode before continuing.
  • When you open Discord, you can configure your Mixamp device as the input device.
  • Connect the 3.5 mm audio jack to your computer’s speakers and play music.
  • Change the output device to your PC speakers by returning to Discord’s voice settings.
  • Discord can now be used while you play PlayStation 4 at the same time.

Additional Tips

New members of Discord can take advantage of these freebies now that they know how to use them on PlayStation 4.

Adding sarcastic sound effects to your game is as easy as clicking a button. Playing an online game with your friends can be made more fun by using sound effects such as amusing, thug life, and sad reactions.

To make the user experience more than just an acoustic one, consider adding these emotional soundtracks to your virtual or real-life scenarios.

Streaming PS4 Gameplay via HDMI Cable

It’s not possible to send video from a PS4 to a PC over an HDMI cable. Despite the fact that it is an HDMI “Out” port, many new laptops come equipped with an HDMI port. HDMI inputs are not supported in any way.

This means that even if you connect your PS4 via HDMI to your laptop, you will not be able to stream your games.

If you wish to stream games to your PC, you need to use a PS4 capture card or Remote Play.

How to Find Your Audience?

Streaming games to Twitch, YouTube, or Discord is a cinch with the PS4. With PS4 Remote Play, there’s no need for a capture card at all.

You can now broadcast your real-time gaming to anyone on the planet, provided you have the proper hardware and software in place.

In 2020, Twitch’s popularity soared due to a large number of bored gamers who were unable to leave their homes.

Even as the world slowly reopens, Twitch remains popular, with 9.36 million active broadcasters in April 2021.

1. Choose To Stream More Popular Games

There are some drawbacks to playing a well-known game. Gaming channels that play GTA or Apex Legends, for example, offer a wide variety of options for players to join.

Grand Theft Auto was being streamed by 198K people at the time of this writing, with 64K watching Loud Coringa’s channel.

Only a handful of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas viewers watched ten of the broadcasts, with the rest getting one or two.

Playing games that are more popular can definitely help you in the start. But we’ve seen countless times that streamers are often the ones who are setting trends and bringing attention to a certain game.

So once you get a decent amount of followers, don’t shy away from playing games you like as well on your Windows PC.

2. Get to Know Your Rivals

You’ll be presented with a list of channels to follow when you first log in to Twitch.

Twitch’s recommendations are influenced by the amount of time spent watching live streams and also time spent live streaming.

So start broadcasting as soon as you can and Eventually, your channel will appear at the top of the list of suggested channels.

3. Work On The Appearance of Your Stream

If you want to make your stream seem better than others in its category, here are some tips.

The appearance of your stream can be easily altered through the use of overlays, alerts, panels, and other UI elements.

Using OWN3D’s Emote Maker, you can create your own custom Twitch emotes. Better quality will bring more views to your channel.

4. Interact With Your Viewers

Even though it’s obvious, it’s worth mentioning. Twitch isn’t just for people who want to watch pros play video games.

They’re having a good time while they’re glued to your feed. Keep in mind that they are your guests, and as such, you are required to engage them.

No matter what attracted a new audience member to your stream, it’s your responsibility to keep them there. Get viewers and listeners excited about what you have to say.

Fans follow the most popular streamers. Excited anticipation is generated by them.

Narration is a skill that can be honed, so prepare for that possibility. A little self-consciousness is to be expected when you first start out.

If you think about it, even when they are alone in the studio, DJs and other radio hosts manage to fill the time and keep a story moving.

5. Show Off Your Personality And Be Authentic

You can stand out from the crowd of streamers by dressing in a unique way or emphasizing your best features.

This will make it easier for people to remember your name. Embrace who you are and don’t be afraid to show it off to the world. This might also be the most important thing for your stream.

How to Avoid DDOS Attacks?

DDoS attacks on the PlayStation 4 have become all too common since the console has been out for so long.

The servers of Discord, on the other hand, are optimized for speed, which is not always the case with Twitch or YouTube Gaming.

While streaming PS4 over public Wi-Fi networks, such as those found on college and university campuses, should be considered harmless entertainment, there is no guarantee of complete security.

Parents don’t need to buy a separate device to use this platform’s built-in remote play capabilities.

There are also a number of limitations to both Netflix and Amazon Prime. For example, some countries are restricted from accessing PlayStation Network services, while others are not.

Hulu Plus and other streaming services (depending on whether they’re US-based) may also limit the films/series you can watch if you have an account.

A good VPN service can help you get around Sony’s restrictions and keep your online privacy intact.

Because of its promise to provide dedicated support and encryption to up to 6500+ employees from 140 countries around the world, I would choose Stream PS4 on Discord over other acceptable options for an outstanding platform.

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