How To Whisper On Picarto: Live Stream Commands Full Guide 2024

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Sending whispers during a stream can be very useful if you want to send messages to different users separately and privately, for example, your moderators.

I will show you how to whisper on Picarto. There are 2 simple ways of doing that:

1. Type /w [user] [message] or
2. /whisper [user] [message] in Picarto chat

That’s why you’ll find the whisper list command down below; great to have as a reminder when you need to send something to a user in Picarto chat as soon as possible.

how to whisper on Picarto

Whisper Command On Picarto

When you want to send a separate message to someone in the chat, you can do it through a whisper list. Whispers are usually meant for sending messages to a mod during a channel stream or in any other situation where you want to contact a user in the chat privately.

On streaming platforms, you don’t have a separate chat that can be used to message a user that watches your channel. You always have to use the main chat, but there is a command that you type in before you send a message to whatever user you want it to.

Be careful when you type it, as if something goes wrong, you can end up sending the message so everyone can see.

The command you send is:

  • /w [user] [message]
  • /whisper [user] [message]

An example of how you send whispers on Picarto would be:

  • /w UserX How are you?

Sending whispers is similar on most streaming platforms, and it’s a very useful thing to have if, for example, an error occurs during the stream and you need the help of your mod as soon as possible.

picarto streaming platform

Having this be in the same window as the whole stream might even be a benefit, as you don’t have to sign in to a different website while streaming just to have a quick message sent.

Picarto has recently updated its whisper system, so everything works smoothly.

Useful Picarto Commands

There are many commands that can be very useful besides whispers, so if you need some to have on hand for your channel, make sure to copy and paste them somewhere where it’s gonna be easily accessible.

Ignore Messages From Specific User

If someone is being somewhat annoying or spammy, but you don’t want to ban them just yet, then just ignoring the messages they send can be the way to go.

Here’s the command you need for that:

  • /si [user]
  • /ignore [user]

An example of this would be:

  • /si UserX

Unignore Messages From Specific User

When you want to stop ignoring someone’s messages, all you need to type is this:

  • /ui [user]
  • /unignore [user]

An example for this message would be:

  • /ui UserX

Set User As Moderator

As a channel owner, you have the ability to set people to be the mods for your channel, and their task is to make your life easier while you stream and keep an eye on everything that goes down in chat.

picarto creative live streaming

This is the command used for that:

  • /m [user]
  • /mod [user]

An example of this is:

  • /m UserX

After you do this, the user you’ve chosen is going to be promoted as a moderator.

There are many different commands that are useful to have on hand; however, these are the ones that you might not always find but need on different occasions while streaming on Picarto.

FAQHow To Whisper On Picarto

How Do You Chat With Picarto?

You will need a chat overlay from OBS as with any other service.

Go to the chat settings on your channel, find the Chat OBS link, and copy it.

After that, open OBS and add a new browser source – the link you just copied.

After setting the width and other features of the overlay, just click on OK, and everything will be set!

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