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Okay, so, right from the beginning let’s jump to conclusion that you are here because you are either new at Twitch streaming and need some fun ideas to jump-start your streaming business or you are already streaming but you need some ideas to freshen up your content. 

Either way, we got you. 

We are here to help you figure out fun things to do on live streams and how to make the content of your Twitch channel more valuable. 

So, if you are asking yourself “What can I stream on Twitch?” in order to attract new viewers or further engage the existing ones, get a notepad or whatever, and start making notes. Here are some of the best Twitch stream ideas.

Characteristics of a Valuable Streaming Content

There are so many channels on Twitch, so how do you make yours stand out and be successful? 

There are quite a few things that you should do, however, do not fret, we got you covered and we assure you that you can master all these points. 

It may seem like a lot but, stay with us. 

This section may particularly be helpful to new streamers.

When you are following a YouTube channel or subscribing to a Twitch channel, these are the questions you unconsciously ask yourself and if most of them are true you will stick to that channel, otherwise, you will just leave. 

So, what are those questions that you should use as guidelines for creating your own content and coming up with stream ideas that will get you more subscribers and eventually enable you to make money working as a Twitch streamer? 

Here they are.

Characteristics of a Valuable Streaming Content

1. Is it educational? 

The ideas you use to create your streaming content should be educational in one way or another. 

You need to offer your subscribers a place to learn something from you be it a way to pass an obstacle in a video game with maximum points, make a new kind of cake, or learn how to draw.

Education transforms the lack of knowledge and this is something many people strive for. 

So if the answer to Can I learn something from this (anything) is yes, then you are one step closer to your goals. 

2. Is it entertaining? 

Okay, so this is something that is obvious. 

Nobody wants to hang around and watch and subscribe to boring broadcasters. 

Your streaming idea has to have some entertaining content otherwise you will start losing your subscribers. 

Now, don get this wrong – you do not have to be Jim Carrey of Twitch, and if you are not naturally an entertainer do not force yourself into this, just do not stare at a webcam and talk in a monotonous voice and you will be fine. 

If you get a chance, throw in a joke or two.

3. Is it motivational?

Here we do not say that your stream ideas need to be filled with motivational speeches on how to get through a bad life situation – although if that’s your thing –  go for it! 

We are saying that what you are doing in your live streams should be something that transforms people’s laziness, you know, get them to do something, take action. 

Inspire them to take up a certain video game, inspire them to comment, just – inspire.

If what you are live streaming deepens the boredom you need to mix things up. 

4. Is it relatable? 

This is something that is the basis of all people’s psyche. 

If you can relate to something you will keep watching, and if you can’t you just won’t spend time on it. 

Regarding streaming ideas – if you already know what you want to stream about your audience will come to you – you will get the people who relate with what you are saying. 

There may not be many of them, especially if you are a new streamer but if you incorporate the ideas we are about to give you – you will have the right audience for you. 

If you start your channels with an idea to relate to everybody – stop. That is impossible. 

On the other hand, if you are here without a concrete idea do your research, like you would as if you were in marketing. 

See what topics are hype right now. The on-trend things are relatable because all the community is already talking about it. 

The important thing is for you to relate to it as well, otherwise, it will show and your viewers will know you are not genuinely interested. 

This looking-for-trends tip is useful for experienced Twitch streamers as well to help the channel stay up to date. 

5. Does it create relationships?

This is important since all of us tend to become a bit lonely sometimes. 

Regardless of the current pandemic situation, loneliness is a big problem, and we sometimes tend to forge bonds with people we do not know in real life.

This happens with movie stars that we cannot communicate with, so why not allow your subscribers to forge a relationship with you. 

If they feel they are a part of your Twitch community either through commenting and communicating or just by sharing your beliefs or the sense of humor they will come back for more. 

6. Does it give me access and is it useful?

People like to feel special so if your channel gives them access to information or people because of which they would feel like a VIP, then your streaming idea has a bit more value than others. 

It does not matter if it is information about a new game extension or how to use this and that, r behind the scenes into a film-making process. 

Humans just like having access to things if, in addition, they find this useful then you are on the right track. 

7. Is it consistent and does it have a lot of variety?

Ok, so, this may seem like a juxtaposition but it is actually not. 

Yes, consistency is important in your streams, however, this refers mostly to you constantly being present on the streaming platform. 

If you stream two times a week for a few weeks your subscribers will get used to that and will expect to see you there again in your streaming time.

If you fail to deliver you will start losing your audience since people take up time and resources out of their lives to be there on your live stream and if you fail them they will start leaving you. 

Consistency also has to do with the topic. If your audience is here to hear you talk about gaming, they want you to stick to that just do not do everything the same every time and this is where variety comes in. 

To add variety to your channel switch up the way you deliver, one day try doing a tutorial, and another time do Q&A. 

Write a blog or use your social media platforms to engage with your followers when you are not live streaming.

8. Is it topical and engaging?

If your audience is not engaged in what you are live streaming then the concept is lost. 

To engage them, show genuine interest in what your audience has to say. 

Ask them questions and actually interact with them, read their comments, and give feedback. 

This not only engages your audience but you can also learn from them, see what way they want to go and that will help you create future content. 

And what better way to engage your audience than to talk about a topic of interest. 

Make sure that the topics do not repeat very often because nobody wants to subscribe to someone who talks about the same thing over and over again. 

Keep your topics up-to-date. 

9. Is it trustworthy and authentic?

Last but not least, your ideas must be authentic and people need to trust you. 

Do not think that you can get away with stealing content from other streamers (authentic), or saying things that you do not believe in (trustworthy) just to stay relevant. 

Subscribers like genuine streamers, those who are authentic and true to themselves. 

So if they know you for example said that you are a vegan and then have your streams sponsored by McDonald’s your credibility will never be the same.

Twitch Stream Ideas

When you are looking to stream content you need to pick a general theme. 

You can stream playing games or music, or you can do Twitch art streams or just chatting streams. 

When you pick a general theme there is a lot of places to maneuver between them, so who’s to say that you can’t have a just chatting live streaming session even if you are usually gaming. 

Gamers like to chat as well, you know, and they do have some other interests besides gaming itself. 

Regardless of the theme, here are some ideas on how to spice up your live streaming sessions. 

Just Chatting Streaming Ideas

Just Chatting Streaming Ideas

Again, even if your channel is not purely a chatting channel, you can incorporate the live stream just chatting into your practice for a couple of reasons. 

Here we will touch up on some of the things we have mentioned in the first section of this text, 

Just chatting live streams give you an opportunity to connect to your subscribers. 

It engages them, it allows them to relate to you, form a connection or a relationship. 

It also allows them to actively participate in the creation of your channel’s content which is what subscribers want. 

Here’s what you could do:

1. News

Here, we are not saying that you need to become this all-knowing news reporter.

What you can preferably cover in this type of live stream is news that is relevant to the general theme of your channel.

For example, if you are a gamer, talk about the right CPU for the game you are playing, talk about the best webcam option for streaming, or whether you need two monitors for streaming and why. 

If you know your stuff, anything that you might be interested in your subscribers might potentially be interested in. 

If you are streaming music, talk about new trends, or the new mixer set-up that gives you a specific sound. 

There is really no limit in the news department that you can cover with regards to it actually being news – you do not want to pay so much attention to something that has already been heard of multiple times. 

Also, you do not need to only talk about the things you know about, but the things you know of as well. 

What do we mean by that? 

Say you heard of a specific new thing that might help you improve your and your audience’s gaming experience. 

Ask your audience to participate by describing their own, personal experience.

You can go even further and then check the facts and educate and inform the audience. 

And this does not apply only to gamers. 

2. Comment and React

This one is popular and a good way to engage and entertain your viewers. 

It is particularly good in creating that coveted feeling that you belong to a group that shares your values and opinions. 

Say you scroll through TikTok or YouTube and you come across a fun video or a video that moves you for some reason or the other. 

You would send that video to your friends so they can see it too.

Why not do the same with your subscribers. 

Plan a Comment and react chatting screen where you will play some of the videos you find interesting and react to them live. 

The audience will love to see your genuine reaction. 

You can also mix it up and ask your subscribers to send you videos they find amusing either beforehand or during the live stream thus engaging them and inviting them into your world even more. 

Here, it is especially important that your reactions are genuine, and the more over the top they are the better – that would add entertainment value to the stream. 

Be careful about copyright law, though. 

3. Share stories

Do not be afraid to share stories about your life. 

Your viewership wants to connect with you on a deeper level and feel as if they know you. 

They cannot get there if you do not share any information about yourself. 

What can you do?

Talk about who you are – sharing your personal story, i.e. who you are, why you are on the streaming platform and what you offer can be a good introduction to your channel. 

You should not do that very often so that your content is not uniform, however, if you see that your viewership base is growing do a short stream about who you are to have the new subscribers catch up to you and the rest of the community. 

Talk about current events in your life –  it is okay to share significant or interesting events from your life with your audience. 

If something fun or meaningful happens, tell the story while trying to incorporate details. 

This is particularly good if you are a great storyteller and are able to draw people into your story. 

This idea will let you engage your audience and will create a place for a true connection with your audience on a personal level. 

You can invite them to share similar experiences which will let them know you sympathize and empathize with them as well. 

Sharing your emotion in any type of stream is a powerful tool to strengthen that bond you are creating with your followers. 

This could be a perfect opportunity to motivate 

Be careful not to make up stuff since that is something that will not appear genuine and will not resonate with others. 

4. Activity 

Can you stream art on Twitch? Yes. 

If you are artsy, you can stream the process of making that art. 

Some will watch it for fun while others will admire your technique and try to learn it and copy it. 

Either way, you are gaining viewership and your channel may be shared with others with similar interests. 

For Twitch art streams there is one thing to consider and that is an additional webcam. 

Namely, the audience likes to see the face behind the channel because it makes it easier to connect. 

However, when art is in question you want to actually see the process. 

Having two webcams makes this possible – set one to film your face and the other to film your art.

Pick an overlay that you like – i.e. your face is in a small square while your art is the main focus. Or do them side by side. 

There is something absolutely enchanting in being a part of the intimate process of art creation. 

If you are wondering how to stream drawing on Twitch that could be the way to do it. 

Even if you are not an artist you can do the same – try to replicate a famous picture, or follow a tutorial to do something. 

It could be potentially even better content if you are actually bad at drawing because, for some reason, people have fun seeing you struggle at something. 

Another activity you can do is cooking. 

Either move your equipment to your kitchen ad have a pro set up or just use your phone to film. 

Again, this could be educational i.e. – you make your famous Christmas cookies, or it can be an actual disaster where you will entertain people by struggling to follow the recipe and at the end do the expectation vs. reality show. 

You can also stream music whether you are a performer, producer, or DJ.

This promotes your work and lets you earn some money.

5. Q&A and AMA

The  Q&A section is perfect if you want to engage with your audience more and let them get to know you. 

You can create a Q&A on a topic – i.e. equipment you are using for streaming or making music, or you can create an AMA session where your audience can ask you anything regarding your equipment, experiences, or personal life. 

If you want, you can advertise this live stream on stories on your social media and have the audience prepare the questions. 

You can also ask them to post questions as a response to the story so you can prepare for the event. 

This is especially useful if you are doing a Q&A on a subject that requires some specifics i.e. equipment specifications. 

Or you can wing it – i.e. do a surprise live where you will have to answer questions in the comments. 

You are, of course, allowed to not answer questions you do not feel comfortable answering. 

AMAs are entertaining for you as well since you never know what your audience may ask you. 

If you are doing a surprise AMA or Q&A have a backup topic to fill the time until someone asks you a question

6. Interview someone

Interviewing someone is a fun switch-up of the pace you have set for your channel. 

You can interview someone in person if you have a chance to invite someone or do an online interview. 

Depending on the streaming platform you are using you can use a call-in feature, or you can use Streamlabs  OBS if you are skilled enough. 

Another interesting and quite useful thing to do is do a co-stream

This will help both your viewership reach the other streamer and it is beneficial to both of you as well as entertaining for the subscribers.

Interview someone – in person or call-in feature, face time, or OBS if you are skilled

You can interview each other, make a little competition, or do a Q&A with the audience or play – again, the options are limitless. 

7. Fundraiser/Cause

If you are passionate about a cause be it protecting the rainforests or helping underprivileged children go to school you can use your influence for two things. 

You can either organize a fundraiser where your viewers will have to use Twitch channel points in order to “buy” an answer from you, or have you do a challenge, or you will team up with them for an online multiplayer game. 

You will donate the funds to a charity or an organization that deals with the cause. 

Even if you do not organize a fundraiser you can raise awareness of that cause by just talking about it and calling your audience to action. 

This is an incredible opportunity to do good. 

8. Giveaway

Organize a giveaway of the merch you are getting or fund it yourself.

As an influencer, you will get a lot of Twitch merch and sometimes you can organize a contest for that or a giveaway just to give back to the community and share something with them. 

It also engages the viewers. 

The giveaway could be themed or random. 

9. Unboxing

You can do unboxing videos of either your new equipment or the fan mail or merchandise you are getting. 

It is always fun watching someone open “a new toy” or a surprise present. 

The reactions filmed live are genuine and fun to watch. 

You can also do a little bit of unboxing ASMR if that is what you and your audience are into. 

10. Behind the scenes

Bring your audience behind the scenes of your newest project whatever it is that you are doing. 

Share a part of your workday or a part of your personal life. 

This again creates a VIP-like experience and a feeling of closeness with the streamer. 

If you are into performing arts, stream what happens before you go out on stage or stream your entire performance live. 

This would be like your own, personal reality TV. 

Fun Streaming Ideas

Fun Streaming Ideas

Now, we are not saying that those ideas we have already talked about are not fun, but these are potentially hilarious. 

Here are some fun stream ideas and things to do with streamers. 

1. Dare night 

Do a dare night event.

Advertize beforehand so your audience can come up with fun dares for you to do. 

The more you make a fool out of yourself the more hilarious and fun the stream would be. 

Do not be afraid of doing that – it is relatable and shows you off as an open person with integrity. 

Do a “beanboozled” dare for example, or let the audience tell you to do a specific workout, or so on.

You can also incentivize it with Twitch channel points. 

2. Chatting games ideas

Here you can do truth or dare, or two truths and a lie. 

You can also do a themed quiz or trivia

For those things you will have to do some preparation, i.e. you do not want to organize a quiz and do not have answers to questions already prepared. 

3. Challenges

This goes hand-in-hand with dares, however, a challenge may last for more than one live streaming session. 

You can also do a physical challenge or an artistic challenge, but if you are streaming games you can do an in-game challenge. 

You can spice it up by offering a prize or punishment, i.e. if you fulfill the challenge the person who gave it to you has to pay an agreed amount of Twitch points, or if you fail, you have to play a multiplayer online game teamed-up with that person. 

Challenges may be along the line of – chose my character, or use only wooden tools, or pass a level without using x weapon. 

4. Stream games

This might be a given, but if you already play games, you can easily stream them on Twitch. 

What games to stream on Twitch?

You can literally stream any game you are playing – it is a bonus if you are good at it, but viewers like “fails” as well. 

So, FPS, MOBA, MMO, party, strategy, indie, or community games are fantastic options. 

Game streaming is so popular that you are sure to find your viewership. 

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YouTube Live Stream Ideas

YouTube Live Stream Ideas

YouTube live stream ideas do not differ much from Twitch stream ideas and you can use basically all of them on both streaming platforms. 

YouTube is great for promoting your business or side hustle (although you can do that on Twitch as well). 

Do a product review or a service review. 

Use your own product to show that it is just as good that you are using it daily.

It will promote the product or service and increase its sales. 

You can also organize training and webinars on YouTube – use the platform to educate people on something you are passionate about. 

Tips to improve your live stream:

  • Create a Twitch overlay that will be in tune with your channel or use a template if you are not skilled in creating it. 
  • Use hashtags in your social media platforms and Twitch that will make a connection between those two and help people find your channel either on Twitch or YouTube. 
  • Go with the flow – even if you pick a theme for your stream if you see that the comments are taking you in another direction go with it since that is something that your subscribers are obviously resonating with at the time. 
  • Keep your subject in mind to have something to fall back on if the conversation dies out or the person you were talking to leaves. 
  • Never be completely still or quiet, at least head bop to some catchy rhythms, but you should always have a backup topic. 
  • Passion – be passionate about the things you are talking about since that is the way you are drawing in your viewers. 
  • Check out the competition – see what things are successful in your colleague streamers and find inspiration in their streams. Be careful not to replicate, and if you are using some of their material give them a shout-out. 
  • Keep up with the trends – to stay relevant you have to know what the trends are in the area of your interest or in the streaming world in general. 


Hopefully, we gave you some pointers and ideas for successful Twitch and/or YouTube streaming.

Use them and make them your own – make them resonate with your authentic self and you will surely see your viewership grow. 

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