Updating Streamlabs will significantly impact your user experience – each update has a new set of features that boost the quality of videos and make content creating easier, so both you and your viewers are benefiting from Streamlabs OBS update.

Furthermore, if you have been having any problems while using the software, the new Streamlabs OBS update will probably fix it.

So, how to update Streamlabs OBS?

Here is a step-by-step guide!

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    How to Update Streamlabs OBS?

    If you used OBS before switching to Streamlabs OBS, you will easily know how to get the newest SLOBS update.

    The process of updating SLOBS is quite similar – follow these steps to get new features:

    • Open the software, and go to the Help Center.
    • In the Help center, you should find the “Check for updates” button.
    • Click on it, and wait for the pop-up window.
    • In this pop-up window, information about the new version should appear. You can also check for this information on the SLOBS website. All new features should be listed, as well as the fixed problems.
    • Confirm that you want to update the software and wait for the Stream labs update to finish.
    • Once the Streamlabs update is complete, re-open the software – check if you have new features and if everything is running smoothly.

    One thing I would like to note is that the NVENC encoder and the problems with the software aren’t fixed, check whether the driver needs updating.

    Sometimes the problem is not in the software but the GPU driver.

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    Streamlabs Not Updating Labels – What to Do?

    If you are having problems with Streamlabs OBS not updating labels, don’t worry.

    This is a common problem, and here are the solutions. Try one of them (or all) and the problem should be fixed.

    1. Not updating labels

    If you notice that labels aren’t updating, here is what you need to do:

    • Firstly, delete all sources connected with that label (or in some cases, labels).
    • Then add new sources. When adding widgets, tick Stream label, and then choose Pick the file.

    Once this is completed, the labels will be updated every minute.

    In case they are not, log out of your Streamlabs account, close the program, and launch it one more time.

    Put in the log-in information and add the labels one more time.

    2. Desktop application for labels

    Firstly, locate the folder with text files you use in Streamlabs.

    Locate Streamlabs folder

    You will need to delete that folder, along with a folder whose name is: %appdata%\Roaming\streamlabels.

    streamlabs folder

    Now, go to the Streamlabs website to find the latest version of labels.

    Install this app again, and open it so you can log in and select the directory of files.

    When adding text sources again, make sure you are using the right output directory – it should match the one that you have selected in the application.

    The SLOBS will allow you to change the output data as desired.

    slobs output data

    This new text file should be updated every minute.

    If you manually edit them, the software will override them.

    Memorize the changes, and wait for another minute for the label to update.

    update stream label

    3. Anti-virus

    Other applications on your computer, such as anti-virus can interfere with the SLOBS performance.

    So, if the above-mentioned solutions don’t work, check if the SLOBS is added as an exception in anti-virus software.

    If not, do this and see whether the problem is resolved.

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