As open-source software, OBS is quite popular – it allows customization and isn’t that hard to use.

Multiple people are constantly working on the code, to make sure that everything works properly and streamers with this software have the latest updates.

So, updating OBS is quite important! Otherwise, you might experience a black screen, or maybe lags, or other problems during the stream.

How can you get OBS updates?

Let’s go through the process step-by-step together, so you can try out the new OBS update soon!

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    How to Update OBS Studio?

    If you want to enjoy the newest version of OBS, you will first have to update OBS.

    Wondering how do I update OBS?

    Just follow these steps:

    1. Check if there are any updates

    Firstly, you will have to see if there are any new updates.

    Just because you are experiencing some difficulties during the stream, doesn’t mean that the problem is in updating OBS.

    Checking if there are any updates is easy.

    Open the software, and locate Help in the top bar. Then choose “Check for updates”.

    Check for updates

    2. Confirm the action

    It will take a few minutes for the software to check if there are any updates.

    Once it is done with checking, you will see a pop-up window.

    In here you can read all about the new update – what problems are fixed, and if something new is introduced.

    Choose the “Update now”.

    Update now

    In some cases, this button doesn’t work, but don’t worry – there is an alternative!

    There is an OBS updater on its official website – obsproject.com.

    This is similar to installing the OBS for the first time, so all you have to do is follow the instructions by the installer wizard.

    I would still recommend updating via the Update now button, then by installing the program again – if you choose the latter, you will get the new features (amazing!), but you will have to complete the setup process again.

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    If there aren’t any updates, this window will appear on the screen:

    no updates

    3. Allow changes

    Once the action is confirmed, OBS will immediately start the update.

    Firstly, it will ask you if it can make any changes on your computer – just choose “Allow” so the process can start.

    It takes only a few minutes, and after the update is done, the program will do a quick check-up to see if all new features are there and problems are fixed.

    obs update

    Then you should restart the program to try the new updates.

    Launching the program immediately after the update is especially important if you experienced some problems before – now you can check if the problem is fixed and whether the old version was causing it or not.

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    How to Know if You Should Update the OBS Studio

    You don’t have to go to the Help page to see if the program needs updating.

    There are a few other ways you can check if the new version is available or not.

    1. Visit the website

    On the OBS website, you can easily see which version is the newest one.

    So, if you see a different version on the website, from the one you are currently using, this means that you should complete the update.

    2. Automatic check

    OBS also has an option to notify you when new updates are available.

    If you want these notifications, you will have to tweak the settings a bit.

    Open the Settings, and go to the General tab.

    Right below the options for Theme, you will see a check box for automatic check for updates.

    check for updates

    Tick the box and now, whenever you open the program, it will do a quick check for updates. If there are any, you will be asked if you want to update it immediately.

    Keep in mind that there isn’t an option to set the desired time to update the software. In case you don’t want to update it upon opening, choose “remind me later” to postpone the updating.

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    Why Do You Need to Complete OBS Update?

    There are multiple reasons for updating OBS.

    The first one is quite obvious – each update has a new set of features, which could help improve the quality of your stream.

    Secondly, updates are ways to fix some of the common problems. After many people complain about one problem, the creators jump to solve it and release an update that removes these bugs.

    Lastly, the program will be less intensive when updated – if you notice that OBS is using CPU more than usual, it could be the result of using an older version. Once updated, this problem should be resolved.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can OBS update on its own?

    Unfortunately no. OBS requires you to confirm each update. It can check for new ones automatically, but won’t update automatically. When a new update is detected, you have to confirm the action – either by updating it at that moment or setting a reminder for later.

    Will I have to set up settings again?

    No! The update won’t change any of your settings, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting them again. The settings will be changed only if the wrong version is chosen.

    Also, you will have to adjust the settings again if you decided to download the new version from the website, instead of doing a classical update.

    Do I have to update OBS manually?

    Yes, all updates have to be approved manually – if you don’t choose automatic check, you will even have to check for new ones manually.

    How long is the update process?

    The time varies – some updates are only fixing a few smaller problems, and these are quite fast (only a few minutes). In case there are many new features, along with the fixes, the update process can take longer.

    However, keep in mind that the time required for an update will depend on your internet connection. If you have slower internet, it will take more time for the program to complete the update.

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